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How to fix locked key on my Volkswagen Touran ?

Today we’re going to deal with an issue that could look trivial to most of you, but has happened to a lot of car owners! Indeed, we are going to talk about the of a key locked on you Volkswagen Touran, and what to do if we find ourselves in this condition? Whether it doesn’t want to fit in the cylinder or you can’t turn it anymore, we will try to help you locate the source of this trouble and give you the solution. It may seem obvious, but when you don’t know all the cars in greater detail, being faced with a locked key can be disturbing. Before you think about buying a new key or having it remanufactured, browse this guide. In this content page, we will first of all try to explain why the key gets stuck in your cylinder Volkswagen Touran, and secondly, how to unlock the key from your Volkswagen Touran.

Why is my key locked in my Volkswagen Touran?

What could have happened to your car key being blocked in the cylinder of your Volkswagen Touran? In this section we will try to explain why your key can get stuck. There are multiple reasons that can provoke the key to your car to get locked.

  • Beberapa kotoran menumpuk di atasnya, yang dapat menyebabkan kunci macet di sistem sproket silinder. Kadang-kadang dapat mencegahnya memasuki silinder dengan bersih, atau dapat memblokirnya di dalam silinder.
  • Kunci rusak atau rusak, if your key is cracked, bent or has some of its teeth damaged, it’s bound to have a hard time matching the impression in the barrel of your Volkswagen Touran.
  • Loker roda kemudi diaktifkan, which will prevent your key from turning and thus start your Volkswagen Touran.
  • Akhirnya, mungkin jika Anda memiliki gearbox otomatis, Anda memiliki posisi D yang diaktifkan dan ini menghentikan kunci mobil Anda agar tidak berputar dengan benar di dalam laras.
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Semua jawaban ini dapat menyebabkan external or internal blocking of the key of your Volkswagen Touran, jadi jangan lupa untuk memverifikasi semua poin ini untuk mengetahui masalah apa yang sedang Anda kerjakan.

How to unlock the key of my Volkswagen Touran


Finally, let’s move on to the solution part that will let you to unlock the key of your Volkswagen Touran. Now that you’ve managed to discover the cause why your key is blocked, we’ll see what answers are available to you to cure this trouble. We will take up the different concerns and give you the corresponding answers:

  • Dirt blocking the key to your Volkswagen Touran: Jika kamu kunci tersangkut di silinder, gunakan pelepas kunci pas dan pindahkan kuncinya (tanpa terlalu banyak kekuatan) ke arah yang berbeda untuk mencoba membukanya. Jika tidak mau masuk lagi, pastikan untuk memeriksanya dengan benar dan membersihkan kotoran yang mungkin Anda temukan. Jika menurut Anda ada kotoran di dalam silinder atau sakelar, gerakkan kunci ke depan dan ke belakang untuk mencoba mengeluarkan kotoran.
  • The key of my Volkswagen Touran doesn’t turn anymore and my steering wheel is locked: In this case, it’s your anti-theft system that is activated, you will have to simultaneously turn your steering wheel and your key to unlock it, read this complete tutorial on the steering wheel locked on Volkswagen Touran to have the complete procedure.
  • Kunci rusak, rusak, atau bengkok: This is the most irritating case, if it is only twisted, you can try to straighten it on a flat surface with a sledgehammer, if it is harmed you will unfortunately have to use the duplicate or buy a new copy of the key of your Volkswagen Touran. If it is damaged and you do not have a duplicate, you will have to get the code “VIN” and go to your car dealership to obtain a copy of your key. Otherwise, last answer, change the cylinder and get a new key.
  • Key locked in my automatic Volkswagen Touran: Dalam hal ini, Anda hanya perlu pergi melalui netral untuk membuka kunci Anda dari silinder.
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Jika Anda membutuhkan lebih banyak panduan tentang Volkswagen Touran, buka kategori Volkswagen Touran kami.

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