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What numbers can replace letters?

Number Plate Meaning

Here at Speedy Reg we are dedicated to providing you with helpful information on number plates. This page is about the language of number plates and is designed to help you decide on how best to substitute letter or digit combinations. At the bottom of this page is a useful guide to the most common substitutes to help you with your decision process.

1) Roman numerals

2) substituting letter or digit combinations with something that looks similar to words

3) a combination of both techniques. Doubles or triples can also be used to great effect see (77 instead of 7 or AAA instead of A) to create appropriate combinations of number plates.

The use of Roman Numerals in Plate Design

Roman numerals are a numeral system of ancient Rome based on letters of the alphabet, which are combined to indicate the sum of their values. The main Roman numerals used when creating a car registration include V, X, L, and M. V, is the Roman symbol for 5, X means 10, L means 50, and M is 1,000. The Roman numeral that cannot be used in the language of plate speak is I meaning 1. However, in the language of number plates, I is replaced with 1 due to their visual similarity and meaning. This allows you to create a larger range of birthdays, ages and lucky number combinations.

Substituting Letter or Digit Combinations

The main idea behind substituted letters and numbers when designing a private number plate is to trick the brain into seeing combinations of recognisable symbols. This happens because typically a person goes briefly blind up to 200 times a minute, each time the eyes move while looking at a scene as if in strobe light, with objects jumping around, the mind blends the images so they seem continuous. This is how the process of substituting letter or digit combinations works and the language of number plates was born.

The main list of replacements in plate design is shown below, but like any list it is not completely definitive. For example, the number 11 can represent the letters H, M, N or U and the number 2 can represent the letters R or Z.

Speedy Reg can help you create and look for your ideal personalised number plate. This includes using your own language or if you are looking for a highly desirable number and letter combination. The main difficulty in creating a number plate language is the rules on spacing with year and letter combinations. Speedy Reg can again help you create and look for your ideal number plate. To find out more please contact one of our friendly customer service operators on 02866 387124 and they will be happy to help you buy the perfect personalised number plate.

You can create some excellent combinations of names and ages. For example, a primary number plate of X1 JON has been sold or is currently not available, but by replacing O for D. You can create the combination X12 JDN which is currently on sale for £494 from Speedy Reg.

A list of Common Substitutes of Letter or Digit Combinations

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Leet (sometimes written as «1337» or «l33t»), also known as eleet or leet-speak, is another alphabet for the English language that is used mostly on the internet. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 and l33t; eleet may be spelled 31337 or 3l33t. It is used on the internet in forums, chat rooms and online games.

What makes getting pregnant hard?

Leet is mostly used for English, but can also be used with other languages including French, Spanish and German.

Leet-speak [ change | change source ]

Leet-speak is a mixture of words (mostly computer-related jargon) spelled incorrectly intentionally*, usually coming from typographical errors (e.g. the becomes t3h). The words of Leet-speak are usually put together to create a dialect (small language). This dialect is used in some places for funniness. l33tspeak uses numbers, ASCII symbols, and diacritics together to make symbols that look like Latin letters. For example, the name «David» would translate in 1337 as |)/-\/1|) or more commonly as D4v1d.

1337 Alphabet Examples [ change | change source ]

Most of the time it is only the vowels that are changed and then usually only they are replaced by numbers; therefore, it is unusual to see someone use the leet alphabet to spell out a whole word (although there are common exceptions, namely 1337).

These are only examples; these are not mandatory for Leet-speak, which is not officially defined anywhere, like most slangs.

  • A: ∆,4, /-, /_, @, /, Д, а
  • B: 8, |3, 13, |>, |:, |8, 18, 6, |B, |8, lo, |o, j3, ß, в, ь
  • C:
  • D: |), |>, |], |>
  • E: 3, £, ₤, €, е
  • F: 7, |=, ph, |#, |», ƒ
  • G: 9,[, -, [+, 6, C-
  • H: #, 4, |-|, [-], , >-, /-/, (-), )-(, :-:, I+I, н
  • I: 1, |, !, 9
  • J: √,_|, _/, _7, 9, [1] _), _], _>
  • K: |
  • L: |_, |, 1, ][
  • M: 44, |/|, ^^, //, /X, []/][, []V[], ][\//][, (V), //., .\, N, м
  • N: ||, //, /V, ][\][, И, и, п
  • O: 0, (), [], <>, <>, Ø, oh, Θ, о, ө
  • P: |o, |O, |>, |*, |°, |D, /o, []D, |7, р
  • Q: O_, 9, (,), 0, kw
  • R: |2, 12, .-, |^, l2, Я, ®
  • S: 5, $, §
  • T: 7, +, 7`, ‘|’, `|`, ~|~, -|-, ‘][‘, т
  • U: |_|, _, /_/, _/, (_), [_],
  • V: /
  • W: //, (/), ^/, |/|, X/, \’, ‘//, VV, _|_/, \//\//, Ш, 2u, V/
  • X: ×,%, *, >
  • Y: `/, ¥, |/, Ч, ү, у
  • Z: 5, 7_, >_, (/)

Leet for numbers [ change | change source ]

  • = O or space
  • 1 = I or L or 7 or | or !
  • 2 = Z
  • 3 = E or e or m or w or ω or ∈ or ε or ∩∩
  • 4 = h or A or y
  • 5 = S
  • 6 = b or G
  • 7 = T or j or L
  • 8 = B or X
  • 9 = g or J
  • 10 = I and O or L and O or 7 and O
  • 11 = N
  • 12 = R
  • 0 = C or O or D or Θ or o

٤٧٥١٧٤ for: evolve

٢٥٢٨١ for: total

٧١٦٨١ for: vital

٢٤٩٨١ for: regal

٧١٦٨١ for: Vital

٩٨٦٨٢ for: Qatar

Intentional misspelling* [ change | change source ]

When people write in leet, they spell some words wrong all the time. They might do this to laugh at new people who do not write words with their keyboards well, might just be making fun of English’s pronunciation or spelling [ source? ] .

  • bai or bi — bye
  • nd — and
  • d00d — dude
  • dog8 — dog
  • form — from
  • gurl or grill — girl
  • guise — guys
  • h4x or h4x0rz — hacks (see vocabulary entry hax)
  • hai — hi
  • j00 — you
  • kewl — cool
  • kk — ok
  • liek — like
  • lopl — lol
  • smat — smart
  • m8 — mate
  • m2 — me too
  • mastah — master
  • max0r — max. or maximum
  • OMG — oh my god (variations such as OMGG are also common) OMD ~ (Oh my Dance)
  • own or pwn — see vocabulary entry own
  • PMGZ— OMG with a p and a z
  • ZPMG— OMG originally rushed. Typo P instead of O and hitting Z when shift is pressed.
  • OLO — LOL (LOL stands for laugh out loud)
  • ph34 — fear
  • pl0x — please
  • powwah — power
  • pr0n — porn
  • t3h — the (see vocabulary entry: «teh»)
  • wen — when
  • wat/whut/wut — what
  • winnar — winner
  • u — you
  • r — are
  • y — why
  • yass/yus/yos — yes
  • ya/yea — yeah
  • cya — see you
  • 10/3u — loveu
  • wamen — women
  • what3v — whatever

Leet vocabulary [ change | change source ]

  • leet, l33t, l337, 1337, 31337 — elite
  • l@ym — laughing at your momma
  • ftw, 4tw — for the win,when something is successful or desirable.
  • hax, h4x — hacks
  • haxor, hax0r, h4x0r, haxzor — «hacker», cheater (note: also often spelled with two x’s)
  • joo, j00 — you
  • meh m3h — can mean me or oh well. Used to show undecidedness, unworriedness or often as a sign that the user has nothing to say
  • newbie, noob, n00b, n00b13, nooblet, nub, newb, nubbins — new, newcomer or new (player), used more often as an insult. Thought to originate from new boy, new-blood, or new in business.
  • boon or b00n — more derogatory term than noob with the same insult intended.
  • own, ownage, 0wn, pwn, pwnage — own means to be superior or better than someone, the past tense is «pwnt», «pwnd» or «pwned»
  • phear, ph34r, ph33r — fear
  • rox0r, r0xorz — rock, to be amazing or excellent
  • c3n50red — censored
  • teh, t3h — «the»
  • wuut/wuu2 — Basically saying ‘What are you up to’. People do choose to say this quite often
  • woot, w00t — Thought to originate from We Own the Other Team. It is used to show celebration or happiness.
  • ZoMG. 11! — «Oh My God»
  • P00nd- Another use of pwn, not to be confused with pr0n.
  • Pr0n- Porn (pornography)
  • QQ — cry/complain (eyes with tears) or the shortcut to close Warcraft II[2]
  • L2 — Learn to . Often used as L2P (learn to play).
  • O RLY — «oh, really?» often responded to by YARLY. Also can be accompanied by an ASCII art image of an owl.
  • YARLY — «yeah, really!» often used as response to ORLY
  • NOWAI — «no way!» often used as a response to YARLY
  • pew pew — shooting, often used in the phrase more pew pew less QQ, meaning, more shooting less crying/complaining
  • GG — good game, this can also be used in a condenscending manner.
  • BG — bad game, in World of Warcraft this also means Battleground.
  • noobcannon, N00BC4NN0N — Noobtube, a weapon in a video game that is either over-powered, or requires little skill to use.
  • PWN4G3 N008 — Pwnage noob.
  • Stronk — Strong.
  • GL — Good Luck, So giving someone good luck before a game
  • HF — Have Fun, telling people to enjoy the game
  • n1 — Nice One
  • ns — Nice Shot; complimenting someone, usually on their aim in a FPS (First-person shooter) game.
  • bm — Bad Manners; usually used to call someone out after a show of bad sportsmanship.

Wrong grammar* [ change | change source ]

When a person writes in English the person must follow English rules, but most of the time people who write in leet do not use these rules. When they write in leet they try to write it in a special way, so that it is very different from English.

«l33t is teh suck!» (meaning: ‘leet sucks’) shows that in leet people can use their own rules, and not use the English rules. A lot of times adjectives (describing words) are turned into nouns. The leet word «teh» (the) is also often placed in front of verbs, as in «I teh pwnd j00» (meaning I the owned you, meaning: I beat you badly). another example might be I 4m t3h pwnage. 11!!11 (meaning I am the best!)

Leet speakers may also speak normally but without the vowels. Fr xmpl nmbr 1 u cn tll it wrks.= For example, number one you can tell it works.

Pronunciation [ change | change source ]

Because some words are too long for use in games they have been written how they sound. Here’s a quick guide:

  • pwn — own, pawn or powne
  • x or xx (as in haxxorz or haxorz) — an x followed by a z. In this example, hackzorz would be pronunciation
  • R0fz — rolling on floor screaming, pronounced rawfs

Variations [ change | change source ]

There are some that are uber 1337. using nothing but symbols and numbers to represent their letters. Example as follows;

Other websites [ change | change source ]

  •, internet slang translator
  •, another leet to English translator

*Much of the intentional misspelling said to be part of 1337 is actually more properly part of chatspeak, a completely different thing.

References [ change | change source ]

  1. ↑»Urban Dictionary: 1337 speak». Urban Dictionary . Retrieved 2020-12-09 .
  2. ↑Urban Dictionary: QQ

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Switching Letters for Numbers: Creative Private Number Plate Ideas

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Switching letter for numbers

According to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), personalised number plates are growing in popularity like never before.

You’ve probably noticed other drivers sporting custom number plates. And now you fancy your own personalised number plate.

However, before you decide on your number plate, you need to know the art of switching letters for numbers.

You don’t want other drivers struggling to make out what your number plate means all the time. Follow our guide to which numbers are best to replace letters.


Let’s start with the number ‘0’.

Among all of the different numbers, the one most similar to a particular letter is probably the number ‘0’.

If you want the letter ‘O’, you don’t need to compromise at all. For example, you can spell the word ‘GO’ like this ‘G0’.

Unfortunately, switching numbers for letters doesn’t get any easier than this.


It is commonly used as the letter ‘I’ by many people. You can also use it to make the letter ‘L’.

When you can’t use either ‘L’ or ‘I’, the number ‘1’ serves as a replacement.

However, sometimes, you want to use the ‘1’ as a number. For example, if you want to say you’re the ‘number one CEO’ you can write ‘1 CEO’.


Now for number 2.

Many people use the number ‘2’ as a replacement for the letter ‘Z’.

You may be surprised to discover that ‘Z’ is not used as an option for number plates in many countries.

Therefore, if you want to use ‘Z’, why not use the number ‘2’ instead? You could go with ‘200M’ instead of ‘ZOOM’.

However, you could also use the number ‘2’ as a replacement for the word ‘to’ or ‘too’. For example, you could spell ‘2 SLO’.

If you need the letter ‘R’, you can always switch it for the number ‘2’. This usually makes sense to people.


What about the number 3?

If you want a replacement for the letter ‘E’ for your number plate, the number ‘3’ could be right for you.

This is quite common.

If you want to use the word ‘EASY’ just write ‘3 ASY’.


The number ‘4’ is a useful alternative for the letter ‘A’.

If you want to show off your speed with the number plate ‘FAST’ change it to ‘F45T’.

You can also use the number ‘4’ phonetically. Such as, if you want to spell the word ‘for’, you could use it. For example, in the case of ‘4 YOU’.


The number ‘5’ has always been used to replace the letter ‘S’.

If you need an ‘S’ for your custom number plate, then you could always use ‘5’ instead.

If you want to spell ‘KISS YOU’, you can choose the letters/numbers ‘K155 Y0U’.


The number ‘6’ is not always so easy to use instead of a letter. It depends on the font style adopted by each country.

However, in some countries, the number ‘6’ can be used to replace the letter ‘G’. This is simply because it appears similar.

Then, there is also the letter ‘C’ which shares the shape of the number ‘6’.

Furthermore, if you’re desperate for the letter ‘B’, you could also use the number ‘6’ for your custom number plate.


When it comes to lucky number ‘7’, you’re unlucky if you want to use it as a replacement for a letter.

You may find that in some font styles the number ‘7’ resembles the letter ‘T’. Occasionally, you may also be able to use the number ‘7’ as a ‘Y’.


The number ‘8’ can replace the letter ‘B’ quite effectively. You can also spell the word ‘BABY’ as ‘8 ABY’.

It has also been used as a letter ‘O’. However, this can sometimes result in confusions.


Did you realise you could use the number ‘9’ as a replacement for the letter ‘G’?

This doesn’t act as a very good capitalized ‘G’ but rather a lower-case ‘g’. For example, if your name is ‘Maggie’ you could write it as ‘MAG 91E’.

You can also use the number ‘9’ as phonetically. For example, you can write ‘canine’ with the combination of ‘K9’ to make other drives chuckle.


Now we’ve done with the single digit numbers, let’s look at some of the double-digit numbers.

The number ’10’ can be used to replace the letters ‘IO’ or ‘LO’.

For example, if you wanted to spell the word ’10L’ (‘laugh out loud’).

If you want to big up your electric car’s sustainability credentials, you could spell out ‘BIO’ with ‘B10’ on your number plate.


There are several uses for the number ’11’.

This includes the very helpful replacement of the double ‘L’. If you can’t get your hands on the letters for ‘LL’, then you could go with ’11’.

With the help of a ‘4’, you can spell out the word ‘ALL’ as ‘411’ without any letters.

You can also use the number 11 for the letters ‘U’ or ‘H’.


The number ’12’ is a replacement for the letter ‘R’. If you squint, the combination of the numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’ resemble the letter.

For example, ‘ROSY’ can be ’12 OSY’. But that’s not always clear to other drivers.


The number ’13’ makes an excellent ‘B’.

If you’re in need of spelling out the word ‘BATS’, you could go with ’13 ATS’.

Switching Letters for Numbers

If you want to purchase a personalised number plate, then you’re never going to get your perfect set of letters and numbers. Therefore, sometimes, you need to get creative with switching letters for numbers to create the message you want.

By following our personalised plate ideas, you can make other drives laugh and cheer when they see your number plate.

Check out our website to find your personalised number plate today.

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