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What nicknames do guys like?

101+ Super Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend to Make Him Grin

Whether you want something sweet and romantic or funny and playful, take ideas from these cute names to call your boyfriend and give him a nickname that he will secretly adore!

Written by Aastha Pahadia | Updated on Mar 31, 2023 | 10:06 AM IST | 990.8K
101+ Super Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend to Make Him Grin

Discover the Super Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend to Make Him Grin

Discover the Super Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend to Make Him Grin

Nicknames are a great way to show your boyfriend how much you care about him. However, finding the perfect nickname to call your boyfriend on an everyday basis can be slightly challenging. But, with moderate creativity and imagination, you can come up with really unique and cute names to call your boyfriend that will make him feel special. From terms of endearment like “honey” and “sugar” to silly nicknames like “bunny” and “monkey,” there are plenty of pet names for you to pick from till you find something that fits your special person perfectly.

Whether you want to call him something funny, romantic, or just plain cute, there is a term of endearment for every type of boyfriend personality. This assorted list of popular nicknames to call your favorite person will certainly help you find the perfect nickname that will make him go bananas. Scroll on!

Top 101+ Utterly Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend to Get Him Smiling

Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Cute Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

  1. Honey Bunny
  2. Snuggle Bug (if your boyfriend likes snuggling)
  3. Cutie Pie
  4. Cutie Patootie
  5. Peanut (if your boyfriend loves peanut butter)
  6. Honey Pie
  7. Honey Bun
  8. Sunshine (if your boyfriend is highly optimistic)
  9. Pumpkin
  10. Champ (if your boyfriend is an achiever)
  11. Pooh Bear

Romantic Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

13. Light of My Life

15. My Other Half

18. My Favorite Man

Goofy and Funny Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

22. Mister Bossy Pants (if your boyfriend is the dominant one in the relationship)

23. Iron Man (if your boyfriend is muscular)

26. Gizmo (if your boyfriend is a gadget fanatic)

27. Chief or Captain

29. Big Funny Guy

30. Eye Candy (if your boyfriend is excessively handsome)

31. Kiddo (if your boyfriend is playful at heart)

Unique Names to Call Your Boyfriend

32. Sugar Lips (if your boyfriend is a good kisser)

33. Wonderboy (if your boyfriend is often lost in wonderland)

37. Handsome Devil

39. Old Thing (if your boyfriend is older than you)

40. Mc Dreamy (if your boyfriend has big dreams)


Sweet Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Sweet Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

42. Panda (if your boyfriend is super lazy but cute)

44. Romeo (if your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic)

45. My Penguin (signifies a forever bond)

47. Snuggly Bear

50. Partner in crime (if your partner is as crazy as you and loves making memories)

51. Cosmo (if your partner loves astrophysics, the universe, comets, etc.)

Sensual or Flirty Names to Call Your Boyfriend

52. God of Hotness

54. Naughty Cowboy

Classic Yet Common Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Adorable Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

76. My Handsome Nerd

78. My Smilemaker (if your boyfriend never fails to cheer you up regardless of the situation)

80. Yang (you can be his Yin)

82. CharChap (if your boyfriend has impeccable comic timing like the legendary Charlie Chaplin)

83. Muggle (if your boyfriend loves Harry Potter)

Spanish Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

84. Cariño (means darling)

85. Dulce de Leche (means milk candy)

86. Mi Rey (means my king)

87. Mi Vida (means my life)

88. Media Naranja (means half an orange)

89. Mi Amor (means my love)

90. Nene or Bebé (means baby or babe)

92. Mi Cielo (means you are my heaven)


93. Hermoso (means beautiful)

Other Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

94. Habibi (means my lover in Arabic)

95. Jaan (means my life in Hindi)

96. Ma Cherie (means my sweetheart in French)

97. Vita Mia (means my life in Italian)

98. Mon Amour (means my love in French)

99. Mon Beau (means my beautiful one in French)


100. Mooi (means handsome in African)

101. Ouji (means prince in Japanese)

102. Baabu Sona (means precious in Bengali)

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103. Oppa (means romantic interest in Korean)

104. Tesoro (means darling in Italian)


Having an affectionate nickname for your boyfriend is a great way to show him how much you care. It is a fun way to express your love and affection uniquely and creatively. Whether you are looking for something sweet and romantic, funny or quirky, there are plenty of cute names to call your boyfriend that will have him beaming ear to ear. From classic pet names like «bub» to charming nicknames like «Habibi», you can take your pick from the afore listed 101 perfectly awesome pet names for your special someone!


What are some flirty cute names to call your boyfriend? Honey bear, boo, hottie, hunk, spicy boy, and papi are a few flirty cute names to call your boyfriend. Can I call my lover with cute pet names? Yes, you can call your lover with cute pet names to make him fall for you a little bit more each day. However, please take into consideration if he is entirely comfortable with those names. If not, either change the nicknames or ask him politely why he does not like being called by a pet name. What nicknames do boys like the most? Baby, babe, darling, honey, papa bear, and daddy are a few nicknames that boys like the most.

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100+ What Do Guys Like To Be Called | Compliments | Flirt | Over Text | Nicknames 2023

What Do Guys Like To Be Called


It can be tough to know what do guys like to be called instead handsome or cute in a romantic relationship or with a male friend.

No worries, you can still be natural and convey your affection.

Here are some of the best things you can use to call your guy crush, friend, or boyfriend.

Moreover, these things for men include compliments, nicknames, etc to share over text or in person, and can help you flirt with guys.

Pick the right things guys like to be called from below and enjoy.

What Do Guys Like To Be Called Compliments

  • Your scent always attracts me towards you.
  • I like your hair. They are as well-behaved as you are.
  • You have an undisputed style that never fails to impress.
  • Whenever I see you, I realize I have fallen for the most handsome man.
  • You have an irresistible smile, and I cannot keep calm.
  • You never run out of ideas to impress me.
  • You have the power to make me lose my words.
  • When you hold my hand, I feel like a queen.
  • Your broad shoulders make me feel so safe.
  • You have such positive body language that no one can resist your charm.
  • I find it difficult to resist your fit body and clean face cut.
  • Loving you is so easy.

What Do Guys Like To Be Called Over Text

  • I love your firm and well-toned arms
  • Don’t change.
  • You always look so damn hot.
  • You’re so handsome it’s a crime…
  • When you are around, I cannot stop blushing.
  • I have a crush on your abs.
  • You are so attractive that I just can’t stay away from you.
  • You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever known.
  • You have a hypnotizing smile.
  • You looked so good today.
  • I think you’re the most attractive guy in our class.
  • I love how manly you look at the gym.
  • I still haven’t gotten over that smile of yours.
  • If you were a cartoon, I’d watch you all day long.
  • I love your tattoos. How many do you have?
  • When you smile, it makes me feel so good inside.
  • The world would be a better place if everyone looked like you.

What Do Guys Like To Be Called When Flirting

  • Your eyes are so expressive. They keep telling me how much you love me.
  • Just smile once and you can make any regular day a special one for me.
  • I cannot control myself from noticing how good you look.
  • I blush when you look at me because you make me nervous and lost.
  • Your good looks always steal my heart.
  • You always tell me I am lost. It is your effect on me.
  • I love running my fingers through your messy hair.
  • I sometimes wonder how lucky I am that you have fallen for me.
  • You are so huggable.
  • You make me skip a heartbeat every time you smile at me.
  • I love the surprise kisses you plant on my cheeks.
  • I have just realized that flirting with you makes my days awesome.
  • There is something about you that makes me fall in love with you repeatedly.
  • I love chocolate cake but I love it more when it is on your face.
  • You are the reason for the glow on my face.
  • When you hold my hand in front of your friends, I love it.
  • I always get butterflies when you are around.
  • I would travel any distance to end my day in your arms.
  • It is the power of your love that makes me so weak.
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What Do Guys Like To Be Called Besides Handsome

  • You have a heart of gold and a body of steel.
  • Everything about you is s*xy.
  • With just one smile of yours, you can make me lose my focus.
  • You look no less than a model.
  • I love your eyes and the way they look at me.
  • You look incredibly dapper.
  • Your looks are arresting.
  • You are so desirable.
  • You are unbelievably adorable.
  • You look extra manly today.
  • You look remarkably hot.
  • You are gentleman among gentlemen.
  • I’m so lucky to have someone as loving as you in my life.
  • Your presence is so refreshing.

What Do Guys Like To Be Called Instead Of Cute

  • You are seriously a treat to my eyes.
  • You’re a smart cookie.
  • You are the perfect example of tall, dark, and handsome.
  • I appreciate you.
  • You have a sweet smile.
  • You are really courageous.
  • You sometimes hypnotize me!
  • I’m inspired by you.
  • You’re more fun than bubble wrap.
  • It is so easy to get lost in your blue eyes.
  • You’re someone’s reason to smile.
  • Your eyes always lock mine.
  • Thank you for being you.
  • The way you look at me makes me conscious.
  • You’re really something special.
  • My friends and relatives adore you
  • You are the best confidant I have
  • Your dressing sense is awe-inspiring

What Do Guys Like To Be Called Nicknames

  • Darling
  • Mister Man
  • Sweets
  • Light of My Life
  • Sunshine
  • Sir-Loves-A-Lot
  • Good Lookin’
  • Dream Boat
  • Cutie Cutes
  • Big Mac
  • Casanova
  • Hot Shot
  • Peanut
  • Trouble
  • Cupcake
  • Dimples
  • Boo Thing
  • Gorgeous
  • Bubby
  • Hot Lips
  • My One and Only
  • Future Hubby

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What Do Guys Like To Be Called? Top 21 Nicknames To Call A Guy

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

In any relationship, there comes a time when you ought to ask yourself: What do I call my boyfriend?

Usually, it starts with an accidental nickname. You say «babe» or «honey,» and things get awkward. In your head, at least.

The simple fact is that women are used to cute nicknames. With guys, boyfriends, partners, husbands, things are a bit more complex. It is not that guys don’t like sweet names. They are programmed to think that they are made for gals.


Besides, their fragile male egos often need a booster. And that is where you come in.

Choosing the right nickname has a lot to do with the type of guy who is with you, and of course, where you stand.

Here are 21 names that will make your man swoon; keep in mind that you cannot go wrong with a manly nickname no matter what.

#1 Hey, Sexy!

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Calling your guy simply «sexy» is a no-brainer. It is hot, a bit possessive, and yup, an ego booster.

Though this nickname is foolproof when you are alone, it is not something you should use when his parents are visiting.

Sexy is cute for texting as well, and you could even rename him in your cell. It is also nice to use it as a caption on social media: «me and my sexy.»

Yet, it is not ideal for all those moments when you are among «adults,» aka people who are older family members or in public.


#2 Call Me By Your Name

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

What physical problems cause anxiety?

No, we are not talking about the movie, though it is pretty passionate.

Calling your guy with a full name is sexy. Guys agree that using their whole name, often followed by their surnames, is hot.

Instead of saying «John, come over,» try «Johantan Jones, come over here, now!»

It is demanding, bossy, and sends him the message that he is yours and you are his. It is also a bit posh, and guys love to feel important.


#3 Who’s Your Daddy?

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Calling a guy «daddy» works if you are in a committed relationship. If you use it too soon, he will wonder whether you are with him for sex and sex only.

So why do guys even like being called «daddy»? There is a simple psychological explanation: men like to be heroes.

It’s been that way since the dawn of time. When you call your long-term boyfriend «daddy,» he feels respected and protective.


It is all very Freudian, but if you like it, your guy will like this nickname!

#4 Bonjour Monsieur

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Everything sounds better in French. You just have to nail the pronunciation, and your man will be fascinated.

It is both romantic and respectable. You can use it when you are unsure where you stand or when you are already dating for a while.

It merely means «Mister,» but that sounds a bit too much. Monsieur is a sweet, warm nickname, a bit unusual, which only makes it more distinctive.


Give your guy a sign that you find him intelligent by using some of those adorable French words. Tres Magnifique!

#5 You Are My Sunshine

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Calling your partner «sunshine» is one of the best nicknames, adorable and full of positivity.

This nickname shows a loving woman who enjoys spending time with her man and cannot imagine her world without him.

We need sunshine to survive, so use this nickname for a guy who is truly close to your heart. It will cheer him up and send all the good energy into your connection.

#6 Hello, Handsome

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Guys like to be complimented on their looks. Giving your new, hot boyfriend the nickname «handsome» will only make him feel more comfortable with you.

It is cheesy and cheeky, and always say it with a smile. Make him see that you love his looks, but you also enjoy playful teasing.

You can use this nickname in texts or greet him when you see him. From «Hello there handsome» to «Good morning, handsome,» every phrase sounds better if you add this nickname in it.


#7 Loverboy

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

No, we are not going to explore a Canadian rock band from the 70s. We are simply suggesting that you could call your man «loverboy.»

It combines two nicknames and sounds a bit dirty yet so sweet. And yes, it helps that it just rolls down the tongue.

Use this nickname with a guy who is different from your previous boyfriends. The nickname «loverboy» implies that you are getting the best sex ever from the sweetest guy. What more could a man ask for?


#8 Come Get It, Bae

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

«Bae» and «boo» got a bad rep because people are using these terms left and right.

That, however, doesn’t mean that bae is not an ideal nickname for your boyfriend.

The meaning, at least in the XXI century, is before anyone else. That is love, right?

It is also a shorter version of «babe» or «baby,» and of course, that is as cute as it gets when it comes to nicknames for any gender.


Try it: perhaps your man will be like, «Nah.» Or maybe he will be pleasantly surprised, and you will only use his full name when trying to prove a point.

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#9 Hot Stuff

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Calling your bae «hot stuff» or «hottie» is pretty self-explanatory.

This is a perfect nickname for the early stages of a relationship. Everything is new, and everything is sexy. Your boyfriend will enjoy being known as the «hot stuff» or simply «hottie» because it is a massive ego boost.

Use it casually. You should not use your most serious tone when you are calling your partner «hottie.» Instead, just use it in a sentence: «Hey, hottie, wanna grab a cup of coffee later?»


It’s seductive, and when you use it nonchalantly, your man will feel more secure in your relationship. Win-win situation!

#10 I Got You Babe

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Before you burst into a song, let’s see why «babe» might be the ideal nickname for your guy.

It is short, sweet, and it can be used in almost any context. Simply, «babe» is a nickname that sticks.

Do not overdo it — calling your boyfriend «babe» instead of using his name or mixing it with other nicknames suggests you are getting too comfortable.

Relationships should be exciting, and babe is a casual, everyday way to show your affection. It is the little black dress of nicknames. But, why wear one dress when you have so many more?


#11 We Are The Champions

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Nicknaming your man a «champion» or simply a «champ» means is a fantastic way to remind him just how awesome he is.

It is a name made for winners, and since he won you over, he must be something special.

«Champ» is not a romantic nickname, but it is a great way to encourage him to be a better man. For you, of course!

#12 Aye, Aye, Captain

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Boys dream of becoming pilots, pirates, so calling your guy «captain» is a dream come true.

It is a flirty way to let him know who is in charge. Or at least to make him think he is the one in charge.

Calling a guy «captain» or «capt» is masculine. He knows that you trust him, and he wants to protect you. He is in hero mode, guiding and providing you with all you need.

It is submissive, and if you don’t mind it, your guy will love his new but really old nickname.


#13 Sugar, Honey, Honey

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Sugar, honey, and other cake ingredients are timeless nicknames for guys.

These nicknames are great for couples who are comfortable with each other, enjoy planing the future and their time together.

Though calling your bae «honey» doesn’t sound too exciting, it is a cool nickname for everyday life. And yes, you can use it in front of your grandparents, which is a plus.

There is one small issue: if you are a touchy-feely person, you most likely use these nicknames with your friends as well. So, you need to mix and match when you are with your man to let him know he is above everyone else.


#14 Baddie (Baddy)

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Make your man feel dangerous, naughty, with a nickname that combines bad and baby.

It will spark his masculinity (men and their fragile egos) and do wonders for your sex life.

Provocative, suggestive and unusual nickname is ideal for the early stages of a relationship. It can also spice things up when you get used to calling each other «honey» or «bae.»

«Baddy» will get you out of the relationship rut.


#15 Come On Boy

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

If you are still just hanging out, break that friendzone circle with a cute nickname. Yes, calling your new crush or new boyfriend «boy» suggests that you find him exquisite.

It is not a typical nickname, and that makes it even better. It is, however, suggestive: you are a woman, and he is a man, so you don’t want just to chitchat and drink coffees.

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Use «boy» casually, as in «What’s up boy,» or «Long time no see, boy.


#16 Eye Of A Tiger

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Men will never admit it publicly, but comparing them to majestic tigers is a major turn-on.

The nickname «tiger» suggests you see a man as dangerous, protective, wild, and you admire these treats.

There are two great reasons to include this nickname in your everyday vocabulary. One is obvious: you will improve your sex life.

The second is even more suggestive. Your «tiger» will know that you see him as a man who can do anything. So, if you want him to start fixing things around the house, just keep telling him he is your «tiger.»


#17 Oh! Darling

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Well, here is one nickname that stands the test of time — «darling.»

It is a soft, romantic way to call out for your loved man. Seemingly, it is appropriate for pretty much any occasion.

This nickname is great for those in committed relationships. It is effortless and can be used in any sentence.

Not all nicknames have to be unique. Most of the time, it is about telling someone in one word that they are near and dear to your heart.


#18 Bubs

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Though out of the ordinary, this nickname will make your man’s heart melt!

«Bubs» is a nickname you should use if you two are in a proper relationship. You do not want to spend this adorable pet name on someone just passing through your life.

It implies that a guy is near and dear to your heart. So, use «bubs» as a nickname for your perfect mate.

#19 Hubby, It’s Your Wifey

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

You don’t have to marry a guy to call him «hubby.»

It is cute to play household when you are secure in your relationship, but you are still unsure whether you need to get married.

Calling someone your husband is serious. But giving them a sweet pet name such as «hubby» is cute and less frightening.

Just do not use this nickname for your crushes or all potential suitors. It might give them the wrong impression and scare them away.


Men scare easily.

#20 My Love

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

It is one of the oldest nicknames, but it is still going strong. Calling your man «love» says it all: you love him, and you want the world to know it.

This nickname gives a guy all the affection and desire, and in many ways, this one word summarizes the whole meaning of relationships.

It is not something that stands out, but do not use it with a guy you started dating a week ago. Wait, because, despite being everywhere, this pet name is rather special.


#21 You Are Gorgeous!

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy

Calling your guy «gorgeous» is perfectly cool, and here is why.

The word implies you are not talking about look specifically. You show that you appreciate your guy, not just that you see him as a sex toy.

What’s even better is that you can «accidentally» drop this nickname on your crush. Hey, it is not your fault you simply asked: «What’s cooking, gorgeous?»

To a man, it means you are saying his soul and character are «gorgeous.»


More Nicknames And Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend

What Do Guys Like To Be Called? Top 21 Nicknames To Call A Guy

what do guys like to be called? top 21 nicknames to call a guy


Not all nicknames are the same. Some should be used on special occasions, while others are merely too long to be called nicknames.

So, here are a few more ideas on how to call a guy depending on where you stand in your relationship.

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