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What name means water for a girl?

101 Of The Splishiest, Splashiest Names That Mean Water

Water gives life and has inspired a lot of truly beautiful baby names!

Feb. 20, 2023

Why is it that some of our most soothing and exciting moments come in or near water? A day at the beach, a dip in a lake, dancing in the rain, kayaking down a river, or just sitting in your bathtub all make for time well-spent. There’s just something about it that serves as a balm for your soul, so I think giving your babies names that mean water is a lovely idea. I’ve gathered some favorites from around the world — names that mean water, refer to water, or are inspired by water — for your consideration, including the origin of the name and its meaning. (Unless it’s a name like “Rain” in which case. you know what rain means.)

No matter why water inspires you, there are plenty of baby names that mean water to choose from.

Boy names that mean water

  • Arno (Italian; a river in Italy)
  • Calder (Scottish; “rough waters”)
  • Aalto (Finnish; “wave”)
  • Colorado (Spanish; a river in the United States)
  • Hurley (Irish; “sea tide”)
  • Devere (French; “fishing place”)
  • Kai (Hawaiian; “sea”)
  • Rio (Spanish; “river”)
  • Severn (English: the name of rivers in England and Maryland)
  • Marius (Latin; debated, but possibly “sea”)
  • Struan (Scottish; “stream”)
  • Enkai (Japanese; “deep ocean waters”)
  • Beckham (English; “homestead by a stream”)
  • Douglas (Gaellic; “dark water”)
  • Mizu (Japanese; “water”)
  • Bahari (Swahili; “one who sails”)
  • Varun (Thai; a variation on “Warun,” a rain deity)
  • Huron (Old French; the name of one of the Great Lakes of North America)
  • Aenon (Greek; “spring/natural fountain”)
  • Beck (German; “brook, stream”)
  • Llyr (Welsh; the god of the sea in Welsh mythology)
  • Ford (German & Old English; “a river shallow”)
  • Evros (Greek; a name for the Maritsa River, which flows through the Balkans and southeast Europe)
  • Van (Turkish; a lake in Turkey)
  • Caspian (Latin; the name of a sea between Europe and Asia)
  • Brosnan (Irish; “one who dwells near the Brosna River”)
  • Alun (Welsh; the name of a river in Wales)
  • Hudson (English; a river in New York)
  • Aldan (Russian; the name of a main tributary of the Lena River in Siberia)
  • Bahri (Arabic; “vast like the ocean, maritime”)
  • Se(a)ton (Old English: “seaside town”)
  • Anan (Hebrew; “vapor”)
  • Zale (Greek; “sea strength”)
  • Annop (Thai; “ocean”)
  • Bolin (Chinese; “elder brother rain”)


Girl names that mean water

  • Mayim (Hebrew; “water”)
  • Reva (Hindi; “rain”)
  • Thetis (Greek; a sea nymph and ocean goddess)
  • Cordelia (Welsh; “jewel of the sea”)
  • Maris (Latin; “of the sea”)
  • Anahita (Old Persian; the name of an Iranian goddess “of the waters”)
  • Delta
  • Talia (Hebrew; “dew”)
  • Aqua (Latin; “water”)
  • Columbia (Latin; the name of a river in the Pacific Northwest)
  • Kaveri (Sankethi; “river”)
  • Kailani (Hawaiian; “sea and sky/heaven”)
  • Morgan (Welsh; “sea born”)
  • Arethusa (Greek; a nymph in Greek mythology who was transformed into a freshwater spring.)
  • Iara (Tupí-Guaraní; “lady of the lake,” the name of a mermaid/nymph/siren-like entity who lives in the Amazon river)
  • Nerissa (Greek; “sea nymph”)
  • Damla (Turkish; “drop of rain”)
  • Tallulah (Choctaw; “leaping water”)
  • Amaya (Japanese; “night rain”)
  • Jahavni (Indian; another name for the River Ganges)
  • Thuy (Vietnamese; “water”)
  • Doris (Greek; “gift from the ocean”)
  • Miriam (Hebrew; debated, but often “woman of the sea” or “sea of bitterness”)
  • Zarna (Hindi; “springs, the source of a river”)
  • Maristella (Latin; “star of the sea”)
  • Victoria (Latin; a lake in
  • Nimue (Welsh; “the Lady of the Lake,” ruler of Avalon in Arthurian legend)
  • Moana (Maori/Polynesian; “ocean”)
  • Aella (Greek; “tempest”)
  • Japurá (Portuguese; a river in Brazil)
  • Clodagh (Irish; a river in Ireland)
  • Daria (Persian; “sea”)
  • Nixie (German; “water sprite”)
  • Lena (Russian; a river in Russia)
  • Zumzum (Swahili; “pure water”)

Gender neutral names that mean water

  • River
  • Ocean
  • Brook
  • Wave
  • Seine (French; the name of a river in northern France)
  • Brodny (Slavic; “one who lives near a stream”)
  • Rain
  • Jordan (Hebrew; the name of a river in Jordan, Israel, and Palestine)
  • Monroe (Gaelic; “one from the River Roe” in Ireland)
  • Storm
  • Lyn (Welsh; “lake”)
  • Devereaux (French; “banks of the river”)
  • Brooklyn (English; “one who lives near a brook”)
  • Lachlan/Lachlyn (Scottish; “lake land”)
  • Loire (French; the name of a river in central France)
  • Lake
  • Afon (Welsh; “river”)
  • Como (Italian; the name of a lake in northern Italy)
  • Edlen (Old English; “noble waterfall”)
  • Bada (Korean; “ocean”)
  • Fontaine (French; “fountain”)
  • Bo (Chinese; “wave”)
  • Dylan (Welsh; “child of the sea”)
  • Eaton (Old English; “homestead on a river”)
  • Hai (Chinese; “ocean”)
  • Lincoln (Old English: “lake colony”)
  • Rilian (German: “small stream”)
  • Reef
  • Sevan (Armenian; “lake”)
  • Harbor
  • Leith (Gaellic; “wet”)

From obvious to more symbolic, there are plenty of water baby names for your little splish splashin’ babe. Just think about what it is that inspires you about water, and turn that into the baby name of your dreams. Your water baby.

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Girl Names That Mean Water

If you’re expecting a little girl, then you’re likely looking for a beautiful name that captures a bit of strength and adventure while also conjuring a soothing, feminine vibe. From roaring ocean waves to bubbling creeks, water can capture those sentiments. If that’s what you’re looking for, then consider one of these girl names that mean water.

  • Amaya Amaya, meaning “night rain; mother city; the end”, has Japanese, Basque origins, yet when spelled in this manner, represents the Spanish version that is appealing and smooth to say.
  • Brooke Brooke, meaning “small stream”, is a classic name option that balances the line of being chic and edgy at the same time.
  • Cordelia Cordelia, with Latin and Celtic origins for “heart; daughter of the sea”, is a sweet and elegant name for a charming baby girl that comes with perfect nicknames like “Delia” and “Cora”.
  • Doris Doris, Greek for “gift of the ocean”, has an adorable meaning that’s fitting for baby girls, but not just that, it’s a good homage to Greek mythology as it’s the name of the daughter of the god of the sea.
  • Guinevere Guinevere, meaning “white shadow, white wave”, has a romantic feel about it for parents seeking something classic and cool.
  • Jenna Jenna, English and Welsh for “white shadow, white wave”, is a diminutive form of “Jennifer”, which is the Cornish version of the name “Guinevere”, that offers a stylish twist on the original name.
  • Kendall Kendall, meaning “valley of the river Kent”, has steadily gravitated toward being just for boys to being a fun name for baby girls as well.
  • Maree Maree, French for “ocean tides”, is a nice change of pace for the usual “Marie”.
  • Maren Maren, meaning “sea”, is a beautiful given name with strong Latin roots, yet it still a bit recent when used in place of the classic name “Mary”.
  • Marina – Marina, meaning “from the sea”, is a pretty name used famously in Shakespeare’s Pericles play.
  • Maris Maris, Latin for “of the sea”, is an unusual, cute take that offers a pleasant spin to the traditional “Marissa” name.
  • Maya Maya, meaning “water”, has a mystical feel thanks to it being found in Greek mythology for the mother of Hermes as well as being reveled amongst the Romans for being the incarnation of the goddess of spring and the earth mother.
  • Mira Mira has several meanings such as “ocean; female ruler” as it’s used across various cultures, but it can also simply be a way to shorten the likes of “Miranda”.
  • Morwenna Morwenna, Welsh for “waves of the sea”, is a more historic, ancient name choice that has enough of a vintage feel to make it stylish today.
  • Muriel Muriel, meaning “of the bright sea”, has beautiful poetic origins as it represented the Celtic angel governing the month of June.
  • Nahla Nahla, meaning “a drink of water”, is a lovely Arabic name that manages to have a gentle sound.
  • Narelle Narelle, an Australian Aboriginal name meaning “little river”, is a common choice around the country, but it makes for a pretty name when used across various cultures.
  • Nimue Nimue, a popular mystic name, is a wonderful option for parents who love Arthurian legends since it is the name for the Lady of the Lake.
  • Nixie Nixie, with German origins meaning “water nymph”, is a beautiful choice for baby girls as it’s further backed by being the name for the folklore sprites.
  • Rosemary Rosemary, although the name of an herb, also means “dew of the sea” in Latin, and there are plenty nicknames to get from it such as “Rose” and “Rosie”.
  • Sabrina Sabrina is a pleasant way to get a mythological name as it is the name of the nymph from the Severn River.
  • Tahoe Tahoe, meaning “edge of the lake”, is a cute choice with Native American origins as well as representing the large Lake Tahoe.
  • Talia Talia, with Hebrew origins for “gentle dew from heaven; by the water”, has beautiful mythology relations as it’s the name of one of the ten angels that attended the sun daily.
  • Tallulah Tallulah, meaning “leaping water; lady of abundance”, is a sweet and charming name choice.
  • Zarya Zarya, from Slavic origins, is the name of the water priestess, giving a gorgeous baby girl a powerful namesake.
What necrosis looks like?

Having a little boy? Then check out these 25 boy names that mean water.

About the Author

Ashley Haugen

Ashley Haugen is a mom of four kids who are the center of her universe. She is also a writer and editor of more than 20 years, 10 of which have been in the parenting space. She enjoys hiking, photography, and gardening, and she’s excited to embark on the journey of raising chickens this spring.

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Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Water: 80+ Stunning Ideas

If you love boho nature baby names then a girl name meaning water may be perfect for your little one.

Water is a powerful element in nature, and yet it is also associated with beauty, healing and renewal.

Baby girl wearing hat by the water

Whether you love water baby names because of their connection to the planet or the ocean has special meaning to you, there are over 100 stunning water girl names here for you to choose from!

I’ve got baby girl names meaning water and names meaning ocean, as well as girl monikers that have a close connection to this topic.

Mythical water sprites and river baby names are also good options if you love the water name trend.

Before we get started, if you love the idea of drawing inspiration from the sea then check out these mythical ocean names for boys and girls.

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You may also love these mermaid names.

Now on to some name ideas for your little water baby!

Baby girl names meaning water

These are girl names that mean water. Some will be old familiar favourites while others are water in languages from around the world.


A Latin name that means water or sea blue – a perfect rainbow baby name.


An African name meaning “water”.


A Japanese name meaning “night rain”.


A unisex baby name of Old English and German origin meaning “small brook” or “water”.


A Turkish name meaning “flows like water”. It also means love in Gaelic.


This French name means waterfall.


A Hebrew name meaning “Autumn rain”.


A gender-neutral name choice with Hebrew origins meaning ”flow down”.


A German and Gaelic name meaning “place by the flowing water”.


This girl’s name is the Spanish word for “pool” or “pond”.


An English name meaning body of water.


This unisex name is of Scottish origin and means “wet”.


A Welsh and Celtic name meaning “to cascade”.


This baby girl’s means water in Hebrew. It also means courage in Maori.


A Hebrew name meaning “water”.


A Latin name meaning mist. This is also a great name choice for fans of the Marvel universe, after the alien character in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.


A Native American name meaning clear water.

Girl names meaning ocean

All of these baby girl names mean ocean or sea. They have a variety of origins, such as Hawaii and Wales.

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When narrowing down your search it can help to consider not only the type of baby name you love, but also how unique it may be in your community.

In this list you’ll find names familiar to you, such as Jennifer and Jenna, and others that are a little more rarely used, such as Thalassa.


Darya is a Russian and Persian name, meaning sea.


Meaning “gift of the ocean”, this name has a Greek origin.


A Spanish name that means “sea”.


An Old Welsh name meaning “white wave”.


Cornish name meaning “white wave”.


This cool Hawaiian name means sea. It’s more commonly a boy’s name but does also work for girls.


If you love the name Kai but want a more feminine version then try Kailani, which also means sea.


This three-letter girl’s name means ‘sea’ in Spanish and Catalan.


This name is of Latin origin and means “of the sea”.


A girl’s name meaning of the sea.


This Latin name means ‘of the sea’.


A Spanish and Latin name meaning “of the sea”.


This pretty name has various meanings including kindness and goodness. It also means “ocean” in Sanskrit.


A cool name of Hawaiian origin meaning “ocean” or “sea”. A great choice if you love Disney baby names.


A Welsh name that means “white sea” or “dweller by the sea”.


A gender-neutral name of Greek origin meaning “sea”.


A more exotic version of the name ocean, of Greek origin.


A Greek name meaning sea.

Sea names for girls

These are baby girl names connected to the water and the sea. They don’t literally mean ocean or water, but do have close connections to it with meanings such as waves, flow and ripple.


A Finnish name meaning “wave”.


This is a Hebrew name that means “little wave” or “ripple”.


A rare baby name meaning blue gemstone.


A cool and unique name meaning nymph of the sea.


An Irish name meaning “daughter of the sea”.


This name of French and Greek origin means dolphin.


A Hebrew name meaning “wave”.


An Irish name meaning “white wave”.


This Greek name means calm and peaceful. It is derived from the name of a Greek mythological sea bird.


This gender-neutral name means boat dock on the shore, or safe place, and is of English origin.


This is the name of the Hindi God of heaven and thunderstorms.


This pretty name – which is a familiar modern girl name – means “to float” in Polynesian.

Baby girl names that mean water


This Spanish name means star of the sea.


Mary is of Hebrew origin and means drop of the sea.


A Welsh name that means sea lord.


This cute girl’s name means sea song or sea born and is of Welsh origin.


A Welsh girl’s name meaning “waves of the sea”.


A Hebrew name meaning “drawn from the water”.

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A name of Arabic origin, meaning a drink of water.


This name is of Greek origin and means water nymph and flowing.


A Greek name that means “water nymph”.


Meaning sea nymph.


This playful girl’s name means water spirit.


An Italian word meaning “wave”.


A Latin name meaning “water sprite” or “of the wave”.

Girl names meaning river

There are some gorgeous and unique names that mean river or stream in a variety of different languages. I especially love the name Eyre as a really unique girl name.


An English name that means “river by a field”.


A sweet one syllable name of English origin meaning “small stream”.


An English name meaning “beautiful brook”.


An Old English name meaning “river of stones”.


An Indian name meaning “river”.


Meaning water pipe or canal. This is a French name that is made famous by the designer Coco Chanel.


A Hebrew name meaning “winter stream”.


A name of English, Scandinavian and Norse origins meaning gravel bank river. It’s also a lovely name if you like English literature, due to the famous novel Jane Eyre.


This is more commonly a boy’s name, however it is uncommonly used as a girl’s name. It means river crossing.


This Spanish name means “river of black stones”.


This is most commonly used as a boy’s name but could also be given to girls. Its connection to rivers comes from the Hudson River in New York.


A French name referring to the river of the same name in France.


This is a unisex name of Native American origin meaning “rippling brook”.


An Irish name meaning mouth of the River Roe. A cool gender neutral name.


An Australian name meaning “little river”.


A French name meaning “river”.


A Spanish name meaning “mouth of a river” or stream” in Greek.


This sweet unisex name has really grown in popularity and works perfectly for a little girl.


This unisex name is Welsh and means “winding river”.


Sabrina means legendary princess, but also refers to someone from the area around the Severn, after the River Severn in Wales.


This name is of Indian origin and means “stream” or “river”.


An Irish name from the Shannon River in Ireland, which means “wise river”.

Girl names meaning water lily

If you love a floral girl’s name and want to keep that water connection then this collection of girl names meaning water lily are perfect choices.


This classic girl’s name means lotus or water lily in Japanese.


This playful girl’s name means water lily in Hindi.


After the flower.


This word comes from the lotus flower, although this is not specifically a water lily the name Lotus means a flower that grows in muddy water.


This Arabic name means water hyacinth.


This name is of Turkish origin and means water lily.


This sweet, short name means water lily in Irish.

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