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What job is best for girl?

Top 8 Career Choices For Women

Professionals who work in one of the top careers for women

Whether you’re a college student trying to figure out where your true calling lies, an experienced professional getting back to work, or someone just looking for a career in another field, you need to make your choice carefully. With women making considerable strides in fields that were previously male-dominated, the lines of career limitations have blurred.

There are more career choices available to women now than ever before. A woman plays many roles—sister, daughter, friend, wife, mother, confidante, breadwinner, and so on. You, being a multitasking woman, need to find a career that not only pays you well, but allows you to be a career woman without having to compromise on any of these roles.

If you think this is impossible, think again!

Lots of women have found careers that balance beautifully with their family life. So, now that you know it isn’t unthinkable to achieve work-life balance, how about making it happen for yourself?

With a plethora of options, you may have a tough time deciding which career would be most suitable for you. Of course, no two women are the same and neither are their choices. But some careers provide women with the best opportunity to achieve both career success and work-life balance.

Here are the top eight career choices for women:

What careers are women happiest in?

The careers women are happiest in are entrepreneurship, IT, medicine, teaching, human resources, psychology, interior design, and media—due to career opportunities, average salary, and overall career satisfaction.

What careers do women make the most money in?

According to this article from College Consensus, these are the most popular highest-paying careers for women and their average salaries:

  1. Veterinarian ($103,220)
  2. Physician and Surgeon ($97,656)
  3. Pharmacist ($97,604)
  4. Physicians Assistant ($91,676)
  5. Nurse Practitioner ($91,156)
  6. Human Resources Manager ($79,976)
  7. Management Analyst ($78,884)
  8. Psychologist ($74,932)
  9. Occupational Therapist ($74,932)
  10. Public Relations and Fundraising Manager ($72,748)

1. Entrepreneurship

Woman entrepreneur working at her own restaurant

For women who want a chance to do what they really love doing, who have always dreamed of starting their own business, entrepreneurship could be the perfect career.

Wouldn’t it be great to work from a place of your choice and at your own time? This would give you the flexibility to allocate time to your business and family as needed.

This is also one of the biggest challenges you will ever take up in your life as every decision will rest on your shoulders. Your employees would depend on you for their livelihood. Hence, this is also a great way to contribute to society.

Being an entrepreneur lets you be in charge because it is you who runs the show. Instead of putting in efforts to generate profits for other companies, why not channel those efforts towards creating greater profits for yourself?

2. IT

Woman working in IT

With IT companies starting up and mushrooming rapidly, it’s little wonder that this field has become so popular among women.

Young women can take up a career in the IT sector after earning a certificate or bachelor’s degree in an applicable field, like computer science, informational technology, and cyber security. There are also many programs available to women of all ages who want to learn how to code—one of the most useful and in-demand skills in today’s job market.

The ease and excitement of working on the internet, designing software and apps, implementing IT solutions for businesses, security, gaming, smartphones, etc. could be a huge draw. This is another field where you can make a difference as well as earn good money.

3. Medicine

Woman doctor smiles at her desk

Whether you choose to be a pharmacist, a surgeon, or a nurse, a career in the medical field provides women with the ability to achieve career success and wealth. Plus, there’s good job security.

As a qualified professional, you will always be in high demand, and once you’ve gained significant work experience, there’s going to be no looking back.

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4. Teaching

Woman teaches her students

Teaching has always been considered one of the most women-friendly careers as it allows women to spend sufficient time with their families, de-stress, go on vacations, and balance home and work. It’s also one of the most rewarding and important careers anyone can choose to pursue.

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The best part of being in the teaching field is that recession or no recession, your skills will always be sought after.

5. Human Resources

Woman in HR talks to a potential employee

This field is perfect for women who have a penchant for working in the corporate world and interacting with people to solve organizational issues.

The job involves shortlisting and interviewing candidates, hiring and training them, setting their pay, benefits, and perks, designing appraisal systems, formulating policies and leave structures, looking after employee welfare, and settling disputes.

Every large organization needs qualified and experienced HR personnel and they are paid quite well, too.

6. Psychology

Woman therapist talks to a group of people

No one solves problems like a woman does.

Given the fact that most women are good observers, empathetic listeners, and great communicators (all soft skills employers want in employees), they’re sure to excel as psychologists or therapists.

A career in this field allows you to help those struggling to overcome many different personal and family problems. With substantial work experience, you can stand to make a lot of money and even charge on an hourly basis.

7. Interior Design

Woman chooses interior design as a career

You’ve probably put in a lot of thought and effort into designing your home and making it look stunning. From selecting the perfect hangers for the closet to picking out the most exquisite lampshade, you know what it takes to make a home beautiful.

Now, how about extending this talent a little further and helping others make their home look gorgeous, too? A career in interior design is a great option for women who are creative, organized, and detail-oriented—who don’t want a boring office job.

As you develop your career as an interior designer, you also gain the flexibility to pick your clients and appointments and get paid immensely well.

8. Media

Woman chooses a career in media

For women who are creative, good at communication, and love research, media is the place to be.

All companies nowadays have (or should have) social media accounts that need managing, in addition to their primary marketing and PR departments, so this field is only growing.

Writing, advertising, public relations, journalism, photography—there are many choices available for women who want to pursue a career in media.

Women today can achieve it all, from financial independence to a family, and from a progressive career to a great personal and social life. And, why not? Your decisions have the potential to give you all that you desire.

So, make sure you decide well!

If you’re a woman struggling to find the right career for you, we can help.

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High-Paying Careers for Women

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

Updated on April 1, 2022

Woman in front of computers

The gender pay gap persists, although there’s been some progress. According to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women now earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men—20 cents more than in 1979, the first year for which figures were available. But not all jobs offer the same opportunities for working women.

Although the discussion of the gender pay gap tends to focus on how women earn compared to men, there are also discrepancies between the earnings of women in different careers. Some occupations offer higher pay than others.


According to the BLS report, various careers bring in high salaries for women: health care, law, management, and tech jobs are among the top money-making positions.

Curious about which occupations offer the most earning potential for working women? Per the BLS, these careers are among the most lucrative.

01 of 10



Pharmacists manage and dispense medications to patients who have received a prescription from their doctors. Pharmacists also offer advice on medication usage.

Pharmacists manage and dispense medications to patients who have received a prescription from their doctors. Pharmacists also offer advice on medication usage.

While most pharmacists work in grocery and drugstore pharmacies, others are employed in hospitals or clinical settings.

Pharmacists must possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and must be licensed. Pharmacists can obtain licensure by passing two professional exams.

Women pharmacists make a median income of $112,320 per year.

02 of 10


CEO at press conference

Chief executives plan, coordinate, and oversee a company’s operations. They work to ensure that their companies meet their goals. Chief executives work in a variety of public- and private-sector industries.

Although they typically earn the highest salary of all management positions, they also work extremely long hours and are essentially responsible for the success of their companies.

Female chief executives earn a median annual income of $106,652.

03 of 10

Computer and Information Systems Manager

IT manager

Computer and information systems managers—also known as information technology managers—devise, coordinate, implement, and analyze computer-related projects.

Their responsibilities may involve direct work in both software and hardware, web design database development, as well as the overarching job of designing a company’s IT approaches and strategies.

Most IT managers possess a bachelor’s degree in a related field, although many possess more specific graduate degrees.

Female IT managers earn a median annual income of $99,320.

04 of 10


Doctor giving injection to girl

Physicians examine patients, diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, and devise treatment plans. There are over 100 different specialties and subspecialties for physicians, including family physician, internal medicine, pediatrician, OB/GYN, and surgeon.

Women physicians earn a median annual income of $99,060, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

05 of 10

Physician Assistants

PA at laptop in doctors office

Physician assistants (PAs) assess the medical status of patients, diagnose illnesses/injuries, and recommend treatments. They work in hospitals, health care facilities, and group medical practices. PAs consult with physicians and refer complex cases to physicians, surgeons, and specialists.

Female PAs earn a median annual income of $98,488.

06 of 10

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioner hugging a patient

Nurse practitioners coordinate patient care. Working independently or in collaboration with physicians, nurse practitioners provide either primary or specialty health care. They are also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and must have at least a master’s degree in the field and a state license.

Women nurse practitioners earn a median annual income of $97,084.

07 of 10


Engineers assembling robotics

Engineers design, modify and repair chemical, electrical, computer, mechanical, and other physical structures. They specialize in areas like civil, mechanical, computer, electrical, and chemical engineering.

Earnings vary according to the engineering discipline, but median salaries often approach or exceed six figures. For example, chemical engineers earn a median annual salary of $96,824.

The median annual income for a woman who works in an architecture or engineering occupation is $71,864.

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Software Developer

Software developer

Software developers create and help devise computer programs. They do everything from analyzing users’ needs to designing applications and helping write code to improve existing software. This field is projected to grow quickly over the next few years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 22% growth between 2020 and 2030. That’s much faster than average.

What makes a woman memorable to a man?

Women software developers earn a median annual income of $89,856.

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Lawyers talking

Lawyers counsel and represent individual clients, businesses, non-profits, or government organizations on legal issues or in legal disputes. Becoming a lawyer requires a four-year bachelor’s degree and three years of law school training.

In order to work professionally in the United States, lawyers must take and pass their state’s bar examination.

Female attorneys earn a median annual income of $86,580.

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Human Resources Manager

Job interview

Human resources managers are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new members of a company’s employee team.

In addition, they may be involved in other aspects of employee relations, including payroll, benefits, and training. Human resources workers must also be equipped to handle workplace conflict and be ready to resolve disputes.

Women human resources managers earn a median annual income of $83,148.

13 Best Jobs for Women in the 21st Century


W.E.B. Dubois This blog is an ode to what women can become and have become. Over the last hundred years or so, breaking the stereotypical shackles of society, women have risen from the ashes like the phoenix. There is no job that a woman can’t do what a man can. But for various reasons, a lot of women often want to know about the best jobs for women. In the 21st century, all women are equal to men and there is absolutely no ground for any discrimination. From the political arena and corporate battlefields to the defense services and entrepreneurship, there is no stopping for today’s women.

Careers for Women

There is no bar, no hurdle, and no boundary strong enough to hold back a woman to achieve what she wants. Today, for a woman, the only limitation is her dreams and aspirations. Arundhati Bhattacharya rose from a humble background to lead the State Bank of India as the Chairman. She was the first woman to lead SBI. She was listed as the 25th most powerful woman in the world by the magazine Forbes. As a child, Bhawana Kanth used to dream of flying a plane. She left a secure job at TCS to become the first women fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force along with Mohana Singh and Avani Chaturvedi. They were inducted into the Indian Air Force Fighter Squadron in 2016. In 2019, Bhawana Kanth became the first female fighter pilot in India to undertake combat missions. Born into an ordinary middle-class family, Suchi Mukherjee had always believed that she could do anything that she liked. She founded, an online marketplace for clothing, accessories, and grooming products in 2012. is one of the most successful start-up companies in India. If you are a woman, understand that there is no barrier to realise your dreams. But for various reasons, you may have some confusion as to what could be the best jobs for women. Although it varies according to each woman’s specific requirements, the best careers for women could be narrowed down to the following options.

What are the best careers for women?

This blog has curated a list of the 13 best jobs for women and discussed in brief each of the career paths


Entrepreneurship is about taking calculated risks and multitasking. It is about understanding people and guiding them towards a goal. Women are naturally gifted in all these aspects. That is why entrepreneurship is one of the best professions for women. From setting up a small store and a business out of the home to set up an IT company and an innovative start-up, women are there in every conceivable sector. They are not shying away from setting up large-scale industries on their own or joining their family business. It is no longer taboo, for a woman to be at the top – as the Chairperson or the CEO of a company. Today all State Governments and the Government of India offer many schemes to encourage women to become entrepreneurs. For example, the Ministry of Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises, Government of India launched Udyam Sakhi to nurture entrepreneurship among women. You can access the portal of Udyam Sakhi to get all the support to start your business.

What makes a woman confident in herself?

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This will help us share relevant information with you.

Career Counselling

Guiding students to the path of success and helping them find their way through life as a Career Counsellor is very fulfilling as one of the best jobs for women. You can find a job as a Counsellor with schools, career counselling organizations, and various NGOs. You can also set up your independent practice. As a Career Counsellor, you would be assessing students’ aptitudes, interests, personalities, and various other behavioral traits. You would help students understand what they are good at and which educational and career options are best suited for them. Take a certification course in career counselling You can study for a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s degree in Psychology or you may have a B.Ed. degree. You may also have a degree in any academic field including Sociology, Management, Social Work, etc. and then take training in career counselling. Having a few years of experience in teaching or in human resource management will help.

best career options in india


Teaching has always been considered one of the best jobs for women. It is not only an extremely noble and rewarding profession but also an excellent way in which women get to play an important role in shaping people’s lives. With the rapid growth in India’s education sector, the number of job opportunities has been increasing enormously over the last decade or so. For those with a B.Ed. degree, teaching jobs in schools offer decent salaries. In Government schools, Government Aided schools and in many private schools, you may earn in the range of Rs. 35,000 – 1,00,000 or more a month depending upon your experience and job position. Higher salaries are offered to Principals, Vice Principals, etc. If you choose to opt for a teaching job in a college or university, you may earn between Rs. 55,000 – 2,25,000 per month or even more. Professors and Senior Professors earn on the higher side. Teaching is undoubtedly one of the best professions for women.

Healthcare/ Medicine

Women are born caregivers. Evolution has made women like that. For more than a century, women are highly demanded in some of the job roles in healthcare and there are some jobs, which are only meant for women. For example, in jobs like those of Staff Nurses and Nursing Assistants, women have more opportunities. Besides Nursing, the healthcare sector offers some of the best jobs for women. You can opt for various options depending on your educational qualifications. Some of the best careers for women in this field are:

  1. Physicians (MBBS) / Consultant Physicians in fields like Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  2. Nursing
  3. Medical Laboratory Technology
  4. Medical Imaging Technology
  5. Emergency & Critical Care Technology
  6. Pharmacy

One of the typically female jobs in this field is that of the Midwives and General nurse. Read about top medical courses without NEET. This gives you a wide range of educational options in healthcare/medicine careers.

Human Resources

This field is good for those who have a penchant for working in corporate jobs and have the ability to help people solve their issues and problems. Human Resources Management is one of the rapidly developing career options for women. You can obtain an MBA or a PGDM in Human Resources Management to get a good beginning. The main functions of Human Resources personnel are to shortlist and interview candidates, hire and train them, set their pay, design appraisal systems, benefits and perks, formulate policies and leave structures, look after employee welfare and settle disputes.

best jobs for girls in india

Finance & Banking

The Finance & Banking sector offers some of the best professions for women because this field requires a lot of patience and people management skills. It is not as if there is any discrimination in favor of women or men, but in some roles such as Customer Services Executives and Relationship Managers, women often perform better. Some of the best careers in this field are:

  1. Chartered Accountant
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Relationship Manager
  4. Capital Market Trader / Broker
  5. Customer Services Executive

Interior Design

Women often put a lot of effort and planning into decorating and setting up their own homes. Needless to say, it requires keen observation, a sense of aesthetics, an excellent sense of design and creativity to beautifully maintain a home. This field offers some of the best jobs for women because it allows women to use their creativity in a productive fashion. You will need a Diploma / Degree in Interior Design or in Interior Architecture or in Interior and Furniture Design to get a good job. You can also set up your own business in this field.

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Information Technology

With the rapid expansion of the digital or Information Technology (IT) industry, the demand for professionals who have the required skills is forever on the rise. This is a great opportunity for those women who take an interest in the IT sector and computers in general. Information Technology and Computer Engineering fields offer some of the best jobs for women. Some of the jobs on offer are:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Cyber Security Analyst
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Network Administrator

Media and Journalism

For women who are creative and good at communication, the media sector holds a wide range of opportunities. This field of work allows women to exercise their creative freedom to a considerable extent along with the opportunity for job satisfaction. These make this field of jobs one of the best jobs for women. Some of the jobs on offer are:

  1. Reporter
  2. Sub-Editor
  3. Writer
  4. Content Writer
  5. Research Analyst
  6. Copywriter

jobs for girls

Fashion Design & Merchandising

A sense of style, fashion, intellect, and creativity is like second nature to women. Moreover, the fashion industry offers some of the best and high-paying jobs for women. Some of the jobs are in which you can build up a rewarding career are:

  1. Fashion / Apparel Designer
  2. Fashion Merchandiser
  3. Textile Technologist
  4. Fashion Technologist


The field of Law has some of the best jobs available for women. Therefore, in various law firms today, women lawyers are doing commendable jobs. For instance, lawyers like Indira Jaising, Meenakshi Lekhi, Vrinda Grover, Menaka Guruswamy, and Karuna Nundy are treated like celebrities. Also, among the sitting Judges of the Honourable Supreme Court of India are Indu Malhotra and R. Banumathi. They are known for some landmark judgments. Therefore, jobs in law and judicial services are some of the best jobs for women.

Social Work

Social Work requires people with deep empathy for others as well as a wide understanding of the problems of different communities. Understanding the typical issues that women face is also an advantage. Moreover, social Work offers a lot of job options for women. Some of the professions in this field that women can opt for are:

  1. Social Worker
  2. Project Assistant
  3. Project Coordinator
  4. Psychiatric/ Mental Health Social Worker

Nutrition / Fitness

With rapidly increasing awareness about being fit and healthy, the opportunities in the fields of Nutrition, Dietetics, Fitness, Yoga, etc. are also growing by leaps and bounds. These fields offer some of the best jobs for women. Some of the career options are:

  1. Nutritionist
  2. Clinical Nutritionist
  3. Dietician
  4. Fitness Instructor
  5. Yoga Instructor

Careers for Women by iDreamCareer

You have always guided your children towards shaping a better future. But, have you ever thought of doing the same for millions of other children who could actually use your concepts and knowledge for their growth? Become a Career Counsellor and guide millions of students to choose the right career path. Hop on the journey to become a certified Career Counsellor with our Career Counselling Certification Training Program and develop valuable skills. For detailed information about the course, check out the link mentioned below. As children are the citizens of tomorrow, they need a trustworthy person to show them the right career pathway. Career counselling as a career option is also considered to be one of the best jobs for women. To know more about iDC’s career counselling training program, please visit – Certification Program for Career Counselors Also, to read iDC’s Brochure – Click here to download Therefore, to understand why career counseling is one of the best jobs for women, please watch this video. It is about the story of two women Counsellors who restarted their careers after going through the iDC Certification Program – Click here to view So, if you wish to apply to iDC’s Career Counselling Certification training program, please Click here to fill the form Also read:

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  • Holistic development for Students: Meaning & Importance
  • All You Need to Know About a Career in Gaming

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