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Bagaimana cara mereset sensor tekanan ban Volvo XC90?

You are the proud owner of a recent vehicle, the joys of tactile gadgets, integrated technology should bring you a ease and comfort of use of your Volvo XC90 important, however, which says technology says electronic, and as we all unfortunately know in some cases there are trouble to solve. Today we will look into the tire pressure sensor and precisely how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90, so that you won’t have ever again this indicator on your dashboard. To get this done, we will split our article into two parts, first of all we will discuss the common circumstance of a tire pressure indicator light that shows up and the process to follow, and then the circumstance of a tire indicator that remains on even though inflated tires, so how to reset this tire sensor on Volvo XC90.

How to reset the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90? By checking the pressure of your tires

First, we will look at the typical approach to reset the tire sensor on Volvo XC90, which if it lights up, here are the main techniques:

  • Seperti yang mungkin Anda sadari, dan underinflated tire can go off, or explode, if you are driving and your Volvo XC90’s tire pressure indicators turns on, rather quickly get out of the way, jika Anda berada di jalan raya pegang setir Anda dengan kuat untuk berjaga-jaga.
  • Sekali berhenti, periksa secara visual kondisi ban Anda, jika salah satunya benar-benar kempes, tukar roda Anda, jika hanya kurang angin, pergilah ke pom bensin dengan hati-hati.
  • Check the tire pressure of your Volvo XC90 using the pressure gauge and stick to the brand recommendations pada label di pintu pengemudi.
  • Jika Anda mendeteksi selama ini re-inflasi itu ban rusak, minta diganti
  • Akhirnya, setelah re-inflasi, Anda dapat menghidupkan kembali kunci kontak kendaraan Anda dan Anda harus melakukan logical approach of how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90. The indicator light should have disappeared or turned off after a few moments. If this is not the circumstance, we recommend you to go through the following section.
Getaran pedal rem pada Volvo XC90 ?

How to reset the Volvo XC90 tire pressure sensor that continues to be on when the tire pressure is good

Reset tire pressure sensor Volvo XC90

Now that you tried the basic process of how to remove the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90, and it didn’t work, we will move on to the second solution, namely, the tires on my Volvo XC90 are well inflated and I still want to make this light vanish. It likely denotes you have sensor tekanan ban yang rusak. Untuk kekhawatiran ini, perlu untuk setel ulang nilai di dasbor kendaraan Anda. Nevertheless, be careful not to do this while driving as pressure variations will disturb your pressure sensors. In general you have to go through the vehicle configurations, then you should find an option to diagnose inflation or “deflation detection”, once in this tab, you have to hold down the selection button or the reset button depending to the year of your Volvo XC90 till you see a message from the car console that confirms that the reset is taken into account (it usually takes a few moments). You can now turn off the ignition and restart your Volvo XC90 to see if the tire pressure light has gone out.

Alternative solution to remove the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90: Replace a faulty tire pressure sensor

If, despite your reset, the tire pressure indicator on your Volvo XC90 does not go away, then the wisest solution is to go to your garage, it is likely the tire pressure sensor on the valve that is faulty or faulty on your Volvo XC90. Be aware that generally the price of a unit is around 120€. Another choice that some prefer to use because the issue can be recurrent on some series is to deactivate the sensors through the use of an opcom and the diagnosis of your vehicle. However, this methodology is not advised because it may cause improper handling and disruption of the normal performance of your Volvo XC90. Now you have all the keys in your hand to know how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Volvo XC90.

Bagaimana cara mengganti bantalan rem Volvo XC90 saya?

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