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What nationality is the word Mimi from?


An Italian pet form of Maria, the Latin form of Mariam or Miriam, from New Testament Greek, possibly, meaning «rebellious», but probably going even further back to Ancient Egyptian origins: mr, meaning «love» or mry, «beloved».


With lots of drive and determination, 8s can do almost anything they set their minds to. Their energy and confidence make them a force to be reckoned with.

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Mimi (given name)

Mimi is a feminine given name and a shorter form (hypocorism) of the given names Miriam, Emilia or Naomi.

A–G [ edit ]

  • Mimi Aguglia (1884–1970), Italian actress
  • Mimi Ajzenstadt (born 1956), Israeli criminologist; President of the Open University of Israel
  • Mimí Ardú (born 1956), Argentinian actress
  • Mimi Benzell (1924–1970), American soprano
  • Mimi Berdal (born 1950), Norwegian lawyer and businessperson
  • Maria Francisca Bia (1809–1889), Dutch actress called Mimi
  • Mimi Cazort (1930–2014), Canadian gallery curator and author
  • Mimi Chakib (1913–1983), Egyptian actress
  • Mimi Chakraborty (born 1989), Bengali film and television actress
  • Mimi Coertse (born 1932), South African operatic soprano
  • Mimi Dietrich, American quilter and writer
  • Mimi Fariña (1945–2001), American singer-songwriter, sister of Joan Baez
  • Mimi Fawaz, Nigerian-Lebanese journalist
  • Mimi Fox, American jazz guitarist
  • Mimi Freedman, American documentary filmmaker
  • Mimi Gardner Gates (born c. 1943), American art historian
  • Mimi Gianopulos, American actress
  • Mimi Gibson (born 1948), American former child actress
  • Mimi Goese, American musician, former vocalist for the band Hugo Largo
  • Mimi Gross (born 1940), American artist
  • Mimi Gurbst, American television news producer

H–M [ edit ]

  • Mimi Haas, American billionaire businesswoman
  • Mimi Heinrich (born 1936), Danish actress and writer
  • Mimi Hines (born 1933), American singer and comedian
  • Mimi Hughes, American long-distance swimmer
  • Mimi Jakobsen (born 1948), Danish politician
  • Mimi Johnson, American arts administrator
  • Mimi Jung (born 1993), South Korean singer and member of girl group Gugudan
  • Mimi Jung (born 1981), South Korean artist
  • Mimi Kagan (1918–1999), Russia-born American modern dancer, choreographer
  • Mimi Karlsen (born 1957), Greenlandic politician
  • Mimi Keene (born 1998), English actress
  • Mimi Kennedy (born 1949), American actress
  • Mimi Khalvati (born 1944), British poet
  • Mimi Kodheli (born 1964), Albanian politician
  • Mimi Kopperud Slevigen (born 1977), Norwegian handball player
  • Mimi Kuzyk (born 1952), Canadian actress
  • Mimi LaFollette Summerskill (1917–2008), American educator, author, political activist and vintner
  • Mimi Lamote (born 1964), Belgian businesswoman
  • Mimí Lazo (born 1954), Venezuelan actress and producer
  • Mimi Leahey, American television script writer
  • Mimi Leder (born 1952), American film director
  • Mimi Lerner (1945–2007), Polish-American mezzo-soprano and voice teacher
  • Mimi Lozano (born 1933), American activist for Hispanic rights
  • Mimi Macpherson (born 1967), Australian businesswoman and environmentalist, sister of Elle Macpherson
  • Mimi Marks (born 1967), American transsexual entertainer
  • Mimi Maynard, American television and voice actress
  • Mimi Michaels (born 1983), American actress
  • Mimi Miyagi (born 1973), American adult film actress
What powers would zodiac signs have?

N–Z [ edit ]

  • Mimi Ndiweni (born 1991), British-Zimbabwean actress
  • Mimi Nelson (1922–1999), Swedish film actress
  • Mimi Page (born 1987), American singer-songwriter, composer
  • Mimi Parent (1924–2005), Canadian artist
  • Mimi Parker, drummer and singer for the band Low
  • Mimi Perrin (born 1926), French jazz musician
  • Mimi Pollak (1903–1999), Swedish actress and theatre director
  • Mimi Pond, American writer and cartoonist
  • Mimi Reisel Gladstein (born 1936), American professor of English
  • Mimi Rogers (born 1956), American actress
  • Mimi Saric (born 1983), Australian football (soccer) player
  • Mimi von Schleinitz (1842–1912), Berlin salonnière
  • Mimi Schmir, American television producer and screenwriter
  • Mimi Sheller (born 1967), American sociologist
  • Mimi Sheraton (1926–2023), American food critic
  • Mimi Slinger (born 2003), English actress
  • Mimi Smith (1903–1992), John Lennon’s maternal aunt and guardian
  • Mimi Sodré (1892–1982), Brazilian football (soccer) player
  • Mimi Stillman (born 1982), American classical flutist
  • Mimi Tran (born 1960), Vietnamese-American professional poker player
  • Mimi Umidon, American actress, presenter of the Magic Bullet blender
  • Mimi Webb (born 2000), English singer-songwriter
  • Mimi Walters (born 1962), Republican state senator from California
  • Mimi Weddell (1915–2009), American actress
  • Mimi Woods, American voice actress

Nicknames, stage names, and code names [ edit ]

  • Mimi, the code name for Yvonne Fontaine (1913–1996), a member of the French Resistance working with the Special Operations Executive
  • Mimi, nickname of American R&B musician Mariah Carey, source of the title of her 2005 album The Emancipation of Mimi
  • Mimi, stage name of South Korean singer Kim Mi-hyun (born 1995) of girl group Oh My Girl
  • Mimí, stage name of Mexican singer Irma Angélica Hernández Ochoa (born 1962) of the pop music group Flans
  • Mimi, nickname of Iraqi footballer Mohanad Ali (born 2000)
  • Mimi Wong, stage name of bar hostess Wong Weng Siu (1939–1973), who was executed for murder in Singapore

Mythological and fictional characters [ edit ]

  • Mimi (folklore), a fairy-like being in the mythology of Northern Aboriginal Australians
  • Mimi, one of the mascots of the Pop’n Music video game series
  • Mimì (La bohème), the leading female role in the opera La bohème
  • Mimi, a cartoon character featured in Muse (magazine)
  • Mimi, a character from the game Super Paper Mario
  • Mimi Balguerie, a character in the light novel series Ro-Kyu-Bu! by Sagu Aoyama
  • Mimi Bobeck, a character from The Drew Carey Show played by Kathy Kinney
  • Mimi Clark, a character in the television series Jericho
  • Mimi Glossop, character played by Ginger Rogers in the 1934 film The Gay Divorcee
  • Mimi Kanassis, supporting character from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Mimi Labonq, a character in the BBC sitcom ‘ Allo ‘Allo!
  • Mimi Lockhart, a character in Days of our Lives
  • Mimi Marquez, a character in Rent, a musical based on La bohème
  • Mimi Mortin, the main character of the Canadian animated television series What about Mimi?
  • Mimi Tachikawa, a character from the Japanese anime Digimon
  • Mimi Tasogare, a character from the Japanese anime Duel Masters
  • Mimi the dog, a character in 1976 Mexican comedy El Miedo no anda en Burro
  • Mimi Usa, a character in Kodomo no Jikan
  • Mimi Force, a character in Blue Bloods (novel series)
  • Mimi, a anthropomorphic macaw in the 2014 3D computer-animated sequel film Rio 2, voiced by Rita Moreno
  • Character in Mimi (2014 TV series) from South Korea
  • Mimi, a heroine character in Space Sheriff Gavan
  • Princess Mimi, an alien princess character in the Japanese children’s manga series Cyborg Kuro-chan
  • Mimi, a cat character in Japanese short animation She and Her Cat
  • Mimi, a character from the 1997 Peanuts special, It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown
What mood is created in a thriller?

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The Baby Name Uniqueness Analyzer can determine how likely a person with a given name is to encounter another individual with the same name.

With the latest trend of selecting unique and unusual names, popular names are not as popular as they once were. The probability that parents in 2021 name their child Liam or Olivia , the top boys’ and girls’ names, is only 1.04% . Twenty-five years ago the top boys’ and girls’ names were Michael or Emily . Back then, a baby had a 1.75% probability of being given either name. In other words, a child born twenty-five years ago is over twice as likely to be given the current year’s top name than a child born today. While this trend away from the most popular names may be associated with the current generation of parents, it’s been occurring for far longer. Only 4.2% of children born last year were given a name in the top ten. In comparison, twenty-five years ago 7.5% of children would be given a name in the top ten, and 50 years ago that number was 12% . A person born into our parents’ generation is nearly three times as likely to be given a top ten name than a person born into our kids’ generation. As someone who had two other ‘Sara’s (spelled differently) in her kindergarten class, I am fascinated that the probability of a kindergarten class of 35 in 2022 having any two children with the same name is only 42.5% . The probability of a kindergarten class having three children with the same name? Just 1.4% . That doesn’t mean it never happens. With so many kindergarteners in the US, we estimate approximately 2,355 kindergarten classes across the country will have three kids with the same name.

What percentage of London is white British?

How unique is a given name? You might be surprised

Where does your data come from?
The Social Security Administration (SSA) for baby name popularity and population size. The SSA publishes background information on how the data is collected and distributed for the interested. Average elementary school size comes from the National Center for Educational Statistics. Similar names are computed using a combination of string and phonetic edit distances.

Were there really ten boys named Sarah in 2015?
Looks like! Our data comes direct from the US Census Data, and that’s what the Social Security Administration (SSA) reports. With a 3,961,981 babies born in 2015, there’s bound to be at least a few reporting errors. There’s also going to be a few really far out their names. There may have been 10 boys named Sarah, but there were also 16 girls named ‘Abcde’.

Hey, my daughter’s/brother’s/neighbor’s name isn’t on the list! What gives?
Congratulations on a super rare name! Your daughter/brother/neighbor is one of a kind! Or, more precisely, one of no more than 4. The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not include baby names when fewer than five babies were given the name.

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