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Jendela macet di Volvo V60, apa yang bisa saya lakukan?

Although newer vehicles are getting better and better insulated, they are still furnaces in the summer. One of the easiest techniques to quickly dissipate this heat in the summer, or help you get rid of the mist in the winter, is to open your windows when you drive. Nevertheless, often your jendela mungkin tidak terbuka atau macet saat membuka atau menutup . Dalam hal ini, apa yang harus saya lakukan jika saya memiliki jendela macet di Volvo V60 saya? This is precisely what we will try to answer today, first we will find out the circumstance of a manual window stuck on Volvo V60, and secondly the circumstance of a power window.

Jendela manual macet di Volvo V60

Sistem antara jendela daya dan jendela manual berbeda, namun, jika: jendela Volvo V60 Anda macet dalam posisi terbuka atau tertutup , it will not replace much on the technical side, but in the open position it is actually more annoying, you risk to have your car stolen, or to go through bad weather and that the inside of your Volvo V60 moulds or has electrical problems due to humidity.

Mengapa jendela manual Volvo V60 saya macet?

Jika Anda berada dalam situasi di mana jendela manual Volvo V60 Anda macet baik dalam posisi terbuka atau tertutup, ada dua motif utama yang dapat menjelaskan penyumbatan ini:

  • Kabel pengatur jendela kusut atau rusak: Ini akan mencegah sistem menaikkan atau menurunkan jendela.
  • Segel atau pemandu kaca rusak: Mereka mencegah kaca bergerak naik turun secara optimal.
Bagaimana cara mengatur lampu depan pada Volvo V60?

Bagaimana cara membuka jendela manual yang macet di Volvo V60 saya?

Now we have discovered why the manual window of your Volvo V60 is locked in the open or closed position. We will now speak about the solutions available to you so that you can buka blokir jendela Volvo V60 Anda . Untuk mencapai ini, Anda tidak memerlukan pengetahuan mekanik yang sangat maju, mekanisme manual sebenarnya cukup sederhana. Kamu harus lepaskan segel dari pintu Anda to access the window lifter system. With a visual check, you will quickly detect if some elements are broken like the window supports or a lever arm, if the cable is tangled or if the rails are damaged, which will block the window of your Volvo V60. If it’s just the rails you can try to put them back in place and lubricate it, in any other case you will have to replace the part, for that you will have to first remove the glass carefully to access the systems to be repalced securely.

Jendela listrik macet di Volvo V60

Sekarang mari kita lanjutkan ke keadaan yang paling dikenal, a jendela daya diblokir pada Volvo V60 . Sebenarnya, jendela listrik sebenarnya lebih sulit daripada jendela manual dan akibatnya benar-benar membawa masalah tambahan.

Mengapa power window pada Volvo V60 saya macet?

So let’s begin with the possible origins of a window blocked on Volvo V60:

  • Faulty window winder motors: In truth, it’s one of the most common causes for window winder failure, as these motors tire with time and can be rendered useless. In general you can find out this because before they let go totally, they begin to tire and the window rises less and less quickly.
  • Salah satu roda gigi dari sistem pengangkat jendela macet atau rusak, dalam kasus seperti itu Anda akan melihat suara tertentu saat Anda menekan tombol pengangkat jendela.
  • Seperti halnya pengangkat jendela manual, salah satu kabel mungkin putus atau tersangkut di drum sistem, selanjutnya Anda akan mendengar suara bising saat mengaktifkan jendela Volvo V60 Anda.


  • The window lift fuse is defective, so no power supply to the window lift motor of your Volvo V60


  • Tombol sakelar dicabut atau rusak
How to reset tire pressure sensor Volvo V60 ?

Bagaimana cara membuka kunci jendela daya yang macet di Volvo V60 saya?

Now that we have discovered all the possible motives of a window blocked on Volvo V60, it’s time to help you fix this issue, here are the different techniques you will have the ability to put in place to unblock the window of your Volvo V60:

  • Sebelum Anda melakukan hal lain, lepaskan trim pintu dengan hati-hati agar tidak merusak staples yang menahannya di tempatnya.
  • Once in front of the system, you need to test the electrical installation, disconnect the power cables from the motor and using a voltmeter check that you have a current of around 12 volts when pressing the window lift button. If this is not the case, you will have to look at the window lift fuse on your Volvo V60, please refer to our article to help you locate it. If your fuse is in good state examine your power supply wires, one of them must be cut


  • Jika kabelnya yang terpuntir, Anda dapat mencoba sendiri dengan melepas kaca dari braketnya untuk memasangnya kembali, jika tidak maka harus diganti.
  • Mengenai mesin, penggantian asli dasar akan menjadi obat terbaik, sebenarnya unit mesin mati tidak dapat dipulihkan.
  • If it is one of the window supports that is broken on your Volvo V60, you can easily replace them because they are simply clipped or screwed on your window.
  • Finally, if nothing comes about when you activate the switch knob and you have examined all your electrical connections, remove the switch knob to find out if it is properly connected or if it is not damaged.
Oli mesin terbaik untuk Volvo V60

Di sana, Anda sekarang tahu how to get rid of a window stuck on Volvo V60/strong, some repairs are more difficult than others, if you don’t feel able to do them yourself, go to your auto mechanic who will have the ability to do them for you.

Untuk menemukan lebih banyak tips tentang Volvo V60, lihat kategori Volvo V60.

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