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Mengapa pintu bahan bakar saya macet di Volkswagen Touran 2?

Some complications on our vehicles look to be insignificant but can be annoying, like having your wipers squeak for example. Others regardless if they are not major will prevent you from using your Volkswagen Touran 2 in a normal way, like having a flat tire or having the pintu bahan bakar macet di xxx Anda. You will not anymore have the ability to fill your tank and as a result sooner or later not be able to use your automobile. This is precisely why we have made this article content, to help you get a quick answer to your fuel trap problem so that you can use your motor vehicle in a normal way. To get this done, we will first try to discover why the fuel door of your Volkswagen Touran 2 is stuck, and secondly, how to unblock it.

Why is the fuel door of my Volkswagen Touran 2 stuck?

Jadi kami akan memulai konten artikel kami dengan sumber your fuel trap complications stuck on Volkswagen Touran 2. Remember that this fuel door is quite often operated by an electric motor, but in some years or according to the options of your automobile it is only ran by a cable. Typically, it is either kabel yang macet, atau, motor listrik yang habis masa pakainya. Dalam beberapa kasus, bisa jadi the fuel door fuse that is faulty on your Volkswagen Touran 2. So consider checking all these components one after the other to find the source of your fuel door problem on Volkswagen Touran 2. Go to the next part of this article content to get solutions to your problem.

How to tow Volkswagen Touran ?

What if the fuel door on my Volkswagen Touran 2 is stuck?

Kami sekarang akan menyajikan kepada Anda 1 per 1 solusi berbeda untuk masing-masing pemicu of a fuel door stuck on Volkswagen Touran 2, sudah memberi Anda solusi langsung untuk memungkinkan Anda memasukkan bahan bakar ke dalam mobil Anda dan di atas semua itu solusi pasti untuk tidak lagi mengalami kesulitan seperti ini.

Periksa sekering pintu bahan bakar

The first likely motive of a stuck fuel door on your Volkswagen Touran 2 is that the fuse for the door opening has failed. To resolve this problem, you need to get your automobile manual, check which fuse box the one you are focused on is in (dashboard or engine compartment) and once established, periksa keadaan dan mungkin ganti sekering dengan yang baru. If it is the fuel filler cap that is stuck on your Volkswagen Touran 2, do not think twice to browse our guideline to help you solve your problem.

Periksa kabel kontrol pintu bahan bakar

The second likely trigger of your fuel door problem being stuck on Volkswagen Touran 2 is that the fuel control cable is seized up. To fix this problem, you will have to try to use a flat screwdriver to pry the fuel door lock with a flat screwdriver for example while doing so as you try to open the fuel door opener. Do not think twice to use WD40 type lubricant to lubricate the cable and avoid repeating this problem.

Ganti motor pembuka pintu bahan bakar

Sangat sering, masalah akan berasal dari engine that manages the opening of the fuel door of your Volkswagen Touran 2. Jika palka macet, mesin mungkin terbakar, untuk menggantinya, Anda harus mengganti mesin, untuk melakukannya, Anda harus mengaksesnya dari dalam bagasi Anda, dengan melepas lapisannya.

What fuel for Volkswagen Touran 2 ?

Gunakan tarikan pembuka darurat di bagasi

Untuk menyimpulkan, terakhir way to unlock a fuel door on Volkswagen Touran 2, you have to use the emergency opening rod in your trunk. To get this done, remove the trunk liner on the side of the fuel door and consult your Volkswagen Touran 2 owner’s manual for the exact position of the fuel door. All you have to do is activate it to unlock the fuel flap of your car.

Jika Anda menginginkan lebih banyak tutorial tentang Volkswagen Touran 2, buka kategori Volkswagen Touran 2 kami.

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