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What name means wealthy?

63 Names That Mean Money, Rich or Wealth

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Most people want to be wealthy and have a lot of money. It’s a natural desire to want to live a life of luxury and abundance.

And what better way to start your journey to riches than by picking a name that means money, wealth, or rich?

There are plenty of names out there that have these meanings.

And while you may not become a millionaire overnight, having a name representing wealth can be a helpful reminder of your goals and what you’re working towards.

If you’re interested in giving your child a name meaning money, rich, or wealth, we have compiled a list of names that fit these criteria.

We hope you find the perfect name for your little one!

Girl Names That Mean Money, Rich or Wealth

Aishwarya is a lovely Indian name that means “wealth” and “prosperity.”

This is the name of Indian actress and Miss World 1994 winner, Aishwarya Rai.

This name originated from Hindi culture and means “wealthy.”

Bolanle is a name that is of Yoruba origins. This name expresses the sentiment of “find wealth at home.”

This Hebrew name has an intriguing meaning. It translates to “place of the treasury” and “money.”

For a catchy and simple name, Daria means “wealthy” in Greek.

Every parent wants their child to succeed. For being successfully wealthy, Dhavanti is an Indian name that translates to “holding wealth.”

Edith is of English origin and means “prosperous in war.”

Edith is a popular name in England and has been used since the Norman Conquest.

Edwina is an old money name of English origin. It means “rich friend.” It is a feminine form of the name Edwin.

The name was popularized in the Victorian era.

It was the name of a character in the popular Bridgeton series on Netflix.

This five-syllable name comes from Igbo heritage and means “money is good.”

Elodie is a melodious name that has roots in the French language. It denotes “foreign riches.”

As a Japanese name meaning “wealthy” or “precious child,” this is the perfect name to show your little girl how much you care.

Ghania is an Arabic name that means “wealthy, rich, successful.”

It is typically used as a female name. Ghania is a spelling variation of Ghaniya. Not to be confused with Ghana, a country in West Africa.

The name Jessica is used in the English and Hebrew languages. It is derived from the element ‘Yiska,’ which means ‘he sees’ in Hebrew.

According to many sources, Jessica also means “rich.” Shakespeare popularized the name in his play “The Merchant of Venice.”

Probably where the association with wealth comes from as Jessica was the daughter of the rich merchant in Shakespeare’s play.

Famous bearers of the name include actresses Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel.

Lucrezia is a feminine given name of Italian origin. It is a cognate of the Latin name Lucretia.

Lucrezia derives from the root word, lucrum, meaning “profit, wealth.”

Lucrezia is a popular name in Italy. It has several nicknames, including Lu, Lulu, and Cree, and is famously associated with Lucrezia Borgia, an Italian noblewoman.

Mahogany is a unique tree name for girls derived from Spanish origin. It means “rich,” “strong,” and “dark wood.”

It is a strong and powerful female name that is perfect for a child destined for greatness.

Meera is a gorgeous Sanskrit name that means “prosperous.” It is a good way to wish for a prosperous future for your baby daughter.

The beautiful name Ottilie is a forgotten vintage name of German origin. Ottilie means “prosperous in battle.”

Lovely and unique, Rouble is an Indian female name that means “money.”

If you are looking for a money name for your baby girl that is not too common, then Rouble might be a good option.

Titilola has Yoruba roots and is a name that will bless your child with “endless wealth.”

This name has roots in Hindi. It is derived from Sanskrit and translates to “granting of wealth.”

Yusra is another name that has roots in Arabic culture. It denotes “wealth” and “ease.”

The name Zada is of Arabic origin. The meaning of Zada is “prosperous, lucky.”

It is also of Persian origin, meaning “increase, enlargement.” Zada is typically used as a female name.

Boy Names That Mean Money, Rich or Wealth

Amir is a simple Arabic name and means “king’s minister” or “ wealthy.”

This Arabic name has the good meaning of “wealthy.”

This name originated from Chinese mythology. It is the name of the Chinese god of wealth. Caishen is known to be the most popular god.

For a short Persian name, Dara is a lovely option that denotes “wealthy.”

Another similar Persian name is Dareh, which means “wealthy.”

This Greek name has a regal vibe to it. It means “wealthy.”

In Spanish culture, Dinero is a name that translates to “money.”

One of the less popular names that start with Ed-, Edbert is “wealthy” in English.

Eddie is a handsome name that has English origins. It expresses the sentiments of a “wealthy guardian.”

This is the name of award-winning English actor Eddie Redmayne.

This English name has the meaningful sentiment of “wealthy protector.”

Edwin is an English name that means “rich friend.” Edwin is a strong boy name that has been around for centuries.

This one-syllable name comes from the Chinese language and means “wealthy.”

This interesting name has roots in Dutch heritage. It translates to “money.”

This name has an interesting pronunciation. It is of Scottish origins and means “wealthy landowner.”

Maikudi is an uncommon male name that has roots in Hausa culture. It denotes “possessing money” or “someone who has money.”

Nhia is a charming Hmong name that means “money” or “silver.”

Odon is a Hungarian boy name that means “wealthy protector.”

If you’re looking for a handsome German name, Othman is an option that means “wealthy.”

Otis is a sweet German name for boys that means “wealthy.”

Pere is a popular Ijaw name from Nigeria. It means “rich,” “wealthy,” or “king”. It’s usually a male-given name.

This name is unique and exotic because it ends in ‘a-z.’ Revaz is a Persian name that means “wealthy” or “successful.”

It is a great name to encourage your son to reach his potential.

Rigoberto is a four-syllable name that has roots in German culture. It denotes “splendid” or “ wealthy.”

For an Ijaw name that is charming and easy to pronounce, Songo is a good choice that translates to “heavenly wealth.”

This is an Indian name for your son that can shape the way that he views money. This name means “lover of wealth.”

This Ijaw name has a beautiful meaning that will bring patience to your son. It means “have patience, and wealth will come.”

This Igbo name expresses the sentiment of “wealth comes from God.” This name sounds like it would be great for a young God-fearing boy.

Vasu is a name that has roots in the Sanskrit language. It means “wealth.”

Vitannath is a smart name that has a good meaning. It is of Indian origins and translates to “owner of the money.”

Unisex Names That Mean Money, Rich or Wealth

Abimbola is a Yoruba name that means “born with wealth.”

For a name that is suitable for both boys and girls, Akuchi is a choice that originates from Igbo culture.

It denotes “wealth from God.”

The name Florence is of Latin origin. The meaning is “prosperous, flourishing.”

Florence is more commonly used as a girl’s name, but it is an androgynous given name.

Jesse is a gender-neutral name that has roots in the Hebrew language. It will encourage your little one to be “wealthy.”

For a short and sweet name that comes from Chinese culture, Jin is a name that means “gold” or “money.”

This is also the stage name of a member of BTS, a South Korean boy group.

Short and cute, the name Mene is of Nigerian origin (Ogoni tribe). The meaning of Mene is “rich” or “wealthy.” Mene is a unisex name.

This is an Ijaw name that means “money is good.” This name will be a great encouragement to your little boy or girl.

Ola is a name suitable for a child of any gender. It has roots in Yoruba culture and means “wealth.”

This name is an excellent word of blessing for your son or daughter. It means “a child is destined for wealth” in the Yoruba language.

Money-Related Names

This modern name comes from the English language and means “hollow.”

However, it also literally means “money.” This is the surname of American country musician Johnny Cash.

While this name does not directly translate to money, it means “made of gold,” which can be related to money.

One notable bearer of this name is American actress Goldie Hawn.

This gender-neutral name is an uncommon one.

It originated from Latin culture and is pretty self-explanatory as to why it is related to money.

A somewhat pretentious name with African American roots is Billion.

For some people, it could be out there, but as this word implies, it means tons of money.

If you are looking for a stand-out rich boy name, this is it!

Wrapping Up Names Meaning Money, Rich or Wealth

It might sound like a silly thing to do, but research has shown that our names can have a significant impact on our lives.

So if you want to increase your child’s chances of becoming wealthy, consider choosing a name that means money, wealthy or rich.

For more money-inspired names, you may be interested in checking out our list of old money last names and rich girl names.

75 Old Money Baby Names That Sound Rich and Glamorous

75 Old Money Baby Names That Sound Rich and Glamorous

The trend of the “old money” aesthetic on Tiktok is ironically bringing back the fashions of the upper class, preppy, posh Americans and Brits. Old money families have generational wealth, can be royal or aristocratic, follow tradition, and typically own a large amount of property. People who had these monikers were typically educated, and their wealth can be seen in their lifestyles, though not necessarily in an obvious, bragging manner.

In recent years, baby names from this period have also become more trendy. Old money baby names are classic and have connotations of wealth or higher income lifestyles. Some of the most popular baby names have an old-money feel to them. From names with a Victorian vibe inspired by Downton Abbey to old Hollywood Americana monikers, choosing a unique name from the past gives a feeling of class and style. So read on for our list of old-fashioned names to give your little one as a first or middle name.

Old Money Baby Girl Names

Old Money Girl Names

  1. Agatha — Greek for “good, honorable.“
  2. Alexandria — Greek for “helper and defender of mankind.”
  3. Alexis — Greek meaning “defender,” or “protector.”
  4. Anna (or Anne) — Latin meaning “favor” or “grace.”
  5. Agnes — Greek name meaning “holy.”
  6. Blythe — Old English name meaning “cheerful,” “joyous, or “pleasant.”
  7. Delilah— Arabic and Hebrew name meaning “delicate.”
  8. Dorothy — English and Greek origin, meaning God’s gift.”
  9. Elizabeth — Hebrew meaning “God is my oath.”
  10. Eloise — English and French name meaning “healthy” and “wide.”
  11. Fiona — Latin Gaelic meaning “fair” or “white.”
  12. Grace — Latin meaning “charm, goodness, and generosity.”
  13. Gwen — Welsh meaning “white, holy.”
  14. Helene — French for “bright, shining one.”
  15. Ivy — English/Latin for “vine.”
  16. Josephine — Hebrew origin for “shall grow.”
  17. Lillian — Latin for “purity.”
  18. Lorelai— German for “alluring” or “temptress.”
  19. Margaret — French for “pearl.”
  20. Martha — Latin/Greek for “the mistress” or “the lady.”
  21. Matilda — German meaning “battle-mighty.”
  22. Millicent— French/German for “work” or “strength.”
  23. Ophelia — Greek for “aid” or “benefit.”
  24. Phyllis — Greek for “greenery.”
  25. Prudence — Latin for “good judgment.”
  26. Ruby— Latin meaning ”deep red precious gemstone.”
  27. Sybil— Greek meaning “prophetess, oracle.”
  28. Veronica — Greek for “she who brings victory, true image.”
  29. Victoria — Latin for “victory.”
  30. Violet— English/Latin for “purple.”

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Old Money Baby Boy Names

Old Money Boy Names

  1. Albert — German, meaning “noble” and “bright.”
  2. Alexander— Latin/Greek for “defender of men.“
  3. Andrew — Greek for “strong and manly.”
  4. Benedict — Latin for “blessed.“
  5. Brent — Old English/Celtic for “holy one»,” “high place” or “from a steep hill.”
  6. Chandler — French for “candle maker or seller.”
  7. Charles — Old English/French/German for “free man.”
  8. Dean — English/Greek for “monk or dignitary in charge of ten others,” or English/Anglo-Saxon for “valley.”
  9. Edward— English for “wealth, fortune; prosperous” and “guardian,” or “protector.”
  10. Gerard — German meaning “brave spear.”
  11. Grant — English for “tall” or “large.”
  12. Henry — French for “house ruler.”
  13. Herbert — German for ”bright army.”
  14. Jasper — Persian for “treasurer.
  15. Lance — Old French//German origin for “land” or “territory.”
  16. Lloyd — Welsh for “grey-haired” or “sacred.”
  17. Miles — Latin for “a soldier.”
  18. Mitchum — Scottish for “an angel who is closer to God.”
  19. Parker— English for “park keeper.”
  20. Preston— British for “priest’s town.”
  21. Quincy— French from Latin for “estate of the fifth son.”
  22. Richard — German for ”dominant ruler.”
  23. Robert— English/German for “bright fame.”
  24. Simon — Hebrew/Greek for “hearing” or “flat-nosed.”
  25. Thomas — Hebrew for “twin.”
  26. Tristan — Celtic/Latin for “sad,” “sorrowful,” ”noise,” or “knight of the round table.”
  27. Troy — After the ancient Greek city or Irish for “foot soldier.”
  28. William — English for “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior.”
  29. Winston— British for “joyful stone.”

Old Money Gender-Neutral Names

Old Money Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Ashton — Old English for “ash tree town.”
  2. Avery — English/French for “ruler of elves.“
  3. Briar — English for ”thorny bush of wild roses.”
  4. Cyprus — English for “type of tree.”
  5. Dylan— Welsh for “born from the ocean.”
  6. Halston — English for “hallowed stone.”
  7. Harper — Medieval European derived name meaning “harp player.”
  8. Hunter — English/Scottish for “someone who hunts.”
  9. Ira — Hebrew for “watchful.”
  10. Kennedy — Gaelic for “helmeted chief.”
  11. Logan — Scottish for “little hollow.”
  12. Merritt — British for “boundary gate.”
  13. Remington — Old English for “raven-family” town.”
  14. Rory — Irish for “red king.“
  15. Spencer — British for “steward” or “administrator.”
  16. Taylor — Old English for “tailor.”

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50 Baby Names That Mean Wealth (2023)

50 Baby Names That Mean Wealth

Sometimes, parents will choose names with certain attributes or traits that they hope their children will one day possess. If you hope your child may one day be wealthy, giving them a name that reflects this wish may be a good idea. Or, instead of the materialistic side of wealth, you can choose one of these names to remind your child that good health is all the wealth they need.

The name Cash is probably one of the most blatant wealth names. Consider the literal meaning of the word before you choose it, though. It’s from Latin and English origins with the meaning “hollow.” The word “hollow” tends to have negative connotations, but it can be used to remind your child that money isn’t everything.

If you want a name that points back to wealthy figures in history, consider the names Darian or Edward. Darian means “kingly” or “wealthy” and comes from the Persian name Darius. Edward has English origins and means “wealthy guardian,” which is probably why England has had so many King Edwards.

For a feminine name, consider the sweet name Elodie, which rhymes with melody. Elodie has French and Greek origins and means “foreign riches.” The name is most popular in European countries but has made its way back to the top 1,000 names in the US in recent years.

A great unisex name that means “wealthy” is Jessie or Jesse. It has Hebrew and Scottish origins and is more commonly used as a nickname rather than a given name.


Meaning: Born Wealthy
Origin: Hindu
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Father of Wealth; richness
Origin: Hindu
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy spear or oak grove
Origin: German
Gender: Boy


Meaning: A wealthy or rich noble person
Origin: German
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Crown has wealth; Crown has honor
Origin: African
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Hindu Goddess Lakshmi who was the goddess of wealth
Origin: Indian
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Prosperity, wealth
Origin: Sanskrit
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Profitable encounter; our encounter brings wealth
Origin: Nigerian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy
Origin: French
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Wealthy protector
Origin: Irish
Gender: Girl


Meaning: New found wealth
Origin: Norse
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Friend of wealth
Origin: Norse
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Rich; Wealthy; Well-off; Prosperous
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Prosperity; Richness; Wealthy
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Expanded,Large, Wealthy
Origin: Bengali
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Wealth,Flourish
Origin: Indian
Gender: Girl


Meaning: A wise and wealthi woman
Origin: Latin
Gender: Girl


Meaning: A slang word for money
Origin: Latin
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Great power and wealth
Origin: French
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Mixed with wealth
Origin: Yoruba
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy one
Origin: Greek
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Kingly or wealthy
Origin: Persian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy
Origin: Greek
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy spearman
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy guardian
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy friend
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Foreign riches
Origin: French and Greek
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Flourishing, prosperous
Origin: Latin
Gender: Girl


Meaning: My wealth
Origin: Arabic
Gender: Boy


Meaning: God is my wealth
Origin: Arabic
Gender: Boy


Meaning: The one who is rich in wealth
Origin: Spanish
Gender: Girl


Meaning: A rich, wealthy and prosperous person
Origin: Arabic
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy one
Origin: Kenyan
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy
Origin: Indian
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Wealthy Person; Rich and Prosperous
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Prosperity. Wealth
Origin: Muslim
Gender: Boy


Meaning: God of wealth
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealthy
Origin: Hebrew and Scottish
Gender: Unisex


Meaning: Wealthy; Rich; Prosperous
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealth, a wealthy man
Origin: Polynesian,Tongan
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Prosperous
Origin: Sanskrit
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Wealthy guardian
Origin: English
Gender: Boy


Meaning: The master of all wealth
Origin: Indian
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealth
Origin: German
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealth
Origin: Greek
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Floodtide, abundance, prosperity
Origin: Irish
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Rich
Origin: German
Gender: Boy


Meaning: Wealth
Origin: Muslim
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Child of wealth
Origin: Japanese
Gender: Girl


Meaning: Ease. Wealth
Origin: Muslim
Gender: Boy

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