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What nail color is hottest?

Are You Hot Or Not?

Our latest manicure obsession. Get ahead of the trend and discover our magical launch Are You Hot Or Not? this season: a mesmerising color-changing polish duo. The temperature-reactive technology works to transform the polish in hot or cold climates. The best way to test it is under hot or cold water. The dark grey shade ‘You’re Hot Then You’re Cold’ switches to a pinky-nude, while ‘Hotter Than Hot’ turns to a light, cloud pink.

Innovation at heart — We work hard to bring you the best new products, driven by innovation. Behind the scenes of every collection, we start off with a team discussion (we are all totally nail and beauty-obsessed) so we really understand first-hand what you are looking for in a product or polish. We look at the industry around us, collect ideas from street style, fashion shows, lifestyle, food trends and we are heavily influenced by what has worked for us in the past. This will kick start our inspiration chain – then we get to work and build the bigger picture.

Inspo — The inspiration behind this color-changing duo stemmed from the tie-dye trend which filled this season’s catwalk. We wanted to bring you a polish that holds as much wow as a nail art look but without the fuss of technical tools.

We truly believe this small act of self-kindness really can brighten up your day.

We LOVE seeing what you get up to, so please tag us in your game-changing manis IRL @nailsinc

#beyourincredibleself #crueltyfree #vegan #stayathomeselfcare #athomemanicure

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Best Nail Color for Beach Vacation (9 Top Picks)

The Literary Lifestyle

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post may also contain other affiliate links by which I earn commissions at no extra cost to you. Read my Disclaimer to learn more.

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9+ best nail colors for a beach vacation

Get all the best nail colors for a beach vacation, from nail polishes to press ons, and pinks to reds and purples. These are tried and tested shades that make the bold and bright statement you love to showcase in the sand.

best nail color for beach vacation

I am an ambassador for the nail care brand Olive & June and test nearly all their colors, and I wrote this post after seeing some real trends in the shades that were trusted go-tos for the beach.

But, before I share the absolute best nail color for a beach vacation, I want to first let you know a quick bit about Olive & June — they are a USA-based, woman-owned nail care brand dedicated to perfecting the at-home manicure and pedicure with high quality, long-lasting products that mimic the nail salon at a fraction of the price.

I became a super fan during the Coronavirus pandemic and never turned back! Every Friday night at 5 p.m., I grab a glass of wine, an audiobook, and all my nail tools for an hour of the most perfect self-care.

You too can have a lot of fun with these nail shades when you are heading to the beach PLUS have a mani-pedi that holds up to the sand and waves.

Related posts: For more information about Olive & June, read my reviews of their manicure system, pedicure system, and press-on system, and remember to use code OJJULIANNEB20 to get 20% off any system.

Table of Contents

Best Nail Color for Beach Vacation

Below is a quick list of the best nail color for a beach vacation, followed by details about what’s great about each one.

The beach is definitely the place to be bold and bright, so you will find a lot of shades with intense tones and high gloss here. Since both your hands and feet will be on display on the sand, I have also focused on shades that work well with a variety of skin tones and wardrobe styles, like really versatile pinks and reds.

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What are good nail colors for the beach?

bubblegum pink
peachy-pink coral
strawberry pink
tropical pink
spicy orange-red
juicy watermelon red
bold magenta
glowing lavender
glowing soft magenta

Bubblegum Pink (“Pen Pal”)

Pen Pal is a bubblegum pink that made me squeal with delight when it was released as a limited edition item in Summer 2022. I would describe it as a standout salmon shade, for those who want to make a statement on the beach but prefer lighter colors on their nails.

Peachy-Pink Coral (“Stinson Sunset”)

Stinson Sunset is a peachy-pink coral that was created by the mega blogger (and manicure enthusiast) Emily from Cupcakes & Cashmere. I was so excited when it was released because it really filled a void for Summer nail polish colors that were lighter in color overall yet still really bold and bright in saturation. It remains a favorite!

Strawberry Pink (“Hot Strawberry”)

Hot Strawberry (also available in press ons) is a supercharged strawberry pink for all the pink lovers out there. It just perfectly takes the truest shade of pink to the next level to really make a statement while you are swimming and sunbathing.

Tropical Pink (“Hibiscus”)

Hibiscus is a tropical pink that also stands out on a beach vacation, and can be paired with both warmer and cooler style throughout your trip. It’s another classic go-to I rely on for that bold and bright look on the sand.

Spicy Orange Red (“Lava”)

Lava (also available in press ons) is a spicy orange-red that’s probably the most classic of all Summer nail colors. If you are EVER going to wear a really orange-y red, the beach is the best place to do so. It’s like the boldest and brightest, deepest sunshine on your nails.

Juicy Watermelon Red (“Field Day”)

Field Day (also available in press ons) is a juicy watermelon red nail polish that really and truly looks like a watermelon. (I just love to take advantage of this by creating watermelon nail art with it.)

It’s a new favorite, released as a limited edition bright Summer nail shade in Summer 2022 (but I am hoping it will stick around longer). You simply can’t go wrong with this one for a warmer red that’s neither too red nor too pink, and feels just like a beach picnic on your nails.

Bold Magenta (“Wild Orchid”)

Wild Orchid is a bold magenta I rely on year after year for that classic beachy nail look. It’s one you can just grab without thinking too hard because it stands out yet matches so many styles well. I can’t tell you how often I reach for it as a beach vacation nail color.

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Glowing Lavender (“Cockatoo”)

Cockatoo (also available in press ons) is a glowing lavender for those who want to show off their mani-pedi at the beach, but also maintain a somewhat neutral vibe. It also contrasts a tanned or darker skin tone nicely. And I especially love it with the popular iridescent shade Pink Goldfish as a topper.

Glowing Soft Magenta (“Jam, Please”)

Jam, Please is a glowing soft magenta. When it was first released as a Spring nail color in 2022, it became a quick favorite and one of my favorite shades I had used in a LONG time.

Why? It’s just perfectly bright and purple-y, and it works really well on both fingers and toes. This versatility makes it an excellent nail color with more blue undertones for a cool-toned beach vacation look.

Now you know the best nail color for a beach vacation. Have a blast in the sand and surf!

Shopping Tip: While you can buy the nail polish of your choice separately for $9 each, you can get 20% off with my code OJJULIANNEB20 when you purchase any Olive & June system.

These 2022 Trendy Nail Colors Are Hotter Than The Summer Sun

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Essie’s Set The Tiki Bar High

Summer is coming in hot, but you’ll be looking cool with the best summer nail colors of 2022. Pops of purple, giddy greens, and yawsome yellows (hey, alliteration is hard) will make for a show-stopping statement this season.

Summer Nail Colors 2022

We’ve rounded up the top shades for these toasty months, from classic brand like Essie and OPI. We think you’ll like what you see. Even through your sunglasses.

The Best Summer Nail Colors for 2022

1. Essie in Set The Tiki Bar High

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Essie’s Set The Tiki Bar High

Purple is the color of royalty, and this shiny hue from Essie’s Summer 2022 collection says “I’m the queen of the Singapore Slings.” Wait, what do you mean we’re not allowed back here when the bartender takes a bathroom break?

Available on Amazon.

2. OPI in Pink Big

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - OPI’s Pink Big

Barbie pinks are having a major trending moment this summer, and this popping pink hue captures the vibe perfectly. To get the full Barbie effect, take it into your salon and ask for some extra long acrylics. Life in plastic really is fantastic!

Available at OPI.

3. Orly in Simply The Zest

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Orly’s Simply The Zest

Why do they call it “summer Friday’s” in the office if you can’t have a margarita at your desk? While you wait for that blissful afternoon off, rock this shade from Orly. It’s way easier to paint before that tequila hits, anyway.

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Available at Ulta.

4. Ava Dean in City Lights

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Ava Dean’s City Lights

Did you know that AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys has a line of nail polishes? This glittery hue is perfect for capturing some shimmering Y2K vibes. Just remember that if you’re an elder millennial, you’ll be on bed rest for the weekend if you rock your body right too hard.

Available at Ava Dean Beauty.

5. Olive & June in Cherry Crush

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Olive and June’s Cherry Crush

This cheeky cherry-themed mashup of hot pink and red is the hot girl shade of the summer. And don’t worry if you still can’t tie the stems of the actual fruit in a knot with your tongue. That seems like a weird way to kiss, anyway.

Available at Target.

6. Butter London in Empire Red

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Butter London’s Empire Red

With golden flecks in this smoldering polish, your manicure will be as hot as the seat of your car on an August afternoon. A moment of silence for burned thighs everywhere.

Available at Butter London.

7. Essie in Revenge’s A Beach

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Essie’s Revenge’s A Beach

Revenge is a dish best served with perfectly polished nails. And it’s shockingly high in protein!

Available on Amazon.

8. Orly in Claim To Fame

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Orly’s Claim To Fame

Even if having really amazing nails is your only claim to fame, this bright and sunny hue from Orly’s POP! collection will get you tons of attention. And your karaoke rendition of Subway’s “Five Dollar Foot Long” song.

Available at Orly Beauty.

9. OPI in Achievement Unlocked

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - OPI’s Achievement Unlocked

The only achievement you have to unlock this summer is this perfect light purple mani. Okay, maybe answer an email or two. But draw the line at meetings after 11am.

Available on Amazon.

10. Zoya in Evan

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Zoya’s Evan

Grab a jar of this Zoya polish when you need a subtle summer color for your nails. It’s perfect for when you have multiple colorful outfits planned for the week. Or when you’re playing extreme hide and go seek in the sand.

Available at Zoya.

11. TEN over TEN in Liberty

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - TEN over TEN’s Liberty

Stand out in a sea of American flag bikinis this 4th of July by embodying the Statue of Liberty with a green robe and crown. This nail color is the perfect finishing touch for a look no one could forget.

Available at Target.

12. Emilie Heathe in Billions

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Emilie Heathe’s Billions

Make yourself look like a billion bucks with this non-toxic nail formula. The only concern is that the sun might get a little jealous by how much your nails glitter and shine. It’s like it always needs to be in the center of attention!

What Moisturiser does Beyonce use?

Available at Emilie Heathe.

13. Essie in Go Ginza

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - Essie’s Go Ginza

The purple nail trend is going strong in 2022. We saw it bench pressing 250 last week!

Available at Target.

14. OPI in Bee-hind The Scenes

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - OPI’s Beehind The Scenes

This nail color is sweeter than honey. And if you file your nails into a nice pointy shape, they’ll sting like a bee, too! Or be useful substitute for toothpicks on a fruit plate.

Available on Amazon.

15. OPI in Trading Paint

Summer Nail Colors 2022 - OPI’s Trading Paint

We wouldn’t trade this paint for anything. Whether you’re going for sunset vibes, a juicy mango-inspired look, or you just want to look like a cone and stop traffic, this color is perfect for summer 2022.

Available at Target.

Leah Mulroney is a writer and standup comedian in Austin, TX, because she loves attention. Her written works can be found on The List, in The Keene Sentinel, and Medium. And she performs her feminine humor on stages all over Texas and the US.
When she’s not behind the keyboard or holding a microphone in her hands, you can find Leah having deep philosophical conversations with her tiny dog, letting bags of kale go bad in her fridge while she goes out in search of happy-hour priced sushi, and watching so much true crime TV that she’s pretty sure she could actually get away with murder at this point. Follow her on Twitter for the jokes and on Instagram for the «aesthetic.»

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon and other sites that we collect a share of sales from.


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