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What jewelry to wear everyday?

5 Essential Timeless Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Jewelry has always been a staple in many women’s wardrobes. Think of an everyday jewelry collection is like having a basic wardrobe. You can always build on top of your essential pieces to create a variety of different looks.

Classic pieces of jewelry never go out of style and always look sophisticated. That’s why we create modern but classic jewelry that will last a lifetime, and here we selected the best everyday fine jewelry you can start adding to your collection.

When you are just starting out building your jewelry collection, make sure that it’s made with solid 14k or 18k gold. Solid gold jewelry will not tarnish, and you don’t have to worry about taking it off every time you shower, wash your hands or swim in a pool. It’s the best for long-term wear, and it keeps its shine.

So let’s talk about what type of jewelry is the best for everyday wear and that timeless look. A classic everyday gold jewelry collection should suit a variety of occasions and clothing options. You can wear it with jeans and a white t-shirt when lounging around the house, on a romantic date or at the office.


Diamond Stud Earrings - Yarema Jewelry

Stud earrings or classic diamond earrings with an English lock can be the most suitable option. Choose options with clear stones such as diamonds or pearls for a more traditional look. Small, elegant jewelry is ideal for you every day and for going out. You can never go wrong with simple but beautiful diamond studs.

Small gold hoop earrings have also made the list of the best everyday jewelry. You can wear them with a blazer and jeans for a more relaxed vibe. Or wear them with dresses and your hair pulled back for a more classic look.

These diamond hoop earrings are a better match for someone who wants to make a bold statement. Choose a pair that will best match your personal style.

Gold Chain Necklace

Essentials Timeless Jewelry - Gold Necklaces

Depending on which precious metal you like more, you need to have at least one necklace option, which will become the basis for various combinations. Invest in a solid gold chain or a diamond pendant for everyday wear. You can always layer some trendy pieces on top of it.

When it comes to essential timeless everyday jewelry, necklaces are probably the easier ones to choose from. There are so many options out there. Pick the one that suits your style the most and helps you express who you are and your personality.

Gold Stacking Rings

Essentials Timeless Jewelry - Gold Diamond Rings

Undoubtedly, at least one ring should be in every woman’s jewelry collection. A universal option is a thin gold ring with a diamond or other precious stones that will add a little sparkle to your hands. It’s one of those classic jewelry pieces that every woman should own. Once you add more than one stacking ring to your collection, you can mix them up daily, depending on how you feel that day.

The Dome ring is a perfect choice if you are going for a more modern but timeless look. Its slick design is perfect for everyday wear and will become a piece of essential jewelry in your collection.

Statement Ring

The ideal option is to have two rings: a minimalistic one for every day and a statement ring for going out. When choosing a statement ring, pick the most attractive option for yourself. Something that speaks to your personality the most. Rings of unusual design with large stones are appropriate here.


Essentials Timeless Jewelry - Gold Bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is definitely something that should be in every woman’s jewelry collection. Some women later pass their bracelets to their kids or grandkids.

But we understand that not everyone wants to or can invest in a tennis bracelet. In this case, we recommend a classic solid gold chain bracelet. Like a necklace, it can become your base for layering all the future bracelets and creating beautiful stacks.

In the end, no matter where you are on your journey of building a timeless jewelry collection, choose pieces that speak to you the most and suit your style. Celebrate your small and big achievements by adding a new piece to your collection. This way when you wear them, it will be a reminder of how far you have come.

So make sure every piece in your collection means something to you. It will make it wearing it even more special.

12 Fine Jewelry Designs, Perfect for an Everyday Work Wear

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

What woman doesn’t like to showcase her precious jewelry collection to the world? We jump at the first opportunity we get to exhibit our favorite pieces we have collected over the years. Don’t we?

However, things turn a little foggy when it’s about going to work. You have to be extra cautious because what you wear to work is a big part of how you and your competencies are estimated. The jewelry plays a dominating role in shaping your personality, and we can’t afford to make a wrong move there.

After all, you are professionals; you’re making all the vital business decisions. You got to know which necklaces to slip into at 8:00 hours and which anklet to ditch after a fun girls’ night out.

Fine Jewelry Designs

While picking jewelry for work, remember.

Coordinating your jewelry with your «outfit of the day» well in advance pays off. Not all the striking jewelry pieces in your collection elevate every ensemble in your wardrobe. Plan the right ones together.

A lustrous silver-hued necklace, a magnificent but dainty pendant, and a pair of regal studs complement casual business attire much better than the rest; keep them aside for Fridays. Formal corporate garb like pantsuits, pencil skirts, and button-down shirts can be styled with chunkier bangles, hoop earrings, tiered rings, or layered necklaces in metallic shades of yellow and rose gold. Statement pieces infuse you with gallops of confidence and enthrall the onlooker to concede to your disposition. Save them for the special days at work.

Mistakes you don’t want to make with your work accessories.

Going overboard with your jewelry is a bad idea; you don’t want to reveal your whole treasury in one go.

Wearing heavy earrings with heavy neckpieces is the worse business decision ever. You want the focus to be either on your ears on your neck. Not both at once. Your accessories must not overpower your individuality. You are wearing the jewelry; it’s not the other way round. Auxiliary jewelry pieces mar the appeal of a statement piece. If you pick a statement bangle or earring, lose every other jewelry piece you have on you that day.

One can never go wrong with a necklace….

A winner in every right, a necklace has a timeless appeal that will never go out of style. We scoured through our enormous collection and picked these captivating necklaces to accompany you through the workweek. Slip in a gold medallion pendant featuring a starburst of 0.09ct diamonds glowing at its core to highlight your look. Open the week in an ivory shirt paired with coffee-colored bottoms and this statement pendant.

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Cut through the dullness of mid-week with the brilliance of the 14k white gold necklace. Bedizened with scintillating diamonds set in marquise bars, this necklace will wow your colleagues with its conquering radiance.

The Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace with Diamond Cut Texture in leaf shape is the ultimate show-stopper. Style it effortlessly with your Friday casuals and bring a hectic week to its much-awaited closure.

Gold bangles for the lady who is hands on….

A stunning bracelet is a one-man-army in the jewelry universe. Apart from stringing the outfit together, it empowers the entire look, which is paramount in the highly-competitive professional setup. A contemporary but boisterous gold bracelet comes to your rescue when preparing for a special presentation, a crucial client meeting, or a facing new challenge at work. A luxurious bangle with beaded panels on both sides, the 14K Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet dotted with diamond clusters and spiking gold pyramid connectors tops our list of work-appropriate stunners. The elaborate detailing of its designs will undoubtedly elevate your style quotient; you may, however, risk having your audience’s attention distracted by the charismatic charm around your cuff.

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

We recommend the Yellow Gold Open Leaf Cuff Bracelet for a more moderate look. Wrapped in simplicity but not bereft of oozing sophistication, the bracelet resembles a cluster of moringa leaves dipped in molten gold. The sleek brilliance of this contemporary bangle is what makes it a precise and proper everyday accessory at work.

The boss woman in charge of the crew may be raring an edgier and sturdier bangle for her imperious wrist. The White Gold bracelet enhanced with twisted rope ovals brought together with diamond clamps is created especially for her likes. The bling of the radiant diamonds not only shatters the 9-to-5 monotony but adds strength to her decisions and command in her pulse.

Earrings to energize every day at the work bay.

It is universally accepted that any outfit, including the mundane business regalia, can be accentuated to the next level by adding a resplendent pair of earrings. The very Monday-appropriate classic diamond studs set in white gold emit an unparalleled radiance that needs no other jewelry to hoist it. It is also a humble piece of jewelry for everyday wear that harmoniously blends in when teamed with a matching diamond pendant.

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

But we assert switching up your earrings regularly to keep the business looking interesting. The leafy gold hoops with diamond huggies serve as a great mid-week accessory and make a statement with Victorian blouses with puff sleeves.

The dual-hoop earrings boasting a blooming diamond huggie suspended from a beaded gold ring are fun pieces that can jazz up the otherwise mundane formal look during the Happy Hours out of the office.

Rings to display your leadership and style….

Our luxurious statement rings are perfect for indulging yourself after burning the midnight oil for months; just the kind of pampering your pretty fingers deserve. Whether they tip-toe the keyboard or are occupied behind mountains of files, reward your fingers extravagantly before signing on the dream deals. Whether you pick the 14K yellow gold ring flaunting a chain-link, securing a diamond station in the midpoint, or settle for the bewitching white gold bypass ring bejeweled with sparkling diamonds – you will draw all eyes to you.

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Fine Jewelry Designs for Work
Fine Jewelry Designs for Work

Or, go bolder. Bring the office to a standstill by flashing the stack ring complete with streams of opulent diamonds, an elaborately beaded gold band, and a lambent diamond-encrusted chain link. This majestic ring is a high-fashion piece of jewelry crafted especially for the chosen rockstar.

You need to create an identity and shine in its aura at the workplace. Use your jewelry to assemble this aura for you. Pick a necklace, a bangle, or a pair of earrings that instantly speaks to you and resonates with your true personality, even if it’s not in trend. Building a personalized style always outshines chasing a temporary trend of fast fashion.

9 Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands For Everyday Wear


When it comes to jewelry, we find that choosing minimalist pieces is worth the investment. As fashion trends change rapidly (hello, fast fashion), fine jewelry evokes a sense of eternal style; simplicity is always in.

These brands craft the very best in fine jewelry while also adhering to sustainable standards, and they all focus on ethical production and using recycled and upcycled materials. So what are you waiting for? Add some everyday sparkle with one of these sustainable and stylish fine jewelry pieces.

Looking for the perfect *special occasion* piece? Here are our favorite conflict-free and fair trade engagement rings.

Best Overall — Mejuri
Most Affordable — Nisolo
Most Minimalist — Catbird

1. Mejuri

Best For | Everyday fine jewelry
Ethics | Recycled & responsibly sourced metals, recycling program, gives back to BIPOC women
Price Range | $10—$4,400

Gift a loved one—or yourself—one of Mejuri’s fine jewelry essentials. This team-wide favorite (read our Mejuri review!) ethically sources its gold, diamonds, and stones, and offers extended 60 day returns and warranties on most pieces. This is our go-to for milestone gifts or just to round out our daily collection.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

2. Bario Neal

Best For | Recycled metals & custom pieces
Ethics | Fairmined Certified gold; sustainable & traceable materials, eco-friendly packaging, ethical production in USA
Price Range | $90—$25,000+ (custom)

For thoughtful sourcing and style, you can’t beat Bario Neal. The women-owned handmade jeweler is an industry leader when it comes to ethics: its metals are recycled, its stones traceable from mine to market, and its gold Fairmined certified. From textured bands and hammered bracelets to enamel ear studs and pendant necklaces, you can expect peak quality and consideration. A maker of engagement and wedding rings too, the jeweler is a longtime supporter of LGBTQIA rights and worldwide marriage equality. (They also offer custom services, from personalizations to reusing heirloom materials.) Love is love is love—read more about how much we love Bario Neal here!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

The Good Trade Partner

3. Nisolo

Best For | Affordable brass jewelry
Ethics | Certified B Corp, Climate Neutral Certified, artisan-made, living wages, ethical production, upcycled brass
Price Range | $20—$35

Nisolo’s jewelry is both modern and minimalist, yet its curves and shapes are sure to stand out. This certified B Corp ensures that all pieces are ethically made, and makers enjoy living wages and fair working conditions. (And everything here is carbon-neutral, too!) If you are looking for a go-to minimalist jewelry source that won’t break the bank, this is it: Nisolo is the perfect place to shop for minimal jewelry like ethical hoops, links, cuffs, bangles and more!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

4. Boden

Best For | Pops of color
Ethics | Member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, gives back, sustainable practices
Price Range | $38—$90

Boden’s jewelry will leave you dazzled. This UK sustainable brand uses responsibly sourced materials for its apparel and jewelry collections, including metal, glass, and gold. Their statement earrings will steal the show wherever you go, and their playful necklaces will add just the pop of color you need. Boden ships worldwide.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

5. Automic Gold

Best For | Reclaimed gold and ethically-mined stones
Ethics | Ethically sourced stones, reclaimed gold, size-inclusive, handmade in NYC, recyclable packaging
Price Range | $49—$3,300

Automic Gold is raising the (gold) bar when it comes to sustainability, inclusivity, and identity, and is the source for minimalist gold jewelry. This queer-owned studio works with only 100 percent reclaimed solid gold and ethically mined gemstones for everyday accessories for all genders and sizes—ranging from size 2 to 16 in rings. Versatile pieces that are showstoppers on their own but layered together add flair to any look. We love their nose ring line, too!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

6. Catbird

Best For | Stackable rings
Ethics | Sustainably sourced & recycled metals, artisan-made, gives back via Catbird Giving Fund
Price Range | $14—$12,500

Catbird works with dozens of artisans in-house and independent designers like Erica Weiner, Wwake, and Kataoka, and all materials are ethically sourced and conflict-free. At least one percent of sales are donated each year, chosen entirely by employees—with over $1,000,000 donated and counting. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist necklace or dainty jewelry, you’re sure to find something to love. We’ve found some of our favorite pieces to put on (and never take off!) at Catbird.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

7. Nyrelle

Best For | Parent and child or best friend sets
Ethics | Traceable natural gems, KP-certified conflict-free diamonds, buyback program
Price Range | $10—$1,600

Nyrelle’s mission is to create 100 percent traceable fine jewelry, including natural gems, certified conflict-free diamonds, and fair trade and recycled gold. (To help make that possible, Nyrelle has a lifetime buyback guarantee where they’ll buy your piece back for 20 percent of the purchase price and recycle your piece into something new!) We love this conscious fine jewelry brand’s capsule collections, engravable pieces, and sets for parents and kids or best friends to share.

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

8. Linjer

Best For | Affordable gemstones
Ethics | Ethically sourced stones, recycled gold, eco-friendly packaging, carbon-neutral shipping, ethically made
Price Range | $20—$1,095

Fine gold rings with pearls? Luxury eco-conscious diamond necklaces? Linjer has it all—and at affordable prices. This sustainable brand ethically and responsibly sources its materials and offsets carbon emissions from every order. Team favorites include their gold vermeil and white topaz rings, pearl hug earrings, and the collection of Zodiac Charm Necklaces. If you’re on the hunt for delicate jewelry brands that create dainty rings with ethical gemstones look no further!

minimalist jewelry minimalist jewelry

9. Fenna&Fei

Best For | Acetate jewelry and accessories
Ethics | Women-owned, biodegradable materials, zero-waste packaging
Price Range | $10—$42

Acetate jewelry and hair accessories are back in—think tortoiseshell clips and color-blocked earrings. But not all acetate jewelry is sustainable. Fenna&Fei however uses eco-friendly plant cellulose acetate instead, with nature-inspired colors. Millennials and Gen Z (and beyond!) are sure to love these colorful, conscious looks to add a glowy wash of color and geometry to their daily looks.

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