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What is the unlucky colour for 2022?

Colors of the Day in Thailand

Colors of the Day in Thailand

In Thailand, Every Day of the Week Has Its Own Color

Which color is associated with which day of the week? The colors that correspond with each day of the week are:

Sunday – Red
Monday –Yellow
Tuesday – Pink
Wednesday – Green & Grey
Thursday – Orange
Friday – Blue
Saturday – Purple

In the past Thai people often used to dress in the color of the respective day. However, that tradition has fallen out of favor nowadays. But all Thais will know which corresponds to which day of the week.

However, the day of the week people are born is still important. And the color of that day will be their lucky one.

The Origins of the Day’s Color

The Thai week is 7 days long and begins on a Sunday and ends on Saturday. The same as in most western countries.

And the days of the week are names after ancient Hindu astrological influences. This is also similar to the English names for days of the week, which were named after planets and ancient gods.

However, one big difference is that in Thai culture each planet has a deity that protects that day. And each deity has their own color.

Here in Thailand the day of the week you were born is very important. Most westerners obviously know their date of birth but most won’t known the day of the week they were born on. As it isn’t important.

That’s not the case in Thailand. Ask any Thai and they’ll know the day of the week they were born on.

This is important as temples will usually have different Buddha statues for the different days of the week. As, in the Life of the Buddha, certain events are thought to have taken place on certain days. So you need to know which statue to make an offering to. That’s in addition to knowing which is your lucky, day of the week color.

Colors of the Day Sunday to Wednesday

The Days of the Week and Their Planets and Gods

The specific color of each day depends on the planet of the day the god who’s protecting it. Discover your deity below.

DayPlanetHindu Deity
Wednesday (morning)MercuryBudh
Wednesday (evening)MercuryRahu

(Wikipedia has you covered if you need more information on the specific ancient Hindu gods. And Yes, just to add to your confusion, Wednesday does have two gods. It also has two different Buddha statues associated with the day. And of course, two different colors.)

Colors of the Day Wednesday to Saturday

The Days and their Lucky (and Unlucky) Colors

The days of the week not only have their own associated ‘lucky’ color. But also one, or two, colors that are deemed to be bad luck.

DayColorUnlucky Color
TuesdayPinkYellow & White
Wednesday (morning)GreenPink
Wednesday (evening)GreyOrange & Red
FridayBlueBlack & Dark Blue

So if you need to impress an older Thai, then knowing the colors of the week or wearing a shirt the color of that day of the week will go down well with them.

This little bit of cultural knowledge can also help with job interviews, for example, for anyone wanting to teach in Thailand. Wearing something with the color of the day on it will go down well with Thai teaching staff and interviewers. As it’s a signal that you have taken time to learn about Thai culture. And that will set you apart from most other applicants.

Why Do Thai People Wear Yellow on Certain Dates?

Yellow is associated with Thai royalty. Because the previous monarch, King Rama IX, was born on a Monday. And yellow represents Monday. Rama IX reigned Thailand for 70 years from 1946 until his death in 2016. His son, King Rama X was also born on a Monday. And so yellow continues to be associated with the King.

Government officials and many Thais will wear yellow on royal occasions. Likewise, when Thais are doing good deeds to benefit their neighborhood or the nation, they will often choose to wear yellow. As a mark of respect to the late King Rama IX who worked tirelessly to improve the country for his subjects. Yellow is inextricably linked with his good deeds.

Royal flags are also in the color of the day of the week of the member of royalty. Queen Suthida’s flag is purple. HM the Queen Mother’s flag is blue.

Thailand royal flags

Trivia for Golf Fans . . .

Finally, you may remember that Tiger Woods was famous for wearing a red shirt on the last day of a tournament. Tiger is half Thai. Many years ago when he was starting out, his mother told him that he should wear the correct coloured shirt on the final day of a tournament. It would help him win.

That tournament ended on a Sunday, as do virtually all golf tournaments. Sunday’s color is red. 🙂

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Taurus Color – Lucky Color for Taurus Zodiac Sign in 2022

What Is Taurus’ Lucky Color in 2022?

According to the Taurus annual Horoscope 2022, the fortunate colors for the Taurus zodiac sign are Lotus Pink, and White. Green is also the most suitable color for Taurus people. Taurus lucky colors are thought to have the capacity to offer Taurus natives luck, love, success, and happiness.

Taurus Color Symbolism

Taurus is the second zodiac sign. It is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is the Western astrological sign that rules persons born between April 19th and May 20th. Taureans are also known as Vrishabh Rashi locals. Taurus’ traits define its lucky color, according to astrology. Read on for more information about the Taurus lucky color meanings and symbolism.

1. The color green

The color green is associated with nature. It is a symbol of rebirth and growth. Taurus is energized by the color green, which helps them feel more driven. It is known as the hue of riches since it aids in the acceleration of progress and prosperity. Taurus residents should wear green because Venus is their ruling planet. Taurus residents are said to be able to accept money and material possessions by wearing this Taurus star sign hue. It instills optimism in them and provides them with comfort, relaxation, and tranquillity. Taurus locals who are stressed or anxious at work or in their personal lives should wear green or keep something green about them.

2. The color pink

Pink is a hue associated with frivolity, femininity, innocence, and fun. It denotes youth, as well as good health and first love. Taurus feels pleasant and pleased wearing the Pink hue, which is exhibited by Venusian energy. This Taurus hue encourages inhabitants to express their innate creativity and ingenuity. It brightens their mood and strengthens their kind and caring nature. Pink is a favored hue of Taurus because it represents constancy and love.

3. Cream or White

White is a color that symbolizes purity, innocence, kindness, and humility. It is a symbol of wisdom, insight, kindness, and spirituality. Taurus’ lucky hue represents beginnings and aids Taurus in initiating successful projects. Taurus feels calm, tolerant, and peaceful when they utilize or wear the white or cream hue. They feel contemplative, which helps them concentrate and cleanse their ideas. This Taurus fortunate hue also helps to get rid of undesirable emotions like wrath, despair, and envy.

What Is Taurus’ Lucky Color in 2022?

According to the Taurus annual Horoscope 2022, the fortunate colors for the Taurus zodiac sign are Lotus Pink, and White. Green is also the most suitable color for Taurus people. Taurus lucky colors are thought to have the capacity to offer Taurus natives luck, love, success, and happiness.

Taurus Unlucky Colors

Taurus people should avoid certain hues. These colors are opposed to Taurus’ vitality and bring negativity into their lives. Here is a list of Taurus’s unfortunate colors.

Red Yellow Red represents anger, passion, and intolerance. As a result, this is not a favorite hue for the Taurus zodiac sign. Yellow, on the other hand, evokes emotions of impatience and anger in grounded Taurus. Furthermore, the Taurus’ unfavorable colors might produce diversions and an imbalance in the native’s life.

Chinese Horoscopes 2022: Your Zodiac’s Lucky Colours For The Year Of The Tiger

Zodiac Lucky Colours Feature

This Lunar New Year, transform your home with a lucky pop of colour for your Zodiac sign! With the Year of the Tiger, Nippon Paint has collaborated with Way Fengshui’s experts – Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong, Master Goh Guan Leong, and Master Mark Tan to provide Zodiac readings and insights for 2022.

For those looking to maximise their chances of being lucky this year, there is no better way than to cover your walls with your lucky colours. Or maybe it’s time to grab some scatter cushions or get a new rug? Read on to learn more about which colours are your zodiac sign’s best choices for 2022. There are bound to be some options that will be the perfect match for your home’s aesthetics going into 2022. Don’t forget to check the lucky colours for your partner and family members as well!


Chinese Horoscopes 2022: What Will The Year Of The Tiger Bring You In Love, Sex And Relationships

Chinese Horoscopes 2022: What Will The Year Of The Tiger Bring For Money And Success?

Affordable Mahjong-Themed Items Perfect For CNY (And After!)

Chinese Horoscopes 2022: Your Zodiac’s Lucky Colours For The Year Of The Tiger
Rat Horoscope — Your lucky colours are black and blue

Calming blue and sophisticated velvety black are your lucky colours for 2022. This will be a challenging year at times for those born in the year of the Rat. According to the Chinese horoscope, obstacles are inevitable because your chart shows the absence of lucky stars. But don’t let this crush your spirit. It just means that your resilience is key to you doing well this year. You may feel greater stress as unlucky stars lurk around; causing you to become irritable and anxious. Rats tend to over-think things anyway. Such emotions will affect your health and can a strain on your family relationships. Hence, try to stay calm and avoid overreacting. Go for a walk, and practice deep breathing from time to time. Let the moment pass before making you panic or make hasty decisions.

Nippon Paint
Ox Horoscope — Your lucky colours are red, orange, white, gold

The hard-working Ox looks set to have a good year in 2022, according to the Chinese horoscope system. You are more motivated than ever this year, handling all tasks with great enthusiasm. If you are single, know that the Marriage Star is shining on your sign. According to fengshui, it will help attract others to you and bring good marriage prospects. If you are already married, it can strengthen and deepen the bond you have together. This year, show your courage in tackling all challenges ahead of you. Although there are obstacles, you will overcome them, and win even more respect from those around you. Perseverance is your key to success. You’ll be busy at work and socializing, so your immune system may be affected. If you feel run down, do make time to rest. Give your body and mind the attention they deserve. Ox always work hard, but it’s good to balance that with the knowledge that your health is the most important thing in life.

Nippon Paint
Tiger Horoscope — Your lucky colours are green, blue, black

Tigers are full of bravery and energy, but the calming and natural colours of green, blue and black bring balance to 2022, The Year of the Water Tiger. Individuals born in the year of the Tiger are in a clashing position with the star called the Grand Duke, according to the Chinese horoscope system. This may make you feel stressed and insecure at time. However, as long as you focus on upgrading yourself, and keep your goal in sight, you will be guided toward career advancement opportunities. Tigers long to make changes, but do remember to practice mutual respect when dealing with colleagues and family this year – they may be dealing with their own difficulties. Consider heading outdoors when you feel restless, as a change in environment can help to calm your mind. This year, pay attention to mood swings and control your emotions. Only then will you be able to manage your life well.

Nippon Paint
Rabbit Horoscope — Your lucky colours are yellow, brown, blue, black

People born in the year of the Rabbit are in luck in 2022. This looks set to be a great year for you! You’ve spent several years working hard and feeling overlooked. But this year you will get the recognition you deserve. According to the Chinese horoscope system, Rabbits have support from several lucky stars this year, so most matters should be in your favour. Continue to work efficiently, and when you meet difficulties, don’t be shy to ask for help – this year benefactors are around to lend you a helping hand. Rabbits are naturally astute, and this year you may find fresh business opportunities in your daily life. So keep your eyes open. You’ll meet lots of new people this year, so do be careful to judge people by what they do, not what they say. They may shower you with pretty gifts, but do they really care? Are they really there when you need them? Judge them by their actions.

Nippon Paint
Dragon Horoscope — Your lucky colours for 2022 are green, white, gold

People born in the year of the Dragon are generally energetic and optimistic, but in 2022 you may feel a bit moody. According to the Chinese horoscope system, you have little support from lucky stars this year, and you may feel unusually listless and indecisive. Everyone has a vulnerable side – even mighty dragons. When you are feeling lost and overwhelmed, seek help from those you trust. For Dragon zodiac signs, 2022 is a good year for further studies. It’s a great time to upskill or even more in a new career direction. Dragons are intelligent, so keep an open mind and don’t be too quick to reject new knowledge. Listening and learning more will provide you with more choices for the new start you deserve.

Nippon Paint
Snake Horoscope — Your lucky colours are yellow, brown, white, and gold

According to the Chinese horoscope Snakes are aided by lucky stars in 2022. Your zodiac sign is basking in the radiance of a glowing luck cycle. Snakes are clever anyway, but this year your mind will be especially sharp. Your clear thinking will open up new ways for you to make money. However, some unlucky stars lie in wait, bringing some worries and confusion. While you may sometimes feel helpless and dejected, something positive usually follows. Remember this natural cycle and you will feel able to overcome all difficulties. This year, you are busy and active, socializing more and rushing around. This can make you more prone to illnesses and accidents. Take care of your health and safety and be careful driving and on the road.

Nippon Paint
Horse horoscope — Your lucky colours are red, orange, yellow, brown

Energising red and lively yellow are great colours for the action-oriented Horse horoscope sign in 2022. Despite a dip in fortune, people born in the year of the Horse should can expect progress in all aspects of life in 2022. According to the Chinese horoscope system you are under the guidance of the lucky stars. Horses in leadership roles should get a boost that promises good career prospects, especially if you can sidestep stumbling blocks. This year, luck and wealth are proportional to your efforts. The harder you work, the richer you will be. Embrace life with positivity and live each day with joy. However, be mindful of your words and actions to avoid being targeted by schemers. Not everyone is as lucky as you in 2022, and some may be jealous.

Nippon Paint
Goat Horoscope — Your lucky colours green, blue, black

Those born in the year of Goat are blessed by lucky stars in 2022, according to the Chinese horoscope system. This year will bring significant improvements in fortune compared to the previous years. Help will arrive from many benefactors, and you may find that most things go according to plan. Tiger years are great for new beginnings, so this can be a great time for you to do what you have always wanted to do – maybe it’s time to learn that new skill? Or take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Goats are tactful and good with words. Your good interpersonal skills help you this year. Friends and colleagues will be willing to help. Take action in order to set things in motion. This year, think before you shop as you may be tempted to spend a little too easily.

Nippon Paint
Monkey Horoscope — Your lucky colours are red, orange, white, gold

If you follow Chinese horoscopes, the not-so-great news is that the Disaster Star is in your way this year. But Monkeys are also aided by lucky stars in 2022 – especially in the career area, So those born in the year of the Monkey may make solid progress towards career goals. Monkey horoscope signs are excellent conversationalists, sociable and witty. So put your social skills to good use. Go out and socialise and develop a robust network of friends and contacts. They will be able to help you move forward in both life and work. Pay attention to your personal finances as you may face some unexpected expenses. And do drive carefully.

Nippon Paint
Rooster Horoscope — Your lucky colours are red and orange

Good news for Roosters in 2022 – this is a very lucky year for you, according to the Chinese horoscope system. Roosters look well starred with good wealth and success prospects for the Year of The Tiger. According to fengshui, you have lucky stars watching over you, and you will be surrounded by benefactors. Roosters are not lazy – you know when to work hard. So the energetic colours of red and orange are idea for you this year! Despite your busy work schedule, do try to maintain a good work-life balance. Don’t worry about troubling others by asking for help when you need it. Learning how to give and take goes a long way. This year, you can look forward to career advancement and harmonious relationships with colleagues and partners.

Nippon Paint
Dog Horoscope — Lucky colours are green, white, and gold

People born in the year of the Dog may have some down days in 2022. According to the Chinese horoscope system that are no lucky stars in sight, which makes you vulnerable to feeling lonely and distracted at times. According to fengshui, the energizing colours of green and yellow can give you a boost in 2022. When it comes to your work or personal plans, it will help you to always have a backup plan. People born under the sign of the Do can sometimes hesitate to say what’s on their mind. They assume everyone will act as honestly as them. This year is a good time to pick up some interpersonal communication skills. Being able to express yourself will help your career prospects, and also help you get along more smoothly with those around you

Nippon Paint
Pig Horoscope — Your lucky colours are green, yellow, and brown

The luxury colours of imperial yellow, shining white and natural brown are excellent colours for luxury-loving Pigs this year. According to the Chinese horoscope system, the Pig zodiac sign is protected by lucky stars in 2022. You’ll face some setbacks, but with the help of friends and benefactors, all the obstacles will melt away and you can go forward. Your hard work, competence and good results will be noticed at work. Pigs are naturally good at communicating, and this year your interpersonal skills will be especially good. You look likely to sail through life and work with many happy tidings. Stay alert and tactful and you can make the best use of this well-starred year.

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