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What is the strongest predator alien?

which is stronger alien or predator

I know how this discussion will end up, but let me get my two cents in first! Predators are the best, I could list the reasons, but I don’t think this website’s database could handle that much information.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

You don’t even have that much information.

Aliens are the best because they’re so friendly and wanna give free hugs to everyone. Of course after that a horrible monster bursts out of your chest, but hey, it’s free, what do you expect?

About physical strength, i couldn’t tell. But i’m sure neither is as strong as they wish they were.

concretehunter, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

predator he could take down a queen

Kidd, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

Concrete, yautja can only take down a Xenomorph Queen by planning their attacks. Raw power, speed, and agility is not enough for a predator to take down a queen alone.
Also, your answer can go both ways too; a regular drone can kill a Yautja Elder. Once again, my answer answers the answer.

If you really want to ask me, then to tell you the truth, they are both quite evenly match, in my oppinion.

concretehunter, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

yeah i agree with kidd. yet i do think preds do have power and dont need to rely on plan

outcast, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

Xenomorphs, and for one simple reason. Yautja rely on technology.

Cloaked_Hunter, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

Lol damn my plasmacaster need’s a window’s update lol.
i think there even to.

cleticyautja, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

predators are the better than aliens any day

TribalWerewolf9, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

in my opinion the predators realized the aliens could defeat them in single hnd to hand combatt so thats why they developed tech. . and why they left their home world it could have been overrun by aliens. i dont know just saying. i mean. why would predators on multiple occasions (excluding the first avp book)allign with humans unless they could not beat the aliens themselves?

OTANG, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

I don’t think yaut’ja developed technology or weapons for Xenomorphs alone. They would hunt other, more intelligent species as well.

I think Yaut’ja not only have comparable strength, but also have immense intelligence when compared to a Xenomorph drone. This intelligence yields weaponry used to dismiss any ‘trophies’.

When I try to compare a yaut’ja and a Xenomorph, I think of a Human against a mountain lion. Of course with the proper weaponry, humans can take out Hippos(one of the most dangerous animals, look it up) or Rhinos, lions, etc. We still come out on top. You can use that analogy to Yaut’jas and Xenos.

TribalWerewolf9, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

yah ya got a point

PREDATORv2, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

«When I try to compare a yaut’ja and a Xenomorph, I think of a Human against a mountain lion.»

I can’t agree with that otang, I think in most of the movies with predators, they end up getting screwed because thats the way the plot calls for. The nice thing about AVPR is it gives the predators a little more credit. Look at the Wolf, he kicked plently of alien ass using melee weapons and hand to hand combat. If you’ve forgotten in AVP the Celtic Predator tossed the Grid Alien around like he was a stuffed animal the same with Scar. The biggest issue there was lack of experience. Predators are stronger than aliens, but that does not mean aliens cannot kill them.

TribalWerewolf9, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

that actually makes more sense

-Bloo-, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

Oh my god.
When will people learn to NEVER make these topics?
In my short two years (almost three?) of being here I’ve witnessed more ignorant people with their [very] sad opinions and their misguided arguements than you can count ants in a city.

There are some very valid points within this topic’s pages, but there are also many uneducated opinions (eg. PREDATORS RULE ALIENS SUCK END OF STORY. ).

I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again: both are equally dangerous. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Predators can’t walk upside down and spit acid. But Aliens have no idea how to open a door without burning it or breaking it down, or activating a nuke hidden on its wrist.

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Predators are the ultimate hunters. Aliens are the ultimate weapon. I love the two almost equally, but in my own honest opinion (without saying the other sucks, mind you), I prefer Aliens. NOT because I think the other is bad, but because there’s just this thing I like more about them. They’re something out of Hell (which is ironic, seeing as Predators are the ones who are called demons), when I see them with their distorted ways of living, their disgusting physical design, and the way they reproduce — I could list many more things but that would cause me to forget what I’m talking about.

Predators, they’re ruthless. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen, yet they still retain this sense of honor and they have this humane way of living, if you can tolerate it.

I’ve always been fascinated with creatures that happen to be like Aliens all my life. The gruesome. well, everything, about them.

I’d elaborate further on my point but I’m not feeling too well right now, and I’ve got an RPG to finish, so anyway, I’d just like to hear more opinions on the matter that look like they aren’t by illiterate fifteen-year-olds. Not saying anyone here is. But.

«Predators are better than Aliens any day of the week.»

Auto_Pred, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

A Predator is overall tougher then a Alien (bar the queen) although If the Predator fought the Alien using none of his high-tech gadgets then I would place my bet on the Alien to slather a Predator.

Gaunt, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

I’m with Bloo’s opinion on this, It should be a bit ovious that Aliens and Predators are equal I mean look back at A V P (The first film), They made it so the two speices were equal, The Preds had Scar who was pretty much unstoppable until the queen killed him.
And the Aliens had Grid (For you people who don’t know Grid was the Alien who got the grid like net marks on his head, Hence the name Grid) Who acted all bad ass by killing two Preds.

Each of these characters were pretty much unstoppable, But they both died eventally.
So the Aliens and Preds are both as deadly in my opinion.

Is that ok with everyone?

cleticyautja, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

well i think predator is still stronger and in avp the predators were young and dont have alot of experience hunting xenomorphs and there were only three preds and maybe 11 or 12 aliens(please correct me on the number of aliens) and they drawed.

Gaunt, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

That is a very good point.
The way I see it, The Preds have been trained to hunt and kill and have had mabey a few hundred years experience.
While in the begining there was only the queen who had been chained and frozen, The eggs she produced were new so the alien would be new, With no experience, And would just have to fend for it’s self and learn how to fight.
It seems that only one alien learned how to do that, Grid (ie, alien with grid mark in head) as he managed to kill two Preds using stelth and strenght.
So in my opinion it comes down to the fact that Preds have years of trainning and experience, While Aliens are quick to adapt and learn how to kill a short time after their born.

That’s how I see it any way.

cleticyautja, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

well first time grid killed a pred he found that easy then he probaly taught himself oh these creatures are easy to kill then he had a fight and found the were a bi tricky but still won

Kidd, Xenomorph , 14 years ago

Sorry to upset you Yautja Lovers, but you guys all know that you and everyone else still have to see an Elder in action. All you got is what the Wolf did in AVPR. Of course, they made him the ultimate badass in the movie, but I think he was some predator from someone imagination. I mean, if I had Jungle Predator going up against Grid, we will all see the flaws between these two creatures regardless of the outcome.

What is the strongest vape ever?

I still go along with my answer that both the yautja and xenomorph are equally matched. Of course one is stronger than the other. Of course one can adapt quicker than the other. It doesn’t matter who has the highest attributes, both races have their pros and cons which makes them very intimidating.

Strongest Predators: Most Powerful Yautja Ranked

In this article, we’ll be ranking the most strongest and powerful Yautja, or Predators, based on their impressive track records of successful hunts. These exceptional hunters have distinguished themselves through their numerous kills, victories over formidable foes, and impressive trophy collections. Some of them even survived their hunts. From the realms of movies, games, and comic books, we’ve compiled the ultimate lineup of the strongest Yautja in existence.

10. The Jungle Hunter

The Jungle Hunter from Predator

The original Predator wiped out two US special forces teams and probably had a long hunting history (the skulls on his body hint at that). He also had the upper hand on major Dutch Schaefer but choose to toy with his prey, which gave Dutch the opportunity to use one of his traps on him. In contrast to the Predator in the second movie, the Jungle Hunter left no evidence of his equipment behind and didn’t use any fancy Yautja weapons. In the end, he chose to blow himself up hoping to take out Dutch with him.

9. Big Mama

Big Mama from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species

The only female Predator on the list, Big Mama was an elite hunter who hunted Caryn Delacroix and later befriended her. Big Mama trained Caryn (also known as Ash Parnall) and a group of mercenaries to be elite Alien hunters and together they battle and killed several Aliens, white hybrids, robot Aliens and human soldiers. Although wounded several times, she is one of the few Predators to successfully survive the hunt. Big Mama was featured in the Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species comic book, which is part of Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 2.

8. Wolf

Wolf from Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Wolf held the Yautja rank of an Elite and was sent to Earth to clean up the mess that Paul Anderson’s Alien vs. Predator movie caused. Namely, a Predator ship crashed in the forest near the American town called Gunnison in Colorado and a Xenomorph infestation spread from the ship. He blew up the ship along with surviving facehuggers, killed and cleaned up a lot of Xenomorphs, killed some humans and finally fought a Predalien. The fight was a stalemate, and both Wolf and the Predalien died when a nuke was dropped on the town. Wolf was inspired by the character with the same name in Pulp Fiction. He appeared in the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem movie and a video game on the PlayStation Portable.

7. Dachande

Dachande aka. Broken Tusk

Dachande, also known as Broken Tusk, was a leader of a clan of Predators who hunted on the planet Ryushi. The hunt itself started with a disaster, with their ship being destroyed and other clan members being killed. Dachande fought Xenomorphs with the help of Machiko Noguchi and killed dozens of them. Finally, he fought an Alien Queen and died of his wounds. He was very intelligent, understanding humans and some of their language. Dachande was a character in the first Aliens vs. Predator comics, released in 1990. The comics are a part of Aliens vs. Predator Omnibus: Volume 1.

6. Greyback

Greyback from Predator 2

Not much is known about Greyback, although he is at least 300 years old. One of his first hunts was in 1718 on Earth when he fought and killed a mutinous crew of a pirate ship with the help of captain Raphael Adolini. There he recovered the flintlock pistol that he gave Harrigan in the end of Predator 2. Among his trophies is a ceremonial sword, dog tags and a patch from the United States 2nd Infantry Division. This only hints at his long and successful hunt history. He is an honorable Predator, choosing not to hurt Harrigan. This badass Predator is featured in the movie Predator 2 and the comic Predator: 1718, which is part of Predator Omnibus: Volume 2.

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5. Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator

The Bad Blood Predator was a batshit insane Predator who escaped to Earth after murdering several of his brethren. On Earth, he went on a rampage in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and killed dozens of humans, including CIA agents and paintball fanatics. He also took down two CIA helicopters. The other Predators were so angry that they sent an Enforcer Predator to take him down, but he was overpowered and killed also. The Bad Blood Predator was finally taken down by a group of ex-CIA agents, whom most were killed also. While not the most honorable Predator, he was very tough to kill and very vicious. He was also one of the few who hunted other Predators. The Bad Blood Predator was the antagonist in the Predator: Bad Blood comic book, which is part of the Predator Omnibus: Volume 3.

4. Dark

Dark from the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game

Dark was an Elite Yautja who hunted on BG-386 during a Xenomorph outbreak. He was sent in to answer a distress call sent by Young Blood Predators. He killed several Colonial Marines, Xenomorphs, and a Praetorian. Although he never fought a Queen Alien, he successfully killed a Predalien. Dark was one of the few Predators to escape the planet alive. Finally, he recovered the location of the Xenomorph homeworld a set his ship’s course to the planet. Dark was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game.

3. Ahab

Ahab from Prometheus: Fire And Stone, an old and strong Yautja

Ahab was a Yautja Elder and the strongest Yautja from the Predator comics. Like his namesake Captain Ahab from Moby Dick, he was obsessed with a big white creature, namely the Engineer. Unlike Captain Ahab, the Predator called Ahab managed to fight and kill the Engineer, and live in the end. Like many other Predators, he killed several humans and Aliens. However, he is the only Predator to kill an Engineer, which makes him one badass Predator. Ahab was a character in the long-running Fire & Stone and Life & Death comic series.

2. Scarface

Scarface from Predator: Concrete Jungle, one of the most powerful Yautja

Scarface was a Yautja from the Dark Blade Clan. He first came to Earth in 1930 to hunt in New Way City. Despite being an experienced warrior, the hunt was a failure that led to his Yautja technology falling into the hands of humans, a disgrace for which he was banished by his clan to a remote planet (where he encountered Xenomorphs). A century later he returned to New Way City, now called Neonopolis, to redeem himself and regain his honor. He slaughtered the criminal gangs of Neonopolis and wiped out the Borgia crime family. He get’s his name from a horrible facial scar and having only one eye. Scarface was a true badass Predator in the console video game Predator: Concrete Jungle (not to be confused with the comic with the same name).

1. Prince

Prince Predator, the strongest of the Yautja

Prince is the strongest and most powerful Predator in the Predator franchise. He was an Elite hunter with a long-running rivalry with Colonial Marine Vassili Rykov who he had fought before 19 years prior. Prince was briefly captured and his mask was taken away, but managed to escape and take down a dropship in the process. During his hunt, he killed dozens of Aliens and Colonial Marines, combat synthetics, two Predaliens, three Praetorians, an Alien Queen and finally defeated Rykov who was using a mech suit. He recovered his mask and ripped off Rykov’s spine as a trophy. In the end, he escaped from LV-1201 alive, being one of the most successful and skilled Predators ever. Prince was a playable character in the Aliens vs. Predator 2 video game, released in 2001.


In conclusion, the world of the Yautja is filled with deadly hunters, but only a select few have proven themselves to be the strongest and most powerful. From their formidable weaponry to their unparalleled skill and tactics, these top-ranking Predators have left a lasting impression on fans of the franchise. Whether it’s the imposing Jungle Hunter, the cunning Wolf, or the unstoppable Bad Blood, these Yautja have carved their place in the lore of the Predator universe.

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The Predator Honor Code

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Alien vs Predator – Who Would REALLY Win?

This question isn’t new. In fact, it’s been answered before. Or has it?

While the Alien vs. Predator movies offered answers to specific fights between the Xenomorphs and Yautja, they didn’t truly explore the full potential of each species and how they might actually compare to each other in one on one battle- no humans, no mercy.


Alien Warrior Mythos

Xenomorphs, commonly referred to simply as Aliens, are an endoparasitoid species. Every Alien goes through quite a few development stages, and may even continue developing depending on how many Aliens there are around them.

They begin as an egg, and they’re able to stay as eggs for an unknown length of time. When the egg hatches, a Facehugger emerges. Facehuggers attach to the face of a host and forcefully inject a Xenomorph embryo. Then, in the third phase, the Xenomorph embryo bursts out of the chest of the creature (which is why they’re known as Chestbursters), killing the host and using all of the host body’s nutrients for its own growth. Then, within a few hours of bursting out a chest, the Xenomorphs grow to full maturity. It is then that they become true dangerous beasts.

They have impeccable senses, able to hunt down anything that causes them harm, or anyone that they want to be a host. They have long sharp tails with spikes that could kill with just a whip. If their teeth weren’t sharp enough, there’s a second pharyngeal jaw behind it that punches out with enough biting power to demolish bone.

Aliens can also crawl on walls and ceilings. Their exoskeleton is like armor. They are the same temperature as their surroundings, so even heat sensors cannot detect them. They are silent and can blend into the darkness as if they are not there at all.

They are deadly, but are they deadly enough to destroy a Predator?


predator barbarian mythos

The Yautja, commonly referred to as the Predators, are a hyper-intelligent advanced species that have been around for tens of thousands of years. While the Xenomorphs have evolved to survive by going through different phases and working as a hive mind, the Predators have evolved technologically. They are ages ahead of humanity in terms of technology, with space ships and weapons that are completely unfathomable to even the brightest human scientists.

They even have the ability to construct and form metals (that don’t appear on the periodic table) durable enough to be completely resistant to the Aliens’ acidic blood. While not all of their weapons are made from the metals, it is a true testament to their technological and chemical engineering abilities.

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The species, though technologically advanced, seems to have a culture almost entirely focused around the honor of hunting. They have something like a class system, where hunting allows you to rise through the ranks. The more dangerous the prey, the more respected you are. They consider Aliens to be the greatest prey of all, and have ensured the Alien population has thrived so that they continue to hunt.

To rise to a certain point in the class system, the Predators have to have battled and defeated a Xenomorph. This is complicated, though, since any and all methods of defeat are acceptable. It is okay to use help, even from a species as lowly as humans (since in their eyes, humans are too easy prey, not worth hunting at all).

But with cloaking devices, advanced weaponry, space ships, and a litany of other technological tools at their fingertips, hunting really is just a game for them. It is hardly dangerous. That is, until, you take their tech away. They’re intelligent, but are they intelligent enough to adapt to the Xenomorphs?


predator barbarian mythos with alien mythos collectibles

The Yautja are only considered great hunters due to their advanced technology, much of which the Xenomorphs can circumnavigate. Aliens are able to use all of their senses with such precision and awareness that cloaking devices aren’t enough to hide the Predator.

To defeat the Xenomorphs, the Predators have to rely on a variety of advanced weaponry and constructed circumstances. The Predators are absolutely some of the most intelligent beings, but they are also, fittingly, perhaps the most arrogant. The Predator’s desire to hunt could simply never amount to the Alien’s will and adaptation to survive.

When you fight the Aliens, you’re not fighting just one, you’re fighting the hive. The Predators were aware of the danger of the hive, so despite the fact that they kept the Xenomorphs around as the perfect prey, their pyramids also had self-destruct buttons in case in got out of hand. If they were truly confident that they could defeat the Xenomorphs, there would be no need for the self-destruct trigger. If they were certain that Predators were the superior hunter, there were be no room for doubt. Instead, they’re aware of the fact that Aliens are a powerful hive and terrifying beast, both alone and en masse.

Aliens also have vastly different forms, each deadly in its own right. Predators are most familiar with hunting the average Xenomorph (as if a Xenomorph could be average) but they are less equipped to deal with Face Huggers or Alien Warriors. Since they have gone out of their way to breed specific Xenomorphs, it stands to reason that they would be unprepared for how the wild Xenomorphs have evolved.

While the Predator could learn to hunt them over an extended period of time, they simply wouldn’t have the opportunity before the Xenomorph attacked. This is, of course, all relying on the fact that the Predators are face to face with the Alien. With their technology and ample distance, the Predators could destroy all the Aliens on a planet by only pressing a button on their space ship’s control pad. But does it count as a fight if it’s not face to face?

Lastly, a final consideration is long term survival. Aliens require no sustenance at all, only hosts. Predators do require sustenance, and if an Alien is their only option, then the Alien’s acidic blood would make it inedible. But Predators also naturally live much longer than humans, where Aliens live for much shorter times unless they’re hibernating.

There could never be a conclusive answer, because each fight between Aliens and Predators is different. There are countless variables at play.

But what do you think? Who would truly win between an Alien and a Predator? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

Be sure to visit our blog if you want to learn more about the Sideshow’s Mythos interpretations of the Alien and Predator, two even more fearsome foes evolved from the fight for survival, inspired by our favorite fictional universes.

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