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Harga penggantian shock absorber Volvo S90 ?

Car routine service is an important budget, and nevertheless we all know it is necessary, we are rarely happy to spend hundreds of euros to replace worn auto parts. The shock absorbers of a motor vehicle are one of them. And we’re going to help you in this article to identify berapa harga untuk mengganti peredam kejut Volvo S90? To do so, first, we’re going to try to explain to you on the best time to replace them, then, how much it costs to replace the shock absorbers of its Volvo S90, and at last, how to replace them.

When to replace the shock absorbers of its Volvo S90?

Sebelum memberi Anda harga peredam kejut pada Volvo S90 , we will quickly clarify you the best time to replace them. It is necessary to know that shock absorbers are wearing auto parts, and based on your use of your vehicle, they will wear out more or less quickly. Generally speaking, it is expected that the shock absorbers of a Volvo S90 have a lifetime of 80, 000km. Nevertheless, some issues might cause you to replace them faster. If you want more precise info on the ideal time to make this task, we have made a particular content to show you when to change the shock absorbers of a Volvo S90, do not think twice to consult it.

What is the price to replace the shock absorbers of your Volvo S90?

Di bagian kedua ini, kami akhirnya akan membahas poin yang paling menarik Anda ke konten ini, what is the price to replace the shock absorbers of a Volvo S90? It is necessary to know that the budget for the replacement of shock absorbers can vary enormously. In actual fact, there is a huge amount of garages that apply different labour prices, and, that will take more or less time to carry out this maintenance act. Furthermore, there is a huge range of branded and generic auto parts on offer, and prices vary enormously as well. At last, the series, of your Volvo S90, can vary on the quality of the original shock absorbers you have on your car, in truth, the sports models are furnished with stronger shock absorbers for a better grip which cost more at the purchase. Nevertheless, we will try to give you an idea of anggaran yang dibutuhkan untuk mengganti peredam kejut Volvo S90 Anda . We consider that for an entry-level car the price of auto parts plus labor will be around 450-600 euros , for a more high-end series or a newer Volvo S90, you will have to consider a budget close to euro 1000 . At last, for a Volvo S90 sport or top of the range, the quality suspensions will cost more and it is possible that the price of their replacement will reach euro 1500 .

Bagaimana cara melepas jok belakang Volvo S90?

How to replace the shock absorbers of a Volvo S90?

To finish our content, we will quickly show you how to replace the shock absorbers on a Volvo S90, it will enable you to figure out why the budget to replace them is so necessary. This intervention can be dangerous as a result of the shock absorber springs, it should not be conducted unless you have the equipment and the expertise. Nevertheless, here are the main steps of the intervention:

  • Menempatkan mobil Anda di stand atau dek…
  • Keluarkan roda yang diperlukan untuk mengakses peredam kejut.
  • Keluarkan kepala peredam kejut dari kap mesin.
  • Gunakan dua sekrup yang disediakan untuk melakukan tujuan ini untuk melepaskan bagian bawah peredam kejut dari batang stabilizer Anda.
  • Tarik penyangga keluar.
  • Gunakan kompresor suspensi untuk mendorong pegas Anda dan kemudian lepaskan lagi.
  • Ganti dengan peredam kejut baru
  • Pasang kembali seluruh rakitan dengan berpikir untuk mengubah pemberhentian suspensi yang sangat dipengaruhi oleh getaran jalan


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