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What nationality is the best food?

These are the healthiest cultures and diets in the world

Whether you are trying to become healthier or wish to avoid chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, adhering to a healthy diet can be a great first step. We often see ourselves consuming quick and easy food that 05/not be giving us the nutrition we need to stay fit and healthy.

While countries like Australia 05/not rank as poorly as the United States or Mexico, when it comes to healthiest cultures we can learn a few things from some of our neighbours and beyond on how to start eating better. We have compiled a list of countries around the world whose diets have been proven to help you live longer, feel stronger, and help you look your best.

Book your next holiday to one of these healthy nations to steal some secrets for living a healthy lifestyle that will allow to you feel great and give you the energy to enjoy the activities you love. Maintaining a good level of health will help minimise the risk for illnesses and injuries during your holidays and comprehensive travel insurance will help cover you for the unexpected events that are out of your control which 05/require overseas medical treatment.


The Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean Diet has long been touted as one of the world’s healthiest diets. It follows the eating habits of Greece and Southern Italy, and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease and early death.

The diet’s main ingredients are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil, the last of which 05/be one of the key health-promoting components. Switch out your vegetable or coconut oil for extra virgin olive oil.

The diet steers away from red meat and instead promotes lean meats such as chicken and fish. Try replacing your current snacks for vegetables and stick to whole grains like quinoa and barley. Try eating more nuts like almonds and pistachios which can help you feel full and provide you with protein, fibre, and potassium.

The diet is great for lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes and 05/help you live longer. Popular dishes to try are seafood paella, Tzatziki, Avgolemono, and vegetables with hummus.



Japan has one the world’s longest life expectancies and it 05/be due to its diet. It is a semi-vegetarian diet low in fat and sugar. It promotes a diet of rice, fish, noodles, soy beans, and vegetables.

Japan is home to more people over 100 years of age than any other nation and has low rates of many common diet related diseases. Small portion sizes keep calorie intake under control and a diet rich in protein and fibre help to keep you feeling full. Green tea is popular and provides beneficial antioxidants along with possibly preventing certain cancers.

The Okinawa Diet is similar to the mainland Japanese diet and is anti-inflammatory while allowing you to maintain or lose weight. It focuses on mindful eating and is rich in yellow, orange, and green vegetables while limiting sugar and grains even more than is practised on the mainland.


South Korea

South Koreans have managed to avoid becoming obese through a diet consisting of rice, fish, and the traditional side dish known as kimchi. Kimchi consists of fermented vegetables such as cabbage and radishes seasoned with such things as garlic and chilli powder.

South Koreans pride themselves in a high carb, low fat diet. Although they 05/consume a lot of carbs, they choose ones which are not processed. Try trading your breakfast of bacon and eggs for broiled fish and brown rice and instead of grabbing a donut or biscuit, give kimchi a go. Although kimchi 05/take a bit of getting used to, it provides you with gut-healthy probiotics, beneficial fibre, and antioxidants.

Another delicious Korean dish is bibimbap which involves mixing rice with a variety of sautéed vegetables and a small portion of meat such as beef, topped with soy sauce.



You don’t necessarily have to live off vegetables and rice to stay fit and healthy. Take a page from the French cookbook and still enjoy your crème brûlée, and croissants. Sometimes it isn’t what you eat but rather how much you are consuming. The French enjoy much smaller portion sizes than you find in other countries and they aren’t into snacking much either.

The French also don’t rush their meals rather they set time aside to really enjoy eating with family or friends. They rarely eat while watching T.V as well. This combination allows them to savour every bite while also allowing their stomaches time to register the food they are consuming which curbs overeating.

You have the freedom to be more flexible with your food choices if you’re like the French and stay active. They tend to walk rather drive, take the stairs as opposed to the elevator, and of course their passion for love surely adds to them staying in shape.


The Nordic diet

The Nordic Diet is inspired by the cultures of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The diet focuses on consuming high amounts of protein and fibre. Staples of the diet include fish, berries, whole grain cereals, low fat dairy products, root vegetables, and rapeseed oil.

The diet is as good on the local environment as it is for your health, requiring fewer natural resources and creating less pollution to produce meals on your plate. Try herring smørrebrød, skyr, and toast skagen.

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New Study Reveals Most Popular Cuisines in America

A new study has revealed that Chinese food is the most Googled cuisine in the United States, according to Google search data.

Posted by Jackie Mitchell | September 23, 2022

A new study has revealed that Chinese food is the most Googled cuisine in the United States, according to Google search data.

The research, conducted by, analyzed Google search data related to the 40 most popular cuisines in different U.S. states to find out what cuisines Americans search for (and eat) the most.

  1. Chinese food. With an average of over 3.35 million searches per month in the U.S., Chinese is Americans’ favorite food.
  2. Mexican food. With an average of 1.22 million Google searches per month in the U.S., Mexican is Americans’ second favorite food.
  3. Thai food. Thai food is third in the ranking with over 823,000 monthly Google searches in the U.S.
  4. Indian food. Registering an average of 673,000 monthly Google searches, Indian food is the fourth most Googled food in America.
  5. Korean food. Another Asian cuisine features in fifth. Showing an average of 246,000 Google searches in the U.S. per month, Korean food is the fifth most popular cuisine in the States, followed by Japanese (with an average of 201,000 monthly Google searches in the U.S.), and soul food (201,000).

Greek, Italian and Hawaiian food follow in the ranking with an average of 165,000, 165,000 and 90,500 monthly searches, respectively.

“It is fascinating to see food from four different Asian countries feature in the top five of the ranking,” said a representative from, which is dedicated to helping users grill and BBQ better by offering guides, recipes and advice on all aspects of outdoor cooking. “Each of the cuisines offers a wide array of delicious dishes, and they have clearly become must-have meals for Americans, whether they are cooking at home, ordering take-out or dining at a restaurant.”

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Top 11 Countries with the Spiciest Food

If you ever tasted a good spicy meal, you may have noticed that sometimes you could sweat a little, your temperature rises, and your face gets a little red. Spicy food is not for all palates, but it is a pleasure worth trying at least once in a lifetime. Those who prefer food with a spicy touch are people who enjoy the complexity of bold flavors, who are challenged to try dishes with varying levels of spiciness. And depending on where you eat them, things can get real hot! That being said, the blog today takes a look at the countries with the spiciest food!

Below we share which country has the spiciest food so you can choose your favorite option:

Countries with the Spiciest Food Ever!

1. Thailand


Thailand is undoubtedly synonymous with spicy food and is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations. You can find many fried foods and spicy soups in its street food. They usually cook with spices and aromatic herbs and spices that give a magical touch to the food. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend you try the meat and fish dishes cooked with a thick red curry sauce that you will love. Also, try Tom Yum soup, a tempting blend of spicy and sour, combined in perfect harmony in a bowl.

2. México

Mexicans do know how to cook with spice. There is a reason why Mexico is recognized as one of the countries with the world’s spiciest food. You will try dishes made with Jalapeño, Pabloan, Serrano, Habanero, and Ancho in Mexican food. These peppers are some of the hottest, and the food here is worth trying, and you will be hungry for more. They basically add chili to everything from soups and quesadillas to sweets and treats. Don’t forget to try the Pozole and some Mexican Tacos prepared with a spicy meat mixture along with beans and creamy salsa onto a flat, soft, white tortilla flatbread.

3. Malaysia

We continue our tour and pass through Malaysia, which has one of the hottest dishes, known as the Otak Otak. It is made of dried chilies mixed with chopped fish and steamed with banana leaf. If you are ready to try new flavors, this is one of those dishes that will leave you speechless; it is incredibly tasty. Malaysia will catch you with complexity and history through its exotic flavors.

4. Korea

You can get very spicy proposals such as the Chicken Buldak or Chicken Fire, both known to be one of Korea’s hottest foods. The more popular and well-known condiment from this country is a fermented cabbage preparation prepared with hot chilies, called Kimchi. Many recipes offer chicken in different spiciness levels and play with the spices so that you feel enveloping and deep flavor. The spiciness in these Korean dishes can be incredibly addictive.

5. Jamaica

When you visit Jamaica, one dish you definitely can’t miss is Jerk Chicken, one of the country’s best spicy dishes. Some of the best spicy recipes are also prepared with goat meat, just like the Jamaican curried goat that contains Scotch Bonnet pepper. This pepper is what gives Caribbean food its unique spicy flavor. Locals add potatoes or coconut milk to the dish to turn down the heat. If you visit Jamaica, you will not get tired of eating delicious and spicy food.

6. India

If we talk about Indian cuisine, we imagine dishes with strong and intense flavors. Most of the dishes are cooked with red curry, a mixture of chilies, garlic, cardamom, pepper, and coriander. In many regions of the country, you can get spicy dishes with red and green chilies in their preparation and use traditional spices to enhance each meal. You should try “Goa’s pork vindaloo”; this dish is prepared with Kashmiri chilies, ginger, garlic, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and vinegar.

7. China

Chinese food is well known for providing some of the hottest and best-tasting dishes. The southwestern part is generally impregnated with dried chilies and Sichuan peppercorn. These ingredients allow you to achieve a punch of flavor and only the riskiest spice lovers come back for more.

8. Ethiopia

To taste authentic Ethiopian cuisine, you have to try the right amount of spices. Among them is “Berbere,” a mixture of powdered peppers sprinkled freely in most dishes. “Mitmita” is another famous condiment containing PiriPiri, cardamom, clove, cumin, cinnamon, and salt. An example of a spicy and succulent dish you must try is Doro Wat, a chicken stew completed with boiled eggs and “Berbere.”

9. Sri Lanka

This country is characterized by a culture rich in flavors. Many of its dishes have various fish, vegetables, or curried meat. Still, it is the accompaniments that are often quite spicy and tasty. A very famous dish is the Spicy Coconut Sambol, made with ground coconut, chili paste, dried fish, and lime juice. In addition to the green chilies and curry leaves, cooks usually add chili and curry powder to give it that extra touch of spiciness that many love.

10. Bhutan

When you visit Bhutan, you realize that green chilies are used as any other vegetable so that you can taste them in most of the typical dishes. Paksha Paa pork cooked with red hot chili and Momo dumplings filled with meat, cabbage, or cheese is prepared with jalapeño peppers. The national dish, Ema Datshi, contains cheese and green chilies.

11. Tunisia

Tunisia is another country with the spiciest food. Some of their famous dishes are Harissa and Oja. You can choose the degree of hotness in the spicing, but a larger population prefers extremely hot. Their spicy foods are native, but others are versions of foods that originated from other countries.

Your Thoughts on This Ranking of Countries with the Spiciest Food?

If you still don’t dare to try spicy food, we recommend you try the less spicy dishes first and increase the level of spiciness as you feel comfortable.

You will soon realize the infinite world of flavors that exist and how incredible it is to know each country’s cuisine, and you will become a spicy lover!

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