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Bagaimana cara memperbaiki kebocoran gearbox pada Volkswagen Touran?

On this page we will try to help you resolve a problem that can be annoying, and if not taken in time become a financial drain. In truth, distinguishing a leak on your vehicle is never reassuring, and it is even less reassuring when it’s a gearbox leak on your Volkswagen Touran . In this article, we’re going to help you verify that it’s in truth a gearbox leak, then, how to fix a gearbox or transmission leak, then, give you some prevention suggestions, and, finally, give you an idea of the price of the gearbox of a Volkswagen Touran.

Gearbox leak on Volkswagen Touran, origin and symptom

If you have noticed an oil stain on the ground, you will need to ensure that this leak is in truth coming from the gearbox of your Volkswagen Touran. To do this, you will need to go under your vehicle and follow the oil leak. If it is transmission oil, it must be coming from your gearbox sump or an adjacent room. Once established, here are the possible roots of this transmission leak:

  • Tutup gearbox: Jika salah terpasang…
  • Konverter torsi rusak: Hanya dilengkapi pada gearbox otomatis.
  • Dari bak oli transmisi: Jika retak atau rusak
  • Salah satu segelmu rusak

How to fix a gearbox leak on Volkswagen Touran?

After discovering the different roots of a gearbox or transmission oil leak on your Volkswagen Touran, we will try to show you to you what are your options to fix this oil leak. Bear in mind that in any case, after having founded a leak, you must go to a garage to distinguish the exact origin of the leak, in any other case your gearbox might be irreparably damaged. Nevertheless, here is how the service of the garage and the solutions that will be offered to you:

  • Sangat sering untuk membedakan kebocoran, montir mobil harus membongkar gearbox Anda, yang akan membutuhkan biaya tenaga kerja yang tinggi.
  • If you’re lucky and it’s just a gasket, your auto mechanic will change it and reassemble the gearbox of your Volkswagen Touran, in any other case you’ll have to ubah gearbox lengkap


  • Akhirnya, untuk do-it-yourselfers, dimungkinkan untuk menggunakan kit penyegelan yang hanya efektif jika terjadi kebocoran kecil, kit ini bernilai sekitar 40 euro
Where is starter on Volkswagen Touran ? - Авто Выкуп


Prevention: How to avoid gearbox leaks on your Volkswagen Touran?

Tidak banyak alternatif untuk avoid gearbox leaks on your Volkswagen Touran , namun berikut adalah tiga yang paling efektif:

  • Sering ganti oli di dek gearbox Anda.
  • Tiriskan gearbox Anda dan masukkan oli baru ke dalamnya. Jika Anda ingin mengetahui segala sesuatu tentang manipulasi ini, silakan kunjungi halaman konten kami tentang hal ini.
  • Gunakan aditif khusus untuk layanan rutin segel gearbox, aditif ini akan mengembalikan fleksibilitas dan memungkinkan untuk menyumbat kebocoran sedang, Anda akan menemukan beberapa untuk beberapa lusin euro di Oscaro.


Price of a Volkswagen Touran gearbox

At last, we would like to give you an idea of how much it costs to change the gearbox of a Volkswagen Touran. As you have understood, gearbox problems generally lead to a complete change of this part. It is hard to give you a precise price because depending on the garage the labour can vary a lot and depending on your engine the part will also have a different price, nevertheless, we estimate that the repair, labour included akan dikenakan biaya antara 800 dan 2000 euro , mengetahui bahwa bagian saja biaya antara 400 dan 1000 euro.

In the event that you have any additional questions about the Volkswagen Touran, do not hesitate to consult our Volkswagen Touran category.

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