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AC di Volkswagen Transporter 6 saya sudah tidak dingin lagi

If you want to cool down in the summer, or help you clear the fog from your windshield in the winter, air conditioning in vehicles has grown to be an almost mandatory feature recently. But what if the AC di Volkswagen Transporter 6 sudah tidak dingin lagi? This is precisely the question we will try to answer in this post. First, we’ll look at the various problems that can prevent the air conditioning in your Volkswagen Transporter 6 from cooling down, and at last, we’ll check out the solutions available to you to fix this problem.

MENGAPA AC di Volkswagen Transporter 6 SAYA TIDAK DINGIN LAGI?

We will start our guidebook with the signs of illness that can justify that the air conditioning of your Volkswagen Transporter 6 is no longer cooling.

AC BURUK di AC Volkswagen Transporter 6 saya

One of the fairly basic indications that can alert you to the fact that your air conditioning is not functioning is if you have a musty or damp smell inside your car, and yes, a bad smell can be a warning of a defective air conditioning system, it can be perpetual or just present when you turn on your air conditioning. To find a remedy to this malfunction, we suggest you to go through our guidebook dedicated to bad air conditioning odors on Volkswagen Transporter 6.

KEBISINGAN AC PADA Volkswagen Transporter 6

One of the other indicators that can alert you to a failing air conditioner is that you experience a strange noise is coming on when you turn on your air conditioner (feel free to approach the vents to check for any suspicious noise). This noise could indicate a defective air conditioning clutch or a defective customer compressor.

Volkswagen Transporter 5 yang berakselerasi sendirian - о


Actually quite difficult to spot without elaborate mechanical skills, a loss of pressure in your car’s air conditioning system can result in your air conditioning no longer generating cold. There are some possible causes to do this loss of pressure, and these are listed below:

  • Kebocoran asap refrigeran
  • kompresor pendingin udara yang tidak berfungsi

SISTEM AC YANG TIDAK BEKERJA SAMA SEKALI di Volkswagen Transporter 6 saya

At last, it’s possible that the air conditioning in your Volkswagen Transporter 6 is no longer cold just because your air conditioning system is no longer functioning. Here are the different origins of an air conditioning system that no longer works:

  • Katrol kompresor HS: Kompresor akan mati dan sirkuit akan dihentikan.
  • Masalah tekanan berlebih: Ini akan menyebabkan perangkat trip.
  • Sensor rusak: Seperti halnya tekanan berlebih, sistem AC akan beralih ke mode aman.


Sekarang kita telah dapat menemukan main triggers of a Volkswagen Transporter 6 air conditioning system that no longer cools down, we are going to present you the various solutions available to you . First of all, you should know that an air conditioning system is complex, and that wanting to perform repairs yourself is not constantly the best idea, supposing that you are sure of the origin of the breakdown. However, here are the main possible repairs and an estimate of their cost.

First step, before performing any major repair, clean the air conditioning of your Volkswagen Transporter 6, don’t hesitate to check out our dedicated content page on this subject.

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Jika ini tidak cukup, keluarkan dan isi ulang cairan pendingin, yang akan menghabiskan biaya sekitar 100 euro.

Mengganti kopling AC: Anda harus menghabiskan sekitar 150 euro untuk suku cadang dan sekitar 100 euro lebih untuk tenaga kerja.

Mencari dan memperbaiki kebocoran AC: tergantung pada posisi kebocoran, Anda akan dikenakan biaya lebih atau kurang, hitung rata-rata 150/200 euro, hitung isi ulang AC.

Penggantian kondensor AC: Anda perlu menghitung sekitar 200 euro.

Replacing the air conditioning gas compressor on Volkswagen Transporter 6 costs about 500 euros with labor.

Jika Anda memiliki pertanyaan tambahan tentang Volkswagen Transporter 6, jangan ragu untuk berkonsultasi dengan kategori Volkswagen Transporter 6 kami.

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