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Masalah dengan transmisi otomatis Volvo V50?

Learning to drive a vehicle is not constantly easy, and often it may seem like a good solution to select an automatic Volvo V50, whether it’s for simple convenience or ease of use, this kind of transmission is becoming more and more common. Nevertheless, although they may seem like the best choice, there might also be problems with the automatic gearboxes of your Volvo V50 . Ini persis topik konten kami. Pertama, kami akan menjelaskan secara singkat berbagai jenis gearbox otomatis, kemudian, pada langkah kedua, yang problems you might encounter with the gearbox of your Volvo V50 , dan, terakhir, bagaimana menyelesaikannya.

The different types of automatic gearbox of a Volvo V50


Gearboxes have the advantage of being reputed to be reliable, as you don’t need to use your clutch pedal and everything is electronically and mechanically managed there will be no early wear of your clutch or other components that could be put to the test by misuse on your component.

Nevertheless, based on the kind of automatic transmission your Volvo V50 is equipped with you will have more or less reliability, we will introduce them to you now:

  • Gearbox otomatis klasik: Ini akan menggunakan konverter torsi, yang akan mengontrol perubahan gigi, ini adalah teknologi tertua, telah banyak berkembang dalam beberapa dekade terakhir (lebih banyak gigi dan manajemen perubahan gigi yang lebih baik).
  • Robotized automatic gearbox: This is a manual gearbox with a robotized system that will change the driver’s action. This kind of gearbox is less and less basic because they are viewed as very slow. We also generally feel a coupling during deceleration.
  • Dual-clutch automatic transmission: This is the best automatic transmission, it functions on similar principle as the robotic transmission, but thanks to its dual clutch, you won’t have any more problems with slow speeds or increased fuel consumption. They are often equipped on luxury models.
  • Continuously variable automatic box: It is similar concept as on a scooter, a variator will come to control the differences between acceleration and motor speed, they are especially slow and often be unresponsive during the acceleration phases of your Volvo V50.
Bagaimana cara melepas pelek pada Volvo V50?


I’m having problems with the automatic transmission on my Volvo V50

Kami sekarang memulai komponen yang paling menarik Anda dalam posting ini, what are the problems you may face with the automatic transmission of your Volvo V50? As explained earlier, generally speaking they are more reliable than manual transmissions, nevertheless, here are the most important problems you may encounter:

  • As explained above, no matter what kind of automatic gearbox, they are generally established to be slow and have inertia when accelerating. Nevertheless, this phenomenon is designed to occur just when the vehicle is started, not when it is launched. If it feels like it occurs constantly, the clutch or converter is likely dead.
  • I have the feeling that a gear in the automatic transmission of my Volvo V50 no longer shifts or jumps: If you have the feeling that your gears no longer shift or often jump on your Volvo V50, there is a component that is most likely to blame for this failure. In truth, the solenoid that acts as a “switch” to engage the gears must not be working properly, second option, a speed or engine speed sensor may be defective and send the wrong information to your gearbox.
  • If you experience drops caused by the automatic gearbox of your Volvo V50: Jika Anda mengalami kopling saat Anda naik atau saat Anda melambat, itu karena oli Anda yang terlalu tua dan yang tidak melumasi lebih baik semua mekanisme gearbox Anda, atau sensor yang memberikan informasi buruk


  • My Volvo V50’s automatic transmission is leaking: Finally, if your Volvo V50’s automatic transmission is leaking, it’s most probably one of your spy seals is too worn.
Ragu-ragu selama akselerasi Volvo V50

How do I fix automatic transmission problems on a Volvo V50?

Dan akhirnya, kami akan mencoba memberi Anda strategies to fix the automatic transmission problems on your Volvo V50 . Temukan mereka di bawah ini:

  • Oil leak on the automatic gearbox of a Volvo V50: Locate the source of the leak, and change the concerned gasket, get it done by a specialist, opening a gearbox is not easy. It will cost you a few hundred euros, specifically for the labour. Do not think twice to read our content on gearbox oil leaks on Volvo V50.
  • Masalah sensor: Tidak peduli sensor mana yang bersangkutan, penggantian adalah solusi yang tepat, sensor tidak memperbaiki sendiri, Anda harus menghitung dari 100 hingga beberapa ratus euro tergantung pada kesulitan akses ke salah satu yang membuat Anda khawatir.
  • Couplings: If you have problems with the couplings on your Volvo V50, you will only need to do a complete gearbox change to gain comfort and preserve your gears.
  • The automatic gearbox of my Volvo V50 slips: In this case, you clearly have a dead clutch disc, you will have to change the clutch, and on some models you won’t be able to change it without doing a standard exchange of the gearbox, be prepared to spend more than a thousand euros.

There are other automatic transmission problems on Volvo V50, such as electronic problems or pressure problems, but this list lists the most important ones, no matter the reason, for such complex mechanisms. As soon as you feel a problem on this level, we suggest you to go quickly to your mechanic.

Bagaimana Anda mengatur lampu kabut pada Volvo V50?

Jika mungkin Anda memiliki pertanyaan lebih lanjut tentang Volvo V50, jangan ragu untuk berkonsultasi dengan kategori Volvo V50 kami.

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