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What is the strongest 1 handed sword in Skyrim?

Best Swords in Skyrim

Best Swords in Skyrim

You can find many different types of swords in Elden Scrolls V: Skyrim. These swords can differ based on their special abilities and the amount of damage they deal. Swords can be used in both one-handed and dual-handed modes according to your playstyle.

We have made a complete guide on the best Swords in Elden Scrolls V: Skyrim and the best way to get them.

Ranking the best Swords in Skyrim

Swords are the fastest long blade one-handed weapons. They have a nice balance of speed and damage which can be best suited for melee fighting.

In terms of speed, Daggers are a little bit faster than swords. The other counterparts of the Swords: Maces, and Axes are weaker than the swords. Nearly all of the swords found in Skyrim can easily be upgraded using the grindstone.

There are several forms of swords with different amounts of damage-dealing ability. These damage-dealing abilities can be enhanced with the help of enchantment found with the swords.

1. Miraak Sword

ID – XX039FB4
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith
Upgrade Material – Ebony ingot


Miraak sword XX039FB4 has the highest physical damage of 16. It is the lightest one-handed sword in Skyrim. You need to have a level of 60 to get the most out of the Miraak Sword.

You can get this sword while doing the At the Summit of Apocrypha quest. After the end of this quest, Miraak will drop this sword. It can later be upgraded with the help of an ebony ingot, a Daedra heart, and the Arcane Blacksmith perk

This sword has the Absorb Stamina enchantment that will transfer the stamina of the opponent to you for a short time. You can use this enchantment on the flying dragons and cause them to crash. You can then easily hit them with your attacks.

2. Chillrend

ID – 000F8318
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith
Upgrade Material – Refined Malachite Ingot

Chillrend is a glass sword that can deliver strong frost damage to various opponents. This sword delivers base damage of 15, making this one of the best one-handed swords. It also does 30 extra points of frost damage.

You can get this sword as early as level 1. Chillrend can be found while doing The Pursuit quest inside the big mansion called Riftweald Manor in Riften. It can later be upgraded using Arcane Blacksmith Perk with the help of Refined Blacksmith Perk.

3. Dragonbane

ID – 000F71D0
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith
Upgrade Material – Quicksilver Ingot

Dragonbane 000F71D0 is the one-handed sword that does extra 40-point damage to the dragons. It has the physical damage of the 14. The most powerful version of this sword is available at level 46.

You can get this sword while doing the Alduin quest inside the Sky Heaven Temple on the table. Dragonbane can also be upgraded with the help of Arcane Blacksmith and Quicksilver Ingot.

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This sword has special Dragon Damage enchantment. When activated, this enchantment only does damage to the dragons. This means this sword can also be called a dragon killer. You will encounter several dragons in Skyrim; therefore, this sword should have to be your first choice against dragons.

4. Nightingale Blade

ID – 000F6527
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith Perk
Upgrade Material – Ebony Ingot

Nightingale Blade is a unique one-handed sword that can absorb the health as well as stamina of the opponent’s weapon. These effects are provided with the help of Nightingale’s Talon enchantment.

You can get this sword as early as level 1 while doing the Hard Answers quest from the Dunmer Thief Karliah. Nightingale’s Sword level can be upgraded using Arcane Blacksmith Perk with Ebony Ingot.

5. Soul Render

ID – XX036689
Perk – Deadric Smithing Perk
Upgrade Material – Ebony Ingot

Soul Render is the best sword to dual-wield with the Bloodscythe. It has the special Fortify Destruction enchantment that boos the sword damage to 100%. The enchantment will only work if the weapon is dual-wielded with Bloodscythe.

You can get this sword while doing the Deathbrand quest from the Haknir Death Brand in Gyldenhul. After the acquisition, you can upgrade it using Ebony Ingot and Deadric Smithing Perk.

6. Windshear

ID – 0006EA8B
Perk – Steel Smithing Perk
Upgrade Material – Steel Ingot

Windshear is the one-handed sword that can deliver a bash attack that can instantly knock down any enemy. It can also paralyze the enemy for 0.1 seconds with the help of block bashing.

After doing the Dark Brotherhood quest, you can get this sword on the Katariah ship at Halfinger Hold. You can upgrade the Windshear with the help of Steel Smithing Perk and Steel Ingot.

7. Red Eagle’s Bane

ID – 000AB703
Perk – Dwarven Smithing Perk
Upgrade Material – Steel Ingot

Red Eagle’s Bane is a special sword that can set enemies on fire in the battleground if their level is lower than 13. This effect will last for 30 seconds. It has a base damage of 11.

You can get Red Eagle’s Bane while doing The Legend of Red Eagle at the Rebel’s Cairn. It can also be upgraded with the help of the Arcane Blacksmith perk and Steel Ingot.

8. The Pale Blade

ID – 000F5D2D
Perk – Steel Smithing Perk
Upgrade Material – Steel Ingot

The Pale Blade is the sword that can make the creatures flee from the combat zone for 30 seconds. It can also inflict frost damage that can deal 25 points of damage to opponents.

You can get this sword at the ancient Nordic tomb Frostmere Crypt. At the tomb, you can loot this sword from the body of Ra’jirr. It is also possible to upgrade the Pale Blade with the help of Steel Smithing Perk and Steel Ingot.

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9. Lunar Iron Sword

ID – 0003B0C4
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith Perk
Upgrade Material – Iron Ingot

Lunar Iron Sword is a one-handed sword that can burn enemies and claim 10-20 points of their health. This effect is due to the Silent Moon Enchantment that can only work if the moon is out.

You can get Lunar Iron Sword at the Silent Moon Camp near the Lunar Forge. You can upgrade the Lunar Iron Sword with the help of the Arcane Blacksmith perk and an iron ingot.

10. Dawnbreaker

ID – 0004E4EE
Perk – Arcane Blacksmith Perk
Upgrade Material – Ebony Ingot

Dawnbreaker is a one-handed sword that can deal burn damage of 10 to the opponents. It also has Meridia’s Retribution enchantment that can explode the enemies. The more you hit the enemy, the chance of exploding the enemy increases.

You can get this sword after completing the Break of Dawn quest from the Deadric Prince Meridia. Dawnbreaker can be upgraded with the help of Arcane Blacksmith perk and Ebony Ingot.

11. Gauldur Blackblade

ID – 000F5D1D
Perk – Darwen Smithing Perk
Upgrade Material – Steel Ingot

Gauldur Blackblade is a sword that can absorb the opponent’s health by 25 points during a fight. This effect is due to the Absorb Health effect. It can be acquired while doing the Forbidden Legend quest at the Folgunthur.

The Best Weapons in ‘Skyrim’

Weaponry has always been a huge part of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Many particularly good ones, like Auriel’s Bow, first made their appearance in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when it released back in 2011. And now with Skyrim: Special Edition, we’ve got a chance to collect them all once again.

Here’s some of the most legendary weapons available in all of Skyrim:

Nicholas Bashore

Blade of Woe

The Blade of Woe has always been one of the most respected weapons due to its association with the Dark Brotherhood. Given to the player character in Oblivion and passed down to Astrid from the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim, this dagger remains one of the most powerful with an enchantment allowing the user to absorb 10 points of health with each strike, and higher base attributes than the Daedric dagger.

Nicholas Bashore

Mehrunes’ Razor

Mehrunes’ Razor is one of the few key artifacts closely associated with the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon, the main antagonist of Oblivion. This small black and silver dagger packs one hell of a punch courtesy of the unique enchantment which gives the wielder a 1.98% chance to instantly kill any opponent in Skyrim. The Razor also doesn’t run out of charges, meaning you never have to worry about soul gems to keep its unique benefit working.

Nicholas Bashore


Similar to Mehrunes’ Razor, Dawnbreaker is a Daedric Artifact given by the Daedric Prince Meridia in Skyrim once you’ve completed her quest. This golden longsword burns enemies for 10-15 points of health damage, and, if used against the undead, has a chance to cause an explosion of fire that deals additional damage and causes any living undead to flee. While this enchantment does have a high amount of uses, it does require a few grand soul gems to recharge — which makes Dawnbreaker more of a utility weapon than most. That said, it remains one of the best-looking swords present in the game, enchantment or not.

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Harkon’s Sword

Harkon’s Sword is easily the best go-to weapon for anyone playing a vampire within Skyrim. First appearing with the release of Dawnguard, this blade closely resembles one of the Blades swords from the base game while boasting a unique enchantment that only works if the wielder is a vampire themselves. Each strike absorbs 15 points of health, magic, and stamina at the cost of a lower base damage — a tool perfect for the rising vampire.

Nicholas Bashore

Bloodskal Blade

This unique two-handed sword was introduced to the world of Skyrim with Dragonborn, where it can be found during the quest “The Final Descent” resting next to the remains of Gratian Caerellius. The Bloodskal Blade allows the wielder to throw horizontal or vertical energy blasts that can travel through walls and hit multiple targets, dealing 30 or so points of damage to those it hits. While this unique trait isn’t very powerful from a damage standpoint, it is excellent at staggering enemies and keeping them locked down in combat.

Nicholas Bashore


This gigantic axe was originally wielded by Ysgramor, the leader of the Five Hundred Companions during the Nordic-Falmer War that consumed Skyrim and Solstheim hundreds of years before the events of Skyrim itself. Wuuthrad is a key artifact in the Companions main questline and can be wielded by the player character following its completion — providing a 1.2x damage bonus against any elven enemy it goes up against. This bonus can also be stacked with a player-crafted enchantment too, furthering the usefulness of the weapon compared to its other two-handed counterparts in the game.

Nicholas Bashore


While this bow doesn’t necessarily look like anything special, the unique Dwarven Bow provides the wielder with an ability that allows them to shoot arrows 30 percent faster than that of a standard bow. Thanks to that, it has the highest base damage per second of any archery weapon in the game. This effect is also innate, meaning that it won’t run out of charges, making Zephyr a very, very powerful tool for any character who specializes in Archery.

Nicholas Bashore

Nightingale Bow

The Nightingale Bow is one of the best-looking weapons available in Skyrim, featuring a black leather handle and silver embroidered texture. Available once you’ve progressed far enough in the Thieves Guild questline, this beauty sports the “Nightingale Storm” enchantment which does frost and shock damage to the target along with the usual physical damage from an arrow. Since this bow is leveled, the enchantment quality varies depending on when you receive it; meaning that you’ll probably want to grab it from Karliah once your character is at least level 46.

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Nicholas Bashore

Auriel’s Bow

Auriel’s Bow is one of the most respected and legendary weapons in the game. This weapon is said to have been wielded by Auri-El himself against the forces of Lorkhan during the Ehlnofey wars of the Dawn Era. Auri-El is the Elven variant of the Dragon God of Time himself, Akatosh, who was the chief god of the Nine Divines worshiped all throughout Tamriel.

This bow is said to channel the power of the Aetherius itself, channeling the power of the gods through the sun of the world. The enchantment present on the weapon gives it a faster draw speed than a regular bow and deals 20 points of sun damage against enemies, which is tripled if they are classified as an undead.

Skyrim Best Weapons Tier List

Pick only the best weapons for your character, using our tier list guide for Skyrim.

Pick only the best weapons for your character, using our tier list guide for Skyrim.

The pool of weapons in Skyrim is extremely rich and diverse. Most of these weapons can be upgraded at the grind stone, some can be crafted at the forge, while a few unique ones can only be obtained by completing certain quests.

Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Skyrim. The famous Dragonbone weapons are dominating the top tiers, but there are a few other exciting choices as well.

Skyrim S-Tier Weapons

Dragonbone Warhammer

Dragonbone Warhammer is the most powerful weapon in Skyrim. It can be further improved with Dragon Bone and Dragon Armor perk.

You can loot Dragonbone Warhammer from one of the Keepers in the Soul Cairn plane of Oblivion during the “Beyond Death” main quest. The Keepers are weak to fire damage, but highly resistant to poison damage.

You can also craft this weapon at the blacksmith’s forge, once the Smithing Level 100 has been achieved and the Dragon Armor perk unlocked, using the following recipe:

  • 3x Dragon Bone
  • 2x Ebony Ingot
  • 3x Leather Strip

Nightingale Bow

When looking at the base stats, Nightingale Bow doesn’t appear to be the strongest bow in the game. However, this is a leveled bow, which means that its damage increases as your character levels up. So once you get to Level 46 or higher, then this bow becomes the most powerful bow in the game.

On top of that, Nightingale Bow has two enchantments:

  • Frost Damage
  • Shock Damage

This weapon cannot be crafted, and the only way to get it is to complete the “Blindsighted” quest, given by Brynjolf, a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften.

Once you obtain the Nightingale Bow, you can improve it with an Ebony Ingot and Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Dragonbone Battleaxe

There isn’t much difference between the Dragonbone Warhammer and Dragonbone Battleaxe. The latter is a bit weaker, but also lighter. You can also opt for a one-handed version, which is the Dragonbone War Axe.

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Just like Dragonbone Warhammer, both Battleaxe and War Axe can be obtained by defeating the Keepers at the Soul Cairn. And, if you wish to craft Battleaxe, then use the following recipe once you reach Smithing Level 100:

  • 3x Dragon Bone
  • 2x Ebony Ingot
  • 2x Leather Strip

Skyrim A-Tier Weapons

Dragonbone Greatsword

Just like all other Dragonbone weapons, Dragonbone Greatsword is a very powerful sword, which can be picked up after defeating the three Keepers at the Soul Cairn plane.

You can also craft it with the help of the following recipe:

  • 4x Dragon Bone
  • 1x Ebony Ingot
  • 3x Leather Strip


Here is another leveled weapon, but this time it’s a katana that is designed to kill dragons. Dragonbane is imbued with the Shock Damage enchantment that deals bonus damage to dragons, producing a cool visual effect with sparkling electric charges.

Dragonbane cannot be crafted, so the only way to obtain it is to complete the “Alduin’s Wall” quest, given by Esbern, a member of the Blades faction. You can find the sword in the Sky Haven Temple, The Reach.

You can improve Dragonbane with a Quicksilver Ingot and Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Dragonbone Mace

If you don’t want to wield heavy two-handed weapons, but you still want a Dragonbone weapon, then pick the Dragonbone Mace.

Once again, it can be dropped by one of the Keepers at the Soul Cair, or you could craft it at the forge using:

  • 2x Dragon Bone
  • 1x Ebony Ingot
  • 1x Leather Strip

Skyrim B-Tier Weapons

Blade of Woe

This dagger is a real masterpiece of a weapon. Although it cannot be compared to other weapons on this list in terms of power, it is still the best dagger in the game with a unique enchantment that absorbs 10 points of HP.

You will not be able to craft Blade of Woe, but you can get it after completing the “Death Incarnate” main quest, or by simply stealing it from Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

A powerful ranged weapon can be of good use to any Dragonborn. The crossbow may not be as convenient as a regular bow, but you will find use of it in some situations, where any other weapon would never work.

What makes this crossbow special is that it completely ignores 50% of armor on your enemies, ultimately giving you that extra damage boost.

You can buy it from Sorine Jurard at Fort Dawnguard, or craft it using the following recipe:

  • 1x Dwarven Crossbow
  • 2x Quicksilver Ingot

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Those are the best weapons in Skyrim. For more Skyrim tips and tricks articles, consider clicking the links above.

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