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How to fold the front seat down on Volkswagen Touran ?

Whether you are the new owner of a Volkswagen Touran, have been lent one, or have rented one, you may not yet know all the particulars of this car. This is precisely the subject of this content page, we will help you to execute a common but essential step on 3-door cars to be able to transport more than 2 passengers. That’s why we are going to show you how to fold a front seat on a Volkswagen Touran, untuk itu, pertama-tama, kita akan berbicara tentang berbagai penyesuaian kursi depan mobil Anda, dan, di bagian kedua, the different ways to fold the front seat of a Volkswagen Touran..

The different front seat adjustments of an Volkswagen Touran

Firstly, we’ll commence our content page by telling you the different configurations available on the front seat of a Volkswagen Touran. In reality, whether or not you want to fold one of your front seats on your motor vehicle, you should know that based on the model of your car and its finish you will have have the possibility of using different settings, here are most of the settings you can find on your Volkswagen Touran:

  • Fundamental and crucial adjustment for driving without taking risks, this adjustment of the front seat of your Volkswagen Touran enables you to adapt the distance of the seat to the pedals to be able to fit the size of each person’s legs.
  • This setting enables you to have a better perspective of the road, for small people we tend to elevate the seat and for big people to lower it.
  • Finally, the last “classic” configuration is the seat inclination, not to be mislead with the control to fold the seat of a Volkswagen Touran, this setting will enable you, based upon the length of your arms, to have the right driving posture without tiring to reach the controls


  • Dukungan lumbar: Pada beberapa paket interior, Anda juga dapat menyesuaikan dukungan lumbar yang diberikan oleh kursi Anda dengan menekan sandaran, penyesuaian yang sangat menyenangkan untuk perjalanan jauh.
Lampu mesin tetap menyala di Volkswagen Touran 2

How do you fold the front seat down from a Volkswagen Touran?

Setelah menemukan semua penyesuaian kursi, sekarang kami akan membantu Anda untuk fold down the front seat of your Volkswagen Touran. Please remember that depending on the number of doors on your car the process will not be the same. Whether you want to fold down a front seat to carry a passenger on a 3-door Volkswagen Touran, or whether you want to fold it down to transport bulky things on a 5-door Volkswagen Touran, it will not be the same process, here are the different methods to do it

Fold down the front seat of a 3-door Volkswagen Touran.

As we told you before, whether it’s to get a passenger in the back seat, or to carry bulky things, understanding how to fold the front seat down from its Volkswagen Touran penting. Teknik ini cukup umum, dan depending on the year of your Volkswagen Touran the lever to fold down the front seat can be in different places, berikut adalah 3 kemungkinan tempat untuk perintah ini:

  • Di bagian atas sandaran kursi dekat sandaran kepala
  • Di sisi tempat duduk biasanya di tengah sandaran
  • Di sisi kursi di tengah kursi

Pushing this lever will completely fold down the front seat back of your Volkswagen Touran and free the seat from its location on the rail that allows you to move the seat forward or backward, this will allow you to save even more space for an easy passenger in the rear.

Folding down the front seat of a 5-door Volkswagen Touran

Untuk folding the front seat of a Volkswagen Touran 5-door, the process is not similar because since it is not designed to receive rear passengers through the front doors, your seats don’t have the same functionality we just talked about earlier on. Folding the front seat of a 5-door Volkswagen Touran will generally only be useful if you want to carry bulky items. To do this, you’ll need to gunakan kontrol berbaring untuk melipat kursi Anda. Depending on the year of your car, it can be in the form of a knob to turn, or a lever to operate to choose the inclination of your car. If you don’t have enough volume and want to fold the rear seat of your Volkswagen Touran, don’t hesitate to consult our content page dedicated to this manipulation.

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