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Getaran idle Volvo XC60, apa yang harus dilakukan?

Modern vehicles represent an evergrowing budget, whether it is because of maintenance or the unpredictable breakdowns relating to all the new technology built into cars. We usually tend to be anxious fairly quickly about the smallest indicator of weakness, and that is a good thing, because a problem on a Volvo XC60 has to be taken care of fairly quickly, otherwise it will get worse and affect additional parts. Today we are going to check out the solutions available to you if you are victim of a Volvo XC60 that vibrates at idle. First we will try to discover why your Volvo XC60 is vibrating when idle, and secondly what to do if it you have vibrations idle.

Why is my Volvo XC60 having idle vibrations?

So we start our content page with the causes of a Volvo XC60 that vibrates at idle. For this we will have to examine the parts that can cause this tremor. We will specifically focus on the fact that your Volvo XC60 only shakes at idle, if you feel vibrations at acceleration on Volvo XC60 vibrations don’t hesitate to read our content page which refers to this problem. We can already eliminate some parts as possible in charge of this problem. In truth, as you are at a standstill, usually in neutral, we can already clear the vehicle’s transmission, running gear, bearings, suspensions, clutch and flywheel. You should be advised, nevertheless, that diesel engines usually tend to vibrate much more than petrol engines, specifically older vehicles.

GPS Volvo XC60 tidak berfungsi Volvo XC60

However, the bad news is that the reason your Volvo XC60 is shaking at idle is direct in connection with your engine. The main motives of this vibration are oftentimes in connection with pasokan bahan bakar mobil, kunci kontak atau blok diam mesin. Here are the main roots of this vibration and their consequences on the behavior of your Volvo XC60:

  • Injeksi: Jika injeksi mobil Anda rusak dan motifnya bergetar, Anda harus merasakan semacam kopling di mesin, seolah-olah mobil sedang merumput.
  • Ignition: If, alternatively, it is the ignition of your car that is in trouble, regardless whether it originates from a spark plug or the complete ignition, you will come to feel complications in the behavior of your engine motor. In reality, there will be sparks that don’t develop and it may be that one or more of your cylinders doesn’t work.
  • Engine silent blocks: The least frustrating trigger of a Volvo XC60 shaking at idle is obviously the engine silent blocks. They are a sort of soft plastic pad that dampen all vibrations and shaking of your car’s engine. When they wear out, they usually tend to lose their function and therefore the vibrations caused by your engine increase


What if my Volvo XC60 is vibrating at idle?

Let’s proceed to the next step, now that you have managed to locate the cause of your problem or at least to reduce the possible motives, we will teach you to you that there are solusi yang tersedia untuk memperbaiki setiap komplikasi ini.

  • Injection: If your injection is the trigger, the first thing to do will be to use a strong cleaning product that you will add to your fuel, it will cost you about ten euros, but if the problem is modest and only a few impurities obstruct their proper performance, you can overcome it without going to your mechanic. If this is not enough, you will have to consider a seluruh pembersihan injeksi
  • Ignition: If it is your ignition that is causing your Volvo XC60’s idle vibrations, you will need to pass the automobile through the diagnostic kit to get more information on the exact problem. And consider a replacement of defective parts, or an ECU adjustment
  • Motor Silent Blocks: The last reason of vibration at standstill on your Volvo XC60 is that the vibration arises from your motor silent blocks. This is the repair that will cost you the least. In reality, changing silent blocks should not cost you more than 200€, go to your mechanic to make this change and prevent your Volvo XC60 from shaking at idle.
Mesin Volvo XC60 berderak saat dingin

Here are the main motives and solutions to resolve your problem of vibration at idle on Volvo XC60, if furthermore to shaking it does not hold idle, do not hesitate to consult our article on this problem.

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