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What name means moon love?

Names That Mean “Moon”

Naming a baby is no frivolous task. It’s a decision parents are faced with only once in their life of their child, and one that will mark their life for years and years to come. We might not always realize it, but a name can be important to someone because of many factors. All in all, a name can tell things about someone, about their origins, their gender, their beliefs or can even say something about their family. All the more reason to choose a graceful name for a child!

The moon is one of the most beautiful celestial objects in our night sky. Perched among all the stars, planets, and constellations, it’s comprehensible that many parents would be inclined to bestow a name related to the moon for their little ones. Luckily, there are many names with lunar meanings, with provenances from different cultures and origins. And fortunately as well, some gorgeous Star Maps are available for astronomy enthusiasts who can’t get enough of the moon!

Since we’re sure you want to give your baby a truly unique name, we’ve put together this list of names for boys and girls meaning moon. What better way to name a child than by honoring a celestial body mankind has looked up and admired since times immemorial? These celestial names symbolizing the moon are truly unique and speak to something bigger than humanity. Your little girl or boy deserves an awesome name to match their special spirit and singularity!

Origins of the word “moon”

As most words in the English language, the word moon we know today is not exactly the same as it was at its origins. In reality, the word “moon” derives from the terms “moone” or “mon” in Old English or Anglo-Saxon. These words, in turn, have its roots in the ancient Greek, Italic, Celtic and Armenian languages. Although less frequent in English, the latin word “luna” is also a synonym for moon.


Now that we’ve covered this origin story, let’s go straight to the point : beautiful names for your child conveying the power of the moon !

Boy and girl names that mean “moon”


Our first name for this list goes way back to Ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Selene was the titan goddess of the moon, who drove her white moon chariot across the heavens, night after night. Selene is strong and powerful girl name meaning moon. Other variants of the same name are Celene, Selena, or Celine, which are widely known due to pop stars of the same name (yes, we mean Celine Dion and Selena Gomez. who else?).

Fun fact: Selene is actually part of the Pleiades, an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. These stars and constellations are perfectly distinguishable in the beautiful star maps by Under Lucky Stars.


Our second name for today’s feature is Luna. Spanish and Italian speakers will surely recognize this name : it literally means “moon” in their languages. The thing is, Luna was the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess Selene, and her name has endured the test of time. Today it is a relatively infrequent but beautiful name for a girl.


The girl name Helen is the English form of the Greek name Helene, which in turn is derived from Selene (which as we’ve seen before was the moon goddess). As a matter of fact, in Ancient Greek the name “Helene” also signified “torch”. In this sense, the meaning is all the more beautiful. The moon is what illuminates and brightens our dark night skies, just as a torch would. Definitely a beautiful meaning behind a name for a girl.

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Although boy names meaning “moon” are harder to find than their female counterparts, there are still some which beautiful names which convey a strong character. Aidan, also written as Aydan, is one of these, literally meaning «from the moon» in Turkish. Not be confused with the Irish and Gaelic name with the same spelling, which rather stands for “fire”.



Yet again another nod to classical Greek culture! No wonder, though, as in many ways the ancient Greeks laid the foundations of our civilization. Let’s get back to our main subject, though: wasn’t Atlas the Greek god who held the sky on his shoulders for all eternity ? Yes, he was, but Atlas is also the name given to one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. A great and powerful name for a boy!

Happily for you, nowadays we don’t need Atlas to constantly hold up the heavens for us. We can actually carry a map of the skies in our pockets thanks to the nifty phone cases by Under Lucky Stars! How things have changed in modern times.
Kale In the same vein as the previous name on our list, Kale is also a brilliant masculine name which represents one of Jupiter’s moons.


Going back to girl names, Neoma is a beautiful celestial name that signifies “full moon” in Greek. Another version of this name is the more common Naomi, which is also a beautiful option to name a girl.

Girl Names That Mean Moon

If you want a bright, delicate, but present name that commands attention, consider a girl name that means “moon.” Here is a list of 25 options — complete with meaning and with a variety of origins — that will surely inspire your name selection.

  • Aiday Aiday is a Kazahk name that means “moon child”. Aiday is a youthful, joyful name.
  • Aiman Evocative and lovely, Aiman means “beauty of the moon”. It is a Kazakh name.
  • Altalune Altalune is a Latin name that means “over the moon” or “higher than the moon”. This name has a posh, classy sound to it.
  • Amaris Amaris is an Irish name meaning “moon child”. Amaris is also a Hebrew name that means “God has given”.
  • Aruna Aruna is a Japanese name that means “moon love” and is a sweet name. Aruna is also a Sanskit name meaning “reddish brown”.
  • Belinay Belinay is a modern Turkish name that means “reflection of the moon on a lake”. With such a poetic meaning that paints a lovely picture, this unique name is a lovely choice.
  • Chandra Chandra is the name of a Hindi goddess of the moon. Chandra is pronounced CHAWND-ro.
  • Chantara – Chantara is a Thai name that means “moon water”.
  • Cynthia Cynthia is a Greek name. Cynthia was one of the earliest epithets for the goddess Artemis.
  • Diana Diana was a Roman goddess of the moon, childbirth, forests and hunting, and protector of women. Diana is one of the counterparts to the Greek goddess Artemis.
  • Eirny Eirny is an Old Norse name that means “merciful new moon” or “promised new moon”. Eirny can also be written Eirnyr.
  • Esmeray Esmeray is a Turkish name that means “dark moon”. Esmeray is often shortened to Esme.
  • Ilargi In Basque mythology, Ilargi was the goddess of the moon and the companion of her brother Ehki who was god of the sun. Ilargi means “moon” or “moonlight”.
  • Liviana Liviana is derived from Hebrew and is a name that means “white moon”. Liviana has potential for several cute nicknames like Livi and Ana.
  • Luna Luna is a cute Italian and Spanish name that means “moon”. Luna is the name of the black cat companion of the title character of “Sailor Moon”.
  • Lunafreya Lunafreya is a combination of the names Luna, meaning “moon”, and Freya, meaning “noblewoman”. Lunafreya was the main female character of the video game Final Fantasy XV.
  • Mahina Mahina is a Hawaiin name meaning “moon”. Mahina has a lyrical quality to it that makes it a lovely choice.
  • Melinoe One of the many Greek goddesses of the moon, Melinoe means “the color of quince” which is a pale yellow fruit.
  • Mezzaluna Mezzaluna literally means “half moon”. A mezzaluna is a type of curved blade used for easily chopping ingredients for cooking.
  • Natsuki Natsuki is a Japanese name that has several possible meanings depending on the kanji used. The most common version of the name means “green moon” or “vegetable moon”.
  • Nikini Nikini is a Sri Lankan name that is perfect for an August baby as it refers specifically to a full moon during the month of August.
  • Selene Selene is one of the names of a Greek moon goddess. Selena is the Latin equivalent of the name.
  • Selenite Selenite is another term for moonstone. Moonstone is an iridescent milky white semi-precious stone.
  • Stellaluna A modern combination of the names Stella meaning “star” and Luna meaning “moon”, Stellaluna is a name that evokes feelings of refinement and beauty.
  • Zira Zira is a Swahili name that means “moonlight, hatred”. Zira is also a Hebrew name that means “messenger”.
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100 Boy Names That Mean Moon for Your Lunar Baby

Boy Names That Mean Moon

Moon baby names and names inspired by moon gods and the lunar cycle make out-of-this world baby boy names!

Updated: March 8, 2023
Table of contents

The moon is a powerful force that brings light to the night and impacts both the tides and time. Historically, the moon has had religious, astrological, and mythological ties.

Ancient moon gods and figures make a fantastic source of inspiration for parents looking for a baby name.

Parents can get a bit creative with their child’s title, choosing a combination of first and middle names that serve as a nod to these designations. For instance, if you are expecting your boy in July and want his name to mean Buck Moon, you could go with the English title Hartford Dal.

Need a bit more direction to make a marvelous moniker like this? Simply check out our extensive catalog of boy names that mean moon!

Male Names That Mean Moon

When looking for ideas, the first place to search is our solar system! Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Neptune, and Uranus have over 200 moons to choose from and many of these titles have roots in ancient mythologies.

  1. Aadhira — This is an Indian name meaning “moon.»
  2. Aibek — A Turkish name meaning “moon.»
  3. Agharna — Of Indian origins, this name means “the moon.»
  4. Ay — A Turkish name meaning “moon.»
  5. Aytac — This is another Turkish name that means “moon” or “crown of the moon.»
  6. Chand — A Sanskrit name meaning “the moon”, “bright”, or “light.»
  7. Dal — An Old English and German name meaning “valley” and “valley dweller.» This is also a Korean title that means “moon.»
  8. Dawa — This gender-neutral name of Tibetan origin means “moon” or “month.»
  9. Fengári — A Greek name meaning “moon.»
  10. Gealach — Of Irish origins, this epithet translates to “moon.»
  11. Himanshu — A Hindu name meaning “the moon.»
  12. Iah — Of Egyptian origins, this name means “moon.»
  13. Indu — In India, this epithet means “moon.»
  14. Jaci — This American and Native American baby boy name means “moon.»
  15. Kamari — Of Swahili origins, this unisex name means “moon” or “moonlight.»
  16. Kuu — A Finnish name meaning “moon.»
  17. Lleuad — This is a Welsh name meaning “moon.»
  18. Luan — Of Portuguese and Chinese origins, this name means “moon.» This is a masculine form of the popular name Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon.
  19. Mani — An Old Norse name meaning “moon” and a Spanish name meaning “God is with us.»
  20. Metztli — Of Atzten origins, this unisex name means “moon.»
  21. Pulan — A Chamorro title that also means “moon.»
  22. Qamar — This Arabic name means “moon.»
  23. Shashank — Of Sanskrit origins, this is another title that means “moon.»
  24. Vikesh — This is a Hindi name meaning “the moon.»
  25. Yereah — An Old Hebrew name that means “moon.»
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Moon God Names From Mythology

Moon gods are found in many mythologies and cultures that are strongly connected with the power and majesty of the moon. Ancient cultures used to track the different months of the year by assigning the moon different names “based on the behavior of the plants, animals, or weather during that month.”

Some of these names include Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, Buck Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunter’s Moon, and Cold Moon.

  1. Abaangui — This is a South American god who is said to have created the moon.
  2. Aku — A Scandinavian name that means “moon god.»
  3. Anningan — Of Inuit origins, this is the name of a moon god for the people of Greenland.
  4. Astennu — This Egyptian name means “God of the moon.»
  5. Coniraya — The name of a moon god, this Incan title means “God of instant fertility.»
  6. Elatha — This is the name of the «god of the moon in Irish mythology. If you are expecting multiples, Elara or Esmeray are girl moon names that can pair nicely with this lunar male epithet.
  7. Fati — In Polynesian mythology, this is another God of the moon.
  8. Gidja — A gender-neutral name for the Aboriginal God of the moon.
  9. Igaluk — This is the name of an Eskimo or Inuit moon god.
  10. Jerah — Of Hebrew origins, this name means “the moon” or “taught by God.»
  11. Khonsu — Meaning “traveler”, this is the name of the ancient Egyptian god of the moon.
  12. Marama — The name of a male lunar deity in Maori mythology.
  13. Mayank — An Indian name meaning “moon.»
  14. Soma — This name has Hungarian origins meaning “a kind of berry”, but it is also the name of the Hindu god of the moon.
  15. Tecciztecatl — Another name of Aztec origin, this name means “place of the conch” and is the title of their lunar deity.

Moon-Inspired Boy Names

Little boy looks out the window at the moon. Night time.

Looking for translations like “moon” and “moonlight” can help you find a unique boy name. Also, consider the phases of the moon and phrases that relate to the moon’s appearance — new moon, crescent moon, full moon, bright moon, and white moon.

  1. Abylay — Of Kazakh origin, this name means “father of the moon.»
  2. Aegaeon — This Greek name means “stormy one” and “goatish.» This is also the name of one of Saturn’s moons.
  3. Ainar — Of Kazakh origins, this name means “fire moon”, “male moon”, or “pomegranate moon.»
  4. Akay — This is a gender-neutral Turkish name meaning “shining moon.»
  5. Aldrin — An Old English name meaning “old.» This is also the surname of the second man to walk on the moon
  6. Apollo — This is a Greek name meaning “manly.» It is also the title of the third U.S. human spaceflight project. In Greek mythology, this is the name of the god of the sun and the twin brother of Artemis, otherwise known as Diana, the goddess of the moon.
  7. Arche — An English name meaning “bold prince.» This is also one of the moons of Jupiter.
  8. Aruna — This is a Hindi name meaning “dawn” and a Japanese name meaning “moon love.»
  9. Atlas — A Greek name that refers to the mythical Titan who supported the earth on his back. It is also the epithet of one on the inner moons of Saturn.
  10. Ayberk — This Turkish name means “ high moon” or “brightness of the moon.»
  11. Ayden — Another Turkish name meaning “from the moon.» For those expecting twins, Ayla is an adorable Turkish girl name to go with this epithet.
  12. Aysun — Yet another Turkish title that translates to “beautiful as the moon.»
  13. Aytac — This Persian title means “crown of the moon.»
  14. Badar — Of Arabic origins, this name means “full moon.»
  15. Badru — Another Arabic name meaning “full moon.»
  16. Bahloo — This is an Australian name that means “a male spirit representing the moon.»
  17. Balachandra — Of Indian origins, this name translates to “young moon” or “crescent moon.»
  18. Caliban — This is a Romanian name «meaning “black.» It is also one of the moons of Uranus.
  19. Callisto — A Greek name meaning “fair” or ‘good.» This is the name of one of the moons of Jupiter.
  20. Chandra — This is a Hindi name that means “bright”, “radiant”, and “of the moon.» This is the shortened version of Ramachandra and while stereotypically a baby boy name, it can also make an adorable baby girl name as well.
  21. Charon — A Greek name meaning “fierceness.» This is also the name of one of Pluto’s moons.
  22. Deimos — Of Ancient Greek origins, this name means “terror” and “dread.» This is one of the twin moons of Mars.
  23. Ehan — This is a Muslim name meaning “full moon.»
  24. Ferdinand — A German name meaning “courageous traveler.» It is also the name of a small, dark moon of Uranus.
  25. Francisco — A Spanish name meaning “free land.» This is also one of the names of the moons of Uranus.
  26. Getsumei — Of Japanese origins, this unisex name means “moonlight.»
  27. Gunay — A Turkish name that means “a moon seen in daylight.»
  28. Halo — Of French origins, this name means “greeting” or “surprise.» It also has Greek roots, with meanings tied to the “divine aura” of light around the sun and the moon.
  29. Hilal — This is a unisex Arabic name meaning “crescent moon.»
  30. Hyperion — Of Greek origins, this titan name means “the high one” and it is the title of one of Saturn’s moons. It is also the epithet of the father of the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene.
  31. Ihan — This is an Arabic name meaning “full moon” and “God’s grace.»
  32. Ilkay — Of Turkish origins, this name means “new moon.»
  33. Janus — A Latin name meaning “passageway.» It is also one of the moons of Saturn.
  34. Jericho — An Arabic name meaning “city of the moon.»
  35. Kale — This is a Hawaiian title meaning “strong” and “manly.» It is also the name of one of Jupiter’s irregular satellites (moons) that is moving in retrograde.
  36. Konane — A unisex Hawaiian name that means “glow like moonlight” or “lunar glow.»
  37. Koray — Of Turkish origins, this name means “ember moon.»
  38. Linus — This Greek name means “flax” and is the name of a moon that orbits the asteroid Kalliope.
  39. Loge — Of French origins, this name means “lodge.» It is also the name of another one of Saturn’s moons.
  40. London — This gender-neutral English name means “fortress of the moon.»
  41. Mayar — Of Arabic origins, this title means “moon glow.»
  42. Ming Yue — A unisex Chinese name meaning “bright moon.»
  43. Monday — This is an English name that translates to “day of the moon.»
  44. Moon — Of English origins, this name means “from the moon.»
  45. Muraco — This Native American name means “white moon.»
  46. Narvi — This is an Old Norse name for one of the moons of Saturn.
  47. Neil — Of Irish origins, this name means “champion.» It is also the first name of the first man to walk on the moon.
  48. Neso — A unisex name meaning “island.» This is the name of one of Neptune’s moons.
  49. Oberon — This is a German name that means “bear heart.» This is the epithet of the outermost moon of Uranus.
  50. Phobos — An Ancient Greek name meaning “fear” and “panic.» This is the other twin moon of Mars.
  51. Proteus — Of Greek origins, this name means “sea god.» This is another one of Neptune’s moons.
  52. Puck — An English name meaning “goblin” or “mischievous sprite.» It is also the name of a moon of Uranus.
  53. Purnama — Of Indonesian origins, this name means “full moon.»
  54. Quacey — A Scottish name meaning “moonlight.»
  55. Raka — This Sanskrit name means “full moon.»
  56. Rakesh — A Hindi name meaning “lord of the night” or “lord of the full moon night.»
  57. Soma — Of Indian origins, this unisex name means “lunar nectar.» It is also the name of the Hindu god of the moon.
  58. Titan — A Greek title that means “of the giants.» This is the epithet of Saturn’s biggest moon.
  59. Triton — This is a Greek name meaning “god of the sea.» It is also the epithet of one of the moons of Neptune.
  60. Tuncay — Of Turkish origin, this name means “bronze moon.»
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If you are not jumping over the moon with excitement over these magnificent lunar labels, then consider a galaxy-inspired title instead! No matter which name you choose, your baby boy is destined to be out of this world!

For more baby name inspiration check out these popular baby name lists:

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100 Boy Names That Mean Moon for Your Lunar Baby

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