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Bagaimana cara mengunci Volvo XC60 dengan baterai mati?

We all have problems with our car sooner or later, whether it’s because you run out of gas, have a fuse issue, or your car won’t start, all these malfunctions often bother us and we are often powerless to fix them. That’s why we tries its best to accompany you in front of these trouble, and on this page we will try to demonstrate you how to lock your Volvo XC60 with a dead battery? Indeed, if you have no more electricity, you will not have the ability to use the central locking of your car any longer. We will first teach you how to roll up a window of a Volvo XC60 with a dead battery, and secondly, how to lock the doors of your Volvo XC60 without battery.

How to roll up a window from an Volvo XC60 with a dead battery?

Jadi kami akan memulai artikel kami dengan teknik yang memungkinkan Anda untuk close your Volvo XC60 with no power and more exactly the window of this one. Regardless your battery is out of power, or you have taken off the battery, you will not have access to the electric controls of your Volvo XC60, and therefore no longer have the chance to close the electric windows of your Volvo XC60. Unfortunately you don’t have many alternatives to let you to close them, indeed, closing the electric window of a Volvo XC60 without battery is unachievable , tanpa daya Anda tidak memiliki kemungkinan untuk menggunakan sistem pengangkat jendela Anda, dan apakah Anda melepas trim pintu atau tidak dan mencoba memasang kembali jendela secara manual, Anda berisiko destroy the motor of the window lifter of your Volvo XC60. If, on the other hand, the window of your Volvo XC60 is stuck although you have battery power, make sure you relate to this guide to find a remedy to your issue. Here are the only two possibilities that we can suggest, even though they are quite logical:

  • Get a new battery for your Volvo XC60 and replace it , which will re-power all the electrical organs of the Volvo XC60 and thus your window lifter systems. If you are seeking to disconnect the battery from your Volvo XC60, do not think twice to consult our guide to operate this action.
  • Temukan mobil yang memiliki daya baterai dan connect your two batteries with jump start wire to recharge the battery and let you to close the windows of your Volvo XC60
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How to close the doors on a Volvo XC60 with a dead battery?

Dan sekarang, kami pasti akan maju ke bagian yang paling menarik minat Anda, how to close Volvo XC60 doors with no power, nevertheless this time we will focus on the doors of this one. Indeed, your car may be out of battery in front of your house, you been able to open the doors and try to start it, but while waiting to find a solution you want to ensure that nobody will have the ability to get inside. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much the same issue as with the windows of your Volvo XC60. Indeed, without power, it will be impossible to activate the door locking mechanisms. In some years you will have a push button on the window frame that you can press manually to close your Volvo XC60 without power, tapi ini semakin jarang terjadi. Jadi kami akan memberi Anda seperti sebelumnya hanya dua kemungkinan untuk memungkinkan Anda menutup mobil Anda tanpa energi:

  • Get a new battery and fit it to close the doors of your Volvo XC60, atau temukan yang dalam kondisi baik. Namun, Anda memerlukan akses ke kap mesin untuk melakukannya
  • Connect your Volvo XC60 to a running car to transfer energy and recharge your vehicle’s battery. This will at least give you enough power to close the doors of your car. If you have any questions about your battery’s ability to keep the charge. Make sure you close the doors of your car while it is still connected to the other car. Once you have finished this, you can disconnect your battery and close your bonnet
Jendela macet di Volvo XC60, apa yang bisa saya lakukan? - о


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