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What is the word for Wordle April 30?

Wordle Answer for 4/30: April 30, 2022 — #315

We regret to announce that we are ending the coverage of Wordle. Thank you for all the support in reading our coverage of answers, hints, and meanings for Wordle.

This is the answer guide for 4/30’s Wordle #315 on April 30, 2022. Learn the answer to the Wordle game for 4/30!

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April 29, 2022May 1, 2022

List of Contents

  • 4/30’s Answer (April 30, 2022 — #315)
  • Our Thoughts on 4/30’s Answer
  • 4/30’s Answer Meaning
  • Wordle Related Links

4/30’s Answer (April 30, 2022 — #315)

Before You Check.

If you still think you want to try guess the answer yourself, check out the link below: Wordle Hint of the Day — April 30, 2022 — #315

The Answer is.

If you’re not ready to learn this answer, this is your last chance to turn back!

The answer to the Wordle puzzle on April 30, 2022 is larva.

How was it? Let us know how you felt about the word in the comments.

Our Thoughts on 4/30’s Answer

A Tricky, Uncommon Word!

We think that larva is one of those words that wouldn’t necessarily come to mind!

It’s a very uncommon word used only in specific contexts, and thinking of it while doing your daily Wordle might not occur!

Further, it has a repeating letter, which could easily eat up a couple of guesses!

Tell us in the comments if you agree with our assessment of the answer!

4/30’s Answer Meaning

Larva — Immature Form of an Insect

Larva refers to the active immature form of an insect, especially one that differs greatly from the adult and forms the stage between egg and pupa, e.g. a caterpillar or grub.

What makes a womans face look older?

Spring cleaning leads to some disturbing discoveries: I saw that there was an insect larva amidst my book collection!

The insect eggs developed into a larva.

Wordle Related Links

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April 29, 2022May 1, 2022


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  • Wordle Answer for 4/30: April 30, 2022 — #315

Wordle today hint and answer – April 30

If you’re looking for the answer for Wordle today, April 30, or just fancy a clue, we’ve got everything you need to make sure you’re a master.

Wordle today hint answer April 30: A black background with a six row Wordle grid on it, reading VAGUE, HINTS, LU?KY, TODAY, TIMES, STUCK.

Published: Apr 30, 2023

Wordle is still going strong after John Wardle made the title public at the end of 2021. A gift designed for his partner, the game has since become a smash hit shared all over Twitter. But what is the answer to Wordle today?

Well, if you need it, it’s down below. But if you’d rather just have a little Wordle hint to help you on your way, we can assist there too. Whether it’s a good technique to getting the answer, a simple clue for today’s Wordle, or just the answer, we’ve got you covered.

What prevents skin from becoming brittle?

We’ve also got a guide to all the Wordle answers over the last few weeks, so you can check out what has already been done. Beyond that, head below for some super Wordle tips, or check out our games like Wordle guide for more letter-based fun.

How do I work out the Wordle answer?

Here are our top Wordle tips for getting the answer:

  • Pick a starting word with lots of popular letters, such as ‘crane’ or ‘irate’.
  • Focus on vowels and popular letters (A, E, I, O, U, S, R, L, T)
  • Letters highlighted yellow can appear elsewhere – remember this!
  • Remember what words have been in Wordle recently

YouTube Thumbnail

What should I use as my Wordle starting word?

While choosing a word like ‘audio’ may seem like a good idea, given how many vowels are within, it’s not always recommended. How many words end in the letter ‘O’, after all?

So, we’ve defaulted to the classics. Based on a variety of studies, words like ‘CRANE’, ‘SOARE’, ‘IRATE’, and ‘ALTER’ are among the best starters. Experiment! And then find one that fits you.

Wordle clues – April 30

  • Wordle clue to keep things difficult
    • Today’s Wordle is a noun
    • A place to make friends on the Nintendo 3DS
    • The Wordle today begins with a P

    What is the answer to Wordle today, April 30?

    The Wordle answer for April 30 is…

    There you have it, Wordle today, April 30, done and dusted. Hopefully, the clues helped. If not, come back tomorrow for another round, or check out our guide to how to play Wordle for more tips.

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    • The Nintendo Switch has a code-in-a-box problem
    • Roblox anime games might be a ticking timebomb

    Daz Skubich Daz can be found going for full combos in Project SEKAI and Taiko no Tatsujin, or falling off cliffs in Genshin Impact’s Teyvat. They also love all things Pokémon, Splatoon, and Overwatch 2, while also scouting out the best Roblox experiences.

    Wordle April 30, 2023 Answer for 680 – (4/30/23)

    If Wordle 680 on April 30, 2023 gave you some problems, we’ve got the answer for you that will give you closure on the puzzle for the day.

    By Christine Mielke — April 29, 2023, 12:00pm MST

    Featured Wordle Daily Answer Image

    Wordle is a popular word game where people try to figure out how to solve the puzzle each day as there is only one puzzle per day released. While the game is simple enough, it can be as challenge when the word is obscure or just something you aren’t totally familiar with. If you are wondering what the solution is for Wordle 680 then we’ll be providing it for you in this guide!

    Each day Wordle will challenge you with a new puzzle. You get your chance at cracking it by visiting the official Wordle website after midnight local time. This means no matter where you live in the world, you will have a new puzzle waiting for you as soon as it turns 12am!

    If you want to see answers from previous days, you can find them on our Today’s Wordle Answer post!

    Contents show

    Wordle Answer Letter Positions

    If you would rather get some clues towards the puzzle, here are some posts that will give you letters based on their position in the solution:

    • First Two Letters
    • First Three Letters
    • First Four Letters
    • First and Last Letters
    • Middle Letter
    • Two Middle Letters
    • Other Two Middle Letters
    • Three Middle Letters
    • Last Two Letters
    • Last Three Letters
    • Last Four Letters

    Wordle April 30, 2023 Answer

    The answer for Wordle 680 is PLAZA!

    What does plaza mean?

    If you weren’t able to figure this one out then you might be wondering exactly what it means. Well, here’s a look at the definition of PLAZA from

    plaza (noun) a public square, marketplace, or similar open space in a built-up area

    Wordle Tips

    If you’re hoping to get better at Wordle then we’ve got some tips for you that will hopefully have you solving these more easily next time you play!

    Nyt Wordle 001 1 Image

    • Use a good starting word – Try to figure out a few go-to words that you will start your puzzles out with that feature multiple vowels and that do not repeat words you’ve already tried. These are traditionally things like Adieu, Audio, Raise, Atone, and Stone.
    • Watch out for duplicate letters – It’s easy to forget that you might have repeat letters in your puzzle. For example, the word “buzzy” has double “z” in it. This won’t be obvious from the clues given by Wordle. Just because you see a letter is green in a particular spot doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work in another!
    • Search for 5-letter words – If you are feeling stumped then give yourself some additional clues! Do a search for 5-letter words that begin with or contain some of the letters you have found. This will help you find some words you might not know or have forgotten about. You can then hopefully figure out the puzzle from the extra help, which will in turn increase your knowledge for the next one!

    Wordle is a word-guessing game that has become increasingly popular in recent years. The objective of the game is to correctly guess a five-letter word within six attempts. After each guess, the game provides feedback in the form of colored tiles indicating when letters match or occupy the correct position. Green tiles indicate a correct letter in the right position, yellow tiles indicate a correct letter in the wrong position, and gray tiles indicate an incorrect letter.

    Wordle was created by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle as a game to play with his partner. The game became publicly available in October 2021, and quickly gained popularity after Wardle added the ability for players to copy their daily results as emoji squares. The game has since spawned numerous clones and variations, as well as versions in languages besides English.

    Nyt Wordle 0012 1 Image

    In January 2022, The New York Times Company purchased Wordle for an undisclosed seven-figure sum, with plans to keep it free for all players. The game was moved to the company’s website in February 2022. According to data collected by The New York Times, the most common first guesses in Wordle are “adieu”, “audio”, “stare”, “raise”, and “arise”.

    That’s everything you need to know about the answer for today’s Wordle. If you want to find more content on the game, you can check out the Wordle section of our website.

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