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What is V favorite song?

“Winter Bear” by V (BTS)

“Winter Bear” starts off with BTS’ V arguably addressing a romantic interest. But as the track progresses, the lyrics become increasingly symbolic and thus more challenging to decipher.

As many of us know, bears hibernate in the winter. They sleep for an extended period of time. And in this song, V is also observing the addressee and comments that this individual, ‘sleeps so happily’, which reminds him of a “winter bear”. And the way he uses this metaphor in the song’s singular verse can also be interpreted as being directed towards a lover.

However, in the pre-chorus the song gets heavily-metaphorical. And the prevailing theory seems to be that the “winter bear” is actually the vocalist’s grandmother, with this song being intended to commemorate the third anniversary of her passing. FYI, V was actually raised by his paternal grandma, who left the mortal plane on 4 September 2016. And fandom has more or less concluded that this track is dedicated to her. And the sentiment he is expressing is basically that he misses her and more specifically wishes that she rest in peace.

Thus we can conclude that “Winter Bear” is actually a bereavement song. But at the same time if a listener is not privy to V’s personal history, they can also logically conclude that he is actually addressing a current lover or perhaps friend.

Lyrics of

Facts about “Winter Bear”

  • Music producer Adora produced “Winter Bear” along with fellow producer Hiss Noise. They also co-wrote the song along with V and his fellow BTS band member, RM.
  • “Winter Bear” was officially released worldwide on 10 August 2019. It was a surprise drop which BTS first alerted fans about during that same day via Twitter. And being that BTS has one of the most-loyal fanbases of any pop act in the world, the song instantly went viral, which included its music video garnering in excess of five-million views in just one day.
  • V also directed the music video to the song. It features footage captured in popular cities ranging from London to Paris to New York from one of BTS’ biggest world tours.
  • While “Winter Bear” is not V’s first solo track, it is the first which he wrote entirely in the English language.
  • V is a native of South Korea and more popularly known as part of the seven-member boy band BTS.

22 Responses

acapellaluv says:

It’s a beautiful song,glad RM & Arora, etc helped him write this.. if it’s for his grandma, hope it gives him much peace..if it’s for a dear friend or loved one, they will keep the song close to them & for Jimin, who gave his bff the 2 bear statues v used on the cover art, it was even more special…?

Jimin_Jover01 says:

i love that song very much its very emotional and a very calming song i enjoyed it and i hope many others did as well. Rest in peace Taehyungs grandma.

Maanya Gujral says:
Your comment is very nice
Oh and I always had lovely parrots my whole. life Cheryl thomas says:

Winter beer is the most lovely song I’ve heard I’m 71 years old my hair is white I still smile but somehow I feel like a winter wear because the end is not so far away what a beautiful beautiful song it brought life back to me there’s a movie I would hate to see it’s called LadyhawkWinter bear is the most lovely song I’ve heard I’m 71 years old my hair is white I still smile but somehow I feel like I wonder where because the end isn’t so far away what a beautiful beautiful song it brought life back to me there’s a movie I would hate to see it’s called Ladyhawk Oh and I always had lovely parrots my entire life

Cheryl says:
That should read a movie I’d love you to see you put hate that’s not right
Natasha says:

I don’t think it’s about his grandmother since there are other reasons the song was released this day and also the lyrics are all in English and the music video is set mainly in London, on tour, but whoever it is for, they’re the luckiest person

Abi says:

I think Winter Bear is about someone he lost, and maybe it is about his grandmother specifically, but I don’t want to assume that. In the first verse it says “She looks like a blue parrot”. Since blue parrots were a type of parrot that was really rare but went extinct a few years ago, I think this means that she was special, but now she is gone. Also, of course winter bear symbolizes something similar since bears hibernate in the winter and both sleep and the winter season symbolize death. I think by wishing her ‘goodnight’ he is saying rest in peace. I also think the part where he sang ‘Imagine your face Say hello to me, Then all the bad days, They’re nothing to me With you’ is talking about him meeting her in Heaven. I especially think this because when he told us about his grandmother’s death on stage, he said that he thinks she is in Heaven supporting them. I could be totally wrong about this, and the deep metaphors could all be coincidental and meant something else entirely, but this is what I think it means in my opinion. I love this song so much and even though it makes me cry, it fills me with so much hope. I hope you all have a good day today.

Madison says:

This song is beautiful I’m a massive army and I support taehyung and the rest of the boys allot. This song brings tears to my eyes everytime I listen to it but I also love listening to it because it brings back happy memories ect

Anjali says:
Two days left in anniversary of winter bear.
Nihal says:

Winter bear is a very emotional song. It always makes me cry. It’s my favourite. song. I think he wrote this song by addressing his grandma?. We purple. you taehyung. Lots of love from ??India. I wish his grandma rests in peace like a winter bear. Love you v. BTS ARMY FOREVER. ?✌

Taetaetae says:

I cant assume anything. I just enjoyed a lot and this song heal me so much. It is for the luckiest one. “Imagine your face say hello to me, then all the bad days they’re nothing to me” it was heal me so so so much. That was deep.

Mortimer Crenshaw says:

I have this friend who I like less nowadays but that’s only because he had to move in with meat the start of the pandemic and we drafted an actual 1-year lease so he could have a spot to temporarily call his own and not be homeless and also I can be flexible if he he needs more time to pay his rent. But stopped paying on time after six months and stopped paying after 7 but it’s not about the money. Lol my fiance calls him winter bear in secret with me and its so funny because he is so lazy, sloppy, arrogant, self centered and abrasive. But he’s the winter bear because he just does so little with the 400lbs he has that it’s comical at this point. His daily routine is to wake up around 2 or 3 in the afteroon, literally drink about 5 to 6 cans of mountain dew, play Xbox and peruse facebook for 8 hours straight, smoke at least one pack of cigarettes, listen to the song “love yourself” by Justin Bieber in the restroom once or twice, leaves messes without cleaning them up, “forgets” to flush the toilet practically every time he used the head, and flouts all the littles boundaries or rules we all try to communicate to each other to maintain a semblance of social harmony that every house has. We just call him winter bear because he is just this extremely large, self-absorbed gluttonous sloth that takes advantage of his friends hospitality leaving a vast amount of empty soda cans, full ashtrays, bags of fast food wrappers, and dirty dishes in his wake. Neither of us listen to BTS, let alone know much about them other than they are massively popular. He is just winter bear because we don’t want to use his real name when we make jokes about him in private to cope through his hijacking of our tiny house with laughter instead of tears.

Anonymous says:
Its like a lullaby for me
so soothing to the ears
✨Smiley✨?? says:

When I first heard this song, I thought it was a cute song about a “Winter Bear” who seems to be like a cuddly pillow that you can wrap your arms around it, to never let it go. I thought it was an emotional time for “V” missing his grandmother. I didn’t know that he was raised by his paternal grandmother, more so now that the love he shared with her was special. No one knows what it’s like losing someone special to you, everyone’s grieving are different. In my opinion, this song has a beautiful meaning to it, lost of a loved one specialized a unique affection with each other. In the moment, the winter bear symbolizes the passing of his paternal grandmother who he has longed for and the separation that he’s feeing is accepting the loss of her and that his gramma is peacefully resting in peace and that he’ll be all right with his life changes. As for the “blue parrot come fly to me” to me that symbolizes a lover or a friend that he has found and he’s trying to reach out to that special person who he became infatuated with. Apparently, that person may have caught his heart ♥️ . I’d like to think so, that’s my opinion in this song. Very cute and very exceptional✨

Cassandra Crawford says:

This song is very calming like a lullaby and not just from his soft voice as he sings it.
It’s reminiscent of a song called ?Greensleeves? that I heard for the first time while watching the 1993 version of “The Secret Garden” starring Dame Maggie Smith in the kitchen scene as dough was being rolled out by the cook.
It’s an old English song from the 16th century and if listened to as only instrumental has the effect of a lullaby. I’ve often listened to it when I’m having trouble sleeping.

Winter Baby bear says:

I was doing research about songs and when I came across this I started crying because after V’s paternal grandmother passed away, it was only a few months after that,my paternal grandmother whom I adored heavily passed away, she was my favorite person and her death was a shock, and this song reminds me of the fond young memories I have of her and since she lives in a different country, I wasn’t able to see her before she passed. This song reminds me of her and its really sad but its also amazing

What is V favorite song?

Songs recommended by V

V has a wide taste in music and this BTS idol even recommends the best songs for ARMY

January 18, 2023, 18:05 hs

ARMY can put together their own playlist with Taehyung’s musical recommendations, what are the favorite songs of this BTS idol?

BTS is a K-Pop group that is made up of really talented and extremely bright artists. Among them we find Kim Taehyung who has worked as a vocalist and dancer for her idol grou’. He has given a special touch to each Bangtan track with his characteristic and truly unique voice.

But V has not only conquered us with his work on Bangtan Sonyeondan songs, as this idol has also demonstrated his brilliant voice in covers, songs and OSTs as a soloist that ARMY loves without limits. He is passionate about music, it is notable that Tae loves to make his art, although he does not only enjoy recording in the studio.

Well, Taehyung is also quite a musical enthusiast, this Bangtan idol also loves listening to many songs and enjoys a great infinity of artists that he always has on his playlist and that he cannot stop listening to. This is why V has released covers but also has good music recommendations.

So here we have for you some songs recommended by Taehyung, this idol has given the BTS fandom great songs to add to their playlist.

10 Songs that Taehyung from BTS recommends for ARMY

1. Life As A Fish by N.E.R.D.

N.E.R.D. is a rap group to which Pharrell Williams belonged and it seems that V is a fan of this one since he has recommended the song ‘Life As A Fish’ of this one.

2. Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars

I think we all love Bruno Mars and Tae couldn’t just not recommend him, especially his great song ‘Versace On The Floor’ which is a great classic by this artist.

3. Flesh Without Blood by Grimes

Another song that V has recommended to his fans is ‘Flesh Without Blood’, this is a track by the talented Grimes that we really love to hear.

4. Make You Feel My Love by Adele

We know that Adele is an extremely talented and dedicated singer, her songs have conquered the world including Taehyung as he recommends her song ‘Make You Feel My Love’.

5. A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay

Even before BTS collaborated with Coldplay, this was one of the favorite bands of the members of the K-Pop group and this is why Tae recommends ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’.

6. Wild Flower by Park Hyo Shin

Korean music is not lacking in Taehyung’s playlist and that is why he has also recommended ‘Wild Flower’, a song by Park Hyo Shin.

7. 17 by Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ is a very popular artist and several idols have confessed to their fans, one of them is V who recommended his song ‘17‘, have you enjoyed this track too?

8. Sober by Demi Lovato

Now we have Demi Lovato here since Taehyung also enjoys this singer’s music, especially the song ‘Sober’ since it is the one he has recommended.

9. New Face by PSY

We know that PSY is one of the most popular Korean singers in the world but he doesn’t only have ‘Gangnam Style’ in his discography and this is why Tae loves his song ‘New Face‘.

10. One Call Away by Charlie Puth

Last but not least we have Charlie Puth who Tae also enjoys, he recommended the song ‘One Call Away’ by this artist.

Keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop idols, here we have some fun facts about Aespa’s Giselle.

What is V favorite song?

John Benjamin Hickey and Sarah Paulson

My Favorite Song: Sarah Paulson fan-girls over Stevie Nicks and reveals her guilty pleasure

John Benjamin Hickey and Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson has appeared in every season of American Horror Story and is generating early Emmy buzz for her portrayal of prosecutor Marcia Clark in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. But the actress admits she’s most grateful to creator Ryan Murphy for a moment that left her starstruck: when Stevie Nicks guested as a witchy version of herself on season 4, Coven.

“I got to meet her, and then at Madison Square Garden at this concert she said my name on stage. She was like, ‘We have the Supreme here.’ My phone blew up,” she said on this week’s episode of My Favorite Song with John Benjamin Hickey. “It’s so surreal.”

Nicks, 67, even wrote Paulson, 41, a letter, which she paid to get framed (after getting a nacho cheese grease stain professionally removed). So it’s no surprise that the Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter earned two spots on Paulson’s list of favorite songs.

Listen to the full episode on demand here, and check out Paulson’s picks below. My Favorite Song airs on Radio Andy (Ch. 102).

Rock & roll: What Is & What Should Never Be by Led Zepplin

Love: Polaroids by Shawn Colvin

Happy: Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin

City: Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

Guilty pleasure: Against All Odds by Phil Collins

Live performance: Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac

Duet: Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

High school: Sweet Thing by Mary J. Blige

Dance: Dancing on My Own by Robyn

Show tune: Being Alive by Patti LuPone

Disco: Don’t Leave Me This Way by Thelma Houston

Sexy: I Wanna Be Your Lover by Prince

Movie: Up Where We Belong from An Officer and a Gentleman

Singer-songwriter: Human Nature by Michael Jackson

Country: Tell Me Why by Wynonna Judd

Favorite song of all time: Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

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