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Bagaimana cara memasang trailer halangan listrik Volkswagen Touran?

Terlepas dari Anda perlu pindah rumah, pergi berlibur dengan karavan, membuang sampah hijau, atau memiliki halangan cukup praktis. Di halaman ini, kami akan menjelaskan tentang electrical connection of a trailer hitch of a Volkswagen Touran . In truth, regardless if the set up process is not complex, it is necessary to clarify some points to consider this task without any issue. First of all, we will discover what the electrical wiring harness of your motor vehicle hitch contains, then, in a second step, how to make the electrical connection of the hitch of a Volkswagen Touran .

What’s the wiring harness for a Volkswagen Touran hitch trailer?

Why do we have to connect a wiring harness with the hitch trailer of a Volkswagen Touran?

So we will commence our article by detailing the basics of a wiring harness of a Volkswagen Touran. In order to understand how it works, you must already understand its necessity. Whether you have a trailer or a caravan to tow, it is necessary and earlier all mandatory by the highway code to respect certain protocols, here they are:

  • Sasis yang kokoh untuk trailer…
  • Roda yang cocok.
  • Sambungan listrik.
  • Plat nomor di depan mata.
  • Sebuah repeater lampu lalu lintas.
  • Pengulang lampu lalu lintas.
  • Sebuah repeater berkedip.
  • Penerangan plat nomor.
  • Sebuah repeater lampu kabut.

Untuk memenuhi semua peraturan kelistrikan, Anda harus install a wiring harness connection on the hitch trailer of your Volkswagen Touran . We will concentrate on this in this post, if you want to find out how to install the hitch of a Volkswagen Touran, please discover our article on this subject.

Stuck trunk on Volkswagen Touran, what can I do ?

What is the electrical connection of the trailer hitch of a Volkswagen Touran?

We will now quickly describe how the electrical connection of your hitch works. The connection uses the 12-volt current from your motor vehicle to power the hitch lights on your Volkswagen Touran. There are two different systems of electrical connection for a hitch, here they are:

  • The 7-pin electric plug for a Volkswagen Touran trailer, 7 pins : This is the traditional plug that will be found on all Volkswagen Touran hitches. This electrical connection will allow you to transmit all the lighting functions needed for the rear signalling of your trailer, you will locate a plug for each action (left and right indicators, ground, fog light, left and right position light, left and right brake light).
  • Electrical connection for caravan with 13-pin plug for Volkswagen Touran: This plug system is specifically used for caravans that involve 12 volts inside to supply the various electrical devices in the cabin. This type of connection necessitates the use of an adapter. The extra pins will bring the 12 volt power permanently (to recharge a battery in the caravan) and the 12 volt power in use (to use the 12 volt equipment when the car is switched on).

How do I hook up the wiring harness of a Volkswagen Touran?

Untuk mengakhiri artikel ini, kami akan segera mendeskripsikan Anda how to produce the connection of the wiring harness of your Volkswagen Touran .

How to make the connection of the wiring harness of an old Volkswagen Touran?

To mount the wiring harness of an old Volkswagen Touran, you will have to go and get all the necessary cables in the rear lights of this one. We advise you to call in a motor vehicle electrician for this intervention because it is complex, but we will nevertheless summarize the most important steps to be performed:

  • Take out the trunk lining from your Volkswagen Touran to access the rear light unit.
  • Identifikasi kabel yang sesuai dengan masing-masing fungsi lampu belakang.
  • Hubungkan mereka ke lug pada wiring harness pada halangan Anda.
  • Tutup semuanya.
Key light on Volkswagen Touran 3 stays on

How do you connect the wiring harness of a recent Volkswagen Touran?

For recent Volkswagen Tourans, the wiring harness is much simpler to connect:

  • You can use a multiplexable box, you will locate particular ones for your Volkswagen Touran and universal models. It’s up to you to select according to your budget, know that a universal version costs between 30 and 60 euros.
  • Take out the trunk lining from your Volkswagen Touran so that you can route the cables from your box to the front of your Volkswagen Touran and connect them to your fuse box.
  • Pasang kasing di bagasi dengan benar.
  • Anda tidak perlu mengambil kabel dari bagasi dan menghubungkannya ke stopkontak.

How do you hook up the power to a trailer on Volkswagen Touran?

Akhirnya, untuk mengakhiri artikel ini kami akan segera mendeskripsikan Anda how to produce the electrical connection of a caravan on your Volkswagen Touran . Untuk mencapai ini, Anda secara otomatis harus melalui salah satu langkah sebelumnya, terserah Anda untuk memilih salah satu yang berarti model dan anggaran Anda. Setelah Anda melakukan ini, langkah terakhir adalah membeli adaptor yang beralih dari steker 7-pin ke steker 13-pin sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan keuntungan dari arus 12 volt di karavan Anda. Adaptor ini datang dengan harga yang berbeda, Anda harus menghitung antara 15 dan 40 euro. Yang harus Anda lakukan adalah mencolokkannya ke steker 7-pin Anda.

Untuk menemukan lebih banyak tips tentang Volkswagen Touran, lihat kategori Volkswagen Touran.

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