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Di mana starter pada Volvo S60?

When your car is running normally everything is fine, however if it starts to have frequent problems you may begin to worry, specifically if your car won’t start. In this article we will learn you where the starter of a Volvo S60 is, it will help you to fix your ignition problems. To achieve this, we will first describe the purpose of a starter, then, where is the starter on a Volvo S60 , dan, terakhir, cara mengganti starter mobil.

Function of the starter on your Volvo S60

We begin this content page by detailing the purpose of the starter motor on your Volvo S60. The starter is motor listrik yang ditenagai oleh baterai Anda, perannya adalah membuat mesin Anda berjalan pada kecepatan yang cukup tinggi untuk memulainya (biasanya sekitar 300/400 rpm). Itu terdiri dari tiga bagian utama:

  • The Solenoid: This component is an electrical relay that will work as a switch, it will be activated by the key of your Volvo S60 and let the current from your battery to the engine unit of your alternator.

    The engine unit: Most important component of your alternator, it is the one that will drive the flywheel of your Volvo S60 and make enough speed for your engine unit to begin.

  • Pertunangan pinion: Ini adalah bagian terakhir dari starter Anda, itu adalah roda bergigi yang akan bersentuhan langsung dengan roda gila, memungkinkan untuk mentransmisikan gaya dari starter ke mesin.

Where is the starter on a Volvo S60?

Sekarang kami telah menjelaskan dengan cepat apa itu starter dan bagaimana cara kerjanya, kami akan menjawab pertanyaan yang sebagian besar dari Anda harus tanyakan pada diri Anda sendiri. where is the starter based on a Volvo S60? It is quite easy to discover a starter, in fact, it is a large part that will almost constantly be positioned in a similar location. We let you see the two possible locations for your car starter below.

Oil light Volvo S60 that stays on

Location of the starter on traditional Volvo S60

First and most common circumstance, where to discover the starter of a Volvo S60 with a conventional motor (implied without start and stop). The starter has a specific function, to start the engine unit of your car, for that, it must constantly be dekat flywheel unit mesin yang satu ini karena itu adalah bagian yang digerakkannya saat digunakan. Roda gila didasarkan pada persimpangan antara gearbox dan unit mesin Anda.

Location of the starter to Volvo S60 with start and stop

Dan sekarang kedua possible starter location of your Volvo S60 . This case is much less frequent. It only is about engines fitted with start and stop, and a good part of them will be equipped with a starter positioned close to the flywheel. However, on some specific series or engines, the starter of your Volvo S60 may be integrated in your alternator, it is then called a starter-alternator, to discover it nothing much easier, identify your accessory belt and you should discover the big starter block.

How to replace the starter on a Volvo S60?

Finally, we’ll describe to you quite fairly quickly how to replace the starter of a Volvo S60. This process is not actually difficult, it can be considered by people who have a lowest of simple mechanical expertise and adapted equipment. Stick to below the main steps to perform this intervention:

  • Disconnect the battery on your Volvo S60, if you don’t know how to do it, don’t hesitate to seek advice from our content page which details how to do it without taking any risk.
  • Setelah menemukan starter Anda, kendurkan pengencang yang menahannya di blok unit mesin Anda, biasanya akan ada 2 atau 3


  • It will be time to disconnect the power cables from the starter motor of your Volvo S60, however before doing so we advise you to take a picture of the installation to avoid making a mistake when reassembling.
  • Mungkin saja untuk mengeluarkannya Anda mungkin perlu mengeluarkan bagian-bagian seperti gimbal.
  • Pasang kembali starter baru, berhati-hatilah saat menyambungkan konektor.
  • Hubungkan kembali baterai Anda dan uji starter Anda.
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