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What makes a person magnetic?

How To Become The Most Magnetic Person You Know

Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. She holds a B.A. from Stanford University.

March 11, 2015

Magnetism is an irresistible force. It’s hard to ignore the pull you feel naturally toward people, places and things that are magnetic.

In feng shui, yin and yang are the two energies that create all of life. Yin is the passive energy. Yang is the active energy.


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Most if us are good at yang energy. We tend to have to be yang to get through the day! Yang is also the energy rewarded most by society. It’s noble to be a workaholic in many cultures. But being a workaholic doesn’t mean you’re successful, happy, or even able to perform your best all day long.

While magnetism is something to cultivate, it’s not something active. It’s yin energy. This means, you aren’t likely to «achieve» magnetism. I’ve seen it consistently be the very opposite. Magnetism is something to sink into, like a super-plush sofa.

You actually become more magnetic when you do much less and relax much more.

That idea is pretty magnetic in itself, isn’t it? If you want to cultivate your magnetism, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind:

1. Stick close to nature.

Spending more time in nature can help to deeply de-stress your body, reset your biological sleep clock and help you become more grounded and centered. If you can’t find Nature nearby, bring more nature into your home with plants and stones.

2. Embrace your true nature.

Happy people are way more magnetic than people forcing themselves through life. Doing even a bit more of what you love every day can help you feel more powerfully connected to life.

3. Rest much more.

Sleep more and get more high-quality sleep; you’ll feel more precise, creative, athletic, happy and healthy. Something as simple as sleeping in complete darkness (think: thicker curtains, no TV as you sleep) can help you to sleep more restfully.

4. Lounge.

I am an advocate for lounge space, and that includes naps if you need them, baths, time to read or space to meditate. Lounging is one of the more enjoyable parts of yin energy, really reveling in relaxation.

5. Listen more.

There’s a great listener who goes to parties and barely talks; he mainly listens. The feedback on this guy is that he’s unbeatable, he’s the most interesting guy. Though you know little about him, its hard to ignore him because his energy is so different from all the talkers.

While I don’t suggest you stop talking, if you’re a genuinely good listener you stand to learn and connect a lot more profoundly, hear stories and make others feel seen and acknowledged.

I often call this the quality of being «interested» rather than «interesting.»

In feng shui, it is the receptive yin energy that allows us to just be who we are, without embellishing, adorning or stressing. It’s the most natural way to be, but it’s not always easy, since we live in a world based on achievement and needing to hold people’s attention in all the noise of a day.

If you want to supercharge your magnetism, get rid of things that are weighing you down. After all, how can you attract more energy and more stuff and more people to your life if you have no clear space to receive it all? This takes some energy, but the results are unbeatable.

Clear some clutter from your home and your life, and magnetism follows almost instantly. When you get rid of both extra stuff and, in doing so, unload the stuck emotions attached to all that stuff, you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous things waiting for you.

If you are looking to clear more clutter and organize your home and life to have more prosperous, magnetic energy check out the course I created to help you do just that: Your Guide To DIY Feng Shui: Change Your Space To Change Your Life.

Human magnetism

Human magnetism is a popular name for an alleged ability of some people to attract objects to their skin. People alleged to have such an ability are often called human magnets. Although metal objects are the most popular, some are also alleged to be able to stick other types of materials, such as glass, porcelain, wood or plastic as well as metals with no ferromagnetic properties such as brass and aluminium. [1] However, none of the recorded claims of human magnetism corresponds with the physics of magnetism. [1] [2]

Selected claimed human magnets [ edit ]

  • Aurel Răileanu from Romania, also known as «Mr. Magnet»; is said to be the strongest human magnet [3]
  • Etibar Elchyev from Georgia, Guinness World Record holder for most spoons on a human body [4]
  • Ivan Stoiljkovic, a boy from Croatia[5]
  • Liew Thow Lin, known as Mr. Magnetic Man [6]
  • Dalibor Jablanović from Serbia, Guinness World Record holder for most spoons on a human face [7]
  • Arun Raikar from India, who could lift 10 kilograms (22 lb) of metal upon his body [8]
  • Agnė Kulitaitė from Lithuania is known to hold metal objects on her forehead or even cheeks.

Explanations [ edit ]

Many of the people who can adhere objects to their body can do so not only with metal but also other materials. That would suggest that the phenomenon cannot be explained by magnetism and uses a different kind of physical effect. Skeptic Benjamin Radford has used a compass to check the magnetic field of a person that claimed to be a human magnet. He concluded that person did not produce magnetic fields. He also noted that those people usually have smooth and hairless skin and lean back slightly while sticking objects, which would not be necessary if they possessed magnetic powers. Many scientists and proponents of science, including James Randi, have explained this ability by friction and sticky skin; to prove that, Randi has demonstrated that human magnets lose their powers when they are covered in talc. [1] [9] [10]

See also [ edit ]

  • Animal magnetism
  • Biomagnetism
  • Magnetoception
  • Sherri Tenpenny, who claimed the COVID-19 vaccine turns people into human magnets

References [ edit ]

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11 Signs Of Magnetic Attraction Between Two People

Magnetic attraction between two people

It’s difficult to wrap your head around the feeling you get when you develop an instant connection with someone. Suddenly, it’s physically impossible to not find yourself wanting to be with this person, daydreaming about a possible perfect bond you might have. A magnetic attraction between two people often feels that way. Once it happens to you, it’s the only thing that will fill up your mind.

You can’t really tell if you feel a magnetic pull toward someone by poring over every inch of their dating app pictures. The only way to make sure you two are drawn to each other like magnets is by establishing communication and seeing how well you hit it off.

But what if the signs jump over your head and you miss out on a potential soulmate? What if you misconstrue feeling magnetically drawn to someone as infatuation, and not something that holds some weight? The unexplainable magnetic pull of a person can often leave you wondering what’s healthy and what isn’t. We’re here to help you make sure you don’t let something precious slip through your fingers.

How To Recognize Magnetic Attraction Between 2 People – 11 Signs

Table of Contents

On one of those nights when Aymeric didn’t expect to get a match, he saw Gina’s profile on his dating app. To his surprise, they matched and off went Aymeric’s daydreaming mind. Though he had decided he did not want to be in a relationship for the foreseeable future, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of love at first sight on their date.

They talked for half a year, but Aymeric would pull away every time he felt Gina was getting too close. Every time he tried to distance himself, they fell back to each other with more conviction than they did last time. Every meeting felt precious, every vulnerable moment increased their trust, and the magnetic pull between a man and woman did the rest.

Gina knew she would feel a pull toward him, and Aymeric slowly accepted that the unexplainable magnetic pull of a person was not to be ignored. Eventually, once they realized they can’t stay away from each other, they decided to throw caution to the wind and begin a new relationship. From then on, it was smooth sailing.

Just like that, they figured it’s not too hard to establish such a bond with someone. What is difficult, however, is making sure you spot it. In your desperation, make sure you don’t go about misconstruing signs of kindness for the magnetic attraction kind of love you long for. Sometimes, we’re quick to fall for people at the first sign of kindness, so no, just because they complimented your outfit doesn’t mean they’re head over heels for you.

Signs of magnetic attraction between two people will often be staring you right in the face, but it’s still possible you might miss them, just as Aymeric did. Especially if you’re not looking for them in the first place. Next thing you know, you’ve been friend-zoned because you never reciprocated any of the interest directed your way.

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