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Bagaimana cara memulai Volvo Xc40?

Contemporary vehicles have a growing number of features and despite the fact they give us a lot of convenience, a lot of them are not all the time easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you have rented a car, been lent one, or just bought a Volvo Xc40, dependent on its features, it can be complicated to know precisely how to start a Volvo Xc40? Even if this imperative act of running a car may seem very clear to many of you, depending on the options and the year of production of your car, it will be more or less basic to do so. Today we will teach you the different methods to start a Volvo Xc40 with the key, then, in a second step, how to switch on a Volvo Xc40 with a card, and to conclude, without using the key.

How to start a Volvo Xc40 with key?

Jadi kami memulai konten kami yang dirancang untuk mengajari Anda how to start a Volvo Xc40, which is supplied with a classic key start. Temukan yang tercantum di bawah ini berbagai tindakan yang harus dicapai untuk turn on the engine of your Volvo Xc40:

  • Identifikasi posisi neiman (hole in which the key is introduced), it is generally on the right side of your steering wheel, on the dash. If your steering wheel is blocked, do not think twice to read our content on the steering wheel blocked on Volvo Xc40 that is blocked to find out how to unblock it.
  • Masukkan kunci ke dalam yang satu ini.
  • Pastikan Anda dalam posisi netral untuk mobil manual dan dalam posisi “N” atau “P” untuk transmisi otomatis.
  • Nyalakan kunci kontak dengan memutarnya searah jarum jam seperempat putaran hingga Anda merasa telah melewati takik pertama.
  • Check on your dashboard that the orange lights disappear, if you don’t know what they suggest don’t think twice to read our content on orange lights on Volvo Xc40 to know the reason for this.
  • You just have to go one more notch clockwise and hold it in the stop until your Volvo Xc40 starts (do not let your starter run more than 10 seconds otherwise you risk harming it, if the car does not start, let it rest a few tens of seconds before a new test)


  • Itu dia. Anda menangani to start your Volvo Xc40,
How to turn off Start Stop on Volvo Xc40

How to start a Volvo Xc40 with the key card?

Setelah menemukan how to turn on the engine of a Volvo Xc40 with key or will show you you how to do it for a Volvo Xc40 equipped with a key card and not a key. The technique is still pretty much the same, so don’t think twice to return back to the previous section to get details on each of the steps to do. Discover listed below the steps to stick to to start your Volvo Xc40 with a card:

  • Dependant upon the year and the series, you may or may not need to insert the card in a dedicated slot, examine on your dashboard if your Volvo Xc40 is equipped with this slot or not.
  • Jika ada, masukkan kartu ke dalam lubang ini, jika tidak, Anda dapat menyimpan kartu itu di tangan Anda atau di mana pun di kabin.
  • Temukan tombol «mulai», yang umumnya didasarkan pada ketinggian roda kemudi yang dekat dengan lokasi neiman klasik, selain itu biasanya terletak di konsol tengah.
  • Pastikan Anda dalam posisi netral atau netral pada transmisi otomatis.
  • Press the “start” button once to turn on the ignition of your Volvo Xc40


  • Tekan untuk kedua kalinya setelah beberapa detik atau padamnya lampu oranye di dasbor Anda to start your Volvo Xc40


How do I start a Volvo Xc40 without a key?

Dan untuk menyimpulkan, kita akan menemukan, how to start a Volvo Xc40 without a key? Let’s imagine that you have lost your keys and your car is open, this could seem logical. Nevertheless, you should know that if your Volvo Xc40 is more recent than the mid 90’s it will be complicated to turn on it without a key because of all the security systems present on it. As expected, this should only be done on YOUR car. Here is the technique to carry out:

  • Lepaskan penutup yang menutupi roda kemudi Anda dan temukan di antara 3 sakelar listrik yang berhubungan dengan mesin/baterai/starter Anda (untuk membantu Anda, harap bawa buku petunjuk Anda).
  • Lepaskan, sambungkan satu sama lain dan pisahkan baterai dan kabel pengapian (berhati-hatilah agar Anda tidak menyetrum diri sendiri selama pengoperasian). Anda sekarang memiliki listrik seolah-olah Anda memiliki kontak
  • Finally, strip the starter wire and connect it quickly with the battery wire (do not make prolonged contact and only 1 or 2 seconds should be enough to start your Volvo Xc40).
GPS Volvo Xc40 tidak berfungsi Volvo Xc40

Di sana, Anda telah menemukan semua cara untuk start a Volvo Xc40.

Untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak tips tentang Volvo Xc40, lihat kategori Volvo Xc40.

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