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Kunci macet di pengapian Volkswagen Transporter, apa yang harus dilakukan?

Kami melanjutkan rangkaian konten web kami tentang apa yang bisa macet di kendaraan bermotor Anda. Setelah melihat mengapa tutup bahan bakar atau kap mesin Anda bisa macet, dalam artikel ini kita akan melihat mengapa: key is stuck in your Volkswagen Transporter ignition . Specially frustrating, having a stuck ignition cylinder will prevent you from starting and therefore from employing your motor vehicle. We will so do everything we can to help you fix this issue as quickly as possible. To achieve this, first, we will describe to you what the ignition of your car is used for, then in a second time, why the ignition barrel of your Volkswagen Transporter is stuck? And, finally, how to unblock the key stuck in your Volkswagen Transporter ignition.

What’s the goal of my Volkswagen Transporter’s ignition lock?

The ignition lock of your Volkswagen Transporter is a secureness part. Its intent is to secure your car from theft attempts. It is positioned on the steering column of your motor vehicle, created in 1931 by Abram Neiman. Its intent is to prevent your Volkswagen Transporter from starting by blocking the steering and the steering lock if it does not identify your motor vehicle key. It is closely linked to the starter switch which will incorporate the key lock and an electric switch. There is a tendency to confuse the starter switch and the neiman, and when we talk about blocked neiman we often make reference to a key that does not turn or does not turn well in the cylinder of the lock of your motor vehicle.

Kemudi yang berdecit pada Volkswagen Transporter 6 ?

Why is the key stuck in your Volkswagen Transporter ignition?

Sekarang saatnya untuk menjelaskan kepada Anda why the key is stuck in your Volkswagen Transporter ignition cylinder . Now that we’ve defined what the ignition is, it’s time to identify why it’s stuck. If it is the steering wheel of your Volkswagen Transporter that is blocked, do not hesitate to browse our article on this subject. A neiman is not a wearing component that you replace frequently but time has an influence on it and it can appear that you have to replace it due to regular wear and tear. Here are the different reasons of a ignition that locks on Volkswagen Transporter :

  • Normal wear and tear on the ignition barrel of your Volkswagen Transporter : As we explained above, with time, the elements of the neiman can become seized up, or become loaded with dust or small particles from the outside that will prevent it from working correctly. In such a case, you should feel issue inserting and turning the key before it locks completely.
  • A component of the ignition of your Volkswagen Transporter that breaks down: Dalam logika yang sama, elemen neiman bisa gagal. Seperti yang sudah kami jelaskan di pendahuluan, ketika kita berbicara tentang neiman yang sering kita sertakan, silinder, kunci dan sakelar starter, jika salah satu bagian ini rusak, neiman tidak akan membiarkan kunci berputar di silinder kunci.
  • Someone forced too much on the ignition barrel of your Volkswagen Transporter: Terakhir, kemungkinan terakhir, dan kurang lebih jelas, jika seseorang terlalu memaksakan neiman untuk membuka kunci kemudi kendaraan bermotor Anda sebelumnya, ia mungkin telah memutar komponen internal dan dengan demikian merusak neiman itu.
Lampu rem Volkswagen Transporter 4 tetap menyala, apa yang harus dilakukan ?

How do I unlock the key stuck in my Volkswagen Transporter ignition barrel?

Kami sekarang melanjutkan ke solusi yang tersedia untuk Anda hadapi a key stuck in your Volkswagen Transporter ignition . Menurut sumber masalah Anda, solusinya tidak akan serupa, temukan di bawah ini:

  • Barel pengapian terhalang karena kunci bengkok: Jika kunci Anda terpelintir, jelas bahwa neiman Anda tidak akan membuka blokir. Coba lembut dengan palu untuk meluruskan kunci Anda, jika Anda tidak bisa melakukannya, gunakan salinan kunci Anda.
  • Ignition cylinder If the neiman of your Volkswagen Transporter is clogged due to impurities : Use a WD40 type degreaser and let it work for a few minutes, it should unblock the neiman of your Volkswagen Transporter.


  • Jika kunci Anda macet di kunci kontak karena elemen yang rusak: If finally it is due to an internal element that your ignition lock is no longer unblocked you will regrettably have to replace the whole block (electronic switch, lock cylinder, neiman), we suggest you to go to a specialist who will as well have to give you a new key to start your Volkswagen Transporter.


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