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What is the weak point of Aquarius?

Aquarius Personality

In general, Aquarians have a heart as cold as winter and they are mystics. With a researching spirit, they like the novel and fresh things and are willing to accept new discoveries. Also, they have the good observation, reasoning ability and strong thirst for knowledge; they are objective, calm, good at thinking and particular about science, logic and concept, and have strong values, thus often become philosophers, scientists and human behavior researchers.

The most important characters of Aquarians are innovation and individualism; they tend to have a life attitude of pursuing the unique way of life. However, they are stubborn and sometimes unpredictable, but they pay attention to humanism and are very friendly and privacy-orientated due to the influence of Uranus.

Substantially, Aquarians like loneliness and they have the hidden personality of stubbornness, so they are unlikely to change their views or opinions; on the one hand, however, they extremely hate to argue with others. Sometimes, facing the head-on confrontations with others, they pretend to be fully deaf to many criticisms but act on their own thoughts.

Aquarius people have a changeful personality with mixed indifference and enthusiasm. Sometimes, they are whimsical and humorous, and sometimes as cold as ice, making others feel they are beyond comprehension and difficult to get along with. Due to the contradictory character, however, they have a fuzzy self-cognition and lack of direction, thus very elusive.

When you meet an Aquarian for the first time, you will find it’s easy to communicate with him/her as Aquarians are absolutely the «Social Stars» and the open and bold philanthropists who like to make friends with every kind of people. However, they like fresh and exciting things and tend to give up in the midway, so they change friends frequently and have few intimate friends. It takes a long time to make the bosom friend with the Aquarians; at the very beginning, they have already had a score for you in their hearts under the pleasant appearance. Nevertheless, they are good to friends but have an indifferent and estranged relationship with their family.

Advocating freedom, Aquarians don’t like to be restrained or have their private life stepped in by others.

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They are innovators who can fantasy out or predict the future due to their endless thoughts and sudden intuitions.

Apparently, Aquarius people are honest, silent and diligent, just like the model workers. But be careful, once they tell a lie, people will be hurt more seriously! When they tell a lie, they are poker-faced, making others can’t distinguish the true from the false.

Take delight in digging for the truth
Full of humanitarian spirit
Possess the rational wisdom
Independent and personal style
Extensive interest and creative
Strong curiosity and forward-looking
Advocate freedom and helpful

Overly idealistic
Insist on getting to the bottom of the matter
Overly believe personal judgments
Often change the mind and lack of perseverance
Overly rational and unromantic
Hardly being open to friends
Lack of enthusiasm and individualistic
Overly emphasize the autonomy of life

Aquarius Decans

In Decan sun sign astrology, there are three Decans for each sun sign month with each decan contains a slot of 10 days. Different characteristics and planet are attached to different Decans. Check your decan by your birth date and find out your personality from the following links.

8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

Aquarians are all about showcasing their originality and inventiveness. Yet, they do have some negative personality traits and the ability to outperform others.

Written by Aditi Balsaver | Updated on Oct 28, 2022 | 02:12 PM IST | 2.2M
8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

If you are born in the last week of January or the first few weeks of February, you are born under the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, symbolized by the planet Uranus and the element air. Though often progressive, idealistic, bright, and creative, there are a few negative personality traits of an Aquarius you should be aware of. Sometimes eccentric, and at other times solemn, there are a myriad of traits associated with this air sign. Of course, the Aquarius personality is far more complex than this. Regarding creative endeavors and business solutions, Aquarians are renowned for their ingenuity and willingness to think beyond the box.

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They take great satisfaction in their capacity to recognize novel theories and methods for improving everything, including society. This creativity applies to the inventive minds of Aquarians as well; many are ardent artists who like expressing themselves via activities like writing and painting. Many, if not most, Aquarians are happy to accept the label of being a bit (or a lot) quirky in their personal life. After all, routine is dull! Continue reading to find out what this sign is all about and what their major flaws tend to be.

1. Emotionally Aloof from Their Lovers

Uranus, the planet of invention, gives Aquarius the capacity to think broadly and effect significantly good changes around them. However, they risk neglecting their loved ones if they are too preoccupied with changing society. Additionally, they could grow distant in their love partnerships.

2. Little Respect for Authority

Aquarians might become more disobedient the more they are coerced or ordered to accomplish something. They dislike being given instructions. They resent their superiors because they do not appreciate someone who tries to influence them or their opinion; even for their benefit. This can make it challenging to persuade someone of something.

8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

3. Overly Analytical

Aquarians enjoy doing analysis, but they frequently over-analyze things. This is a result of their profound thinking, which causes them to daydream even when others are speaking to them. Because of this, individuals tend to get side-tracked and try to delve more into the subject at hand. They might not be impacted by this tendency, but those around them might feel disregarded.

4. Unpredictable and Impulsive

Aquarians are tolerant to change and are quite adaptive. They enjoy change, particularly when it is positive. Their passion for exploration makes them often bored, and their propensity to adapt quickly can make them unpredictable at times. People around Aquarians may become irritated by their spontaneity because they never know what they might be up to next.

5. Cruel Wit

The best qualities of an Aquarian include wit and humor. They scarcely even notice that they are naturally sarcastic and their comments might hurt someone. Their sarcasm is enjoyed by those who are used to their nasty humor, but others who aren’t, may take offense. Although the Aquarians have good intentions, their dark sense of humor may sometimes cause harm inadvertently.

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6. Secretive About Their Emotions

Aquarians have strong emotions. However, they would rather keep their emotional side a secret from others. When feeling weak emotionally, individuals could withdraw from others and spend more time by themselves. Those who love them and want to help them could be harmed by their need for solitude.

8 Negative Traits of an Aquarius You Should Be Aware of

7. Not Particularly Dependable

Despite their superficial friendliness, Aquarians have a narrow circle of friends. They are connected to those in who they can confide their sentiments in. They don’t trust people easily and would rather have a limited circle of reliable mates than a big group of pals. At the same time, they aren’t always there for their friends in times of need.

8. Too Proud

Aquarians are self-sufficient and have a strong desire to be independent. They prefer making decisions and trusting their own judgment. But occasionally, they could want assistance and direction to move forward. In such circumstances, they could find it difficult and problematic to ask for assistance as they do not respect other people’s opinions and are too proud.

The Silver Lining

Aquarius is a very cerebral, intelligent sign with a propensity to become lost in contemplation while evaluating something or looking for potential answers to difficulties. They are extremely tolerant of differences in viewpoints because they sense potential in everything and enjoy dissecting it for as long as they can.


Indeed, despite their negative traits, most Aquarians tend to think broadly and are among the best problem solvers. Even if they occasionally tend to become side-tracked by their own opinions, they are often excellent resources to turn to for an objective and thorough response!

Are you curious to know about Aquarius’s Weaknesses?

Aquarians are those who were born between roughly January 20 and February 18, and they want radical change and libertarian liberties.

However, they may occasionally get a touch of self-righteousness because of their passionate desire to reject tradition, so good luck attempting to convince them to change their mind!

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Even while Aquarius zodiac signs have many wonderful traits to offer, understanding some of their major flaws will help you appreciate them more fully.

As the fixed air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius’s strengths lay in their capacity for innovation and the ability to establish long-lasting relationships among individuals to foster a feeling of community.

While this collective-minded objectivism makes them brilliant and imaginative visionaries, it may occasionally isolate them from interpersonal relationships, giving them the appearance of being cold and distant.

However, each sign of the zodiac has its advantages and disadvantages to consider, so even though Aquarius has a reputation for being emotionally cold-hearted, their cosmic traits are neither better nor worse than those of the other signs.

Knowing the positives and negatives of Aquarius can help us better understand ourselves because all 12 signs have important roles in our astrological birth charts.

If you know the main flaws of the Aquarius zodiac sign, you’ll be able to identify them even more. Quirky and outspoken Aquarians are simple to like.

1.They disregard the importance of the past.

The focus of Aquarius’s zodiac energy is on moving forward, letting go of stale customs, and attempting to be more inventive. Additionally, while concentrating on the future is beneficial, it’s also critical to take lessons from the past. Because of their propensity to discount the importance of the past, Aquarius may ignore valuable lessons.

2.They may not always be sentimental

The energy of Aquarius is all about ideas, intelligence, and interpersonal relationships because it is one of the mentally focused air signs. They may quickly take a step back and consider the situation objectively. However, because of their logical outlook on life, they may come across as emotionless or emotionally distant.

3. Occasionally they are ghost

As the sign that controls friendship, Aquarius places a high value on social ties. These independent thinkers, however, need a lot of freedom, so it’s not uncommon for them to periodically stop participating in group chats, take unexpected breaks from using social media, or otherwise appear to vanish from view. Instead of outright ghosting, Aquarians can be considerate in how they express their need for independence.

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4. They Dislike Complying with Rules

Never ones to just do as they are told, Aquarians constantly challenge established norms and fight back against what is seen as “normal” in society. As a result, when individuals are required to follow a set of rules, they may find it difficult to comply and may even try to rebel, even if it is to their disadvantage.

5. They Remain Firm in Their Opinions

While it’s true that Aquarians are eccentric and free-spirited, they are also one of the fixed signs, which means they tend to be extremely dogmatic, rigid, and self-righteous in their beliefs. They enjoy being rebellious, therefore they don’t want to give in or acknowledge when they’re mistaken.

6. They Can Be Ice Queens

These cerebral air signs are always thinking logically and maintaining a distanced viewpoint, so Queen Aquarius’ vibes are always cool, calm, and collected. However, occasionally they might come across as frigid and difficult to approach due to their too-cool-for-school appearance.

7. They Might Become Isolated In Online Echo Chambers

Aquarians are, at their core, humanitarians who care strongly about their communities and the state of the world. As a result, they frequently spend a lot of time reading or scrolling through Twitter. They should be careful not to become trapped in an internet K-hole since watching too much television and reading too many current affairs can make people feel cut off from other people and the outside world.

8. They Often Overthink Things

Aquarius is one of the astrological signs most prone to overthink things as Air signs are notorious for getting carried away with their ideas and thoughts. Aquas are prone to future-tripping when they spend too much time thinking about the future rather than being in the present.

9. It’s Tough To Predict Them

In contemporary astrology, Aquarius is the sign that the wild child Uranus, sometimes known as the planet of abrupt changes, and rules. Aquarians are noted for being unpredictable, full of surprises, and always prepared to shock. Even while they keep others on their toes with their unforeseen turns and emotional swings, they can also come across as volatile or chaotic due to their unpredictability.

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