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What is the weakness of the Abomination?

What is the weakness of the Abomination?

Abomination (Emil Blonsky)
4-Star Rarity
Affiliations: Villains, Mercenaries, Thunderbolts, Gamma Mutates, Enhanced

«Emil Blonsky was changed into the Abomination by the same processes that gave Bruce Banner his powers as The Hulk. However, Blonksy’s transformation left him fully in control of his new super-powered persona, the Abomination, so named by Thunderbolt Ross. Easily able to overpower Banner unless he got truly angry, Abomination saw his new power as a way to achieve goals he could only dream of before.

Often villainous, Blonsky doesn’t much care for hero work, but in being part of the Thunderbolts program, he’s able to stay off various world government’s capture on sight lists. Win/win as far as he’s concerned.»

Abilities listed at level 70/270

Return on Collateral — 8 Green AP
Abomination creates collateral damage, creating new tactical opportunities amongst the rubble. For up to 1 random basic Green tile(s), destroy the surrounding tiles. Destroyed tiles deal 65% of Abomination’s base match damage to the enemy team, but do not gain AP. For each Red, Strike, Attack, or Protect tile destroyed, Abomination gains a Return Point (Up to 8).

(PASSIVE) If Abomination is Downed, at the start of his next turn, he heals 2% health for each Return Point he has, using all Return Points.

  • Level 2: Up to 2 Green tiles are randomly chosen.
  • Level 3: Destroyed tiles deal 70% of match damage. Restores 3% health.
  • Level 4: Up to 3 Green tiles are randomly chosen. Restores 4% health.
  • Level 5: Up to 5 Green tiles are randomly chosen. Destroyed tiles deal 75% of match damage. Restores 6% health.

The Direct Approach — 6 Black AP
Abomination is not stealthy. He prefers bringing the fight straight to the enemy. Deals 143 damage to the target and creates a 2-turn Countdown tile that causes his match damage to also deal 80 damage to all other characters. (Max level 523/291 damage)

What not to do after shoulder surgery?

(PASSIVE) Abomination trusts in his strength and healing to keep going. Each time he takes more than 18% of his max health in damage at once, he gains 1 Return Point(s). Return on Collateral’s Passive is also always unlocked.

  • Level 2: Deal 174 damage. Deal 85 splash damage. Gain Return Points on taking more than 16% damage. (Max level 638/296 damage)
  • Level 3: Deal 239 damage. Create 3-turn Countdown tile. Gain Return Points on taking more than 13% damage. (Max level 873/296 damage)
  • Level 4: Deal 382 damage. Deal 90 splash damage. Gain Return Points on taking more than 10% damage. (Max level 1396/301 damage)
  • Level 5: Deal 572 damage. Deal 100 splash damage. Create 4-turn Countdown tile. Gain Return Points on taking more than 8% damage. (Max level 2092/311 damage)

Gamma Toxins — Purple PASSIVE
(PASSIVE) Abomination exudes toxic gamma radiation, causing weakness in his enemies. Reduces enemy match damage by 10% and enemy ability damage by 6%, reducing **Gamma Mutates’** match damage by an additional 10%. Abomination takes advantage of this weakness, dealing 15% bonus match damage to **Gamma Mutates**.

  • Level 2: Reduce enemy ability damage by 10%. Reduce Gamma Mutates’ match damage by 15%. Increase damage to Gamma Mutates by 20%.
  • Level 3: Reduce enemy match damage by 15%. Reduce enemy ability damage by 12%. Increase damage to Gamma Mutates by 25%.
  • Level 4: Reduce enemy ability damage by 20%. Reduce Gamma Mutates’ match damage by 20%. Increase damage to Gamma Mutates by 35%.
  • Level 5: Reduce enemy match damage by 20%. Reduce enemy ability damage by 30%. Reduce Gamma Mutates’ match damage by 30%. Increase damage to Gamma Mutates by 50%.

Feeder Updates

Release Events

Operation Spider Silk — 12/29 — 1/2
Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Covers and Shards in Progression rewards
Event Tokens in Placement rewards

Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D. — 1/1 — 1/6
Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

What movie has the most swears?

Strange Sights — 1/5 — 1/8
Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Covers and Shards + Vault Token in Progression rewards

Lethal Intent (Gamora GotG) — 12/29 — 1/2
Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Cover and Shards as Placement rewards

Feeling Green (Abomination) — 1/1 — 1/4
Abomination (Emil Blonsky) Covers and Shards + Recruit Token for Shield Offer in Progression rewards

Abomination & Friends Vault — 1/1 — 1/6
80 Item Vault featuring Abomination (Emil Blonsky) and The Hulk (Totally Awesome)

Weakness Debuff: Champions that Apply (or Use Mastery Setup)

Weakness Debuff doesn’t cause any damage to the opponent. It just reduces the attack of the opponent as long as the opponent has it applied.

Such Champions are Very Useful for AQ Map 7’s What’s Yours is Mine Path

About What’s Yours is Mine Node:

Whenever the defender has a weakness Debuff applied to them, a Fury Buff with 60% of the Weakness’ Potency is given to the Attacker for 5 seconds. While the Attacker doesn’t have a Fury Buff from this effect, the Attacker deals 75% less damage to the Defender.

Any Champion can apply Weakness Debuff with Mastery Setup

Unlock the Resonate Mastery Under Defense Tab. Once enabled, all physical hits will have an X% chance to inflict Weakness Debuff. 1 point should be enough.

Weakness Debuff

List of Champions that can apply Weakness Debuff


Special 1 applies weakness.
Special 3 has a chance to apply weakness (chosen 2 random debuffs out of 3)

Note: Heavy attack can refresh weakness, but it’s not effective for What’s Your Is Mine Node. It has to be a fresh weakness to gain fury. So you will have to wait for the first weakness to be off from the opponent and then fire Special 1 again.

Abomination (Immortal)

Inflict stacking weakness on the opponent while block attack (only when Abomination has poison debuff on him – Not on the opponent).

Captain America (Duped) With Science Synergy** (Well-Timed Block)

** You must have a science champion in the team along with Captain America.

What is the strongest wood for framing?

Up to 100% Chance (depends on the amount of signature) to apply weakness debuff on the well-timed block. It will reduce the opponent’s attack by 10% for 10 seconds.

Wasp (Heavy – Chained into Basic)

Use heavy attack while hitting with basic (e.g. 4 Basic hits + Heavy), and it will apply weakness on the opponent for 10 seconds. (Charging heavy while using basic hit stun the opponent, so it is very easy to chain a heavy attack into basic attacks).

Hulk (Immortal)

When Hulk reaches 50% Gamma Radiation, he applies weakness every time a stun debuff expires on the opponent or when the opponent is immune to Stun.


Critical hits have a 29% chance to inflict Weakness for 6 seconds that decreases opponent attack by 35%.

Green Goblin (Special 1)

Special 1 Applies Weakness Debuff (90% chance) on the opponent for 12 seconds.

Thing (Special 1)

Make sure to use Special 1 only when Thing has 20 Rock Stacks and it will apply weakness Debuff for 6 seconds.

Tips: Each parry gives you 5 stacks. 15 Charges never expire unless you use Special when you have more than 15 charges. After you have 15 charges ready and a bar of power, Parry and then use Special 1 to apply weakness.

She-Hulk (Special 3) – Not very useful for Map 7

100% Chance to apply Weakness Debuff after Special 3 attack that lasts 14 seconds.

Symbiote Supreme (Special 2)

If Null’s Shadow is active, Special 2 has a 100% Chance to apply Weakness Debuff reducing opponent attack by 33% for 10 seconds.

Void (Special 2)

Special 2 applies 2 dark stings on the opponent. If an opponent uses a Special attack while Dark Sting is active, these dark sting will be converted to degeneration or Weakness (random).

Yondu (Awaken)

When an opponent is suffering from any debuff and uses a Special attack, weakness debuff will be applied for 5 seconds.

Doctor Strange (Special 2)

50% chance to inflict Weakness debuff for 10 Seconds if Special 2 attack is used while being under Oshtur’s Refuge.

What percentage of sweeps bring on labour?

Joe Fixit – Not Useful for AQ Map 7

While is Spade Mode, each hit has a 14% chance to apply Fatigue or Weakness (Radom)

Spider-Man (classic), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced), or Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) With Mister Negative Synergy

All #Spider-Verse Heroes can apply weakness debuff with heavy for 15 seconds. This can only be done 2 times. However, you should not use any light or medium ending combo before that heavy which makes it not very useful.

Scarlet Witch applies 8 types of debuffs including weakness whenever a critical hit is given or received.
Howard the Duck may also inflict Weakness debuff with Special 2 (applies random types of buffs including weakness, but not it cannot be taken for sure).

Note to Summoners:

I am sure this list is not complete. Please help us identify more champions that can apply weakness debuff (even with synergy). Please type under the comment section.

Forspoken Abomination Guide

Forspoken Abomination Guide header

Once you wrap up Forspoken’s story, that doesn’t mark the end of Frey’s journey. She still has people to help, sights to see, and enemies to slay. And, if you really want to put your skills to the test, there are a number of post-game bosses scattered across Athia. In our Forspoken Abomination Guide, we’ll show you where to find each and the best ways to prepare for these tough encounters.

After completing the main story of Forspoken, a new type of map marker will appear on the map legend. Named as “. ”, these markers indicate where powerful optional bosses known as Abominations can be found. They’re all quite tough, meaning you should bring upgraded gear and at least one max level spell of the right magic type.


Defeating all 4 of the Abominations will unlock the Abominizer achievement/trophy.



Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Amphicynodon.

  • Area: Visoria — South Plateau
  • How to reach: Follow the river up into the mountain — a cave is near the entrance to this Abomination’s lair.
  • Weakness: Sila’s Magic (Fire)
What percentage of affairs start at work?

This boss doesn’t have too many tricks, and is relatively easy to stagger with magic. Once it starts charging up its attack, start running away to avoid the close range blast.



Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Deinosuchus.

  • Area: Avoalet — The Moulderings
  • How to reach: The large cliff to the west of the lair means that you must first travel north up the hill, then back down to reach Deinosuchus.
  • Weakness: Frey’s Magic (Earth)

Most of the arena is water, making it easy to surf quickly between platforms to avoid attacks. However, the arena’s design also means that Frey’s Surge spell will not be able to reach the boss.



Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Gigas.

  • Area: Praenost — Mount Garrison
  • How to reach: Head around the large rock spire at the northwest part of Mount Garrison.
  • Weakness: Olas’s Magic (Lightning)

Gigas makes use of a large fireball attack, so make use of the large rock in the center of the arena to avoid it. It’ll also often follow up this attack with an undodgeable leaping attack, so prepare to sprint away right after.


Map showing the location of the Forspoken Abomination Apsaravis.

  • Area: Junoon — Nowhere
  • How to reach: This one requires a lot of platforming, taking you through the narrow Farcoast Terrace to the west. With the Break kicking in partway through the platforming gauntlet, you’ll need to make use of the cliffside lights to mark the way forward. Toranas can be used to make it across larger gaps as well.
  • Weakness: Prav’s Magic (Water)

This Abomination will not appear until you interact with the small box. As the boss spends its entire time flying, the spell Chain Bolt is the best choice to attack at range. When Apsaravis starts to spit fog-like blobs, stop targeting the boss otherwise it’ll be harder to see where the fog has landed. These damaging areas stay active for a while, dealing significant damage if you stand in them for too long.

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