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What part of the body does Scorpio own?

Your Perfect Plant According to Your Zodiac Sign

It’s time to let your inner plant parent shine! Sometimes we just need the right plant to help us bring out our instinctive plant senses. To do this, consider using astrology to determine the best houseplant for you based on your habits, traits and personality.

We’ve put together a list of the best plants for each zodiac sign to help understand your ideal plant.

Aquarius: Pothos

Aquarius plant parents are humanitarian at heart and strive to make the world a better place. They are eccentric and dislike any restrictions that hinder their dreams. This progressive personality combo makes the pothos a perfect pair for this sign.

This plant has long trailing leaves with beautiful white variegation that reflects an Aquarian’s visionary nature, colorful personality and desire to branch out. It’s no surprise that the Aquarian’s ideal plant is also an air-purifying plant that makes it easier for others to breathe. Take a look at our pothos care guide to see how you can keep your white marble pothos happy and healthy.

Pisces: ZZ Plant

Many associate this sign with understanding and forgiveness. A Pisces can be your greatest comforter due to their unwavering sense of compassion. This makes a ZZ plant the perfect companion for a Pisces.

These plants are forgiving when their parents forget to water them and when their ideal amount of light isn’t available to them. Pisces plant parents will give ZZ plants the best care since they understand and value the plant’s gentle and tolerant nature. Check out our ZZ plant care guide so you can give this kind-hearted plant the royal treatment it deserves!

Aries: Succulent

You’ll always know what you’re getting when you meet an Aries. These plant parents get straight to the point and will always share their honest thoughts with you. These traits are why a succulent is the top choice for an Aries.

Caring for a succulent is straightforward since it doesn’t require any special treatment besides occasional watering and lots of light. The most beautiful varieties come from colorful succulents that thrive in the sun. This directly reflects the overflowing amount of energy an Aries’ possesses and their constant need to stay active. The architectural leaves of the succulent are reminiscent of an Aries’ blunt opinion and seemingly sharp tongue. Their frankness, however, arises from their high valuation of honesty above all else.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig

People with this sign are incredibly hardworking and always have their eye on the prize. A Taurus will put in extra time and effort to get the job done and indulge in the rewards that follow. You can bet that their work-hard-play-hard mentality results in long nights of both work and play. With this in mind, it’s no question that a fiddle leaf fig is this sign’s perfect match.

Fiddle leaf figs are coveted plants that are popular for interior designers and apartment dwellers alike. This plant has a reputation for demanding care needs, but this makes the Taurus the ideal plant parent for it! People with this sign are tenacious, patient and will always see things through to the end. These traits, coupled with the Taurus fascination for luxury items will make them one of the most loving plant parents of all!

Gemini: Philodendron

Geminis are always moving forward and can blend into almost any environment. They’re inquisitive and constantly on the lookout for new knowledge. A philodendron’s shared sense of flexibility and openness make it a great companion for a Gemini!

This plant can adapt to most indoor environments and can thrive with varying light conditions, much like many Geminis. Lacy leaf philodendrons in particular are actually upright vines. This is contrary to most vine plants that commonly hang low and dangle around their planter, like pothos plants and the string of pearls plant. Their light and cheery leaves reflect a Gemini’s innate sense of optimism in the face of any challenge. A philodendron’s wide-spreading vines and huge family (about 400 known species!) also mirror a Gemini’s social nature and desire to explore new ideas. Take a look at our philodendron care guide to learn all about the different types of philodendron and how you can take care of your own.

Cancer: Money Tree

These plant parents are sentimental beings who lead with their heart before their head. Cancers are family-oriented and find comfort in a happy home. A gorgeous money tree is the ideal choice for Cancers because of its deep roots and the abundant amounts of positive energy it emits.

A Cancer’s nurturing nature will bring much joy to a money tree that will, in turn, bring prosperity and good fortune throughout the home. Cancer plant parents will also find other commonalities with their plant. For instance, a money tree’s preference for deep waterings reflects a Cancers deep love for those close to them. The twisted trunks of a money tree reflect a Cancer’s love for a close-knit family. These plants are a meaningful gift you can give to a Cancer due to their overflowing amount of sentimental value.

Leo: Bromeliad

Leos are some of the most attractive people you’ll ever meet. Their charisma attracts people to them and their desirable physical appearance is enhanced by their bursting amount of self confidence. A Leo’s overall warmth and cheerfulness are obvious signs that bromeliads are the plant for them.

These tropical plants thrive in warm climates and complement a Leo’s fiery personality! A bromeliad’s flashy colors and exotic roots are also directly reflective of a Leo’s showy character and desire to embark on fun adventures. Bromeliads don’t need much care to survive. This is great for Leo plant parents who may sometimes unintentionally neglect their plant from time to time.

Virgo: Rubber Tree

Practicality and sharp attention to detail are driving factors for a Virgo’s personality. Virgos are the type of people you can depend on for support in all forms and to deliver the highest quality work. Their conservativeness and tenacious work ethic all point to the rubber tree as this sign’s plant partner.

Rubber trees are often mistaken for artificial plants due to their glossy green leaves. This plight is most understood and appreciated by Virgos who are sometimes misunderstood because of their incredibly high standards for themselves and others. Some people are turned off by this Virgo trait. However, Virgos are actually very caring people that do everything out of a sense of duty for others. This deep drive for service and responsibility makes it easy for Virgos to keep up with regular care and maintenance of a rubber tree plant. Check out our rubber plant care guide when you get the chance so you can learn how to properly care for your plant twin!

Libra: Monstera

Libras are diplomatic people that live their lives with harmony and balance. They’re socialites who enjoy more sophisticated activities like visiting a museum or enjoying the theater. Libra plant parents are fascinated with art and beautiful things, so the monstera’s long history in art and recent rise in popularity makes it the only choice for this sign.

A monstera’s symmetrically split leaves speak directly to a Libra’s need for balance and harmony in all parts of his or her life. Monsteras can become girthy floor plants when given the proper care. This is a direct match with Libras on a symbolic and a literal level. The long, lounging leaves represent the Libra’s vibrant social life. Plus, the monstera is a great conversation-starter for any guest in a Libra’s home.

Scorpio: Dracaena

Scorpios keep authenticity at their core and are not afraid to assert their own thoughts and beliefs. People with this sign are one with their emotions and always approach tasks with passion and resourcefulness. Their honest character makes scorpios and dracaenas one and the same.

One of the best parts about dracaenas is that they’ll always tell you what they need. For example, their leaves will start to droop or turn yellow and fall if they get too much water. Scorpios are the few who will respect and value a dracaena’s directness since they, too will never hesitate to say what’s on their mind. This plant’s striking yellow-and-green leaves are also symbolic of a Scorpio’s ardent personality. To make sure your dracaena’s leaves never droop, get familiar with our dracaena care guide so you can keep your plant content.

Sagittarius: Alocasia

You’ll find that many people who share the Sagittarius sign are free spirits and idealistic wanderers. They’re extremely adventurous and always willing to both try and learn new things. The exotic and unique alocasia plant shares many traits with the inquisitive Sagittarius.

Alocasias’ heart-shaped leaves and overall rarity makes this plant a stand out next to more traditional house plant. It’s very extroverted, just like its parent! This plant hails from the Philippines and speaks directly to a Sags travel-filled mind. These plants are also are known for needing a little extra love and care, so Sags are perfect plant parents thanks to their steadfast desire to always reach their goals.

Capricorn: Bonsai

Capricorns are the epitome of discipline and responsibility. They are smart and like to have control over different aspects of their lives. Capricorns thrive in rules and tradition. All of these traits combined naturally make Capricorns the best parents for bonsais.

Growing bonsai is an old tradition tracing its roots back to ancient China. This hobby was later re-purposed and redeveloped under Japanese Zen Buddhism. Caring for bonsai is now seen as an art form where people spend lots of time tending to their bonsai. The amount of discipline required for this pursuit and its deep roots in tradition make it the perfect plant and the most ideal practice for Capricorns. Our bonsai care guide is a great place to start if you’re new and want to learn a little more about the art.

Now you know what plants are written in the stars for you! But it doesn’t mean you’re limited to only that one! Picking up a few plant friends is a great way to lift your mood and give your plant partner some company while you’re away. If you want to be the ultimate plant parent, check out our guide to repotting a plant when your plant starts to grow out of its pot so your plant can flourish. If you want to take your plant care one step further, you can start making homemade plant food to nourish your plant’s soil to keep it happy and healthy.

The Zodiac’s Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, And Pisces Personality Traits, Explained By Astrologers

water sign

“Well, of course I said that, I’m an [insert Sun sign here]!” If you’re even remotely interested in astrology, you’ve probably uttered some variation of this statement about the zodiac sign that rules your personality. But the same way your Sun sign helps determine your daily interactions, it’s also ruled by one of four elements that further influences why you are the way you are: air, fire, earth, and water.

Each of these four natural forces controls three zodiac signs. And while they allow each its individuality, being ruled by the same element makes for some pretty cool commonalities, including quirks and opinions, that become more apparent the more familiar you get with the ruling element.

ICYDK, the three water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs don’t shy away from deep and heavy conversations and can typically suss out what someone’s got going on beneath the surface, says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at “They see right through people and know their real intentions. Signs of this element are also very prone to be in relationships, as their need to merge with another means they function better when they feel safe and protected,” she explains. “Plus, the sensitivity that comes from the water element also translates into great creativity.”

Valerie Mesa is a clairvoyant astrologer and writer based in Miami, Florida.

Megan Michelena is an astrologer, certified holistic nutritionist, and co-founder of Zenchronicity.

When it comes to water signs, you’ll likely notice they are intuitive and emotionally fluid, adds astrologer Valerie Mesa. Much like water itself, which ebbs and flows, water signs can easily adapt to any situation and, as a result, have pretty reliable gut feelings, high emotional intelligence, and are not easily fooled.

If you’re starting to make connections between your sign and this ruling element, water might have more of an influence on your temperament than you’ve previously given it credit for. But it’s never too late to take a deep dive (pun intended) into the power of water and what it means for your zodiac sign.

Ahead, astrologers explain exactly what it means to be a water sign, how these three signs embody the traits they’ve inherited, and if water signs are truly the psychics of the Zodiac.

Get to know the water signs:

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Meet the most sentimental sign of the Zodiac. “Those born under this cardinal water sign could struggle with someone who isn’t in touch with their emotions, or perhaps a bit apathetic to another person’s needs,” says Mesa. “They strive to make the people around them feel as safe as possible, and they expect the same in return.”

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If they get that from you, you’ll get passionate loyalty in return. A Cancer sign will shower you with affection and nurture your relationship with everything they have. But be careful, if they feel betrayed or crossed, Cancers will retreat into their shell and snatch that loving energy right back, says Mesa.

Because they’re so empathetic, Cancers hate rigidity and won’t tolerate mistreatment of themselves and the people they care about, adds Montúfar. Once a Cancer determines they can trust you, they’ll open up to you and you’ll have a friend for life.

Scorpio (October 23November 21)

This sign is often misunderstood, says Montúfar. But they only seem complex, she notes. In reality, they’ve got tons of emotional depth. Thing is, it might take a while to see that. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning the water that rules it is also fixed, making them guarded, adds Mesa.

“For some, their enigmatic nature could come across as ‘shady’ or unapproachable but, in reality, this is how Scorpios protect their heart,” she explains. This is why they’d rather have a few deep connections than a ton of shallow ones: “They’re either a ride-or-die or not in the least bit interested.”

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In a ride-or-die situation, you can expect honesty, support, and commitment. And should you ever find yourself in a jam, it’s the Scorpio in your life who will help you come up with a solution or find someone who’ll have the answer, says Montúfar. But the second they sense superficiality or deceit, they’ll consider that a betrayal. They want the whole truth and nothing but. even though Scorpios are the type to take their secrets to the grave, Mesa points out.

Learn more about Scorpio zodiac signs in this video:

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Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

Since Pisces is “governed by the elusive Neptune—the planet of dreams, fantasy, illusions, and universal love,” chances are, there’ll be something about them that you can’t quite put your finger on, explains Mesa.

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“Pisces struggles when it comes to setting boundaries, as they are innately preoccupied with saving the underdog,” she adds. As a result, those born into this sign are usually social workers, healers, artists, and empaths.

They’re deeply connected to the world around them, constantly dishing out unconditional love, which is awesome for those around them. But what is a blessing to others can sometimes be a curse for Pisces, since people will likely burden them with their problems. In the end, though, a Pisces sign might say it’s worth it because they ultimately want the world to be a better place, says Montúfar.

Who is the leader of the water signs?

While each water sign is a leader in their own right, one sign in particular stands out among the rest, says astrologer Megan Michelena. And that’s Scorpio.

“Scorpio is the most dynamic of all the [astrological] signs. Its traditional ruler is Mars, making this sign very odd indeed. Though it is a water sign, Mars is ruled by fire,” says Michelena. “It’s also a feminine sign, but Mars is a masculine planet. So here is where the Scorpio gets its true sting.”

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“With the combined power of masculine and feminine energy, [Scorpio] is not one to mess with and is by far the leader of the water signs and possibly the rest of the Zodiac,” she adds. Known for being intense, often mysterious, and some of the most sexually powerful people, dynamic Scorpios energetically take charge when it comes to their element. They rightly earn the title of leader, TBH.

Which signs are most compatible with water signs?

While water flows easily, it’s also one of the most difficult elements to manipulate. Because they feel so deeply and are often in tune with what everyone else is feeling, trying to convince a water sign they’re wrong is a pretty tough battle. For this reason, they can come off as a bit intense to some of the other elements, says Montúfar. Namely fire signs and air signs. “Fire signs can sometimes feel that water signs ruin their ‘high’,” she notes. “After all, water dissipates fire. And air signs are just too logical and fact-driven for water signs, as water signs know that feelings can’t be intellectualized.”

Earth signs, on the other hand, love a water sign. “Water nurtures the earth, and the earth holds the water in all her depths,” explains Michelena. In other words, water signs and earth signs just get each other.

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And ICYDK, each water sign has an opposing earth sign, or “sister sign,” a.k.a their most compatible counterpart, too. “Cancer is opposed by Capricorn, representing the mother and father energies. Virgo opposes Pisces, so Virgo brings logic and understanding to the limitless Pisces. [While] Taurus opposes Scorpio, bringing light and love to the deep depths of a Scorpio’s emotional world,” says Michelena.

Are water signs truly psychic?

Often known for their emotional capacity and flowy nature, water signs also have a reputation for being interconnected with the world at large in a different way—ahem, metaphysically speaking.

Although the concept may seem far-fetched, Michelena shares that there are certain traits of one sign, in particular, that lend people under this water sign to have some “psychic” abilities and awareness. “[Pisces] represents the interconnected cosmic consciousness,” she explains. “Jesus was even represented by the sign of Pisces, indicating just how powerful this sign can be. They can play the role of victim, villain, and messiah depending on whether they decide to be the upstream swimmer or the dead fish that lets the tide take them,” Michelena adds.

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So next time you want to break out your Tarot deck or manifest under the full moon, maybe tap your Pisces friend to help turn those dreams into a reality.


Aryelle Siclait is the editor at Women’s Health where she writes and edits articles about relationships, sexual health, pop culture, and fashion for verticals across and the print magazine. She’s a Boston College graduate and lives in New York.

Lexi Inks (she/her) is a lifestyle journalist based in Jacksonville, Florida. She has reported on countless topics, including sexual wellness, astrology, relationship issues, non-monogamy, mental health, pop culture, and more. In addition to Women’s Health, her work has been published on Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Well + Good, Byrdie, Popsugar, and others. As a queer and plus-size woman with living with mental illness, Lexi strives for intersectionality and representation in all of her writing. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Jacksonville University, which she has chosen to make everyone’s problem.


You are a water sign and the embodiment of the axiom, “Still waters run deep.” You rarely give an indication of what you are thinking, adding to your aura of power and mystery. You are a superb listener, so you ask many questions of those you meet, and at the end of the meeting, you will know plenty about the person with whom you’ve engaged, but they will know very little or nothing at all about you. You realize knowledge and information are valuable, and of all the signs, you are among the most competitive and the shrewdest, the reason you give so little up about yourself.

Your ruling planet Pluto teaches you to laser-beam your energy to singular goals and never to squander energy in many directions. When a new fashion trend surfaces, you decide whether it will make you more glamorous, enchanting, or magnetic—or not—for you see no purpose in following trends that do not add to your charisma. You dress in an understated style and often reach for a “uniform” in your wardrobe in black, dark navy, maroon, or eggplant, all tones that flatter your coloring and add to your aura of authority.

Scorpios make great negotiators. You home in on what the other party wants, for you understand motivation better than any other sign. You will not spend frivolous time on topics that don’t matter to the other party. Nine times out of ten, the other party gradually agrees, and a deal is crystalized. Being economical when it comes to time and money is very important to you, for you are one of the financial signs, along with Taurus and Capricorn. You are particularly skilled in finding ways to make other people’s money multiply for your own purposes, and consequently make a handsome commission.

Some people are afraid of you, but that’s because they know so little about you, so they project qualities onto you that may or may not be real. The truth is that as a water sign, your ability to be compassionate, loyal, and loving knows no end. Tell a Scorpio a secret, and you can be sure it will be kept secret—you are the most discreet sign of the zodiac. (This is why Scorpio is so well suited to working for the CIA, in law enforcement, or as a prosecutor.) The Scorpion, your emblem, only uses his sting in dire circumstances, to protect his species. You have two other emblems—that of the snake, which transforms himself when he sheds his skin, and the phoenix, rising majestically from the ashes of defeat.

Scorpio is known to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac, but keeps a reserved outward image, while being quite passionate in the bedroom. Each sign rules a different part of the body, and for Scorpio, it’s the reproductive organs, the reason why you have built a reputation for being so hypnotic and enchanting. Your gaze could launch a thousand ships and light a nation to your cause. Dear Scorpio, your originality and aura of mystery make you a legend in your own time—and quite unforgettable.

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