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Mengapa Volvo XC60 saya mencium bau plastik terbakar?

Keeping an eye on your car on daily basis is the best thing you can do. Although standard routine service is supposed to keep your Volvo XC60 running smoothly over time, some unexpected breakdowns can add heavily to your annual motor vehicle budget. Today we’re going to focus on your sense of smell, and the clues it can give you about a possible malfunction, that’s why our team has made this content to help you in case you notice a burnt plastic smell caused by your Volvo XC60 . Untuk membantu Anda memverifikasi bahwa itu tidak signifikan, pertama kami akan menguraikan hal-hal berbeda yang dapat menghasilkan bau plastik terbakar pada kendaraan bermotor Anda, kemudian, pada langkah kedua, how to find the cause of this burnt plastic smell on your Volvo XC60? .

The different possible origins and risks of smell of burnt plastic on a Volvo XC60

Jadi kami memulai halaman konten kami dengan different possible origins of burnt plastic smell on a Volvo XC60 . In general, noticing a plastic or rubber smell is never a good sign. In truth, modern vehicles are full of it and it could be the sign of a critical malfunction. Below we will review the different possible origins of burnt plastic smell:

  • Oli transmisi: This is the main possible origin of such an odor. In truth, the function of gear or transmission oil is to lubricate the different components of your gearbox so that all the gears and pinions are not damaged, it as well has a second function as a temperature regulator. However, as time passes, the oil will lose its effectiveness and will not lubricate the parts and regulate the temperature as well, which will cause the oil to overheat and thus give off that burnt plastic smell on your Volvo XC60. You risk pre-wearing your gearbox if you don’t take care of it.
  • Sabuk aksesori: Although rarer, it is possible with wear and tear that your belt, which is principally made of rubber, will degrade and no longer rotate entirely on its axis. With the friction that this will cause the plastic will heat up and burn out, this reaction will create a strong smell of burnt plastic or rubber in the engine unit block of your Volvo XC60.
  • Keausan selang yang rusak: This case occurs specifically on Volvo XC60 that are starting to get a few years old or that have stayed a long time without rolling. In reality, storing your vehicle unlike what you might believe will cause the plastic parts to wear out more quickly. Hoses are the first to be affected by this phenomenon. The rubber will disintegrate little by little and with the rise in heat of the fluid that circulates in it, it may possibly melt. The risk of this issue is the breakage of the accessory belt.
  • Sebuah komponen tubuh: Less basic, specifically present on Volvo XC60’s that have suffered a small shock. Following a front or rear impact, wheel arches, bumpers or other plastic body parts that may possibly have been bent may possibly rub against one of your wheels and give off that burnt plastic smell. This may as well pre-wear out your tyres.
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How to find out where the smell of burning plastic originates from on a Volvo XC60?

Dan sekarang, untuk menyelesaikan konten kami, kami akan mencoba membantu Anda find the origin of the smell of burnt plastic on your Volvo XC60 . Now that you know the different possible roots of this smell, we’ll just have to do some checks to get rid of the tracks that don’t concern you and resolve your problem quickly. If your Volvo XC60 smells hot, don’t hesitate to browse our content on this topic.

  • Transmission oil: Nothing could be easier, open your transmission oil cap (when cold) and verify that your oil is reddish in colour and fluid enough. If you see debris inside, and it is darker, it’s time to change it. Do not hesitate to consult our content to find out how to change the gearbox oil on a Volvo XC60.
  • Sabuk Aksesori: Periksa secara visual apakah sabuk aksesori Anda tidak dalam kondisi buruk, mungkin juga menghasilkan suara siulan jika dalam kondisi buruk. Jangan ragu untuk mengubahnya.
  • Selang: Untuk selang, Anda perlu memverifikasi secara visual semua selang Anda untuk melihat apakah ada yang robek atau meleleh. Jika ini masalahnya, ubahlah.
  • Body parts: Last but not least, the last element that can cause the smell of plastic or burnt rubber on your Volvo XC60, a body component, verify all wheel arches, that no component rubs against

    Jika mungkin Anda memiliki pertanyaan tambahan tentang Volvo XC60, jangan ragu untuk berkonsultasi dengan kategori Volvo XC60 kami.

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