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What name can I call my GF?

55 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

Searching for the perfect pet name for your girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds. You have to get the balance right – affectionate without being patronizing, sexy without being dirty, loving without being sappy.

A lot of what you choose as a cute nickname for your girlfriend should depend on your unique circumstances. How long you’ve been dating, what kind of personality your girlfriend has, and how serious you are about her, are all things you need to consider when coming up with the perfect nickname.

If you’ve been dating for a short amount of time, certain nicknames may seem a bit too much. If you’ve been dating a long time, others may seem too casual. If she is the light of your life, then you will need a nickname to match. If she’s just someone who is making you smile for now, you’ll need something cute but which doesn’t show too much devotion.

You also need to factor your girlfriend’s personality into the equation. If she’s not the lovey-dovey type, certain cute nicknames may annoy her. Depending on who she is, some nicknames may seem sexist, old fashioned, or condescending. But whatever her personal preferences, there is a cute nickname that is just right for her.

Here are 55 suggestions that will help you choose the perfect nickname for the special woman in your life.

The classics never die

— Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

It’s simple but effective. Some may think this term of endearment is a bit outdated, but there’s a reason it has stood the test of time. It shows that the woman in your life is someone you deeply care for.

A variation on ‘baby’, ‘babe’ has a more casual sound about it. While like the longer nickname it derives from it’s not the most original nickname out there, ‘babe’ just does the job, showing your affection in a lighthearted, unpretentious way.

Another truly classic nickname, ‘sweetheart’ brings up images of a wholesome, uncomplicated relationship. What it lacks in passion, it makes up for with its air of innocence.

An abbreviation of ‘sweetheart’, men have been calling their girlfriends ‘sweetie’ for centuries. It’s a straightforward and timeless way to show your affection.

This vintage nickname is a great way to show your girlfriend you truly cherish her. She is not just another woman to you, but someone sent down from heaven.

If your girlfriend is sweet but ‘sweetheart’ or ‘sweetie’ seem a bit too dated, try ‘honey’. In certain parts of the USA you may be called ‘honey’ by a waitress or someone else you’ve just met. This makes it a very casual nickname but if it fits for your relationship, go ahead and try it.

As immortalized in Quentin Tarantino’s classic film Pulp Fiction, this nickname has a cuter feel than the simpler ‘honey’. If you find your girlfriend totally adorable, this may be the one for you.

While actual lovebugs are a not-so-cute insect found in Central and North America, for most people this is a common and cute term of endearment that has been in use for some.

You don’t get more old-school than ‘darling’ as a nickname. While it may be a bit much for a casual relationship and is not very passionate, it is perfect for a comfortable, established couple.

A modern spin

— Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

You can’t go too long without hearing this term these days. An abbreviation of ‘babe’, calling your girlfriend your bae is a simple but effective option, though it may only fit if you’re young, or at least young at heart.

While this modern term of endearment is apparently derived from the French ‘beau’, which means boyfriend, ‘boo’ can be used for both girlfriends and boyfriends. It’s pretty cute, although to some it has the connotation of being for someone who you like but are not that serious about.

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The ultimate modern term for a sexy lady, this term has its origins in hip hop and became famous as the title of a song by Destiny’s Child. It usually means a woman with a particularly attractive rear end.

For someone who deserves to be worshipped

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

If the woman in your life is someone who commands respect, and if you want to treat her like royalty, this may be the one for you.

If your girlfriend is a Game of Thrones fan, she’ll most likely love being called Khaleesi, the Dothraki term for ‘queen’. It’s just like calling her ‘my queen’ but with a bit of an added fantasy feel, with a pinch of pop culture thrown in for good measure.

This one fits for when you adore a woman so much that ‘my queen’ just won’t cut it. It shows you’re really serious about her and that you truly revere her.

For the really romantic

— Best Nicknames for Girlfriend

If her personality is bubbly and she lights up the room, this is a great option.

This is a perfect fit for a gentle, loving woman.

If your girlfriend is especially beautiful to you, this nickname is one way to let her know that’s how you feel.

This one’s a great way to let her know she lights up her life.

If her vibe is sultry, or if she prefers the night to the day, moonbeam could be the one.

A variation on ‘angel’, this one shows absolute devotion.

For a girlfriend who is as beautiful as a flower

Nothing says romance like a flower, so why not try one of these floral nicknames:

For a girlfriend who is so cute, you could just eat her up

There is something so cute about an edible nickname. What kind of food does your girlfriend remind you of? Is she sweet like a lollipop or does she have a Mediterranean vibe like an olive? Choose the food-inspired nickname that’s right for you:

Nicknames that match your special lady’s features

— Pet names for Girlfriend

If her dimples drive you crazy, this is one way to let her know.

A nickname with romantic connotations because of the classic song by Van Morrison, it’s a good one for a woman with beautiful brown eyes.

If your girlfriend’s beautiful blue eyes are one of her best features, you can’t lose with this simple nickname.

If your girl is a redhead, this could be the one. Sure, you could come up with something less simple, like ‘cherry’ or ‘ember’, but there’s something direct and cool about just ‘red’.

Just like ‘bootylicious’, this one adds some sexiness to your relationship by letting you know that she has an amazing behind. You could go with ‘bubble butt’ or ‘sweet butt’ or any number of variations. Whatever option you choose, this is only for a woman who doesn’t mind a nickname that singles out a very specific, sexualized physical trait.

Nicknames from around the world


There is something so automatically romantic about the French language, giving these nicknames an instantly loving feel.

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in French

Literally meaning ‘my little cabbage leaf’, this is a popular term of endearment in France.

This simply means ‘my darling’, although it sounds much more romantic in French.

Simply meaning my love, this one is a classic.

This literally means ‘my doll’, and is a perfect option for a girlfriend who doesn’t mind being treated like a lady.


The Spanish have a reputation for passion, so why not bring some Latin flair to your relationship.

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— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in Spanish

Literally meaning ‘half an orange’, this is the perfect way to let her know she completes you.

While in Spain this simply means ‘love’ or ‘darling’, not the most passionate nickname, something special happens when you use it in English.


What is it about the Latin languages? Italian nicknames are just as passionate as their Spanish counterparts.

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in Italian

Meaning ‘treasure’, this one shows you truly value her.

This simply means ‘angel’, but is a bit more exciting than the English version.

Simply meaning ‘beautiful’, this option is lovely.

If you are experiencing puppy love, try this one. Meaning ‘puppy’, this one is perfect for that girlfriend who is extra cute.

Is your girlfriend sweet? That’s what this nickname means, and it certainly has more pizzazz than ‘sweetie’.


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Arabic

Meaning ‘my love’, this middle eastern option has a nice ring to it.


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Hebrew

This is slang for “sweatheart”


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Dutch

While this one’s literal meaning, ‘little poop’, may seem like the last thing a girlfriend would want to be called, there is something undeniably cute about this nickname from The Netherlands.

While choosing a cute name to call your girlfriend is not simple, you also shouldn’t overthink it. For many men, a pet name for the woman you love will come naturally and instead of you choosing a nickname, the nickname will choose you. If that hasn’t happened in your relationship, though, don’t despair. I hope the suggestions in this list will help you find a nickname for your girlfriend that fits perfectly.

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230+ Adorable Nicknames For Your Girlfriend That’ll Make Her Swoon

nicknames for girlfriend, Couple holding hands

One aspect of relationships that you probably either find endearing or super annoying is couples having nicknames for each other. Sure, a lot of people have nicknames based on their actual first names (shout out to all the Annies, Lizzies, Bobbies, and Hanks out there). But the nicknames you give your significant other are different. These are used as ways to show affection for the other person — not trying to shorten their name. Nicknames are unique, personal, and restricted to certain people, so if you have one for your lover, you’ve entered sweetheart territory. (Congrats!)

And sometimes, no matter how embarrassing, those nicknames have a way of making your lover feel special. It’s also a great way to get out of trouble or unruffle feathers if you’ve made your boo mad. Of course, it could have the opposite effect if your current love finds out they inherited the nickname of your last love! So, if your nickname for your previous girlfriend was “Schmoopie,” you do yourself a favor and find a new one for your next relationship.

But if you’re in the market for a nickname for your girlfriend, here are a few suggestions.

The Classics

  1. Babe
  2. Love
  3. Beautiful
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Darling
  6. Lovey
  7. Sweetheart
  8. Light of My Life
  9. My Better Half
  10. Angel
  11. My Queen
  12. My Treasure
  13. Princess
  14. Mama
  15. Dream Girl
  16. Bright Eyes
  17. Dove
  18. My Rose
  19. Goddess
  20. Perfection
  21. Beloved
  22. Bombshell
  23. Superwoman
  24. Wonder Woman
  25. Baby Face
  26. Rosebud
  27. My Lady
  28. Dear
  29. Dearest
  30. Sweetie
  31. Soulmate
  32. Sunshine
  33. Doll
  34. Wifey
  35. Boss
  36. The Mrs.
  37. My One and Only
  38. My Girl
  39. Foxy
  40. Hummingbird

Food-Related Nicknames

  1. Honey
  2. Honey Pie
  3. Cutie Pie
  4. Sweet Pea
  5. Cuddle Muffin
  6. Honey Bunny
  7. Pancakes
  8. Cuddle Cakes
  9. Cookie
  10. Cupcake
  11. Sweetie Pie
  12. Sugar Lips
  13. Pickle
  14. Sugarplum
  15. Yummy
  16. Apple (of My Eye)
  17. Baby Cakes
  18. Pudding
  19. Pudding Pie
  20. Butter
  21. Jellybean
  22. Love Muffin
  23. Toffee
  24. Marshmallow
  25. Fluffernutter
  26. Sprinkles
  27. Peanut
  28. Sweet Thang
  29. Sugar Mama
  30. Honeybun
  31. Juicy
  32. Muffin
  33. Hon’
  34. Honey Bunch
  35. Candy
  36. Candy Eyes
  37. Caramel
  38. Gummy Bear
  39. Peaches
  40. Peach-O
  41. Tootsie Roll
  42. Lollipop
  43. Cherry Pie
  44. Donut
  45. Sprinkles
  46. Cuddle Cake
  47. Dumpling
  48. Sweet Butt
  49. Sweet Cakes
  50. Peachy Pie
  51. Sweetkins
  52. Sugar Smacks
  53. Snuggle Muffin
  54. Manna
  55. Coco
  56. Mochi
  57. Pumpkin
  58. My Little Churro
  59. Tutti Frutti
  60. Gingersnap
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Cute Picks

  1. Boo
  2. Boo Boo
  3. Snooki
  4. Snookipuss
  5. Cutie Patootie
  6. Toots
  7. Dollface
  8. Main Squeeze
  9. Kitty
  10. Buttercup
  11. Baby Girl
  12. Bunny
  13. Carebear
  14. One Who Is Always Right
  15. Bootylicious
  16. Future Wife
  17. Hot Lips
  18. Kissy Face
  19. Bunny Bee
  20. Lovebug
  21. Twinkles
  22. Bun-Buns
  23. Meow
  24. Star
  25. Flower
  26. Butterfly
  27. Juliette
  28. Magic
  29. Lucky Charm
  30. Tulip
  31. Water Lily
  32. Snugglepuff
  33. Heaven
  34. Huggles
  35. Boo Thang
  36. Star Shine
  37. Emerald
  38. Poppy
  39. Honey Bee
  40. Duckling
  41. Bee’s Knees
  42. Lovebird
  43. Baby Boo
  44. Giggles
  45. Double Bubble
  46. Nibbles
  47. Little Mouse
  48. Miss Kisses
  49. Lil Minnie
  50. Heartstopper

Descriptive Options

  1. Divine One
  2. Ms. Hottie
  3. Ms. Universe
  4. Pretty Face
  5. Freckles
  6. Knockout
  7. Pretty Lady
  8. Sparky
  9. Vixen
  10. Speedy
  11. Tiny
  12. Teacup
  13. Shortie
  14. Dimples
  15. Genius
  16. Smiley
  17. Chief
  18. Fly Girl
  19. Captain
  20. Bootie
  21. Slick
  22. Sunshine Pants
  23. Champ
  24. Sunflower
  25. Sunny
  26. Cute Eyes
  27. Sleeping Beauty
  28. Starlight
  29. Starry Eyes
  30. Smoke Show

Nicknames From Other Languages

  1. Habibi Albi (Arabic for “love of my heart”)
  2. Ya Rouhi (Arabic for “you are my soul”)
  3. Mon Mignon (French for “my cutie”)
  4. A Rúnsearc (Irish for “my secret love”)
  5. Luce Dei Miei Occhi (Italian for “light of my eyes”)
  6. Solnishko (Russian for “little sunshine”)
  7. Motek (Hebrew for “sweetheart” or “honey”)
  8. Chemo tkbilo (Georgian for “my sweetie”)
  9. Sikvarulo (Georgian for “my love”)
  10. XĪNGĀN (Chinese for “heart and liver” but denotes the most beloved person in one’s life)
  11. BǍOBÈI (Chinese for “treasure” but used as endearment as “baby” among younger couples)
  12. Tesoro (Italian for “treasure”)
  13. Mariposa (Spanish for “butterfly”)
  14. Cariña (Spanish for “dear one”)
  15. Gatinha (Brazilian Portuguese for “kitty”)
  16. Meri Jaan (Hindi for “my love”)
  17. Lubov (Russian for “love”)
  18. Cara (Italian for “dear”)
  19. Piccolina (Italian for “little one”)
  20. Zaika (Russian for “darling,” “baby”)
  21. Amorina (Italian for “love”)
  22. Principessa (Italian for “princess”)
  23. Linda (Spanish for “pretty”)
  24. Mi Alma (Spanish for “my soul”)
  25. Hermosa (Spanish for “beautiful”)
  26. Jaan (Hindi for “life”)
  27. Elskede (Danish for “beloved”)
  28. Snoepje (Dutch for “candy”)
  29. Mon Chou (French for “sweetie”)
  30. Schatz (German for “sweetheart”)
  31. Liebling (German for “darling”)
  32. Cuore Mio (Italian for “my heart”)
  33. Vita Mia (Italian for “my life”)
  34. Topolina (Italian for “mouse”)
  35. Piccola (Italian for “small”)
  36. Agapi Mou (Greek for “my love”)
  37. Amante (Spanish for “secret lover”)
  38. Ashkim (Turkish for “spiritual love”)
  39. Baba Ganoush (a Lebanese dish)
  40. Babochka (Russian for “butterfly”)
  41. Moya Golubushka (Russian for “my little love”)
  42. Azucar (Spanish for “sugar”)
  43. Bichito (Spanish for “little bug”)
  44. Bombon (Spanish for “chocolate piece”)
  45. Chiqui (Spanish for “Chiquito,” or “something tiny”)
  46. Chica (Spanish for “girl”)
  47. Bella (Italian for “beautiful”)
  48. Mi Cielo (Spanish for “my heaven”)
  49. Ya Amar (Arabic for “my moon”)
  50. Tesoruccio (Italian for “little treasure trove”)

One More Note About Nicknames

Nicknames typically need to hold meaning. Sure, you can fall into the “babe” and “honey” line. And that’s fine. But the best nicknames will always have a special meaning — often that only the two of you will understand. Maybe you called her “bunny” because she wiggles her nose or likes to have sex… a lot. Maybe she is a mini Alex Trebek, so you called her JEOPARDY! It may not seem romantic on the surface, but she will appreciate you recognizing her for her brain. If she is a ginger with an Anne of Green Gables obsession? You might even get away with calling her “Carrots.”

What is she good at? What is she obsessed with? What do you enjoy doing together? Nicknames can just be cute pet names with no meaning. However, if you can find a way to personalize it, it will mean that much more to her… and you.

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Top 50 Cute & Funny Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

You should have names that only you call your girlfriend, it helps to foster attraction. Here are some funny nicknames you can adapt for your girlfriend.

By Emmanuel Onitayo

Top 50 Cute & Funny Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

Why Call Your Girlfriend Cute And Funny Nicknames

One of the ways to fight boredom in a marriage or relationship is for couples to give themselves cute and funny nicknames. Nicknames are informal ways of addressing someone we consider very close and dear to us.

So, instead of calling your boyfriend Alex, Sean, or Paul that everybody knows him to be, you can call him funny and lovely nicknames like handsome, shooter, Romeo, and so on. That certainly would ring a bell in his heart and erupts an affection for you in his heart than when you call him by his regular official name.

However, we’re focusing on cute nicknames boyfriends can call their girlfriends in this piece. That means that this article will mostly benefit females. Couples can also find the nicknames here beneficial as some apply to both genders.

Without much ado, let’s proceed to roll out those cute and funny nicknames people have called their girlfriends in the past some of which you too can adapt for your use.

Funny And Cute Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

1. Peaches: Nicknames like this are meant for a girlfriend you consider cute and delightsome.

2. Candy: a nickname for a girlfriend you consider sweet and addictive.

3. Hon’: This is a short way of pronouncing honey. It’s a funny nickname meant only for a girlfriend with pleasant attributes.

4. Daisy: If she’s fragile and you want to handle her with care.

5. Bubby: Only for an adorable girlfriend

6.Hummingbird: Nickname suitable for a very active girlfriend.

7. Cutie: It’s among the cute nicknames people call their sweet girlfriends.

8. Cuddly-Wuddly: For a girlfriend that is fond of cuddling up to her boyfriend always.

9. Cheese Ball: What a funny nickname to call your girlfriend with a charming personality!

10. Bunburns: Nicknames like this are funny and appropriate for fluffy and soft girls.

Food Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

Nicknames in this category relate your girlfriend to everyday food items at home which may describe her characteristics. Here are a few of such nicknames:

11. Pumpkin: people call their girlfriend who is sweet and bright this nickname

12. Cherry: Nicknames like this are meant for girlfriends that complete their boyfriends.

13. Butter Cup: If she is young and sweet, you can add this to her nicknames.

14. Cookie: call your girlfriend this nickname only if she’s cute and sweet.

15. Honey: Nicknames like honey are, no doubts, common but if indeed she is like honey to you, who says you can’t call her so?

Some Cute Pet Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

16. Lady Luck: Nicknames like this are apt for girls who have luck following them all around.

17. Sphinx: Boyfriends call their girlfriends that love cat this nickname

18. Moonshine: If your girlfriend appears to have an intoxicating personality, call her this nickname.

19. Copycat: Nicknames like this are gender neutral. It’s apt for a girlfriend that loves mimicking you.

20. Frostbite: nickname for a girlfriend that loves winter.

21. Black Widow: For a girlfriend that is dangerous, dark, and strong.

22. Dragonfly: Nicknames like this befit an extremely exotic girlfriend.

23. Eclipse: Add this to the list of nicknames for your dark and courageous girlfriend.

24. Black Lotus: Suitable for a girlfriend you consider her beauty to be charming.

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25. Chardonnay: Another nickname for an exclusive girlfriend.

26. Opaline: Funny nickname for a girlfriend whose is dynamic in traits.

27. Blueberry: Looking for nicknames to call your fluffy and round girlfriend? Check out this one.

28: Lunar: This is a nickname for that girlfriend of yours that daydreams and is at the same time pale.

29. Subzero: Searching for cute nicknames for that girlfriend of yours that is often reserved on an opinion? Check out this.

30. Firefly: Appropriate nickname for a girlfriend that comes through for you in difficult times.

Further On Funny Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

31. Sugar Plum: This nickname is equally funny, and it fits a girlfriend whose boyfriend considers cute and sweet.

32. Katniss: Seen the Hunger Games? If your girlfriend fights like the lady there, this name is okay for her.

33. Neptune: Appropriate nickname for a girlfriend that loves water generally.

34. Claws: Nicknames like this are appropriate for a girl that is always fighting.

35. Wonder Woman: If she’s always on time, consider calling her this nickname.

Funny And Romantic Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

36. Wet Lips: Now, here comes a nickname for that cute girlfriend whose lips are always inviting.

37. Angel Eyes: A cute, romantic nickname for that girl with a perfect eye shape and color.

38. Geminita: Another variant for this is diamond. Only for precious and beautiful girlfriends.

39. Starshine: Nicknames like this are meant for star girlfriends. Nothing beats the star when it comes to shiny.

40. Blossom Butt: Should we still explain this nickname? Well, just be prepared to become a couple with the girl you call this nickname.

Still On Cute And Funny Nicknames For Girlfriends

41. Dollface: Cute girlfriends who look much like the cutest doll you know should bear this nickname.

42. Sweetheart: Girlfriends that are caring and sweet deserve this name.

43. Treasure: a romantic and cute nickname for a girl you respect a lot.

44. Inamorata: Italian way of nicknaming your girlfriend «The woman I love.»

45. Ma Beaute: French people are great at appreciating their love. Call her this nickname to show you too appreciate her.

Cute Hindi Nicknames To Call Your Girlfriend

46. Bali: a Hindi nickname that means parrot. To be used only for girlfriends comfortable to be so called.

47. Banni: a Hindi nickname for a girl you consider a damsel and chaste.

48: Bandhura: If your girlfriend is pretty, this is one Hindi nickname you can start calling her.

49. Brjamohana: This is a Hindi nickname for an acclaimed beautiful girl. So, don’t hesitate to call your girlfriend this name if you think she meets the criteria.

50. Asdarsha: A cute nickname for an idealistic girlfriend.

30 Sweet and Adorable Couple Nicknames for Him and Her

Related Article: 30 Sweet and Adorable Couple Nicknames for Him and Her

What unique couple nicknames do you like to call each other

On A Final Note

You must have found at least five nicknames from the ones given here that you can call your girlfriend. You might have heard some of them a couple of times while some of the nicknames might be new to you.

However, before you call your girlfriend any of the nicknames suggested here or even outside of the ones here, be sure she is mature and secure enough to accept being called such. Certain nicknames can prove lethal to a relationship, and it’s going to be your duty to ensure that while trying to win your girlfriend’s attention and affection through nicknames, you don’t end up losing it altogether.

That said, it’s time to introduce some flavors and humor to your relationship by calling your girlfriend nicknames that would make her feel closer to you than never before. Good luck to you as you make use of these nicknames discreetly.

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