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What name means Golden Sun?

Dog Names Meaning Golden

Gold is not just a color but is also a very valuable metal, a city, a river, and can also be a feeling you get. You can feel golden when you win something or when everything is going your way. These are all pawesome reasons to give your new canine companion a name that means golden. The sun can also be called golden and make you feel golden as well. Gold is almost always referring to the winner in something such as with a gold medal, and you can certainly relate since your new puppy is absolutely a winner.

Dog Names Meaning Golden in Pop Culture

Featured Famous Golden Dog

Bretagne (sounds like Brittany) was a Golden Retriever search and rescue dog who worked with her handler, and owner Denise Corliss, on the Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Texas Task Force One and was one of the over 300 search and rescue dogs to be deployed to the September 11th attack at ground zero in New York. Although they were not able to find many survivors, these four-legged heroes were able to find many of the victims, so their loved ones would have closure.

Corliss got Bretagne in 1999 when she was just an eight-week-old puppy and began training with her to be a volunteer dog and handler team that supports federal emergency first responders at disaster sites. The work was difficult and time-consuming, with Corliss and Bretagne spending 25 to 30 hours a week training while Corliss also held down a full-time job as an electrical engineer. Bretagne took to the search and rescue work like a pro and enjoyed every minute of it.

Bretagne and Corliss were accepted as full-fledged members of the Texas Task Force I in 2000, and their first job just happened to be the World Trade Center 9/11 attack site. As a team, they spent over two weeks doing 12-hour shifts at the World Trade Center Ground Zero site. But Bretagne did more than just search and rescue at the site. She also was able to help those who were there searching such as the firefighters, police, and other first responders.

As a Golden Retriever, Bretagne was very sensitive to other people’s feelings and was able to comfort those who were sad or overwhelmed, and there were plenty of those who were at Ground Zero. She was able to be a shoulder to cry on, a head to pat, or just to sit next to someone and let them lean on her. Bretagne was great at being a comfort dog when she wasn’t searching. Many of the volunteers were able to relax for just an instant seeing her fluffy head and golden smile.

However, Bretagne’s career was not over after 9/11. She also went to help with search and rescue at many disaster sites like Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Katrina. She and Corliss also visited local schools and helped first-graders and children with special needs. Bretagne retired at age nine from the search and rescue team, but she still worked at the local schools with Corliss and the kids. She was the last surviving pooch of those who helped during the 9/11 tragedy and lived until a good old age of 17.

Dog Name Meaning Golden Considerations

Naming your puppy is a big job, but if you have a golden dog, it can make the job a lot easier. Being yellow or gold gives you the furfect reason to give your pooch a name that means golden. Some of the top gold dogs include the Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever, Cocker Spaniel, Vizsla, Basenji, Lhasa Apso, and the Cairn Terrier. Some designer breeds that are golden include the Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle mix), Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever and Poodle mix), and the Double Doodle (Golden Labradoodle and Retriever mix). However, your pooch does not have to be a certain breed to be golden. All kinds of mixed breeds are gold as well.

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You may just want to give your doggo a name that means golden because they are a happy dog or because they make you smile. Gold is for the winner who comes in first place, so your pooch certainly fits that description. Golden colors can make you feel happy and brighten your day, which your dog is certainly good at. Whether they are golden colored or not, you may just want to give them a name that means golden because they are the number one top dog in your life. Whatever the reason, we have found some top-notch tags to help you out.

50+ Names That Mean Orange (For Girls and Boys)

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Orange is such a happy color. It’s bright, joyful, and uplifting.

Maybe you are looking for a name for your baby that symbolizes these traits that you would love your child to have. In essence, a name that means orange.

Then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put together a list of names that symbolize in some way the various meanings and spirit of the color orange.

Orange is an intense color. It symbolizes enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity.

It’s bold and bright, and a name that contains the essence of these attributes has got to be a wonderful way to start your child’s life.

Have a look at our list and see if we have found a name that stands out for you as the one that personifies the child you are about to bring into the world!

Here are 52 names meaning orange for boys, girls and gender-neutral. You might also be interested in the cutest grey names, peach inspired baby names and top yellow names.


Girl Names That Mean Orange

1- Alani

A Hawaiian name that means “precious” or “orange tree”. There is also another origin that is Gaelic, Ailin meaning “beautiful” or a “small stone”.

In Irish and Hebrew, Alani means “beautiful”. It’s a name that is mainly used in the USA and is an adaptation of the name Alana.

2- Amber

An Arabic word referring to the golden fossilized resin that is considered a gemstone in many places.

Amber, a non-girly name, was very popular in the 1980s and has a number of spelling variations like Ambre, Ambur, and Aamber.

3 – Anani

An old name from the bible that means divination, prophecy and brings in the Orange tree with birds.

A name to do with souls from Spain, Africa, and Hawaii and is relatively uncommon.

4 – Aranchi

A really uncommon name from the Tigrinya area of Ethiopia and Eritrea areas and also refers to the orange fruits that grow prolifically in the area.

5 – Azahar

An even more unusual name that has an Arabic background and also refers to the orange blossom that grows all over the Mediterranian.

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Also found in the Spanish name for Mary, mother of Jesus, Nuestra Senora del Azahar, meaning Our Lady of the Orange Blossom.

6 – Coral

Very popular in the 1800s this girl’s name has some spellings that can update it for today’s children.

Corral, Koral, Coralie. Named after the beautiful formations of coral that grow in reefs in the tropics.

7 – Ginger

The orange-colored spice is often used to describe a hair color that only 2% of the population has.

A really popular name in the 1950s and made most famous by actress, Ginger Rogers who did have red hair but dyed it blond and brown! Also, the shortened form of Virginia.

8 – Honey

A name for a sweet golden girl, Honey is an English name that is very popular in the Uk but less so in the USA.

9 – Jacinthe

It’s a beautiful French name meaning orange-red. It is a rare name and can also be spelled Jacynthe, and Jacinth.

10 – Kitsu

A Japanese kanji word used as a name that means orange or tangerine.

In Tahitian, the same word refers to the northern lights and was used as an eleven name in the “The Witcher” series of books.

11 – Lantana

Named for a verbena plant with clusters of bright happy pink to orange flowers, this is another uncommon name that is quite rare and quite different with a botanical Latin base.

12 – Marigold

A very old English name often shortened to Goldie that has never been in the top 1000 baby names.

It’s a pretty yellow-orange flower name that can also be spelled Marygold, Marigolde or Marrigold.

13 – Mikan

Another Japanese word from its many languages that means orange. Girls given this name are often of the Judaism religion.

14 – Nerënxa

From the Albanian word meaning “bitter orange,” a popular fruit for marmalades, flavoring, and essential oils in the Mediterranean.

15 – Nerola

This is a wonderful Italian name for the “orange blossom”. It has several equally beautiful variants like Nerolia, Neroli, and Neroly.

It is another rare name that has an orange theme.

16 – Orenji

A rather lovely Japanese name that is the literal translation of the word orange, color, and fruit.

17 – Saffron

A beautiful old French girl’s name referring to the extremely expensive yellow-orange spice, saffron.

It has never been in the top 1000 names and like its namesake, is quite rare.

18 – Santara

Another name to do with the fruits of the citrus tree, this time the Indian name for the tangerine.

A sweet name that can have variations like Santra and Tara. A more unusual name in the western world.

19 – Sienna

A lovely Italian name that refers to the reddish-orange color. Sienna was picked by Princess Beatrice as her first child’s name.

It can also refer to the Italian city built by the two sons of Remus, Siena which is built on stunning red-orange clay.

20 – Sziéna

A name that has Hungarian origins and refers to the reddish-orange colored sands, a little like the clays of Siena in Italy.

A very unconventional name that conjures up mystical origins.

21 – Tawny

A popular Irish girl’s name that describes the color golden brown. With an ‘E” Tawney is the color of a lion’s coat.

22 – Tigerlily

Another lovely orange flower name, Tigerlily, was also the princess in the original Peter Pan story.

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A strong name from American literature with a botanical base that belongs to a capable woman.

23 – Topaz

Named for the yellow-orange gemstone, Topaz is the state gemstone of Texas and Utah. It is a very unique name and its origin is from the Greek language.

24 – Yuzana

A name from the Buddhist areas of Burma and meaning “Orange Jasmine,” this flower smells very sweet and has orange berries after it flowers.

It is considered a divine and spiritual name.

Boy Names That Mean Orange

25 – Auburn

From the French and old Latin meaning orangy brown, it has never been a popular name but was the name of a 19th-century politician, Auburn Pridemore.

26 – Cyrus

A name that simply means sun in Persian. Similar to Soliel in French, it invokes golden sun and sunny skies.

27 – Daidai

Another Asian name meaning orange and all its connotations.

It also refers to many generations as the tree is revered for its ability to retain unpicked fruit for many years.

The word originated in the Himilayas and spread across the Asian region as these fruit trees became more popular.

28 – Garfield

Even though this is a boy’s name harking back to centuries ago, it’s a name that evokes the orange stripey cat from the Garfield cartoons.

Jim Davis, the author, named the cartoon cat after his grandfather.

29 – Fox

An old name that gained popularity due to a character called Fox Mulder from the 1990s TV series, The X Files.

Not the most popular first name at the moment, but has a long history and was a popular name in England. It references the native wild dog of the UK.

30 – Neroli

The masculine version of the name Nerola refers to the prolific and beautiful flowers of the orange blossom trees from Italy.

31 – Kirros

Is Greek for orange and is considered a strong, masculine name as it appears in old stories as the hero or as an important character.

32 – Kitsuo

When the Japanese add an “O” to the end of a name it becomes masculine and can mean husband, son, hero, or simply manly.

33 – Rufus

A derivative of Russell, both of which refer to red-haired men. It was an incredibly popular name for boys in the early 20th century when it was in the top 150 names list.

34 – Rusty

Another name that is used more as a nickname for people who have red hair.

Unisex Names That Mean Orange

35 – Cam

A Vietnamese name meaning orange fruit. It is also the diminutive of Cameron which is Gaelic and means crooked nose.

36 – Koi

Koi is a more exotic name that, in Hawaiian, means “urge” and “implore”.

Koi are also the orange fish in Japanese gardens that are symbols of good luck. In the Buddist culture, Koi are associated with courage.

37 – Orange

Can be a boy or girl’s name and is directly related to the color and fruit. Not a common name and is mostly found as a surname.

Names Associated With Orange

38 – Alba

Another sunrise or dawn name, this time from Italy invokes images of the orange skies at that time of the day.

39 – Anatolius

Anatolius is a male name meaning “from the East” and is to do with golden sunrises. It is a very unique name and one that also belonged to a Saint.

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40 – Apricot

A very sweet and fruity name not often found on children but often found as a pet name.

41 – Buttercup

A sunny golden flower that gifted its name to the star of the movie, The Princess Bride. However, it is a name more often associated with cows and other farm animals.

42 – Cymbeline

Unsurprisingly, a girl’s name of Greek origin and means “Sun Lord” or “Sun Hound,” Variants are Emaline, and Amaline.

43 – Dahlia

A lovely bright orange flower named after a Swedish botanist, it is a sweet flower name and pairs well with Rose and Lilly.

44 – Jaffa

It’s an ancient Hebrew girl’s name meaning “beauty” or “beautiful”.

It is also a word that is used to describe a large orange with a thick peel and can also be spelled Jaffah.

45 – Marisol

A pretty combination of the Spanish words for sea and the golden sun. The Portuguese also use this girl’s name and it has many variations such as Marike, Marita Marja, Sole, and Sol.

46 – Melina

The “Mel” at the beginning of this name means Honey in Greek and so all names starting with “Mel” also start with the sweet golden nectar.

Melina is a popular French name and its diminutives can be Mel, Mindy, Mina, or Lina.

47 – Nada

This is an Arabic and Russian girl’s name with the meaning, dew at sunrise.

48 – Oriana

Means golden dawn or sunrise and is a pretty name from the ancient language of Latin.

49 – Pumpkin

More of a term of endearment for children you are close to than as an actual name.


50 – Tiger

A real statement, kind of a name that could have many spellings to make it even more remarkable.

Tygr, Tygh, Tigger, Tygur or even Tyghe are all derivatives of the name for the most famous orange-striped big cat there ever was.

51 – Valencia

A name of Spanish origin meaning “brave and strong”.

It is also the name of the third-largest city in Spain and, of course, is well known as a type of popular orange.

52 – Zinnia

It’s Latin in origin and the bright zinnia flower signifies remembrance. An orange thirteen petaled Zinia was the first flower ever grown in space.

Final Thoughts On Orange Names For Girls and Boys

If the bright golden hues of the color orange are amongst your favorites, we hope you have found a name for your golden child amongst those that we have compiled here.

Many of these orange names can be unisex or represent the color orange in another language or culture.

We hope you have found a wonderful name in this list that encompasses everything you hope for your child now and in the future.

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Be bright. Be bold. Choose an orangy name!

Girl Names That Mean Sunshine

When you envision a happy little girl, you likely picture a delightful child with a sunny disposition. Give your daughter a name that matches that bright outlook by giving her one of these girl names that mean sunshine. From Dawn to Lucy and a wide variety in between, each of these baby names are playful and fun. Take a look!

  • Aelia Aelia is an Ancient Roman girl’s name with a solar bearing. This name simply means “sunshine.”
  • Áine Áine is an illuminating Irish name for girls. In addition to meaning “sunshine,” this name was borne by an Irish seasonal goddess said to influence the sun.
  • Alba Alba is a light Latin girl’s name. It means “rising sunshine.”
  • Álfsól Álfsól is an illuminating Icelandic girl’s name. It means “elven sunshine.”
  • Alina – Alina is a glisteningly Greek name for a girl. This specific name means “light” like that inherent to sunshine.
  • Aurora – Aurora is a brilliant Roman name for a girl. This name is mentioned on this list because it is the name of the Ancient Roman goddess of the sunrise.
  • Cyra Cyra is a Persian girl’s name dealing with the sun’s light. This one name can mean “sunshine” or “throne”
  • Dawn Dawn is a shining example of a girl’s name from Old English. This specific name is the word used for the moment that the sun begins to shine or to signal the start of something.
  • Easter Easter is a Christian girl’s name associated with the solar. Specifically, this name means “where the sunshine rises.”
  • Elanor Elanor is a Sindarin girl’s name with ties to the sun. This name means “star sunshine.”
  • Eldora Eldora is a gleaming Greek girl’s name. This name’s particular meaning would be “gift from the sunshine.”
  • Ellen Ellen is a glorious Greek name for a girl. The exact meaning of this name would either be “sunlight’s rays” or “the light of sunshine.”
  • Glawar Glawar is a scintillating Sindarin name for a girl. Its specific meaning can be used to refer to golden flowers or the golden glow of sunshine.
  • Helen Helen is a Greek girl’s name dealing with solar radiance. This particular name can mean “sun’s rays” or “sunshine”
  • Helaine Helaine is an illuminating girl’s name from the Old English language. This specific name means “sunshine’s light”
  • Kalinda Kalinda is a heliocentric girl’s name from the Hindi language. The unique meaning of this name would be “sunshine.”
  • Keren Keren is a Hebraic girl’s name dealing with celestial brilliance. This particular name’s meaning would be “ray of sunshine.”
  • Liane Liane is a girl’s name from the English language and one concerned with the sun. This specific name means “daughter of sunshine.”
  • Lucy Lucy is an Italian girl’s name connected to solar emissions. This specific name means “sunshine’s light.”
  • Malina Malina is an iridescent girl’s name of Inuit origins. This particular name gets a mention on this list because it is the name of an Inuit goddess of the sun.
  • Oriana – Oriana is a lustrously Latin name for a girl. This unique name’s meaning is that of “sunrise,” the beginning of the time when people can enjoy sunshine.
  • Phoebe Phoebe is a Greek name for a girl that is quite a celestial choice. This specific name’s meaning can equate to “sunshine,” “brilliant” or “radiant.” Phoebe was also the cupbearer of Zeus, the king of the gods of the Greek pantheon and another being whose name can also mean similar things.
  • Siria – Siria is a Spanish and Persian language name for a girl that has ties to the sun. This particular name, regardless of which language you tend to favor, can translate as “glowing” or “bright sunshine.”
  • Solana – Solana is a spectacular Spanish name for a girl. Its exact meaning is pretty explicit, “sunshine.”
  • Soleil Soleil is a photonic girl’s name from French. This name means “sunshine.”
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