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What is the trend for bathrooms in 2022?

15 inspiring bathroom trends

bathroom trends: pink tiles and pink glass shower panel

Overhauling your bathroom is an exciting prospect but it can also make a significant dent in your wallet. So you’ll want to create a scheme that looks fresh and contemporary, and includes bathroom trends that are set to stand the test of time. The following ideas have a lasting appeal will look good long into the future.

1. Brass fittings

Natural or unlacquered brass fittings have an antique look that further develops a unique patina over time. They are an ideal complement for a rustic or industrial-style scheme. Try the Bespoke Landmark Pure bath filler in Urban Brass from, as shown below.

brass bath taps and shower head in an industrial chic decor scheme with navy painted bath

Photo: Samuel Heath

2. Reclaimed materials

Choose to reuse by restoring original features, such as floorboards, and including reclaimed materials or salvaged finds. If you can’t track down the kind of salvaged bathtub you want, try upcycling your own with aged brass panels from, as shown below.

salvaged brass tiles on a bath

Aged brass panels from Photo: Debi Treloar

3. Pastel shades

Muted pastel shades are a dominant bathroom trend for walls, floors and fixtures in 2022. Look out for tiles and sanitaryware in shades of sage, rose, pale ochre and lilac. Using pink and green together – like this scheme featuring an Artis surface-mounted oval washbasin in Sage Green and Finion freestanding bath, both from – is proving a surprisingly enduring trend for both kitchens and bathrooms.

bathroom trends 2022: sage green painted walls with dusky pink tiles

Photo: Villeroy & Boch

4. Coloured glass panels

Every element of a new bathroom can be decorative, even a glass shower panel. This collection, which features a Nouveau shower box with pale pink 8mm glass (also available in pale green or clear) and Nouveau LivingTec basin, shelf and cabinet from, is inspired by early 20th-century Art Deco design.

bathroom trends 2022: coloured glass shower panels

5. Rustic finishes

Alongside the shift towards soft-sheen and matt surfaces, there’s a bathroom trends movement towards rustic tiles that are, or look, handmade. The texture and colour tones of these brick-shaped Riad Terracotta matt porcelain wall tiles from offer a handcrafted effect.

rustic effect shower room tiles in a dark terracotta colour

Photo: Mandarin Stone

6. Natural patterns

Stone-effect tiles with rich colours and bold veining, like the Onyx Nouveau gloss porcelain rectified tiles from, shown below, bring a sense of opulence to a scheme. They offer a luxurious look without the high cost of real stone. Precision-cut porcelain allows for finer grout lines so that there’s a minimal break in the overall design.

large marble-effect tiles in a wet room

Photo: Mandarin Stone

7. 1980s style

Bathroom tile patterns are getting bolder with graphics taking the lead. Look for versatile tile designs created to provide multiple options for geometric arrangements from symmetrical stripes and blocks to random forms. Try the Bert & May at Fired Earth porcelain tiles in Alalpardo Green, pictured below with the Versailles large sink console, both from

80s-style bathroom with green and white diagonal striped tiles

Photo: Fired Earth

8. Japanese-style baths

Designed to be enjoyed sitting upright for a deep and relaxing soak, Japanese-style baths are compact and great for a small space. Traditionally made from timber, they can also be found in solid surface composites. Try the True Ofuro Mini freestanding Aquatex Japanese soaking bathtub in matt white from

Japanese-style baths are shorter and deeper - a great small bathroom idea

9. Matt finish

High shine surfaces are making way for a subtle sheen. Manufacturers continue to launch new brassware, whether contemporary or classic in style, with brushed, matt, or unlacquered finishes. The Milano Ashurst brushed nickel thermostatic shower and freestanding bath shower mixer shown below are both from The Ovali bath, available in two sizes, is from

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loft conversion bathroom with matt finish stone-effect tiles

Photo: Darren Chung

10. Dual-purpose furniture

Designs offering more than one function are a versatile solution for multi-use rooms. There’s a wealth of new space-saving, dual-purpose furniture to choose from, such as this Cielo Narciso floorstanding vanity unit from that doubles as a dressing table .

8 reasons why microcement bathrooms will be a trend in 2022


If you are thinking of renovating or enlarging your bathroom in the coming months this article is for you. The microcement bathrooms, decorative coating of high performance, will be a trend in 2022. In Topciment we know very well what we are talking about, there is a reason why we are leaders in the manufacture of microcement (link follow a fabricantes) in Europe with more than 15 years of experience.

There are many advantages of this coating that have led architects, interior designers and construction professionals to increasingly opt for microcement in bathrooms. Not only because of the beautiful finishes offered by this coating, but also because of its resistance and durability, among many other benefits.

What is microcement?

Microcement is a decorative coating that has revolutionised bathroom renovations in recent years. A material composed of cement, aggregate, resin and pigments that is laid directly on top of the existing tiling without demolition and debris removal.

This advantage is one of the reasons for the popularity of microcement bathrooms, as the fact that there is no actual building work means that the bathroom remains walkable during renovation. But there are many more benefits implicit in the use of this material in one of the most used rooms in any home.

Main advantages of microcement bathrooms

Microcement can be applied in bathrooms in many ways. A versatility that not many materials can offer and that conquers all those who are familiar with it. Mainly as flooring and wall cladding, but also to create shelves or the bathroom furniture itself with this material.

Here are the eight main reasons why bathrooms with microcement are going to be all the rage in 2022. Take note!

Topciment grey microcement bathroom

1. Greater feeling of spaciousness

In most cases the bathroom is the smallest area of the house and therefore optimizing its size as much as possible is a priority when deciding to renovate it. The continuity of the microcement gives a greater sense of spaciousness that will be further enhanced if combined with light colours on floors and walls.

This is the case of white, an ideal colour to make the microcement bathroom look much bigger than it really is and which also combines perfectly with other materials such as wood.

2. Resistance to environmental humidity in microcement bathroom

Another of the most outstanding advantages of microcement in bathrooms that will contribute to it becoming a trend in 2022 is its extraordinary resistance to environmental humidity. The bathroom is an area that suffers from this type of constant humidity, which is why it is so important to select the materials to be used correctly. With microcement this problem disappears completely.

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With microcement this problem disappears completely, because it is not only very resistant to environmental humidity, but also to water vapour.

3. Versatility

If there is one characteristic that perfectly defines microcement bathrooms, it is their versatility, as this coating has excellent adherence to practically any substrate such as tiles, one of the star materials in bathrooms.

This is why we can apply microcement in bathrooms in so many ways, not only on walls and floors. It is common to see bathroom furniture covered with microcement, basins and even shower trays and bathtubs.

A versatility that allows you to create infinite designs in any colour you want, as this innovative decorative coating has a wide range of pigments.

Bathroom with Topciment grey microcement

Price of microcement bathroom

The price of microcement bathroom depends on several elements such as the difficulty of the work, the quality of the microcement to be used as well as what is going to be covered. It is not the same to apply microcement on the floor or walls of the bathroom as it is to make a shower tray or a bathtub.

In Topciment we have approved applicators worlwide, accustomed to perform all types of works of bathrooms with microcement.

5 Ideas for applying microcement in bathrooms

Microcement in bathrooms can be applied in many ways and in many places. The experts at Topciment give you some of the most interesting ideas to achieve a magazine bathroom.

1. Microcement bathtub and shower

For some time now, there has been a boom in the production of microcement bathtubs and showers. Fundamentally because, apart from its beautiful aesthetics, microcement is a decorative coating that is low-maintenance and easy to clean.

But also because of the ability of this innovative coating to create anti-slip finishes to prevent those treacherous slips that we all suffer from at some point in our lives. Our Topsealer WT Anti Slip varnish makes the microcement bathtub and shower a 100% safe space.

In addition to this, a waterproof finish can also be achieved with the use of another sealant to prevent water from standing in the shower tray and fungal growth.

2. Microcement on bathroom countertop and basin

A waterproofing that makes it very suitable to cover with microcement the worktop or bathroom basin, two elements that are constantly exposed to water. The wide range of Topciment microcement colours allows numerous designs for countertops and bathroom basins. However, white microcement and grey microcement are still the most popular when renovating a bathroom.

3. Microcement shelves in bathroom

Organisation and storage in the bathroom is essential. Sometimes it can be a real headache when the bathroom in question is very small. Therefore, optimising space as much as possible is a priority.

Regardless of its size, opting for a bathroom shelf with microcement is a good idea, since it not only allows you to store hygiene items such as towels, but also contributes to providing a sense of continuity to the whole room. Furthermore, the flexibility of this material allows you to create any type of microcement furniture in the bathroom, not only shelves.

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Grey microcement bathtub

4. Microcement walls and floors in bathrooms

The most widespread use of microcement was not going to be an exception in the case of bathrooms. Covering the walls, but above all the bathroom floors with microcement is one of the preferred options. This type of flooring should be taken into account because, as mentioned above, it can become non-slip.

As you have seen, the potential of microcement in bathrooms is immense. These skills have made architects, interior designers and other construction professionals fall in love with it.

5. Microcement basins

One of the best ideas for applying microcement in bathrooms is to build a washbasin because of its low maintenance, functionality, design and modern aesthetics. Whatever the colour of the microcement, the final finish will be very attractive, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

When manufacturing a microcement washbasin, a series of considerations must be taken into account, which will be explained below.

lavabo baño microcemento

1. Microcement washbasin with a good slope to the drain

It must be ensured that the future microcement washbasin has a good slope to the drain to avoid water standing, which would be fatal. By ensuring this, most problems will be avoided when applying microcement to a washbasin.

2. Reinforcing microcement washbasin edges

One of our experts’ tips, although not necessary at first sight, is to reinforce the edges of the microcement washbasin with aluminium trims. Doing so adds extra quality, consistency and design to the washbasin coated with smoothed microcement.

3. Waterproofing microcement washbasin

One of the great advantages of creating a microcement washbasin is the waterproof character that can be given to this coating with specialised sealants. With our varnishes, the microcement washbasin will resist environmental humidity and running water without any problems.

4. Wide range of possibilities for microcement washbasins

Microcement washbasins offer a wide range of decorative possibilities depending on the type of coating. If you are looking for a marked water or stucco look and a soft touch, Microfino microcement is recommended.

If, on the other hand, a more natural look is preferred, the best choice is Microdeck microcement. However, a stone or rustic finish can also be achieved by applying it with fresh on fresh technique.

bathroom grey microcement washbasin

Most popular colours for microcement bathroom

White, grey and beige are the most commonly used colours in microcement bathrooms. White, as mentioned above, is the favourite shade to promote the brightness and cleanliness of the room as well as the feeling of spaciousness in smaller microcement bathrooms.

On the other hand, beige and other light browns are an ideal microcement colour for those bathrooms looking for a more rustic atmosphere and style. If you are looking for just the opposite, a more modern and contemporary style, grey is the best ally. In any case, it is important to note that the versatility of microcement in bathrooms allows you to combine various colours.

Which microcement to use for bathrooms

The choice of one type of microcement or another for the bathroom is subject to the client’s preference. The finish you have in mind. On this basis, at Topciment we have developed different systems that are ideal for application in this room.

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Microfino, microcement for bathroom walls

For vertical and non-trafficable surfaces in the bathroom, we have Microfino. An ideal microcement due to its smooth finish which makes it easier to clean. It also stands out for its very characteristic watermark effect. This line includes Sttandard Microfino (two-component microcement) and Evoluttion Microfino (one-component microcement).

Microdeck, microcement for bathroom floors and furniture

Microdeck, on the other hand, is the most suitable microcement for bathroom floors and furniture. A more robust covering with a natural and rustic appearance. It stands out for its magnificent resistance to wear and tear due to abrasion and traffic. It also has the particularity of being able to be applied with the fresco on fresco technique. On the one hand we have Sttandard Microdeck Microdeck, both two-component microcements, and on the other hand Evoluttion Microdeck, a one-component microcement.

large bathroom with microcement on walls

Industtrial, microcement with greater impermeability for the bathroom

Industtrial is a microcement for bathrooms that must be taken into account. It can be applied both on walls and floors, but that is not why it stands out. It stands out for its greater impermeability, hardness and resistance. This is due to its composition with aggregates and epoxy resin.

Efectto Quartz, ready-to-use microcement for the bathroom

To be less complicated, but to obtain the same finishes and resistance. That is why we created Efectto Quartz, a ready-to-use microcement that is equally suitable for bathroom floors and walls. It is available in different granulometries.

As you have seen, the potential of microcement in bathrooms is immense. These skills have made architects, interior designers and other construction professionals fall in love with it. Which one do you prefer?

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2022 Bathroom Trends Designers Can’t Get Enough Of

Forget shiplap and all-white everything: The latest unforgettable baths are pushing the envelope on color, pattern, materials, and finishes. Here’s what design pros predict will be hot in 2022 bathroom trends—be it primary suite or powder room.

chunky gray countertops trend in bathroom

Faux cabinetry is out; instead, showcasing the stone or other countertop material in a more prominent “chunky” way is a fresher idea we’ll soon see more often, predicts designer Linda Hayslett.

Linda Hayslett, LH.Designs

The Trend: Chunky countertops

People like seeing more of the slab, instead of having a fake drawer that hides the plumbing roughs for the sink. And, though marble is always a classic, I’m starting to see the use of it all over the bathroom taper off.


teal and swirled wallpaper bathroom

All-white or pastel palette bathrooms are on their way out, believes designer Sara Barney of BANDD DESIGN.

Sara Malek Barney, BANDD DESIGN

The Trend: IG-worthy palettes

The all-white bathroom is going away. Interesting, unique and quirky design elements are taking over for bathrooms, and the hype from this is coming from everyone’s love of “Instagrammable” spaces. Expect to see a lot of eye-catching wallpapers, paint, tile and light fixtures in 2022.


blue tile bathroom with blue wallpaper

Dark blue tile and wallpaper create a jewel box-like space in this bathroom by Redmond Aldrich Design.

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Chloe Warner, Redmond Aldrich Design

The Trend: Atmospheric environments

Statement bathrooms feel different from the spaces around them, and I love to create environments that feel very enveloping. In this bathroom, inky tile is paired with dark blue wallpaper. The effect is cocooning and transportive.


bathroom towel storage cabinetry

A move toward incorporating towels and other bathroom necessities into display cabinets, versus stashed away completely, is a look designer Caitlin Wilson is observing regularly.

Caitlin Wilson, Caitlin Wilson Design

The Trend: Stylish visible storage solutions

I’m noticing more towers and visible storage, which can be great for displaying towels and good-looking necessities like makeup brushes, nice-looking bottles and perfumes.


bathroom with freestanding tub and natural stone surfaces in

Natural stone plays a prominent role in this bathroom design by Brittany Farinas.

Brittany Farinas, House of One Interiors

The Trend: Natural stone, everywhere

I’m seeing natural stone being celebrated more in bathroom designs, especially in a scenario where one stone is selected for multiple applications in the same area, like on both the floor and walls.


free standing gray stone tub with tile backsplash

Move over, standard white fiberglass, acrylic and porcelain bath tubs. Natural stone tubs are having a major moment, as shown in this space by Thomas Guy Interiors.

Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors

The Trend: Anything-but-white bath tubs

Tubs made from organic materials are on the horizon. Stone, concrete and even teak are the epitome of luxury.


shower feature wall with chevron tile pattern

A framed chevron tile pattern evokes natural stone artwork in this shower’s striking feature wall.

Marlaina Teich of Marlaina Teich Designs

The Trend: Shower feature walls

All-white bathrooms are not as popular now, as color and texture are making for exciting design possibilities. One thing I’m seeing is a feature wall in the shower, say, with large-format porcelain tiles that mimic sliced jewels.


Blue wallpapered bathroom with white faucet

Design-savvy homeowners are embracing white, black or even colorful faucets and fixtures.

Killy Scheer, Scheer & Co

The Trend: Colorful, whimsical faucets, fixtures and hardware

I think fixtures are having a little renaissance, and going less serious and a more whimsical—with brighter, unexpected colors. I’m also seeing more hardware like knobs and pulls as jewelry, not just as functional finger pulls.


organic shaped curved bathroom mirror and stone sink Elizabeth gill interiors

A curvaceous mirror adds a “collected look” to this bathroom designed by Elizabeth Gill Interiors.

Elizabeth Gill, Elizabeth Gill Interiors

The Trend: The “collected” look

The collected look is on trend even for bathrooms. Think organic-shaped mirrors, think Gio Ponti or something vintage in a colored glass frame. Bathrooms were once understated and functional; now, the focus is just as much on aesthetics as function, to create an all-encompassing serenity zone filled with beauty.


gold metallic bathroom wall covering decor

A gold metallic wall treatment extending onto the ceiling gives this bathroom by designer Mikel Welch plenty of eye-catching sheen.

Mikel Welch, Mikel Welch Designs

The Trend: Ultra-bold metallics

I foresee the next trend being the use of strong metals and metallics. Just like mixing metals, people are beginning to pair fun and unexpected wall coverings with contrasting faucets and knob finishes. Brass and chrome finally have permission to play together!

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