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Bagaimana cara menonaktifkan alarm sabuk pada Volkswagen Transporter 5?

For many people the use of a seat belt is not crucial, the truth is, some Volkswagen Transporter 5 drivers only utilize their car on private area and at low speeds. Nevertheless, some other drivers do not want to use the seat belt, though they do not endanger other people by doing so – it is against the law. We will nevertheless, only for the first category of people, teach you to disable the belt alarm of your Volkswagen Transporter 5, in order that you can drive without wearing your belt. To perform this, o start, we will give you some details to know before looking into such a process, and secondly, we will reveal to you how to turn off the belt warning of your Volkswagen Transporter 5/Strong>.

Some details you will need to know before you want to disable the belt alarm of your Volkswagen Transporter 5

Seperti yang kami katakan di pengantar halaman konten ini, berpikir turning off the belt warning of your Volkswagen Transporter 5 is not unimportant. This alarm is there to call to mind you to fasten your belt, to be in accordance with the law and not to take needless risks. But , if you really desire to take this step, you need to know some details that may make you think before you act, here they are:

  • Ini terbukti, tetapi perlu diingat bahwa mengemudi tanpa sabuk pengaman adalah tindakan kriminal di sebagian besar negara barat.
  • Your Volkswagen Transporter 5 being outfitted with an airbag, if you don’t have your seatbelt, in the instance of an accident airbag Anda mungkin lebih berbahaya daripada pelindung
  • Menjadi bagian keselamatan, the belt alarm beeper of your Volkswagen Transporter 5 must be efficient , ini terkait dengan detektor airbag, terutama pager peringatan sabuk di kursi penumpang, jadi berhati-hatilah selama manipulasi Anda
Bagaimana cara mengganti bantalan rem Volkswagen Transporter 5 saya?


How do I disable the belt alarm on my Volkswagen Transporter 5?

Setelah membahas berbagai detail untuk dipertimbangkan sebelum mempertimbangkan disabling the belt warning of a Volkswagen Transporter 5, kami akan mengajari Anda cara melakukan tindakan ini.

Use a belt buckle extension to turn off the belt alarm of your Volkswagen Transporter 5


The first and easiest alternative available to you is to buy a belt buckle extension to deactivate the belt alarm on your Volkswagen Transporter 5. The particular feature of this component is that it enables you to use your belt in spite of anything. In fact, it is a belt buckle with a clip on its upper part to adapt to your belt buckle. Nevertheless, it is imperative to know that this product must meet the manufacturer’s requirements, in order that in the event of an accident, it will be as resistant as your classic belt buckle. Because of this, it is better for you to acquire this belt buckle extension for Volkswagen Transporter 5 from a car parts dealer. With this extension you can select whether you want to wear your belt or not. You can find this extension between 20 and 30 euros.

Use a belt buckle to turn off your Volkswagen Transporter 5 belt alarm


This approach is just available to people who do not wish to put on their car belt at all and consequently no longer want to hear the belt alarm beep of their Volkswagen Transporter 5. You will consequently be against the law and in case of police control you risk taking a fine of hundreds euros and few points on your driving licence. We therefore suggest you to do this solely if you drive your car on private property. The theory is more or less the same as for the extension, you will be able to acquire a belt buckle that will fit into the receptacle of your belt, which will reproduce for the alarm the presence of the belt and therefore not to engage the beep of it. Watch out to measure the width of your buckle and the notch to buy a buckle compatible with the belt receptacle of your Volkswagen Transporter 5. You will find belt buckles around 10€ on the internet. Be aware that as seen in the previous section, without a safety belt an airbag can be very dangerous in the instance of an accident.

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Use a diagnostic OBD system to disable the belt alarm of your Volkswagen Transporter 5

Akhirnya, teknik paling bijaksana untuk disable the belt alarm on your Volkswagen Transporter 5. Anda dapat gunakan sistem OBD diagnostik untuk menonaktifkan alarm ini, but you will need the manufacturer’s instructions to know the exact technique, and in most cases a professional will be better able to accomplish this process for you. But a lot of them will be reluctant because of the illegality of the process.

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