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What is the tastiest type of alcohol?

The 30 Most Popular Liquors In The World

The 30 Best Selling Alcohol Brands In The World

Drinks International released its annual list of the most popular liquor brands around the globe, featuring spirits from far and wide and peeling back the curtain on drinking trends across the world. Among the top 30 liquors worldwide, vodka and whiskey brands are particularly well-represented, while only two gins make the cut. Read below to see the alcohol brands the world drank in 2021.

The Top 30 Liquors

30. Aperol

This up-and-coming Italian bitter is unmistakably bright orange hue. Created in 1919, this spirit is the star of many a Aperol Spritz, as well as countless Instagram stories.

29. Jägermeister

This German digestif is most commonly consumed as a shot, best served very cold. By forging new partnerships, Jäger is slowly but surely rebranding itself as a craft liqueur — a foil to its hard-partying reputation.

28. Gordon’s Gin

The legacy of Gordon’s Gin dates back to its creation in 1769. Today, Diageo reports that a bottle of the spirit is sold every six seconds. The brand has expanded from its classic gin to innovate new creations, such as a “Gin & Lime” popsicle.

27. Morosha Vodka

This premium Ukrainian vodka is crafted from the mineral water of the Carpathians. The water that serves as Morosha’s base is naturally pure, having flowed through silicate rocks.

26. Blender’s Pride Whisky

This Seagram’s whisky, launched in 1995, is one of the most popular blended whiskies in India. It features a heavy aroma with touches of fruit, wood and peat. The brand of Scotch whisky joined Pernod Ricard’s other brands in 2001.

25. McDowell’s No. 1 Celebration Rum

McDowell’s, a Diageo-owned brand, is India’s best-selling rum. Over 52 million cases of McDowell’s products are sold annually, across 20 countries. By volume, McDowell’s is the largest selling spirits brand in the world. Its No.1 Celebration variety is a dark rum aged in oak casks.

24. Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky

George Ballantine founded this Scotch whisky company in the early 19th century, which steadily grew in popularity in Scotland, the U.K., and eventually the States. Ballantine’s Finest, one of its most popular varieties, burst onto the scene in 1910 and remains popular over a century later.

23. Baileys Irish Cream

When you think of Irish Cream, you probably think of Baileys. As the world’s first and best-selling cream liqueur, Baileys sold over 2 billion bottles in 2021.

22. Crown Royal Whisky

Crown Royal is a Canadian whisky aged in a variety of casks, a perk of looser rules around whisky production up north compared to the States. Because of this, Crown Royal — which offers traditional whiskies as well as flavored varieties such as peach, vanilla, apple and maple — embodies a variety of flavor profiles born out of different types of wood casks.

21. Hlibny Dar Vodka

Hlibny Dar vodka, produced by Ukraine’s Bayadera Group, tops sales of the category in its home country. Bayadera Group boasts a widely-distributed portfolio of spirits and is the largest alcohol holding company in Eastern Europe — exporting its products to 45 countries.

Jameson is one of the most popular liquor brands in the world

20. Jameson Irish Whiskey

The world’s best-selling Irish Whiskey was ironically founded by a Scottish legal clerk. Only one Jameson distillery is in operation today, located in Cork, Ireland.

19. 8PM Whisky

Another popular Indian brand, 8PM is the flagship whisky from mega-distillery Radico Khaitan. The brand was featured in 2001’s LIMCA Book of Records for selling one million bottles in the year it launched, becoming the first liquor brand to do so.

18. Zubrówka Vodka

The secret ingredient in this Polish vodka is something you may be hard-pressed to find in any other spirit: a vanilla-scented plant called bison grass. Not only is the vodka infused with an ingredient that’s banned in the U.S., each bottle contains an actual blade, the easiest way to distinguish Zubrówka from its imitators.

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17. Khortytsa Vodka

In 2019, this Ukrainian vodka brand sold upward of 176 million bottles domestically and to its export market of more than 87 countries. This global reach has placed the spirit among the top three best-selling vodkas in the world.

Jim Beam is one of the best selling liquor brands in the world

16. Jim Beam Whiskey

Bourbon giant Jim Beam has been on the global market for more than two centuries, and little has changed about its production in the interim. The distillery has used the ​​same proportion of corn, rye, and barley since the brand’s inception, and the palate of its original flavor evokes brown sugar and orange.

15. Absolut Vodka

Iconic for its stripped down branding and unconventional (albeit successful) marketing campaigns, Absolut has been a mainstay on the American spirit market since 1979. Its logo was considered unconventional at the time of its release, as its divergence from more traditional Russian-inspired bottle designs dominant in the market made it stand out from the crowd.

14. Haywards Fine Whisky

This Indian Whisky is another member of Diageo India’s portfolio. Together, Haywards, McDowell’s No.1 Celebration, and McDowell’s No.1 accounted for five percent of Diageo’s net sales in the Indian-made foreign liquor category (IMFL) in 2021, according to its annual report.

13. Captain Morgan Rum

This spiced rum’s namesake doesn’t just exist in lore. In fact, Welsh-born Sir Henry Morgan was enlisted by the Queen herself to guard Spanish interests in the Caribbean sea. The ruthless and successful sailor led a group of pirates, eventually using his riches to buy land in Jamaica. The rum, according to Captain Morgan, tastes of vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, and warming spices with hints of oak.

12. Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

Famed whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s is not only a popular spirit, but also a destination — attracting over 300,000 visitors to its Tennessee distillery annually. The brand has begun to diversify its portfolio recently, debuting canned whiskey cocktails in 2022.

11. Johnnie Walker Whisky

In a sea of single malts, Johnnie Walker is a proudly blended Scotch whisky. Johnnie Walker reportedly created the blend in an effort to produce a more consistent Scotch — a response to the growing popularity of the single malt category.

The Top 10 Liquors

10. Bacardi Rum

Though its label designates it Puerto Rican, this spiced rum was actually born in Cuba. Previously the world’s best-selling rum, Bacardi has since been eclipsed by Tanduay.

9. Royal Stag Whisky

A member of global beverage giant Pernod Ricard’s portfolio, Royal Stag whiskey blends locally-sourced grain spirits and imported Scotch malts. The whiskey, distributed globally and finding its largest audience in India, is produced in Nepal.

8. Officer’s Choice Whisky

Officer’s Choice, like its predecessor on this list, is an Indian whisky composed of both Scotch malt and Indian grain. Its parent brand, Allied Blenders & Distillers, debuted Officer’s Choice in 1988 and has seen its progressive growth in popularity in the decades since.

7. Emperador Brandy

Leading the worldwide brandy market, Emperador is Filipino in origin. Emerperador was the Philippines’ first brandy label upon its release in 1990 and has steadily grown in popularity since.

6. Tanduay Rum

Tanduay has held onto the title of the world’s most popular rum for four consecutive years. The Filipino rum is named for the location of its first distillery, Isla de Tanduay.

5. Imperial Blue Whisky

Imperial Blue Indian whisky is the largest brand by volume in Pernod Ricard’s portfolio, which acquired it in 2002. Its sub-$10 price point and smooth flavor make it a go-to for imbibers around the globe.

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4. Smirnoff Vodka

The most popular vodka in the world, Smirnoff has long been recognized for its smooth taste and texture — beating out the competition in blind tastings. While its unflavored variety is its most popular offering, Smirnoff’s flavored offerings (33 of them, to be exact) and its Smirnoff Ice malt liquor soda have cemented it as a household name in both the vodka and RTD arenas.

Smirnoff is one of the most popular liquors in the world

3. McDowell’s No.1 Whisky

Diageo giant McDowell’s takes the cake in the whisky category, with its signature No.1 variety landing at the number three spot in terms of popularity in 2021.

2. Ginebra San Miguel Gin

Ginebra San Miguel makes only one of two gins featured on this list, produced in a family-owned distillery in Manila, Philippines. Having entered the scene in 1834, Ginebra has successfully made a name for itself over nearly two centuries.

1. Jinro Soju

With one makguli and nine soju offerings, Jinro is the top-selling spirit brand in the world. Consumed both straight and in cocktails, Jinro is the quintessential soju in Korea and beyond, making its signature green bottle an emblem of the spirit.

12 Delicious Alcohols That Are Great For Beginners Too

Delicious alcohols for beginners


Ask a first-time drinker to drink anything else but a sugar-laden cocktail (or shots) and he will flinch at the idea. When you’re just venturing into the world of alcohol, it is difficult to digest hard liquor by its own. Especially when you are in a group of booze-lovers who kind of expertise in nice alcoholic drinks, you may want to keep a list of drinks that suit you. Luckily for you, there is such a rich variety of good-tasting alcoholic drinks out there that you don’t need to stick to cocktails and spritzers. Here are 12 varieties of best-tasting alcohol for beginners.

1. Baileys Irish Cream — One of the Best Alcohols in the world

Baileys Irish Cream - a sweet alcoholic drink for beginners


Like silk down your throat, the smooth and velvety taste of this cream-based liqueur makes it the smoothest alcoholic drink on the planet. It is an Irish Whiskey that dates back to 1974. It makes for great dessert alcohol and is enjoyed by connoisseurs and amateur drinkers alike.

Alcohol by volume: 17.0%

2. Radler Beer — Perfect Drink for Starters

Radler Beer - Alcohol that tastes good


Don’t like the taste of beer? Neither do I. The best way to ease into this popular drink is by starting off with Radler beer. A good beer to start out with, it is a mix of lemonade and beer and does not have the bitterness of the normal beer. It’s a great refresher on a sunny day and quite popular for its unique taste, Radler Beer is one of the best-tasting liqueurs.

Alcohol by volume: 2.5%

3. Pimm’s — The Best Tasting Alcoholic Beverage

Pimm’s - A best alcohol for starters

PC: MD111/

First produced in 1823, Pimm’s was initially served as a digestive drink (containing gin). This darkish brown nectar is served with fruits and a variety of other concoctions, but it tastes brilliant just the way it is. The quintessential look and incredible taste of this sweet brown liquor are what makes it the best tasting alcoholic drink.

Alcohol by volume: 25%

4. Port Wine — The Liquor that Tastes Good

Which alcohol is sweet in taste - Port Wine

PC: Wikimedia Commons

A product of Portugal, port wine has been a staple drink for many decades and is considered as the best-tasting wine for a beginner. Its sweet taste is great for those who don’t like wine. It is mostly used as a dessert wine but doesn’t go by its humble reputation- it can get you drunk within no time!

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Alcohol by volume: 20%

5. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum — The Best Alcohol for Classy People

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum - best tasting alcohol for beginners


Many people from around the world regard rum as one of the best kinds of alcohol and spiced rum is a drink that trumps the taste of ordinary rum. Great by itself or with mixers, Captain Morgan spiced rum is the preferred drink for rum lovers across the world. Out of all the good alcoholic beverages in the world, the taste of this alcohol is cut sharply by the warmth of the spices that give you a warm hug as you gulp it down. No wonder when it makes it to the top 10 alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol by volume: 17.5% — 50%

6. Laphroaig — One of the Finest Hard Liquor Drinks

Laphroaig - best alcohol to start with


The Laphroaig scotch, as many would swear, is one of the best tasting scotch in the world and indeed, the best hard liquor you will ever find. A great ice breaker for non-drinkers, this scotch tastes good no matter what your level of tolerance for alcohol. It might be strongly flavored (that’s how the best hard alcohol to drink should be), but it gets better with every gulp.

Alcohol by volume: 57.8%

7. Jagermeister — A Good Alcohol to Drink for Health-conscious People

Jagermeister - Try this alcohol that tastes good

PC: Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for the alcohol that tastes good, Jagermeister will top the list. Made with 56 herbs that are known to be good for digestion, Jagermeister has captured many hearts in its life-span. The taste of this alcohol is absolutely unique and is ideal for those who can’t handle any other kind of alcohol. This German concoction is a sure winner at any party!

Alcohol by volume: 35%

8. Sambuca — One of the Best Liquors for Shot



Tasting like combination anise, star anise, and licorice, the next time someone offers you a Sambuca shot, know that this is one of the best-tasting alcohols in the world. Quite potent with a 42% alcohol content, Sambuca can be used as the best alcohol for shots or even with a little bit of water.

Alcohol by volume: 42%

9. Apple Cider — A Good Alcoholic Beverage for not Getting High

Apple Cider - good beverage to start with

PC: Wikimedia Commons

If you haven’t yet found good liquors to drink, go for Apple Cider! Mild and like a taste of summer in the mouth, Apple cider is a wonderful beverage that is enjoyed all across the world, especially in the United Kingdom. There are a variety of still and sparkling ciders to choose from. A perfect warm-up into the mystical world of alcohol before you go for the best spirit to drink! Non-alcoholic apple ciders are also available. Apple Cider beverage varies from county to country.

Alcohol by volume: 1% — 10%

10. Schnapps — For the Ones Who Prefer Mixed Drinks that Taste Good


Although quite strong, Schnapps’ fruity flavor will excite any non-drinker. Schnapps is one of the alcoholic drinks that taste sweet. This one is recommended as it comes, with some sparkling water and ice. The liquor that tastes good especially in summers, Schnapps comes in flavors like peach, orange, apple, and cherry.

Alcohol by volume: 42%

11. Amaretto — The Best Drink for Beginners


One of the tastiest alcoholic drinks, Amaretto is an Italian almond-flavored drink that has been used to enhance flavors of many bakery items and cocktails for years. Mix it in your coffee or have it by itself, Amaretto tastes rich and distinctive. One of the best liquor drinks, Amaretto has something that nothing else you have ever tasted has!

Alcohol by volume: 28%

12. Tequila Rose — The World’s Best Alcohol for Shots

Tequila Rose - best flavored liquor beginners can try


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A mixture of strawberry cream liqueur and tequila, this one has taken the world by a storm. Great as an aperitif, Tequila Rose is delicately flavored and tastes extremely refreshing. A befitting introduction to tequila, you will fall in love with its taste even if you are a first-time drinker. Tequila Rose is surely a good liquor for shots easily available at many exclusive bars. The silky-smooth taste of Tequila Rose is what makes many consider it one of the best alcohol shots for women.

Alcohol by volume: 17%

A quick glance at 12 best alcohols for beginners along with its type, alcohol percentage, and texture

Alcohol NameAlcohol TypeABVAlcohol Texture
Baileys Irish CreamWhiskey17.00%Smooth and velvety- like silk
Radler BeerBeer2.50%A mix of lemonade and beer and does not have the bitterness of a normal beer
Pimm’sLiqueur25%Refreshing nature & bubbly texture
Port WineWine20%Sweet taste
Captain Morgan Spiced RumRum17.5%-50%Hints of secret island spices with a smooth velvet texture
LaphroaigScotch57.80%Surprising sweetness with hints of salt and layers of peatiness
JagermeisterDigestif35%Sweeter taste
SambucaLiqueur42%Tastes like licorice
Apple ciderAlcoholic Beverage (USA & Canada)1%-10%Balanced taste
SchnappsAlcoholic beverage42%Fruity flavor
AmarettoLiqueur28%Sweet, almond-flavored
Tequila RoseTequila17%Strawberry milkshake

There’s no need to feel out of place when there is no vodka or white rum available at your next party. Just ask for any of these best liquor drinks and mix them in!

Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol by Beginners

Q. What is the best drink to get you drunk fast?

A. Hard liquor with a higher alcohol content will get you drunk faster than beer or wine. Alcohol like Bacardi 151 with 75.5% alcohol, Balkan 176 Vodka with 88% alcohol, and Everclear Grain with 95% alcohol will get you drunk fast.

Q. What alcohol is best for parties?

A. Instead of offering only one type of alcohol, the combination of beer, whiskey, vodka, wine, and rum usually works best for parties.

Q. What’s the best alcohol for shots?
A. Any high-quality liquor including vodka, tequila, and rum works best for alcohol shots.
Q. What is the girliest alcoholic drink?

A. Cocktails like pink raspberry cosmo, frozen strawberry daiquiri, classic mimosa, and sangria are considered to be the girliest alcoholic drinks.

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The 15 Best-Tasting Liquors in America

Sometimes, you’re in the mood to do one thing and one thing only: a tall, fruity drink with a cute straw, a sugar rim, and a lime wedge. You could either stick with your usual White Claws and High Noon seltzers or ditch your regular choice and indulge in some of the best-tasting liquors in the United States.

No matter if you’re a fan of taking a couple of shots, or carefully crafting brilliant, crowd-pleasing cocktails, these will look stunning on your bar, and be used over and over again. But whatever you do, try your best to avoid these very bad, bad boys, aka, the strongest liquors in the world.

#SpoonTip: Drinking is fun, but be responsible. Spoon does not promote binge or underage drinking. Stay safe!

1. Ciroc Mango

As your parents probably told you when you were younger, «eat your fruits and veggies.» What they didn’t tell you is that your fruits and veggies also come in vodka form. Ciroc Mango is smooth, sweet, and doesn’t have a strong alcohol smell to it — so drink up.

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2. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

As mentioned by the bottle’s label, Fireball tastes like cinnamon. It is great on its own and also pairs well with sodas of all kinds, fruit juice, and even hot tea. Any drink can be elevated with a splash of cinnamon flavor, right?

3. Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is popular due to its trademark smooth taste and cool bottle. This French vodka pairs wonderfully with tonic and a lime wedge, in a mule, with lemonade, and beyond.

4. Stoli Razberi

The specific flavor of Stoli is perfect for making fruity drinks in the spring and summer. Spruce up your lemonade or tonic water with a dash of Stoli Razberi, and don’t forget the little umbrella!

5. Effen Cucumber

If you aren’t into fruity-forward vodka flavors, try out Effen’s light and refreshing cucumber flavor. I mean, it’s kind of like drinking cucumber water, just with a higher chance of getting tipsy.

6. Don Julio Blanco

If you are preparing your salt and lime for a tequila shot, grab one of the best-tasting liquors you can on a college budget and grab Don Julio Blanco for around $25 for 375 mL.

7. Hennessy V.S Cognac

Hennessy V.S Cognac tastes best on its own with hints of citrus, vanilla, and chocolate. Though, it is also divine when mixed with cranberry or pineapple juice. Plus, whenever you drink it, «hennything is possible.»

8. Johnnie Walker Black Label

With Johnnie Walker Black Label, you’re paying for the quality of the alcohol. Don’t blame us if this kickstarts your curiosity about what various whisky brands have to offer.

9. Effen Black Cherry Vodka

With this specific vodka, the taste is bold and it goes down smoother than smooth. If your fave White Claw is black cherry, you definitely need to add this Effen bottle to your bar cart.

10. Smirnoff Pink Lemonade

Smirnoff may be everywhere, but have you ever wondered about its history? Smirnoff Pink Lemonade is both light and refreshing, just in time for summer. With this lemon drink, you’re able to skip those lemonade stands.

11. Smirnoff Peach

This summertime fruit can shine in any cocktail or shot glass all year long. Obsessed with peach ring candy? Make this peach cocktail that tastes just like that perfectly sweet gummy.

12. Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil

It’s smooth, bold, light, and will make you feel super sophisticated– Grey Goose Watermelon & Basil. Did you know that instead of going to Starbucks all the time, you could spend that money on 27 liters of Grey Goose? That’s just smart spending if you ask me.

13. Absolut Citron

Citron, aka citrus, is always a go-to flavor to sip while the sun is out. A little goes a long way, so you could keep drinking all summer long without breaking the bank.

14. Ciroc Red Berry

There’s something about the taste of this vodka that makes me want to say, «Cherry cherry boom boom,» along with Lady Gaga. It pops with each sip and makes me feel classier than I actually am.

15. Patrón Silver

Patrón Silver is of great quality and worth the extra money charged at your local liquor store. Made from the Blue Weber Agave plant, Patrón is perfect when chilled on its own, or in a delicious margarita. The choice is all yours!

Enjoy these best-tasting liquors that I love, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new liquor products as they hit store shelves.

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