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Bagaimana cara memasang halangan pada Volvo Xc40?

You maybe dream of nature camping on a big caravan , you have a big garden and when you take care of it, a trailer will help you to empty the green waste, you are a craftsman and you desire to bring your equipment, in all these scenarios, a hitch will be the essential factor to be capable of accomplish your plans. You are almost certainly concerned about how to mount a trailer hitch on your Volvo Xc40? Our authors have written this content page to make it easier for you to mount a trailer hitch. First we will look into the steps of how to mount a trailer hitch on a Volvo Xc40, then the electrical part with the connection of the harness.

How to mount hitch on my Volvo Xc40: Installation of the hitch trailer on the chassis

So we start with the first part of the assembly of a trailer hitch, i.e. the assembly step. This part will be split up into stages, with first the preparation, then the fitting and finally the few checks to be executed.

How to put a trailer hitch on a Volvo Xc40: Preparation of the assembly

Before you start to install a towing hitch on your Volvo Xc40, you will need to perform a few steps to prepare the vehicle for the installation of the hitch. Each vehicle is made to receive a towing system, and so is your vehicle, even so you will need access to it. To get this done, you will need to lepas bemper belakang, commonly there are a few nuts in the trunk, in the rear wheel arches and under the bumper, remember to keep all the screws. Moreover to the bumper to put tow hitch on a Volvo Xc40, you must also cabut lampu belakang, karena mereka dapat mengganggu Anda, dan terutama Anda akan menghubungkan catu daya towbar ke mereka.

How to mount a trailer hitch on my Volvo Xc40: Mounting the parts

Pemasangan hitch tidak sulit dengan sendirinya, cukup ikuti rekomendasi pemasangan yang disertakan dengan kit hitch Anda. In most cases, you will just need to fix the main hitch bar to the cradle of your Volvo Xc40, commonly this step is done by fixing only 4 bolts on the sides of the main hitch bar. After this stage, periksa apakah semua baut Anda dikencangkan dengan benar and only then will you have efficiently achieved the first step of How to mount a hitch on your Volvo Xc40.

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How to install a hitch on my Volvo Xc40: Install the electrical harness

Untuk menyelesaikan, langkah yang lebih sulit dimulai sekarang. Listrik umumnya bukan misi favorit mekanik atau tukang pemula. Anda masih harus melewatinya karena jika tidak, trailer atau karavan Anda tidak akan memiliki listrik dan lampu, lampu plat, atau bagian listrik Anda tidak akan berfungsi.

How to mount a hitch on my Volvo Xc40: Universal electrical harness

First probability of the second part of our content page how to mount a hitch on your Volvo Xc40, the mounting of a universal wiring harness. Kit ini memang jauh lebih sederhana untuk diposisikan daripada harness klasik. Namun, ingatlah untuk memilih harness Anda sesuai dengan apa yang ingin Anda tarik dengan halangan mobil Anda. Jika itu adalah karavan, Anda memerlukan steker 13-pin untuk mengirimkan arus di dalamnya dan jika Anda hanya ingin menarik trailer, steker 7-pin sudah cukup.

For these harnesses, all you have to do is to get the current from the connections of your rear lights, connect the ground to the body of your Volvo Xc40 and then connect the plug to the hitch. To finish, ingat untuk memeriksa apakah semua lampu/indikator Anda berfungsi setelah koneksi ini.

How to mount a hitch on my Volvo Xc40: Classic wiring harness

If you don’t have a universal device, we highly suggest you to speak to a workshop for the electrical connection part. In actual fact, if you don’t have any knowledge in electricity, you risk missing a connection and losing time on langkah ini yang bisa lama. There you are, you now know how to mount a hitch on your Volvo Xc40, we hope you will have found all the information you were looking for, if you have other questions or complications about your Volvo Xc40, do not hesitate to read our catalogue of content articles about it.

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