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Kapan mengganti filter partikulat pada Volkswagen Transporter 6 ?

The particle filter is a fairly modern technology that aims to remove harmful particles from the exhaust gases of latest diesels. It has long been seen as the miracle solution to these pollution complications. Nevertheless, it doesn’t work as well as intended and triggers more complications than it handles, which is why we will see in this article saat mengganti filter partikulat Volkswagen Transporter 6? . To achieve this, to begin with, we will find out what the particle filter on your car is intended for, and then when to replace the particle filter on your Volkswagen Transporter 6.

What’s the purpose of a Volkswagen Transporter 6’s particulate filter?

So we commence our article with the explanation to do this element not too long ago included into diesel vehicles. As we explained briefly in the introduction, the purpose of this filter was to fix the complications of pollution and harmfulness of exhaust gases from Volkswagen Transporter 6 vehicles. Its functioning concept is to store exhaust gases that are unburned or that still contain harmful particles, and when it is at a sufficiently high temperature to bring about a second combustion that will finish burning and eliminate all these carcinogenic particles. Regrettably, to reach this very high engine unit temperature, you have to be on the highway or have your Volkswagen Transporter 6 engine unit revving up. So we have noticed with time that vehicles that are specifically on short trips or in the city do not enable the particulate filter to burn these gases and we will discover in the next part that these complications can force you to ganti filter partikulat Volkswagen Transporter 6 Anda .

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Kapan mengganti filter partikulat dari Volkswagen Transporter 6?

In this section we will find out what you are certainly attracted to here, whether it is necessary to replace the particulate filter of a Volkswagen Transporter 6 and if so, when?

Is it necessary to replace the particulate filter on Volkswagen Transporter 6?

There are 2 sort of particulate filter for vehicles, a particulate filter with additive, which does not concern the Volkswagen Transporter 6, but which needs to be recharged every 120, 000km with an additive that allows the regeneration of the particulate filter and consequently to burn all those harmful soot. The second one, the one we are interested in today, functions with precious metals that will create a chemical reaction at high temperature and bring about the regeneration of the filter and the evacuation of the carcinogenic materials. Nevertheless, as explained above, it necessitates very high temperatures, if these are not reached the filter will clog. If the filter is not regenerated manually, drive at high speed for about 20 minutes to reach this temperature and thus regenerate your filter, you akan menyumbatnya dan berisiko merusak turbo, katup EGR, atau unit mesin Anda. If you need to clean the EGR valve of your Volkswagen Transporter 6 due to your particulate filter, do not hesitate to look at our content on this subject to find out what the procedure is.

Kapan mengganti filter partikulat dari Volkswagen Transporter 6?

Seperti yang kami ungkapkan sebelumnya, filter partikulat dirancang untuk bertahan selama masa pakai kendaraan, namun beberapa dari Anda mungkin bertanya-tanya when it is necessary to replace the particulate filter of its Volkswagen Transporter 6? Be aware that this part is extremely expensive, labor is not the most important issue because it is easy to access. But the part itself will vary enormously in price based on your motorization, you can still count a range between 700 and 2000€. This replace should just be considered in the case of a completely clogged particle filter. If you don’t frequently take the motorway, we suggest you, setiap bulan berkendara 10 menit di jalan raya setidaknya 3000 rpm . Terlepas dari segalanya, filter partikulat saat ini belum dirancang dengan baik dan tetap bermasalah, dianggap bahwa karena kurangnya kenaikan suhu yang cukup teratur dan komplikasi desain lainnya, Anda harus mulai merencanakan untuk ganti filter partikulat Anda dari 200km jika Anda menggunakan XX Anda yang lebih urban dan sedikit lebih banyak jika dicampur .

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