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Wiper macet di Volvo XC60

We will try again today to help you to fix the small problems related to your motor vehicle. We have not too long ago seen how to unblock a fuel door, or a tank cap, today we will concentrate on an annoying issue that can be dangerous in bad climate conditions, being a victim of wiper stuck on Volvo XC60 . And to remedy this, we will first try to understand why the wipers on your Volvo XC60 remain stuck and, secondly, how to unblock them.

Why does the wiper of my Volvo XC60 stay stuck?

Jadi kami akan memulai konten kami dengan alasan stuck wipers of your Volvo XC60 . Untuk mulai dengan kami akan berkonsentrasi pada wiper depan dan untuk kedua kalinya pada wiper belakang.

Why are the front wipers on my Volvo XC60 stuck in up or down position?

Kita akan melewati satu demi satu different problems that can cause the front wipers of your Volvo XC60 to get stuck :

  • One of the most common causes of front wipers getting stuck on your Volvo XC60 is related to the engine unit that drives them, in reality, these engines can, over time, lose power, and sooner or later need to be changed. You should perhatikan sebelum penyumbatan total wiper kaca depan Anda bahwa mereka bekerja jauh lebih lambat.
  • Kurang umum, tetapi masih bisa terjadi, adalah bahwa bilah wiper depan Anda tersumbat karena benda yang mencegah bilah berfungsi, lihat ke sumbu bilah.
  • Jika kekurangan pelumasan, Anda akan menemukan bahwa wiper depan Anda berjalan lebih lambat, periksa dengan cepat pemicu masalah atau mesin akan dipaksa dan rusak.
  • It is possible that the front wipers of your Volvo XC60 may not work due to a faulty comodo. Untuk memeriksa ini, Anda perlu melepaskan kabel output dan menghubungkannya bersama-sama, jika wiper berfungsi, comodo bertanggung jawab atas masalah tersebut.
  • Finally, last possibility, the front wipers of your Volvo XC60 are blocked due to a power failure, so you will have to verify two parts, the relay and the fuse.
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Why is the rear window wiper on my Volvo XC60 stuck?

Tentang stuck rear window wiper of your Volvo XC60 , the roots of your problems are more or less the same. Nevertheless there is just one wiper blade at the rear of your motor vehicle, there are still some dedicated parts that can cause problems just on the rear windshield of your Volvo XC60. So, remember to accomplish the same investigations as seen in the previous part of this content.

What can I do to unlock the wiper on my Volvo XC60?

At last, to do this second section, we will see what solutions are available to you to ensure that the wipers on your Volvo XC60 are unlocked and that they work properly again.

How to unlock the wipers of my Volvo XC60?

If it is for the front windshield wipers or the rear windshield wiper, the solutions will be the same and we will detail them one by one in this part, it is up to you to adapt them to the part that concerns you. If you have other blocking problems such as a fuel door stuck on Volvo XC60, do not hesitate to consult our article on this issue.

  • In such a case, you will have to locate the engine unit, then disconnect the power cables of this one (be cautious there must be some of them related to the different speeds of sweeping), then remove the brushes and the linkage. At last, you will have to unscrew these anchoring points which are generally fixed on silentblocks and reassemble a new wiper motor on your Volvo XC60


  • Dalam situasi ini, akan cukup mendasar tetapi mahal untuk mengganti commodo Anda, suku cadang umumnya berharga sekitar 200€, setelah diuji Anda akan memiliki kemampuan untuk membongkar commodo Anda dengan melepas penutup dari bagian belakang roda kemudi kemudian melepaskannya dan melepasnya dengan sekrup pengencang, Anda hanya perlu memasang kembali yang baru.
  • Volvo XC60 wiper blocked due to a power failure: Dalam situasi terakhir ini, Anda harus menemukan asal kegagalan (sekring atau relai) dan mengganti bagian yang rusak
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