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Kapan mengganti rem cakram Volvo XC90 ?

The safety of a motor vehicle is paramount. Regardless if the Volvo XC90 are financial holes, certain routine service works are crucial. Today we will explain to you when to replace the brake discs of your Volvo XC90? To achieve this, first of all, we will see what the brake discs of your motor vehicle are used for, then, when to replace the brake discs of your Volvo XC90, and, finally, how to replace them with new ones.

Benefit of the brake discs of a Volvo XC90

We begin our guideline by explaining what the brake discs of a Volvo XC90 are used for, it will enable you to figure out why it is essential to be sure that they are constantly in good functioning order.

Brake discs are the most important part of your braking system. Obviously, braking on an Volvo XC90 is hydraulic, it is a system of hoses and pressurized oil that will come into action when you press your brake pedal. This pressure will actuate a piston that will push the brake pads on your brake disc which is attached to your wheel. When the brake pads will pinch the discs which will cause your Volvo XC90 to brake.

When to replace the brake discs of a Volvo XC90?

Kami sekarang akan beralih ke bagian yang paling menarik Anda ke halaman konten ini, yaitu, saat mengganti rem cakram Volvo XC90? Bagaimana kami mengungkapkannya kepada Anda sebelumnya, cakram dan bantalan rem bekerja secara osmosis, namun kedua elemen ini memakai bagian and they will, with time and specifically the friction when braking wears out and loses braking power. We will now highlight the different methods to know when to replace them:

  • We consider that generally the brake discs should be changed every 80, 000 – 100, 000 km on a Volvo XC90 , nevertheless it is essential to know that according to your driving style and the type of journey this can change significantly. Indeed, if you mainly drive on the motorway and your brakes are just slightly used, this value can increase, alternatively, if you just drive in built-up areas, it can reduce.
  • A simple and effective way to find out the condition of the brake discs on your motor vehicle is during the technical inspection. Indeed this thorough control checks the state of your brakes and the controller will tell you if they are in good condition or need to be changed.
  • A basic visual way to know when to replace the brake discs on your Volvo XC90 is to remove the wheels after the car has been set on stands. Once removed, you will have the ability to access your discs and check their condition. If they have any goresan besar atau deformasi Anda harus menggantinya. Jika tidak, indikator kedua yang harus diverifikasi adalah mengukur kedalaman disk dalam kaitannya dengan tepinya, jika nilai ini melebihi 1 mm, Anda harus menggantinya dengan yang baru.
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How to replace the brake discs on your Volvo XC90?

Akhirnya, untuk mengakhiri halaman konten ini, kami akan dengan cepat menunjukkan kepada Anda how to replace the brake discs of your Volvo XC90. You must know that if you replace the brake discs of your motor vehicle, you will absolutely have to change the brake pads of your Volvo XC90, don’t think twice to seek advice from our content page which exposes you how to make this replace.

Sejauh menyangkut penggantian disk, berikut adalah langkah-langkah terpenting yang harus diikuti:

  • Letakkan Volvo XC90 Anda di dudukan, lepas roda yang ingin Anda gunakan untuk beraksi.
  • Menggunakan obeng pipih besar, cungkil bantalan rem Anda untuk menekan piston caliper sebanyak mungkin dan cukup putar untuk menghasilkan semua perubahan Anda.
  • Menggunakan bit Torx besar, lepaskan dua mur yang mengunci bagian atas kaliper rem Anda, lepaskan.
  • Keluarkan bantalan rem Anda, lalu buka kunci cakram rem Anda berkat dua sekrup torx di sisi cakram, Anda mungkin memerlukan palu untuk melepaskan cakram.
  • Ganti cakram dan kencangkan dengan sekrup torx baru yang disediakan, ganti bantalan Anda, pasang kembali bagian atas kaliper dan kencangkan semuanya dengan kencang.
  • Pasang roda Anda, dan ingat untuk melakukan break-in rem 500 kilometer sebelum mengerem keras.

Untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak tips tentang Volvo XC90, lihat kategori Volvo XC90.

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